Online Degree Programs at the Liberty University

One of the best things a student can be offered is the liberty of managing his time in his own way as to crafting it according to the his personal needs. This is the main leverage online colleges hold over the normal on-campus courses of traditional universities which make up a timetable in which all of the students need to fit. Online universities on the other hand, offer you the courses via the internet and give you the possibility of obtaining an online degree by studying in your own way at your own pace. Besides the fact that you will be able to study and complete the assignments from wherever you are and whenever you can, you won’t miss anything of the experience you would have had on-campus. Due to the platforms online colleges use, you can connect with your faculty peers and fellow students in order to build a strong network that has the power to help you in your future career. At the end of all the efforts you have put in, you will receive an online degree that has the same level of accreditation as the one received by following the on-campus courses.

As most of the online universities offer many choices of bachelor’s, as well as master’s degrees, so is the not-for-profit Christian Liberty University. The school’s distance learning program was launched in 2009 and it currently holds bachelor’s programs in 16 academic departments which are particularly extensive in the business administration field. Students may choose from subjects like digital marketing and advertising, financial planning, entrepreneurship, green and sustainable management, project management and marketing analytics. There are also criminal justice majors who give the students the chance to dig deeper into subjects like homeland security, juvenile justice and public administration. As many online colleges give their students the chance to enroll in online minors, this one also offers a total of 24. Graduate students can choose from a wide range of online degree selections which is split in a total number of 15 specializations. Finally, LU Online also offers the possibility of following web-based doctoral degree programs in education, music, nursing, business, counseling and religious studies.

Online universities usually have a tuition fee that is lower than the normal one, as the courses are all delivered in the online and the teacher does not have to make a great amount of effort in teaching the subjects. Even so, there is a great number of college scholarships and grants that are available for those who wish to follow a distance learning program. College scholarships and grants can be offered by the university to which you wish to apply, by the state or by certain groups and institutions. According to the state in which you wish to study, you may find a great number of college scholarships and grants that is meant to help you with your student experience and easen the pathway to the education you have always dreamt to achieve.

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