Win a Public Health Master Degree completely free.

Public Health is getting to everyplace on earth growing life expectancy. It is helping to improve our life, decreasing and eradicating diseases. All its sectors (communicable diseases; water, sanitation and hygiene; reproductive health; environmental health; …) are working together to increase life expectancy up to 30 years since 1900. You’ll be reading about a scholarship that includes a master in this area and students grants for its attendees.

The Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit, a Mexican University is now offering the opportunity to those who are willing to change our world by participating for a Scholarship for a Public Health Mater related to Health Services Management, Preventive Dentistry, Elderly Health, and Community Health. The main objective of this program is to graduate professionals who can obtain and develop knowledge and abilities so they can work to leave a positive impact in our society helping on contribute on improving health conditions; by giving them the chance to study giving them student grants.

Taking on account the program has four areas of specialization, the person that will be forming part of the public health work field should have essential skills according to the WHO: Health situation analysis according to a particular a society; health risks alertness and control; community participation on health promotion; policies, planning, regulation and control; equitable access of individual and group health services; global health.

To participate on getting this grants for school program scholarship you need a bachelor degree related to the mentioned areas, and the documents that the form has. It is important to keep in mind this is a Spanish speaker university, so, every document that you’ll be sending to them are needed translated.

You have until the last day of September of the following year to send them. After this, they’ll be contacting you to do an interview on Spanish about the program and if you are a candidate to participate for the Scholarship program.

The master program will last two years, the first and a half year will be taught on classrooms but the last half will include professional residence. 640 hours would been guided by a profesor, all activities add up to a total of 100, 80 are part of mandatories activities and 20 are from electives activities.

If you are desiring to participate on this program, check this link to find out more information of the program.

The scholarship organization is willing to cover travel and fees expenses and give grants for school depending on the economic situation of the student, don’t lose this opportunity to be part of this select group that will be studying to help humanity achieve health goals.

  1. Am medical doctor with post graduate in HIV. I need the master of Public Health. Please can I have a free scholarship?

  2. Hello,my name is NIMPAGARITSE Etienne,from Burundi.I need Master\’degree. If i van have this,il will ne happy.So,try to give me this.

  3. I am a Nigeria looking for scholarship to read ICT & Software Engineering. I will be extremely grateful if God will use you to achieve my desired goal in life.

  4. My name is Samkeliso from Swaziland, I am currently doing my final year at the University of Swaziland studying a Bsc in Environmental Health & Food Science. I wish to pursue a Masters in public health next year after my graduation but am not familiar with Spanish language, and i need financial aid please help. I have done modules on Communicable diseases, Health Promotion, Epidemiology and Health Statistics.

  5. My Name is Bagulo Issah from Ghana. I have attained BSC Veterinary Nursing from University for Development Studies. I would be grateful when given the opportunity to pursue public health.

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