Types of Federal Grants for an Online College Degree

A grant includes a kind of student aid which essentially is free money. Unlike student loans, grants don’t have to be repaid unless a student attending a college degree online violates a grant condition, like if they make a school withdrawal. There are a number of available federal online college degree grants for broad array of students. The USDE (U.S. Department of Education) provides four kinds of grants for those pursuing an online bachelor degree: Federal Pell Grant; the grant, Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education, or TEACH; as well as the grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity, or FSEOG, for individuals who want to pursue an online bachelor degree prepared to be school instructors within a high demand industry in an educational institution that is low income. Grants for individuals who want to pursue an online bachelor degree whose guardian or parent is deceased as a consequence of military service in Afghanistan or Iraq are also obtainable.

The quantity of funds awarded by those grants to those pursuing a college degree online depends upon your financial necessity, price of attendance, if you are attending an online college degree program full or part-time, and if you plan on going to an online college degree program for one complete academic year. For instance, the Pell Grant will award a max of $5,500/academic year, whereas the grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity, will offer individuals pursuing a college degree online from $100 to $4,000/annually. Conversely, the grant, Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education, will offer up to $4,000/annually, yet individuals have to sign a contract stating that they’ll agree to work at an secondary or elementary educational institution serving those from families who are low income for a minimum of four years inside eight years of degree completion.

Kinds of Federal College Grants

The Federal Pell Grant

As with scholarships, this grant that awards up to $5,645, primarily is for undergraduates who haven’t yet completed the bachelor’s degree program.


This grant is given to undergraduates with the most financial need.

Afghanistan and Iraq Service Grant

As with scholarships, this grant is for those whose guardians or parents died as a result of Iraq or Afghanistan military service. The reward is equal to a Federal Pell Grant.


Such grants are provided to undergraduates prepared to teach high demand subjects, like math or special education, within an educational institution that is low income. The grant will award up to $4,000/year.

  1. I am a young graduate who wishes to further his education but has no means of furthering his education. I humbly wish for my plea to be headed.

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  3. I\’m really interested in having a direct or face t o face conversation with my instructors and friends. So how does that work.

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  5. I\’m 36years male are Namibian citizen looking for scholarship grant to study my master degree in procurement logistic supply chain management from university of salford Manchester UK

  6. I\’m 36 years old Namibian looking for scholarship to du my master degree at university of salford Manchester at the cost of 138.000 Namibian dollars

  7. Hi,My name is Dipolelo Moloto.I request NSfAS bursary to assist me to further my studys.my father was dead and my mother was not working.now am doing N5 Electrical Engineering.

  8. I do agree about the terms and condition of the program
    I am interested and willing to do it
    Please help me out to get the admission to persue the course
    Thank you

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  11. I like to receive tthis grant I want to study marketing at witbank college I’m coming from a poor back round family I raised by a single parent who is not working that’s why I want this grant.

  12. I’m interested to study marketing in witbank college I raised by a single parent who is not working that’s why I want this grant.

  13. I am an 18 years old male, i got accepted at the university of North West for Bcom: ECONOMIC INVESTMENT AND RISK MANAGEMENT. I cant go to school because i need fundz. I cant even qualify for a loan because i am an orphan and the monthly salary at home is way low. Care to help…?

  14. Thank you for the information, but I am a postgraduate student of the University of Ghana, Legon pursuing a two year study leading to the award of MPHIL Economics for the 2016/2017 academic year seeking for funding to pay my school fees. however, this grant is meant for undergraduate online college degree students but hope to share this useful information to others as well.
    Thank you for supporting others to realize their dream.

  15. Je m’appele Mabengue Mampassi Eloi, je suis au Burkina Faso mais ma nationalité est congolaise, je suis Ingenieur de travaux en Systèmes Electriques je veux continue mes études je demande une aide pour pouvoir poursuivre mes études +22675029906 et mon e.mail gael.mabengue@yahoo.fr

  16. Comment bénéficie la bourse au canada quels sont les démarches à faire pour bénéficier de la bourse, je suis au Burkina faso, si vous pouvez m’aide.

  17. Scholarship Application Letter
    Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

    My name is ADENIYI Joshua Olusegun and I am writing in application for a scholarship to assist me throughout my time studying in the program of masters of engineering in civil engineering from concordia university, canada.

    Being awarded the chance to study further in my field at the concordia university is an incredible opportunity for me and one I intend to seize wholeheartedly without reservation. I have consistently proven throughout my previous studies and working experience than when presented with an opportunity I will strive as hard as I can to best represent myself and reward those who have granted me a chance to prove such.

    This scholarship represents to me an opportunity to fully focus my attention on the main objective of achieving the best I can in the civil engineering program. I will strive to be a representative and ambassador of concordia university throughout my future career and am very thankful to be able to attend this course. I thank you for taking the time to evaluate this application and look forward to hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    ADENIYI Joshua Olusegun.

  18. Honestly it was I really needed a higher education than my education right now and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to continue a higher school as well as in finance, but now I need is funding for my family here Indonesia if you please, and I submit would help fund $ 20,000 to the account of Bank BNI I am very grateful
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  19. Hi I’m Boitumelo from South Africa I will like to study teaching online I will also like to be granted fees to pursue my studies

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  23. I accept the offer of the grant mentioned. I am currently doing a diploma program in electrical engineering at northern technical college in Zambia and in my last year I have challenges in meeting my college and project fees. Please help and thank you in advance. George Pinyolo.

  24. Hi am moses Hero from Kenya I have completed my high school education and I would like financial support to enable me persue higher academic qualifications but am not able due to lack of funds

  25. Hi Sir, thank you for listing me.Am happy to receive your email ,,,I would like your financial assistance to pay my school fees ,am a part time student to MKU(Mount Kenya University) and I usually lack fees for the same and food…I would also like to work with you.My phone number is +254728264779…Thank you.

  26. I am a Sierra Leonean I completed my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma programme. I want to further with my Bachalor Degree. I therefore want to know if the scholarship is available to me.

  27. I need a grant for scholarship to study chemistry at master level in environmental chemistry at Atlantic international university online.

  28. i by name aminu salihu from ABUBAKAR TAFAWA BALEWA UNIVERSITY BAUCH, am from the department of biological science, 200level student, am almost getting to a stage of drop out from the school because i dont have money to pay my school feel, and to even feed my self, not even handout to read, i will be very greatfull if can be assisted in any way for me not to drop form school,
    thanks for your anticipated coorperations

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  30. I am degree holder in the filed of natural resource management in Bahir Dar university. I need a free scholarship on the filed of agriculture for my masters not online but attending a lecture abroad. I am very thank full for your willingness!!

  31. i’m lamert boe’ya emile i aim is to continue with my school i have not an possibility to achieve what can i do about this?

  32. Dear Sir/Madam
    Iam Vivian Auma from Kenya need to continue in my education from ADM and really need your assistance
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    I need full scholarship to study
    Thanks I will appropriate if you help me or connect to where I find help.
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  34. Thanks to the federal government of the US. My name is Musonda Humphrey. I have just completed a bachelor’s degree in business administration at Copperbelt University in Zambia and would want to pursue a master’s degree under your sponsorship. I’m ready to work anywhere as per terms and conditions given by the sponsor.

  35. Am a poor Ghanaian student in the University of Cape coast-Ghana. Pursuing post diploma in commerce. I need a support. +233243080116

  36. am Sharon i applied college in lethbridge ,Alberta Canada and i need to study counseling psychology and am not able to pay my fees, humble request, kindly assist me to get grants/scholarship so that i can reach my dream. thanks

  37. Thanks for your emails and I really, really want this chance study there because I want show the world amazing ever…………
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  38. Good day I’m angelique and I was qualified to study at Hugenote college Wellington and I urgently need the funds for it. Please do send me the application forms. My number 0624049841

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    I anticipate a considerable response to this search.

  42. please am student of university for development studies offering bachelor of commerce level 200.Please am soliciting for your financial assistance to finish this course and pursue higher degree .thanks very much for your concern.

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  45. I’m in now at university of Venda, but apparently I’m afraid of 2017 who is going to pay my fees whereby my mother she is an old age pensioner. It means that without a bursary i must suppose to dropout my degree because i don’t have any choice for now on.

  46. thnks for the great work that you people are doing my God continue to bless you.just to confirm is you can also support someone who wishes to under take degree in theology.

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  52. I need this grant for me to have a bachelor degree in health safety and environment as a resulth of the econmic recession in my country and the attack of Boko haram around my country . please i look forward for relevant application forms .

    Will grateful to receive you aid!

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  55. Good morning sir I’m NURSE MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI MUTALLIB Please I’m soliciting for scholarship to study masters in NURSING for full time not on line if possible OR help me get admission in places like UK USA and UAE to see if I can afford.

    • Good morning sir I’m NURSE MUHAMMAD ABDULLAHI MUTALLIB Please I’m soliciting for scholarship to study masters in NURSING for full time not on line if possible OR help me get admission in places like UK USA and UAE to see if I can afford. my phone numbers are +2348060869712, +2348053098393 thanks much.

  56. I am looking for a full scholarship or financial aid to further my studies. I come from a poor family with my father who is not working and with me as the first born i am having challanges to continue with my studies. I really need the scholarship so as to help my siblings also in their studies and the community at large.

  57. I would love to be helped financially
    I just completed my Master program I want to do my PHD in either computer science or Telecommunication Engineering.. any form of help will be valued and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  58. i have just started doing a masters in reproductive health at kabale university
    in Uganda. i request for financial support to meet tuition fees.


  59. I am doing secretarial studies at Masvingo polytechnical college in Zimbabwe, please may you assist me with a grant to further my studies.

  60. I am currently pursuing my masters degree in social work at Jigdan college and this is my second year.But I’m seeking for scholarship in the field of peace and security or international relations.I can be happy to get it from you.Thanks

  61. Dear Sir/Madam;
    Am kulwa kipuga from Tanzanian am 28yrs old.
    I would like to know if you can help me to get free scholarship or after completing my study i will return back your cost;
    My professional is driver but my intention to be a truck driver in USA,so am looking for you to help me tuition fees,
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    i wish to solicit for a scholarship grant to help me pursue my education career especially Bachellor of Law,
    i will be very please if my situation is look into with consideration
    thanks in Advance

  63. thank to this interesting news, how will i get a scholarship to start online degree program.
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  64. hello Im a Kenyan Citizen,I searching for schoolarship for masters programme.Imc urrently pursuing a degree in Microbiology and im not finacially stable,kindly help me out.

  65. Thank you very much for scholarship,
    I am a TANZANIAN who really needs the grant to continuous with my bachelor degree in MEDICINE AND SURGERY
    May you help me please?
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    if possible i want to come there to study my course
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  67. I AM MIRIMBA NYAMUHIRWA, a refugee from D.r.Congo
    I have come to request for scholarship assistance
    I went to apply for studies in Kampala international university and got to be admitted in Conflict resolution and peace building, but i failed to be assisted under window trust with unhcr.

  68. i have gained admission to pursue a ph.d in curriculum,instruction,assessment and evaluation program with walden university in the USA by online.i need full time scholarship from you.my phone number is 0208914118/0548978933

  69. Am asecond year student at uganda christian university(mukono) offering abachelor degree in education specializing in maths.i personally work hard to rise my tuition for the semester.i work and study at the same time.i find it difficult to balance the two things at atime so i will be honored if i get your assistance

  70. I begin by greeting you in the name of the lord.I personally am in need of an online scholarship because tuition is aproblem to me,i have been waiting for such achance and i will be grateful and glad if am being given such an opportunity.thanks

  71. Good afternoon ,my name is Gugulethu Mabhena ,a Zimbabwean lady age 22,i passed my Ordinary level and Advanced level ,unfortunately i dont have money to go further with my studies because i dont have any one to support me ,im looking forward to get a sholarship … thank you

  72. Im claudine i just enta university in cameroon university og bamenda iam studying geology. i donot have money to rent a house my dady is death and my mum is not working. contact+237673945569

  73. Hello…..Kabo hereby wish to request a grant to continue with my studies.next year will be doing second yr B.com
    kind regards

  74. thanks sir,I need a free scholarship online but it will be better if u give me a scholarship not online but in which I will study in the university.

  75. please how can i apply for a grant for undergraduate studies not online? thanks
    tel : +237671043479 / +237696574881

  76. Hi,
    Thank you for this infomation.
    i would like to request a grant to pursue my long time dream career ,Master of Education- in Environmental Education at Rhodes University in South Africa, 2017/18.

    There is a great shotage of EE specialist in my country to help the education system and the country, admist the call from various protocols and treaty.
    thank you.

  77. Hello! Iam a Ugandan,I need sponsorship to do Masters in monitoring and Evaluation or systems management.
    Please avail me with the necessary information.

  78. hello administration, i’m a high school students i would love to persue degree but i can’t because of funds. i would kindly request you to connect me to this funds

  79. Hello,
    I’m very much pleased for the grant offered .However i would like to do my postgraduate in BBA/Human Resource Management at any University even within Zambia. kindly help, thank you in advance.

  80. I real need the Grant for further studies to fulfil my dreams, let GOD help me and others to reache their dreams too

  81. I need to have full grant to pursue my undergraduate degree program me in records, information and archives managements.

  82. Please can you assist me with scholarship. I would like to further my studies. I have Level 4 in Early childhood development .

  83. please help to get a grant to pursue my MBA, ready to start any time soon but can’t afford to pay my fees.

  84. Please i am a current student at Walden University doing BS in BA/finance, online.I work as a security guard in Abu dhabi (UAE).My income is not enough to cater for my study program and my family.I wish to change my career.Please i kindly request for your financial assistance towards the completion of my degree program.Thanks

    Samuel +971557361306.


  86. I am pursuing a master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at Atlantic International University in Hawaii, please I need financial assistance to finish my course and graduate in February 2017.
    Thank you very much for consideration.

  87. I request for application forms for an orphan who wants to pursue a degree course in special needs education.

  88. I need student grant to assist my nephew’s complete his training IT undergraduate degree. Please sent me send me appropriate forms
    Thank you

    Jocelyn Mete
    00789 777 9204

  89. I’m in need of this bursary please grant me with this bursary in order to persuade my studies as I’m already in Mangosuthu university of technology studying chemical engineering

  90. Am accountant by profession but i want to have B.Edu in education by studying accounting in my onlinedegree course, i mine qualified

  91. I’m Tanzania women pediatric Nurse I want to advance my professional but I have no fund to support me on my study to reach my goal.
    Please help me.

  92. Am really grateful to get an application for a grant,I really need a grant to further my education and to reach my goals in life.Am Richard Dery nd my number is 233209737584

  93. My name is ATTA NAH NIMLEY, a Liberian living in Liberia is seeking an online grant in pursuit of higher education. I am hoping someone will come to my aid. Thanks

  94. Thanks for your kindness Mr Henry Johnson, on my side i prefer studying special teaching course for education if possible.

  95. My name is Julius Norman Kargbo. I am a Sierra Leonean by nationality. I studied Accounting and Finance at undergraduate level at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. I want change my area of study and have therefore decided to study Law (LLB) online at the University College London. Please help me with scholarship to study the above mentioned programme.

  96. Hi. I’m a Cameroonian and i wish to attend your scholarship aid. I wish to pursue with my studies and need assistance to start my PhD program in your University. I’m in the University of Yaouné I, Cameroun and i’m specialised in religions and civilizations.

  97. I applied toFlinders University in Australia for a bachelors degree in International Relations and i was accepted but i dont have the funds to go so i am kindly asking for your assistance in finding a scholarship to help me go through to the University….

  98. Sir,
    I need an educational grant full-time (scholarship) to further my post graduate programme management and strategy planning at the University ground(site), not online programme.
    Thanks for your anticipation, I will be glad to hear from you back.

  99. I am really in need of fund.my parents r dead…iam finishing the O level by next year june….I would like to get ur scholarship not by online but full attendance at the university……It would be a great blessing if you help me through


  100. Hey hi
    Just have a question am in Africa, kenyan I lost all my parents before completing my studies, now have be stuck. Haven’t gotten that opportunity, to continue my studies would you please help me out.

  101. I am personally a mature Kenyan , now jobless, finished my school Certificate over three decades ago.My age does not allow me full time employment now in Kenyan public services bsince retirement age in Kenya is 60, yet I am approaching 55.
    I have worked before, now consulting on green energy technologies. Tjhat Degree even if I get it will only help me in consultancy services.
    My prefered Course is Business Administration degree at Washington International University[WASHINT]

  102. Am so glad to hear this, however I have read this several times but I fail to apply bse I don’t find my carrier in most available scholarships, Am Bukenya Martin, a Ugandan aged 25, I need a scholarship of Diploma in Nursing , at any Institution or University across the world, I wd be so glad to hear of any opportunity that wd help me pursue my carrier, help me , am ready to discuss more if anyone is willing to help bse am stranded, & hard enough it requires physical lectures & practicals , so online study may be quiet difficult, so I need serious help , thanks a lot for always updating us about new opportunities!. God bless!.


  103. thanks sir for this marvelous opportunity to study on line but unfortunately for me ,am not an American. I am a Cameroonian by birth,living in Cameroon. Am I eligible for the scholarship as well?

  104. I am Elias ole ngilasi
    I’m a Tanzanian I would like to get a sponsorship for my Education of diplomar and digree of wildlife management but not online I want to attend class lectures

  105. I an AYO innocent a Ugandan pursuing bachelor of science with education Biology and chemistry but currently I have failed to raise my tuition could you please help me with the free Grant , I will really be great full if you consider me

  106. I would like to an LLB degree online with one of the prestigious universities in uk and us with full funding from development partners.

  107. Thanks for your vital information on grants. I need directives/guide on grants to run postgraduate studies,Ph.d programme. To be specific, in Construction Management.

  108. I’m interested in pursuing a degree in education. specifically a mathematic teacher, what information regarding tuition, scholarship, grant and length of program can you give me?

  109. Am a Kenyan high school teacher. I desire a full grant to enable me pursue a MSC applied mathematics at Kissi university Kenya Kisumu campus.Nb:So I have been forced to deffer twice. Kindly assist. AKELLO Nicholas Odhiambo.

  110. Hello
    Am a kenyan teacher with a degree in special need education. Currently teaching vissually impaired. I wish to be a assisted with full scholarship to do masters but in my country. I prefer to attend the class not online.
    Looking forward for your response.


  111. Hi ? i really need the grant for my tuition fee worth 10000us dollars,am a student at the University of Embu ,in kenya persuing a bachelor Degee in Education science ,,am from a humble background and need,plz consider
    yours faithfully
    Kelvin Iliuva

  112. am from a humble background where my parents are unable to raise the school fees thus resulting in defering the academic year ,please consider me

  113. Hi ? i really need the grant for my tuition fee worth 10000us dollars,am a student at the University of Embu ,in kenya persuing a bachelor Degee in Education science,kindly,
    yours faithfully
    Kelvin Iliuva

  114. Please send relevant application forms for my child that is busy studying at NWU in her 1st year as a teacher

    Kind Regards
    Henry johnson
    079 928 3988

  115. I’m at the University of Dodoma in Tanzania but i fail to pay for my tuition fee and food worthy $1500 US, i’m a second year student taking bachelor of education
    So please help me to pay for my physically academic progress here at this instituition, my phone number is +255 767574489
    I’m an Orphan and i’m from the poor family
    Please help me.

  116. i do not need an online grant too but attend there .however i believe that this type of grant (FSEOG ) will help a lot , so what are the requirement into getting it ?

  117. I also need a scholarship coz am in need of funds,being the first born and coming from a humble background with so many complications.i really need ur help.i wish to have a good life and assist my siblings and the community at large

  118. Avail me with procedure to apply for bachelor of education in mathematics. Does the grant come with acceptance in to a particular university?

  119. I would love to be helped financially
    I just completed my undergraduate program I want to do my masters in mathematics education.. any form of help will be valued and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  120. I am a kenyan who really needs the grant to continue with my barchelor in law course,may you help me please ? am really needy.

  121. Good morning .please i need a free scholarship to do my masters in agriculture ,not online but by attending lecture and practical classes in tout country.i Will bé very Grateful if you help me .thanks in advance

  122. Good afternoon sir/madam
    i wish to solicit for a scholarship grant to help me pursue my education career
    i will be very please if my situation is look into with consideration

  123. I run the Liberian Children’s Schooling Project (LCSP), Inc. and we have got several destitute students who have completed the high school level, but do not have the opportunity to go to college. Is it possible for us to encourage them to apply for this grant for their undergraduate program on line?

  124. Am interested currently holds bachelor in education ,diploma in primary teaching and certificate in disabilities studies. Thanks Jeanolyn Dunar

  125. This scholarship program will be beter in my life since I used to be a good teacher of math, hence is the chance to have further achievement in my plan of helping those with problem of mathematics

  126. Thanks for this opportunity, I very much interested in the inline degree program, however, I want to know what are the requirements of obtaining a grant scholarship?

  127. I need financial assistant. I am doing Ph.D Programme. I need $5,500 to complete the course. I have Paid $1,000.
    Please how can you help. Meanwhile I reside in Nigeria.

  128. At the moment Botlhale is still waiting for his matric results. so what advice can you give him, because so far we as his parents are not financially stable to take him to school next year, we just want to know how can you help and what advice can you give.
    Your help will be highly appreciated
    Thank-you in advance.
    Mother of Botlhale.

  129. Thanks. For the information. I wish to apply can u help me. I have bachelor degree in early child hood education.

  130. I have been trying to pursue a degree program but finances have been a problem in my case. I just and only hope this will be my chance and time to find scholarship for my online degree program.

  131. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am Martin V. Paye,Sr of the McDaniel Faith Academy in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

    I write to apply for the Federal Pell Grant to enable me achieve a bachelor degree in education.

    Since my graduation in 1987, I have not been able to continue higher education base on so many constrains facing me or our country.

  132. Thanks ever so much for this opportunity for students who want to forward their education, but due to financial constraint, they are not able to do (like me).
    I will really appreciate if i can benefit form this program.
    Thanks for being there for the needy.
    Kindest regard;

    Elvis G. Galiah

  133. i feel hon to have seen this for i have look for assistance for so long but now seem almost better for me i real need it for my academic.

  134. I am a continuing student at the university of nairobi college of education and external studies and could wish to be given grants to finalize my education.I am a second year student

  135. Its of good and great pressure to appreciate all the protocol observe and the other federal institutions for kind support to all African students to enhance education and career growth. I kindly thank you all.

  136. thank you so much and i appreciate everything. i had preferred taking my studies in my home country kenya. if thats ok i am ready for the offer so long as my academic goal is met.

  137. Thanks for considering me for study grant.
    Kindly note that I am a third year student at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa ,Nairobi ,Kenya.I am studying a FOUR YEAR course in English Literature.
    Kindly find a way of helping me as I am really struggling to achieve my objectives as I am a family man.

  138. I’ll love to be part of this great program. well I am a nurse with bachelor’s degree. can I have any opportunity please. thanks

  139. This is great. But what about person whose parent is never a victim of such nature but also is highly in need of this grant?

  140. The program is very good as it gives room and space to the would be students to persue their degrees online.Let the organizers and funders continue with this venture of even supporting the marginalized in our societies.Is it being done globally.

  141. Good day
    I want to teach special needs children, autism specific. I want to open a autism specific ecd centre. I already registered my npo and wants to start next year. However i need money to live too as i am unemployed, but i really want to do this as i have a 6 year old daughter with autism. I want to do a ecd course please help me.

  142. Good morning,
    The Federal pell grants would be suitable for me…And kindly be reminded that I am in Africa, Zambia is it still application for me???? and does this mean I have been awarded an online scholarship? ?

    Thank you.

  143. First may i thanks for all you tell me it is very important to learn because for me is hard to get this chance but to through your tips i get more skills thank you so much.

  144. Thanks for the Services. I am Katebde Julius from Uganda East of Africa .23 years old. I did a 3 year Craft course certificate in Electrical Installation and ran out of funds. I would like to pursue my dream career of becoming an Electrical Engineer. How can I be helped

  145. Thank you for this great information but my question is can you offer me a scholarship grant for a degree in Early childhood education when I just have certificates?

  146. i am a pastor who wants to pursue the bachelor of the theology. i come from a country in africa called uganda. as you know getting the money neede for tuition is not easy being that i am a father of two daughters and i have a wife. i have also a church that i am pastoring. how can i be helped?

  147. I applied at Unisa to study to be a teacher and my son is at Curro Durbanville.i would like to know if we can apply .
    Thank you

  148. Thanks for the message but me my parents didn’t die in the army, though they all passed on, what can I do to be sponsored?.

  149. Hello,

    Please provide me a grant to fund my 20% tuition for my MBA program at the Unicaf University. The 20 percent is 2, 120,00 US. I have been offered an 80 percent scholarship and received my admission letter also. I have to make the payment to the Unicaf University before classes resume by next year January.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Mohammed Sow Sheriff

  150. Am Baguma innocent from Kampala aged 30 years Uganda how can I apply for the scholarship I did a diploma in development studies now I want to pursue a degree advice me what next to do get that opportunity.


  152. Im also interested to join in this programme to pursue post graduate Studies on educational affairs but I’m from Tanzania East Africa.

  153. I would like to receive this grant as Iam willing to succeed as teacher and future lecturer while Iam coming from poor background that cannot afford to take me where I want to be in life…

  154. iam mitchell ogiro, i`m writing to seek help of starting my undergratuate course in law in u.s.a.i hope you will consider my request.

  155. the organization has been doing a wonderful job.congratulation for the good work!! may the lord give you energy to continue working.

  156. Hi,my name is mustapha hamza i had been get admussion in all saints university school of medicine dominican this week with 30%scholarship and i need help to get the remmening 70% becouse i dont have anyone that can sponsor me becourse of lack of finance and also my father is a business man but his business activitice have been rown down so no one can take my eduction care that why i am looking for scholarship if its posible and i need to get it before january next year 2017 the program will comence on 09-01-2017.I hope you maight consider my request.Thank

    • pls mustapha, my name is Joyce Ezinne, am also in d same shoe as you, i ve applied in all saints university to study medicine too. i ve succeeded in submitting almost all d documents required f me bt since they told me dat their scholarship is 30%, i did nt knw hw to go abt it cos although my own parents are alive, they cant train me cos f low income. please incase u make any success in finding grant or sponsor or any help, pls i beg you, try and inform me please, this is my contact ” +2348148129122

  157. Am in standard six can i also get such sponsorship because i would like to reach the university and become a degree holder so that i can achieve my dream because at the moment i have no one to pay my fees and my life is now is futile

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