Online Degree in Plant Breeding

Are you a working professional who has always strived for developing more than you had the chance up til now, but the personal or professional commitments you have going on keep you from exploring in depth the subjects you are interested in? We might just have the best solution for you, as online universities are the ones who can help fix this problem for you as they have already done for millions of others who could not afford to travel all the way to the city where the campus was located. Online colleges work basically in the same way as the traditional ones: they offer classes, materials, you need to complete assignments and pass exams, but without ever having to set foot inside the campus or see the walls of the university. The best part yet is that an online degree receives the same accreditation as the traditional one so you do not have to worry your efforts will be in vain.

If you are fascinated by biology and the way in which different plants can combine and give birth to new varieties and have always wanted to get a specialization in this domain without having to submit to much change, the online master degree in Plant Breeding offered by the University of Wageningen UR seems to have the answer for you. Plant Breeding has an important role in the development of the different plants for food and industrial uses and new varieties have to meet higher demands regarding the disease resistance, quality characteristics, yield, drought or salt tolerance. Following the courses of online colleges can make you an expert in understanding the variety of the aspects that need to be taken into consideration when working in this area.

As any other online universities, this one will deliver you the courses over the internet. These are focused on the ecology, physiology and genetics of the cultivated plants. At the end of the online degree, you will understand how the use of the various molecular techniques is essential for accelerating the process of selection by marker-assisted breeding and contributes to the identification of genes for natural resistance. Receiving the online degree will give you excellent prospects as you will be able to contribute to the sustainable development of plant production.

The tuition fees that online universities require are normally lower than the traditional ones. Even so, the programs that offer scholarships for college take into consideration even the students who choose to follow the courses of online colleges. Most of the scholarships for college offer the students money in order to pay for the tuition, but there are some of them who cover also the expenses and the materials the students need in class. One example of this kind of scholarships for college is the Global Study Award who offers an amount of £10.000 to its winners.

  1. I have done my B.sc honours in agriculture and major in plant breeding and genetics how can I get the educational schalorship for my Master

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