Best Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

Common learning issues such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) are often impediments in pursuing a higher education. These difficulties often manifest in the classroom early on and lead to low scores in standardized tests.

But some universities are aware that students suffering from learning disabilities need to be treated differently than the rest. With this in mind, some even offer scholarships to students afflicted with these condition. While many scholarship applications focus more on test scores and GPAs, some providers have singled out students with learning issues as the recipients of their college grants.

Below you’ll find some of the best scholarships available right now for students with learning disabilities.

We’ll start with the Rise Scholarship Foundation which ever since 2012 has been offering five students $2,500 bursaries each year. Applicants need to be a high-school, college-bound senior that is applying to an accredited offline or online university.

Students needs to have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4-point scale and a documented learning disability or an ASD diagnosis. However, take into consideration that an ADHD or ADD diagnosis alone does not qualify you to apply.

A letter of recommendation from a teacher, high school counselor or principal of the high school is also needed for the application form. Next call for application is October 2017.


Next stop we have Allegra Ford Thomas scholarship, which awards a one-time $2,500 scholarship to high school seniors who have been diagnosed with a learning disability or/and with ADHD who are looking to enroll with a two-year community college, vocational training program or specialized programs for students suffering from these conditions.

In order to be accepted into program applicant need to submit current financial information, provide documentation that attests a learning disability or ADHD.


For dyslexia sufferers, the Moss Society offers a scholarship of at least $1,500 to high school seniors with financial need. The grant is renewable for up to three years. The criteria for eligibility include being a high school senior and being able to demonstrate a specific language-related learning disability.

Unlike the other scholarships, only applicants who are willing to pursue a career in a visual arts field, will be accepted.


So as you can see, even if you have a learning disability you shouldn’t get discouraged. There are plenty of scholarships available for you to take advantage of. University tuition costs have been on the rise for the past few years, so any student looking to enroll with a college degree will be facing financial strain.

That’s why scholarships are such important tools for students studying today. It’s recommended perspective applicants start researching scholarships early on, to ensure they uncover the best option.

Although at first it might seem that most grants are merit-based, the truth is that if you have patience you’ll surely be able to discover some whose criteria you can surely fit. It’s all a matter of committing some of your precious time and diligently searching. But in the end you’ll be rewarded.

  1. My name is Anne Njer from kenyai and l am deaf. I would love to ask about scholarship opportunities at National Institute for the Deaf Worcester south Africa. I will surely appreciate any information you give me.If l want to scolarship can you fine me?

  2. Iam a student with albinism at the open university of Tanzania seeking for grants for the PhD program in Guidance\’s and counseling from any donor,people or organisation

  3. I have complited my high school two years ago and I failed to procced to university due to fanincial problems.Please help me Im interested with this scholarship

  4. I am from The Somalia in Mogadishui want this scholarship what is the eligible criteria please eill you help me

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