The Denys Holland Offers Full Tuition Scholarship To Study Any Course at The University College London

Brief description of the scholarship:

Most student find it very difficult to enhance to studies in their chosen careers, and this has been a barrier. Some are so depressed that they can’t do anything about it. That aside, some people started their higher studies but couldn’t continue because they have ran out of money and probably don’t have a job to fund their studies.

Denys Holland University has taken this into consideration and decided to help people who find themselves in this situation with scholarships. This scholarship will be given based on academic merit not otherwise.

The scholarship will cover the tuition of the scholarship recipient. Any balance left will be given to the student as allowance. Isn’t that great? Now you see that the problem of “no money for college” has been partly solved by the scholarship offered by Denys Holland University. Let’s take a brief look at the requirements, duration, worth of scholarship, and much more.

Eligible field of study:

The scholarship is not restricted to any particular course. It includes all courses offered at the university. It’s for Bachelor degree courses. I think that cool for the taking.

Eligible applicants:

No one is restricted from applying. All eligible students both nationally and internationally are qualified to apply for this great scholarship in Denys Holland University. So don’t delay to take a shot at it. Go for it now.

Scholarship worth and Duration

This scholarship is worth about £9,000 per academic year, and the duration of the scholarship is three years. The scholarship will be awarded based on your academic performance, and the school might choose to use all or part of the scholarship fund to cover your tuition fees. If there are any balance remaining by the end of all expenses, it will be given to you as allowance.

Eligibility of Applicants:

Applicants should possess the following for before they will be deemed qualified for this scholarship:

  • Applicant should be holding an offer of admission to the University College London for full-time undergraduate study in any department of their choice
  • Applicant should be in financial hardship, and be able and willing to prove to the school that without the scholarship, they would not be able to enhance their studies or study at the University College London;
  • Interested candidate must show that they are truly interested and are ready to contribute to the life and growth of the college in ways possible.
  • Students below 25 will be more preferable in this scholarship process.

Scholarship Deadline:

Well, you don’t have all time to just walk around doing nothing about this. You have to act fast as the deadline is 7th July, 2017. 23:59 UK time.

Scholarship Website:

The Official Scholarship Website is: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/scholarships/undergraduate/denyshollandug

So kindly visit the site to know more about this scholarship.

  1. Greetings. I am holder of A bachelors degree in theology from the Presbyterian Theological Seminary Kumba Cameroon. Born 15/09/1969. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon. Salary 162 US Dollars. Married with three children. From Cameroon a developing country. Need full scholarship to study for masters in theology or counselling. Wish to spend the rest of my years in ministry to teach and the lives of others. Hope you can help secure a scholarship for me. Thanks, waiting.

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