How to win student scholarships

Below are five secrets to winning student scholarships which scholarship winners applying for online degrees swear by; scholarship losers applying to get an online bachelor degree have no clue even exist:

Boost quantity without having to sacrifice quality

Recipients of student scholarships do not apply for a couple of scholarships for an online university, they’ll, instead, apply for every scholarship they’re able to, as well as familiarize themselves on how to utilize the details shared upon a single application for other ones. Scholarship essays for online degrees may be utilized more than one time, and pay close attention to subject matter and word count. Oftentimes it’ll just require a couple of small tweaks in writing that will turn a single excellent essay written for an online university to several ones, permitting an individual to apply for more scholarships for online degrees with less time spent upon creating fresh essays for each one. Usually, application details are similar; therefore, making a copy of every application and transferring the details from application to application is another method of saving time, as well as applying for more scholarships to receive your online bachelor degree.

Wisely utilize your time

Going over all of the fine print on all scholarship guidelines for an online bachelor degree is critical to suitably applying for scholarships and not wasting your time applying for the ones where an individual doesn’t qualify. If the scholarship guidelines for the online university, for instance, require the individual to have a 3.5 grade point average and up, a student who has a 3.4 grade point average shouldn’t bother to apply.

Do not allow an essay requirement to frighten you off

Scholarships never should be skipped or ignored because of an essay requirement. Essays include the individual’s opportunity to show judges, using a lot of personal detail, precisely why they think they should receive the scholarship funds.

Make application stand out

Because competition is fierce for the majority of scholarships, individuals must discovers methods of making the application stand out for the judges. Those minute details such as the size of the envelope, the weight of the paper, clear and proper type of font, scholarship activity resumes, scholarship application packet presentation, and letters of recommendation of a high quality may make a big difference in how judges rate applicants.

Begin early

Discovering the motivation and time to work on your college scholarship application is a big stumbling block for most students. An excellent way to beat this includes encouraging students to start to apply for scholarships well before peers.

  1. Dear friends I don\’t know what to do my son is in form 1 currently looking for someone who can help me in terms of scholarship for my son I am still at college doing theology at United Theological college Hatfield, in Harare Zimbabwe

  2. Well I\’m deserved to it from Nepal (The country of the world\’s highest peak mount Everest and Birth place of Lord Buddha).I want to go through MBBS and serve the people waiting for me.

  3. As a double orphan aged 22, a Mosotho girl I would like to be sponsored and I promise to work hard to fulfill my dreams, I NEED TO COMPLETE MY STUDIES

  4. please help me I need scholarship for God\’s sake, I am interested help me, am Oluwatoyin from Nigeria

  5. i wish to get a scholarship to study International, Gender and development studies at University of Nairobi in Kenya. Kindly Assist me secure a scholarship

  6. Hi im Mercy,i need to study Honours in Industrial Psychology in any scholarship available.Thank you so much for all the financial support to all the sponsors,May God continue to bless you.

  7. I\’m a Liberian who want to study Biology, if my name is selected I will be very happy for my future in London, thanks to all the sponsors for their hard work.

  8. Hello I am saleamilak from Ethiopia, I want to study medicine I have 3.8 GPA in first preclinical one (
    (pc_1)if u have space contac with my email. 10Q

  9. I would like to be one of the scholarship winners. It was and still be my dream to persue my degree doesn\’t care about the age as for me the sky is the limit.

  10. Hello i\’m Bezawit Ashager from ethiopia.now aday i\’m worked in debresina hospital by Midwifery.ineed this chance.u get this chane for me i want to study emergency surgen or anstetics.but cant offer money.

  11. Hi, I really like to do BA in Sports Administration and Events Managements.
    It is a great opportunity to raise sports in my country,Solomon Islands.

  12. Helo, My name is negus asmamaw I am from Ethiopia I have Bsc degree in mechanical engineering(design stream) and with in a total GPA of 3.70. therefore, If you willingness to confirm I am free just email it with this account
    With best regard
    Negus Asmamaw

  13. I wish to obtain a a a DBA scholarship in the area of strategic management in view of corporate enthropy dogging many corporates and entities in Africa particularly my home country Zimbabwe. I will be grateful if I obtain one.looking forward.

  14. Hello My name is AhmadAbed I wish I could study college abroad but,unfortunetly I do not have money .I wish I get this scholorship

  15. Hello everyone my name is ngcebo surname is chilly i want to join the school but the problem is i dont have money to join i wish i can win the scholarship

  16. Am a student physician and a footballer from Ghana. I wish to get this scholarship to study and play soccer in any college or university. Am FRIMPONG WILLIAMS

  17. I am Amaechi Humphrey C, a Nigerian. I\’m looking for a scholarship opportunity to continue my studies in Building Technology.

  18. I,m Gabriel Chieng Tot
    Live in Addis Ababa Ethiopia
    Graduated with Two Diploma Long time ago
    Dear David was been a quickly required to know you as a father of the program .Let me enjoy to this scholarship
    My two diploma professional
    1-Diploma in Theology .Graduated 2003 Timothy Training Institute Nairobi Kenya
    2-Dploma in Public Administration Pan African Leadership University of Nairobi
    3-Gambella Teaching and Health science college I was awarded with Clinical Nurse certificate 2000-2001

  19. Hello! My name is CHANSOUDA from Laos, I have necessary and need some money to pay my college,pay my younger sister\’s school, buy new shoes and uniform and give to my mother because she\’s too old and she worked hard everyday and all day. I feel sorry for her. When I was baby(11months) I hit by fire on my face and arms. So now, I\’m feel shy because I\’m joking of friends. They\’re looking me as me as abnormality person. I don\’t know how to do, I would like to congratulate of study and work. I will make money a lot to spend my mother and my younger sister must happy. But I don\’t have any money to pay college. My dreams it\’s so far. Please you help me! I\’m really need helpful. This is my e-mail: csd.sitthisay@gmail.com

  20. I hold Higher National Diploma in Education (HND) with total GPA marks of 3.17 on 4points. I will really appreciate if your University gives me this Scholarship to continue with my education for a bachelor\’s in Education. Thanks advanced.

  21. Dear sir/madam,thank you for this kind offer. As an international student from Ghana, i wish to apply for your scholarship so as to further my education. thus pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in nursing , as an undergraduate.I wish for sincere guidance, thank you

  22. hi my name is Mr.KOANG yak geng from ethiopia i graduate in electrical and computer engineering special list power stream i want study master degree in your school .

  23. I am a Liberian, I just graduated from high school,really when to attend university but my parents don\’t have money, so can I get scholarship from here?

  24. I wish I would win a scholarship to further my studies in Development studies. I did partially with UNISA but could not finish it due to finances. I am very much interested in this social area if funds were accessible. I did NGO management with Imperial College by distance and through distance learning also did diploma in theology affiliated to the Board of Theology, University of Malawi, Chancellor College. Please help me to quench my thirsty in social studies online

  25. Sir
    I hope to complete my study in Virology I have research in Genetic diversity of viruses I hope get high cerficate in Viruses I have diploma in Medical analysis we need couple full scholarships in any country in Europa except USA my wife have diploma in Engineering she hope to get high digree in Engineering can you please help us we are a family two persons with two children
    Thank you
    Mohanad JABER Altaae Diploma medical analysis
    Maryam wahhab Aldebi Diploma Engineering

  26. In the outset I thank you for this opportunity to contact you. I was enrolled at UNISA last year and I am studying LLB. submitted my first assignments and the outcome was pleasing. Financial crisis is the main reason I seek your assistance because I am determined to continue with my studies.
    May you kindly consider my request

  27. I am an orphan(total) and would like to get a scholarship how do I go about it,since i see i can follow all the steps given below kindly help

  28. Am a student in cameroon precisely in the university of Buea, studying political science and public administration. I\’ll like to do masters in Business administration and bridal designing. How and where can I get a scholarship on this?

  29. Abor Manasseh is my name, acquiring Bachelor\’s Degree in Theatre Art has been my priority since childhood, and through your scholarship program I will be happy to achieve this in Russia.
    I completed the Senior High School in 2015, and program I did was Visual Art.
    Thank You and am hoping to hear from you soon. +233555489411 is my personal mobile number.

  30. Am Jasper Johaness i really appreciate your work by saying soo i wish can get a full scholarship in canada in any university and i wish to take a pharmacy degree after finishing my high school education here in Tanzania

  31. Dear ,
    i am looking for financing to pursue my higher education online and campus
    in United States America at top rated International University. such as Atlantic International University.
    Since my admission to the Bachelors Degree Program in Computer Science has been confirmed by Atlantic International University.
    I\\’m more than eager to inquire about financial support. Knowing that you offer financial aid to international
    students. Enrollment fee: 300$ , Monthly Tuition payment of $ 350 on the 30 day of each month for 25 months. All, amount : Masters $6,900.00* $800.00 for 25 months

    Method of Payments:
    please I provide below my information’s payment to you will send me by mail or courier package envelope or packages includes scholarships fund in $ ATM Card or checks or claims formalities to my house address below :
    My Personal Email Address: aissa.zoghlami1@gmail.com
    Full Names: Aissa ZOGHLAMI (Alexander)
    Address: No 14 CITE Bouguerra Moussa
    Contact no: 213 (0) 37528179 please no phone call and call and response by email
    Date of Birth: 02/11/1987
    Country of Residence: Algeria
    get back to us as soon as its done, thank you.

    I hope to hear from us soon enough through email
    i awaiting your reply once by email

    Hopping to hear from you soon.
    Very truly yours,
    Warm Regards
    Mr David or Alexander

  32. I\’m a Mosotho lady aged 36,,I\’m a nurse midwife and want to further my studies on maternal health and public healthy,, currently I\’m a sexual and reproductive mentor

  33. Thinks but show me the easiest way of doing that because I don\’t have any university\’s website ,for me to apply over there.

  34. Thank you for your ideas..i am a very needy student in search for scholarship to further my education..how do i apply pls???

  35. My name is Joyce Ng\’ara a Kenyan and a special education teacher. I have a Diploma in Special needs Education from Kenya Institute of special education. I would wish to further my studies for Barchelors degree as I teach children who are deafblind with MDVI in Kenya.

  36. sir we all appreciate the offer. sir I am a graduating accounting and finace student. I have good GPA and i am studying at the best university of my country. I need scholarship not to stay out but to do something of my own for good. If u can replay me how to apply, I would be happy. thanks sir

  37. Thank you sir for this steps but now sir I have a big problem. Sir I need a scholarship so badly because I am the head of my family at my tender age. I want to be an outstanding student and citizen to my country this is the reason why I need a good scholarship in a good school to achieve my goal. If I am granted a scholarship God be my helper never to abuse it. Thanks sir. And I pray you helpe get one.

  38. Sir I need scholarship very hardly…. I belongs to an affected area…. The educational institutions have been destroyed for many years due to militancy in our area…
    The admissions of many universities have been closed, but I\’m still not admitted because of no more money…
    I\’m waiting for this scholarship for many day…. Plzzz make it possible as soon as possible… I\’ll be highly thankful to u for this kindness….

  39. I\’m Reneilwe Mashiane and I am 20, I\’m requesting scholarship to study for hospitality and I want to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true

  40. wonderful!! i really appreciate your great efforts.please i really need your help to have a scholarship to pursue a masters degree at any university abroad. I am a Gambian from where i did my bachelors degree in accountancy and my contact addresses are:
    TEL; 2018848
    EMAIL; bojangwise@gmail.com

  41. I am Phelix Arina, a kenyan, I am requesting for a scholarship to study quantity surveying in technical university of Kenya..

  42. Good afternoon David
    Please l wanted to apply for a degree in Theology. Please do you give search scholarships? Thank you and God bless you

    Pastor Richard

  43. I my aim is to study for Master of Science in Mathematics in Tanzania at the University of Dodoma. Lessons will begin on 6th November 2017 and the reporting date will be on 28th October 2017.

    I am asking for financial assistance for this masters programme for the academic year 2017/2018.
    Contact +255784343738/+255655343738

  44. I am using my sister account
    Am disabled,, deaf and weakness on low limp. I realy wish to get a learnship to further my studies.. I have matric only

    Will be bless to hear from you

  45. Would really love to get a scholarship,,I\’m still waiting for such an opportunity ,,please assist me,,I promise to stand out for any challenge,,

  46. I need a scholarship to improve my educational status because my parents are not well sufficient to sponsor me.I will be very happy if am one of the students

  47. I need this scholarship to improve my skills because on my country ( developing country – Sudan ) there is no sufficient opportunities for veterinarians , and I love my study . For this reason I looking for developing and creative soul on veterinary in addition to I am sooooo interested in animal surgery, but unfortunately I am not getting my dream and I wouldn\’t give up.

  48. highly appreciate you for offering this Service,
    am glad to be a part, and am hopping to be one of the Scholarship student very soon.

    I would appreciate having D links/website where I can fully apply.



  49. Hi.I find my self in a place blessed people by having these oppotunitie.to be offerd with your schoolership will be a pleasure for me.thanks

  50. Hi,am glad for this kind of opportunity and am really looking forward for a reply from you guys…I have an excellent grade from my high school result, i did be glad if you guys get back to me.A scholarship is one thing i need to boast my potentials.

  51. I want this chance with passion because I don\’t have anyone to help me to further my education or to sponsor me. But if i can get this scholarship to actualize my dream career I will be grateful.i\’m an art student, I want to study mass communication

  52. Hello Am meseret motuma iam 20 years old.i am ethiopian i am female i win scholarship may you offer for me bachelor degree in engineering science please i need this scholarship.

  53. Hello ,Am Princess Opoku .22yrs of age .I am a Ghanaian. I believe there are some characteristics ways to win a scholarship.
    Firstly ,Making your applications stand out. Students applying for scholarship must follow the necessary requirements of making their application unique and appropriate.
    Secondly ,utilizing their time properly .students should utilize their time following the necessary procedures to acquire what they have to do to gain a scholarship.
    Lastly ,students shouldn\’t let essay requirements frighten them off … Thank you .

  54. I am searching for a scholarship/ sponsorship to learn higher education in IT/freelancing. Would I have a grant by you?

  55. I shall be thankfully if I win the scholarship.Since iam a hard worker on my studies..This scholarship, I will take it as my reward of all my hardwork

  56. Please i have diploma in agriculture production and management from Uganda. May you offer for me bachelor degree in the related field plz am a female age 24 years old

  57. I am Sewunet Manaye,from Ethiopia and I have BSc Degree by Electrical Engineering from Recognized University.So, i want to study Master, if you have any position you can contact in my email mansewu@gmail.com and also my phone +251947399401.Thank you so much.

  58. Appiah Ruth Pokuah is my name. I have grade 9. I have 7A and one B2 in final exams. I complete 2014 since then I m in the home because my mum can\’t futher anymore because sells charcoal to support me and my two siblings. I was a science student and is my dreams to be medical doctor or nursing.I wish I could get a scholarship or sponsorship to study aboard to make my dreams and my visions I have in mind come through. So please I beg in God name help me to get to school this year or get a scholarship or sponsorship. Please this is my contact 0548083008. I beg you help in God name. I m not fake person.

  59. Appiah Ruth Pokuah is my name. I have grade 9. I have 7A and one B2 in final exams. I complete 2014 since then I m in the home because my mum can\’t futher anymore because sells charcoal to support me and my two siblings. I was a science student and is my dreams to be medical doctor or nursing.I wish I could get a scholarship or sponsorship to study aboard to make my dreams and my visions I have in mind come through. So please I beg in God name help me to get to school this year or get a scholarship or sponsorship.

  60. Have worked for ministry of Agriculture for 32 years now, and would like to have a short course in Geoinfomartics at diploma level in Tanzania at Ardhi university in Dar es salaam. have been given already a provisional acceptance letter. my course is starting by 25 sept. 2017. Request for scholarship

  61. I am a 21 year old girl graduated for my grade 12 in 2013 and have been trying to get a scholarship to study abroad. I am a Namibian citizen. I am hardworking good team player and am focused with what I do, I believe if I was to be granted this scholarship it won\’t go to waste thank you.

  62. Is always my dream to be train by WESTMINSTER UNIVERSITY as a great electrical engineer or scientist. Am now an HND holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a CGPA of 3.93 and wish for Westminster University full time scholarship in my degree coming 2018-2019.

  63. thanks for this opportunity but I will be glad if this scholarship could be mine.am a citizen of Nigeria and I will love to study astronomy,if you guys could help I will be greatful.+2348103803905 in case of anything call me .

  64. Ok thanks.
    Could you please enlighten me on how to access grant for my M.A. Dissertation ?
    Am in the Humanities (cultural history)

    AAUA, Nigeria

  65. Hello..
    I am a young Cameroonian and Esoka Bwese Mboe by name.
    I am a holder of GCE Ordinary And Advanced Level Certificate.I wish u help me,select me so that I can attain my dreams…Thanks for the Info\’s may God bless u..
    +237660203024 is my number,u can call me any time..

  66. How can I attain a schorlaship owhich will help me accomplish my pilot studies?? it will be great if you give me a clue..am from TANZANIA

  67. av been a pwani university student for first year before I was forced to defer, I wish to continue with my studies but can only happen if I win scholarship positions.

  68. I really need to win this scholarship because I am doing matric this year and I promise you will never regret why you gave me this scholarship… I wanna put my family at the next level so I know that with this scholarship I can fulfill my dream..I REALLY WANNA WIN THIS SCHOLARSHIP PLZ HELP ME.

  69. Happy to have such wonderful scholarship in your university and I will like to introduce myself to you am by name Wuor puot wech from s.sudan and I finished my last secondary class on March this year and I want to join your university under engineer course and thank you indeed for your advertisement.

  70. I am in need of fancial assistance to do a degree in design and technology in education,I had started to do the degree at tvtc in Zambia but could not graduate due to financial difficult,I wish to continue the studies,if at all I can be assisted fianacially ,to do the degree online or continue at tvtc,my number 0964015361 or suwilanji1982@gmail.com

  71. AIU, a university that have strong capacity with standardized staff in the new age of distance learning, long live AIU !

  72. Thanks for giving us this platform to find a scholarship,am an orphan who has got a lot of difficulties towards raising school fees hence i would request you to give me a link to apply for a scholarship,kindly assist me

  73. I really need that scholarship to help me continue my education so that I can help in developing my country n help people in the future.

  74. i need you are help becouse of i am so poor that why iam reqwesting to support me to continour my study in university thimk

  75. Please am an ambitious student wanting to complete my bachelor\’s degree, please how can I get a scholarship to finish my education. Am a Nigerian.

  76. Am also intrested in this scolarship.I finished my highschool but am not able to continue with my studies please help me make my dreams come true

  77. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am seeking for international scholarship that will help me trained an qualified as an EDUCATOR. I ask through God\’s to touch someone heart.
    +00231-886-743-817 or mohamed350@yahoo.com

  78. Hi Mr .
    my name is mansour jatta I am looking for support am graduated student from both Arabic and English thanks

  79. Hello am form underdeveloped country looking for free scholarship and I would like to wine and select for Bachelor degree in

  80. It my prayers to get this opportunity from you. And it will be one of my greatest joy on earth when I get this chance to win. Romas 10:17 faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. Thank you for accepting my request. May God bless you abundantly.

  81. hi am recently registered at karatina university taking a degree in agriculture ca we be friends enabling me to join you?

  82. Bismark is my name, from Ghana, i have collected high school and i want a busary scholarship i have no TOEFL can i be granted a scholarship to study abroad.

  83. I wish to gain a scholarship to study abroad, have been struggling to gain this opportunity for 3years, but didn\’t get it. They say \

  84. Mr,
    I am looking for financing to pursue my higher education online at Atlantic International University.
    Since my admission to the bachelor\’s program in sciences social has been confirmed by service academics
    of this Atlantic International University.
    I\’m more than eager to enquire about financial support, knowing that you offer financial aid to international students.
    Could you please send me the appropriate documentation and application forms on this matter.
    Hopping to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely yours,
    Msabah Rashidi Sange
    Phone: +25775827424

  85. Dear Sir/Madam
    Following studies in Nursing in 2000 ,I took further studies and awarded The degree of bachelor of sciences in public health in 2009. I was serving my rural community in Health promotion ,Disease prevention, curative and rehabilitation services for the past 17 years.I dream to undertake Msc. studies in my local university. However, I can not accommodate the fees required by university. Hence need financial support hoping that you offer support for university study
    Enrollment fee———$150.USD
    Tuition fee ( Monthly)——$200.USD for 24 months
    Total amount—————–$4950.USD
    Bank name : Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia, Arba Minch Branch
    Country : Ethiopia
    Account Name: Temesgen Mengesha
    Account #:1000021712101
    Swift Code : CBETETAAXXX

  86. I am very interesting of applying for it so pleas! how can I apply for it and continue my feather study.

  87. Please check University of the people who offer tuition free degrees in business administration and Computer Science. You pay only exam fee at the end of each term, nine weeks per term.
    www. My. Uopeople. edu
    There are some scholarships available on the school website.

    Seed me your email address, I will send you the link. I am a student there since two years now.


    I am from Liberia.

  88. I want distance learning scholarship from Cambridge International College, UK in any business course for a BBA or BSc.

  89. Sir,
    As a citizen of Republic Democratic of Congo, i am looking for financing to pursue my higher education online
    in United States America at Atlantic International University.
    Since my admission to the Bachelors Degree Program in Social Science has been confirmed by Atlantic International University.
    I\’m more than eager to enquire about financial support. Knowing that you offer financial aid to international
    students. Enrollment fee: 300$ , Monthly Tuition payment of $ 350 on the 30 day of each month for 25 months. All, amount : 9050 $
    Method of Payments:
    Citi Bank
    Account Number: 9137954440
    ABA/Routing Number: 266086554
    Name of the Account: Atlantic International University
    SWIFT Code: CITIUS33
    Address of the Bank: 399 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10043
    Hopping to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely yours, MSABAH Rashidi Sange

  90. I am seeking for scholarship that will enable me trained and qualified as an EDUCATOR. Please help me for CHRIST sack.

  91. My Name is Baraka M. Barnabas from Tanzania. I want to study Bachelor degree in Business Administration

  92. please is there any international student full schorlaship that will enable me study for my degree abroad

  93. I need a bursary to study Sub marine courses.I am a young inspired,innovative and intelligence lady.I want to build my future but no one is responsible for my study fees.So I really need help.

  94. Dear sir/ Madam
    Scholarship providees thank you very much

    I woul like but as you said students are not allowed i have applied found acceptance message from Germany so thank you
    Best Regards

  95. am currently pursing a bacholars of science in education majoring in agriculture in bugema university uganda but not financially stable

  96. Am recently enrolled in Addis Ababa University taking a course in Master of Biotechnology in Medical biotechnology and would love to get a free scholarship to further my studies


  97. Am recently enrolled in Karatina university taking a course in bachelor of education arts in History and Kiswahili and would love to get a free scholarship to further my studies.

  98. I would like to further my education to the tertiary level so how can l apply to for schorlaship?

  99. I\’m currently doing my advanced level in Zimbabwe .I\’m studying Accounts Geography and Economics.
    I wish to be enrolled at your university in 2019…

    I am also a good rugby player and athlete …
    I want to be a chartered accountant…

    I look forward to your kind and helping reply

  100. Am currently a student, learning Drugs Addiction Counselling as a diploma course. I have a passion in learning sighn language .It is a very big challenge to communicate with persons with hearing impairement in our societies. Am requesting for a scholarship to better my skills in the above mentioned course in the United kingdom since i just have the basics through watching TV.

  101. How can i get student scholarship? I really like to pursue my dreams to be a doctor. Hope you can help me at least to get a pre med.

  102. please help me acquire my degree at the university in order to further my education and I also need your help.

  103. Dear sir,am a student doing masters degree at mountain of the moon university in Uganda
    in 2nd year.ipay for my sel f.am not able to continue with my studies due to financial constituents.am lacking funds for research and tuition for my last semister worth us dollar 2000.kindly assist sponsor me.

  104. Actually I want to finish up with my studies but I have no money yet my parents are all dead and I leave with my sister am interested in schooling and I know I can do better. please I humbly beg u to sponsor me with a bursary. So help me GOD.

  105. Hello there, this john Paul from Uganda I love t there guys and I know that am capable of doing everything so help get a scholarship.

  106. Hello!
    I\’d like to win a scholarship to full fill my dreams so that I can see if can be able to solve the problem of this world.
    So,ever since I\’ve finished my high school my life never been good on my side then also been a refugee you need more support so that u can get a courage of schooling……. for this I\’ll need a support that will from you.
    Right now,I\’m experience refugee life in south Africa then another thing that I\’ve to know it\’s just that both were been killed during a war in Burundi.

  107. Hello!
    I\’m Irebe Hibah from Burundi.I\’d like to win a scholarship to full fill my dreams so that I can see if can be able to solve the problem of this world.
    So,ever since I\’ve finished my high school my life never been good on my side then also been a refugee you need more support so that u can get a courage of schooling……. for this I\’ll need a support that will from you.
    Right now,I\’m experience refugee life in south Africa then another thing that I\’ve to know it\’s just that both were been killed during a war in Burundi.

  108. It is my second year in college without any financial benefit from my parents regarding my school fee,and is there any help can be provided???

  109. Hi,this is khomotso kgole,im very peraionate,comitmend and hartworking candidate who is interested with tourism.In the tourism,i like to become travel agent or Nature consevator,but mostly im in love with travel agent,but my problem is mony,im from poor family n i dont know what to do course im unemploye so plz help me.I have matric,driving licence,computer literacy

  110. I am BALENE dalfinah happiness I am doing biotechnology its my first year
    I got physical science 60
    Mathematics 65
    English 60
    I need this bursary in order to finish !y studies

  111. I need a school to study i finished my matric 2016 my mom didnt afford me to further my study at tertiary institution

  112. I am interested in your scholarship and would be grateful if i am considered for one to study my masters. But would like to know how to go about with the application.

  113. I need this scholarships to further my studies. My parents are still alive but they can’t help me to fulfill my dreams so I’m begging for your help.

  114. Am a third year student doing agricultural education and extension.am a kenyan.can i win a scholarship to study my masters in capetown,,southafrica come 2019?

  115. Can I please get a busary, I am doing an environmental health at Mangosuthu university of technology. I am doing my first year

  116. sir David tel me how do i apply but i need to study from abroad but i here that you pay yourself tution is it??

  117. I did a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Economics and i need a scholarship to persue a master’s degree in the same field.thanks

  118. Im kamogelo diale from thembisa,i passed my matric year before last year and im willing to continue with my my studies but i have financial problem, i have only parent and she earns less than 3000 a month and we are five include, i don’t know how can I get bursary or schoolarship,i need a help Africans may god bless all us.


  120. I have BBA(Finance) via the open university of Tanzania.My reg: number is 60271/T.11 and I would like apply scholarship for master

  121. Hallo im Pricilla Muthoni,did my KCSE last year, im interested in pursuing Mechanical Engineering in any reputable University and i need a scholarship.How can i get one ?

  122. I am frustrated and nervous about being accepted at the university(UKZN for BCom Accounting) but still have no fund for my studies.Anyone can help please.

  123. Hi..
    Am here.. Alone confused with what will happen on where you get the fees of the DEGREE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE.. Any where across the world.. My parents both got an accident towards Christmas 2016 am aloe who survived. .

    On that every time I cry.. Once remember of that..


    My contacts +255766499726
    And email kagandajacob@gmail.com

  124. Am kafeero Jeremiah from Uganda doing a diploma in fine art but we are not financially stable what should i do thank you.

  125. Please I am a Ugandan who is eagerly searching for a scholarship at university for bachelor degree in education.How can i apply for the scholarship?

  126. I have a diploma in Information Technology but I have financial constraints to perdue my degree in Information Technology. Please show me how I can go about the scholarship.

  127. I want to continue with my master degree in mechanical engineering please help me because am financially not viable to continue.

  128. realy wann to join….am so interested to upgrade my education level…..specially in technology….civil engineering courses….
    thank u…..

  129. I have started a program at Sigalagala National Polytechnic in Kenya,I need your support to continue with my education.

  130. I have started a Diploma program at Sigalagala National Polytechnic and I need your support to continue with my education.

  131. hi i am from mongolia. some guys may be listen to this a name of empire. BUT I REALLY WANNA GET SCHOLARSHIP. how to get a scholarship from this site? you guys help me

  132. I was finish this year faculty of agricultural science so I want this chance plz contact me +252615104665 my name is sa,iid Ali mahamoud

  133. i was visited this site .iwas full in my dream to study universty.but i want to study nursing general !i haventany parent .every one neded me to study are simple for me. i was finish secondry nursing A2 in R D. C(republic of Congo democracy. iwas win of 68,7%i have m’y certificat. when thé get me the chance to stady the will do well. the use every categoris than i stady

  134. Am sister rabia I have bachelor degree of nursing I want up grade it so plz tell me how can I get free student schollarship thank you

  135. I am interested to continue my study, I have a problem with money, who can help me?
    1- To find admission at any university of Nigeria.
    2- To take all responsibility with me.

  136. i am advanced student from Tanzania .i wish to get a scholarship to ethiopia or south africa for the case of Air craft engineer.

  137. May you please help me how to win a scholarship? I have just finished my high school this year of 2016 but I am unable to pay for university and I want to persue in medecine

  138. Am a student with nvti certificate one and I am in need of a scholarship to enroll in the polytechnic institute to fufil my dreams

  139. I am a Masters student at University of Zimbabwe now doing my dissertation I am on block release l am facing financial difficulties l am failing to raise the balance of my fees and funds to cater for my movements during my research.

  140. I hereby wish to become the active member of this scholarship as I was being struggled through my life for many yrs to archieve my dream.I am having real financial obstacle to further my study n totaly submit for aid.this could be the oporturnityto accomplished my dream.

  141. wants to up grade my self so i can help impact what i have into the life of our future leaders. please i am fully delegated and i will need a miracle fully scholarship to study outside. so help me God.

    Please i do i get a free scholarship?

  142. Pls am from Nigeria and I need to apply for a any scholarship. I need to school outside my country but my family cannot afford to do that for me cause of financial imbalance.

  143. am a student from kenya medical training college pursuing community health nursing .am not financially stable and am requesting for scholarship

  144. am a student from kenya medical training college pursuing community health nursing .am not financially stable and am requesting for scholarship

  145. education is the key to success in a world where people are ignorant, and you are a person who want to prove the world wrong making life easy for them through good education from good universities and educators.

  146. I have started my degree program at University of Cape Coast Ghana
    and need a support to continue my education, for i want to use my skills to help the world one day…

  147. I would like to win this scholarship to full fill my dreams . I have never been in university since i finished school by the year of 2003, life has never been easy on my side and my femily

  148. am recently registered at kenyatta university taking a course in agriculture and enterprise development and am not financially stable can i still get the scholarship

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