Be the First to Get a First-Place Scholarship at the University of Bristol, U.K.

The University of Bristol describes itself as a community of teachers and students, an inclusive environment. This explains the generous awards they offer each year for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking to be part of their vibrant society. All majors and academic disciplines are welcome to apply. On June 9, 2017, six lucky students will walk away with one of the following awards £12,000 (one, first-place award), £10,000 (two, second-place awards), or £8,000 (three, third-place awards) to be dispersed as a lump sum towards tuition fees for the following academic year.

The University of Bristol was ranked a top-50 global university by QS in 2016, and is one of the most well-known British universities. A key British research institution, Bristol was the first to guarantee equal admissions to students regardless of gender and has continued to be a beacon for environmentally-conscious citizens. It’s academic schools and research areas include biomedical sciences, engineering, social sciences and law, arts, health sciences, and many other sciences such as chemistry and earth sciences.

What is best about this award for incoming international students, in particular, is that current UB students are not allowed to apply. This increases the odds of winning an award, but with only six awards going out, it is still a competitive lot, and anyone already receiving an award of over £3,000 or currently being sponsored cannot apply .

Even though there aren’t an unlimited number of these awards to go around, the application process is exceedingly easy. Applicants need only upload a one-minute-or-less video (formats accepted include .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv, .flv) discussing or demonstrating why community is important or meaningful to the applicant. Even better, the videos are not judged on professional quality as much as content. Thoughtful ideas are most important in this case. After that, applicants need only upload the video to this link: international-office@bristol.ac.uk. The candidate’s application/UCAS number must be shown in the body of the email. That’s all there is to it. Successful applications will be notified of their award in July, 2017, before the start of the next semester in September. For more information, send an email to international-office@bristol.ac.uk and be sure to visit http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/awards/international/ to download and check the most recent information on application procedures.

  1. I am Belaineh Sarmiso Chemistry teacher in Secondary school at Hayyoole Education Project, Hawassa, Ethiopia. I graduated from Bahir Dar University with bachelor degree majoring in chemistry minor Mathematics in 2005. I worked for 12 years. I would like to continue further education in biochemistry or organic chemistry at international universities. So I need your help in advance. Thanks.

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  3. Pleasure to see this scholarship.It\’s my prayer that i\’ll be selected to further my studies and achieve my dreams.Thanks in advance

  4. Great opportunity for the young people of the world…. Be blessed.
    I\’m impressed with the community theme….traditionally community is the foundation of a family.

  5. Community is very important coz without community nobody should be good, as a teacher whom to be taught, as a Doctor whom to be treated, as employer whom to employ? Community basically is a root of good behavior and moral. Community helps to lead a person to him position in life time

  6. I am very happy to see this scholarship offers how l pray and hope to be selected
    among the others to further my studies

  7. it\’s a great pleasure to see this scholarship.. I wish I am amongst the lucky ones to be selected to further my studies in such a noble institution

  8. Thank you , i am TemesgenTefera from Ethiopia. i have degree of Veterinary Medicine and i have 5 years work experience in Debre Markos University as Lecturer. now i want to learn master degree of veterinary medicine in your respected university of scholarship programs.

  9. Is a pleasure seeing this scholarship wish I could be selected among so I can further my studies.Thanks.

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