Learn online internationally at University of South Wales with the possibility of receiving a scholarship

The University of South Wales has partnered with UNICAF, the global partner responsible for recruiting, admitting, enrolling, and supporting online learners for distance learning, into the UNICAF Scholarship Program. The program is aimed to help underprivileged students who wish to further their education but do not have the financial means to support their dreams.

Pursuing the distance learning courses offered by the University of South Wales, they will earn internationally recognized qualifications at low cost either through blended learning available only for UNICAF programs – the official website can be accessed here https://unicafuniversity.com/ – or through online study.

The partnership between the University of South Wales and UNICAF is prolific for both the organizations and students because it gathers the capabilities of the organizations that offer innovative learning solutions and programs to students. The following programs, offered by the University of South Wales, for both undergrads and postgraduate students to study online can be pursued by distance learning students:

1. Business Studies

2. Master of Business Administration

3. Master in Education – Innovation in Learning and Teaching

4. Master of Science in Psychology

5. Master of Laws

6. MSc in Public Health

It is highly important that students who share an interest in the above distance learning programs and wish to purse any of them, they need to consult the following link http://www.opportunitiesforafricans.com/unicaf-20172018-scholarships-to-study-online-at-university-of-south-wales/#. Each program offers a general perspective about the expertise the student will assimilate. Besides the general perspective, the student has the possibility to find the amount of the tuition fee.

However, UNICAF is offering several 50% up to 80% scholarships which will help distance learning students pursue any desired online program offered by the University of South Wales. The scholarships are offered on a rolling basis and students can apply for them here https://apply.unicaf.org/USW/amp/global?utm_source=sqore&utm_campaign=USW-Programmes

Which are the scholarship eligibility criteria the applicants MUST comply with? They will have to make a proof that they are earning less than $20.000 per year. The students should be available to start their academic studies within 6 months from the date when they receive the admission to one of the chosen programs.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! The students need to find if they meet the requirements of their chosen program of study. Each program has its own criteria based on which the selection will be made.

Which are the program eligibility criteria based on which the students are selected? Both high school and bachelor’s students are welcome to apply; however, bachelor’s students should have gotten a score of IELTS of 5 or equivalent for TOEFL or TOIEC. Master’s students have also need to make proof of their English proficiency. If they have pursued their first degree which was taught in English do not need to submit additional documents. Otherwise, they need to prepare a transcript with their GCSE score with a minimum grade of “C” or IELTS with a score of 6.5 or a minimum grade of “C”.

The closing date for the application deadline is January 18, 2018

  1. I really need to have somehow at least done some changes in this world someday, if I can be given the opportunity to study Natural science I\’d be very happy

  2. hi i would like to apply for this scholarship if it will be able to fund me even if i am doing teaching ,i need to know terms and conditions please

  3. I applied for a masters in Educational Administration but I \’ve changed my mind to do masters of science in mathematics.do you offer that course at South Wales UnivetsUniversity?

  4. Hello …my Name is machar Mayek …I want to apply for this scholarship… Due to my education problem ..i would like you to help me out on this situation of my education problem ….if possible you can find me on my WhatsApp number +254792866062…or my email ..sundaymayek@gmail.com… I will be hopeful…

  5. My name is Clifton Chamveka,A teacher by professional and I would like to apply for master in Education _innovation in learning and teaching. I will be looking forward to recieving your responce in due course.

  6. I want to be considered for MA. marketing and innovation program on scholarship. I have accepted to offer Master of Arts marketing and innovation for 12months.; in

  7. My name is Keziah
    Holding diploma in community nursing
    Please i would like to apply for this scholarship so that I will be able to continue my education.
    Please help me out
    That\’s my email address
    kez.asare3@gmail.com or WhatsApp me on 0570375064
    Thank you

  8. hi my name is daddy nsenga mpinga.i am from the democratic republic of congo.i am a male of 37 years old.i am requesting for a scholarship.i would like to pursue my studies but my situation is not allowing me that is i am asking for your help.

  9. this is absolutely interesting! thank you so much for the updates…I hope I could passed thr scholorship.

  10. Good morning! I\’m Mohamed Aly Diaby,i stay in West African (Guinea Conakry) i have read the details and i am really interested. But i don\’t know the way to get this scholaship. Please help me.

  11. i did appreciate one of the course underlined above as i preferred the (Master in Education – Innovation in Learning and Teaching). In addition, i will eagerly waiting and looking forward for your reply.

  12. is it possible for me to study this programme in my home country uganda i need to study forestry if given chance

  13. Pliz help mi get this schoolarship..Life is too hard in uganda and paying myself school fees is very expensive yet i come from apoor family…Help mi pliz

  14. Dear sir/madam:Thank for providing this opportunity, I have try so many time just to get a scholarship to continue my education thing are not working, but i will be glad if are have the opportunity to get a free scholarship to achieve my goal, i will ready appreciated you thank for your understanding,
    Marvin Peabody

  15. Dear sir/madam my name is abdulrahman I am form Afghanistan I really need scholarships plz help is me how to get scholarship

  16. i was graduated with ba degree in psychology from addis ababa university ,ethiopia.i would be pleasure if u offer me post graduate study in psychology ,thanks in advance want to study

  17. Thank you,what if I want to do language study is it allowed to get a scholarship here?,because I just finished my SSCE,and I will love to take a career jn language study in (SPANISH AND FRENCH) languages,though I have been studying it for sometime now and I love to take it further as a career, please can I get help please?.

  18. I\’m Sduduzo Mhlongo current studying my 1st year at Durban University Of Technology South Africa, Studying civil engineering. I will be very very glad to get this busary as I was wishing all the previous years.

  19. Can I get this program
    Realy I\’m I\’m very glad when I see this program
    I can.t say any thing please help me

  20. Sir my name is Sama Boris wobyeb am from Cameroon I really need this scholarship to further my studies in petroleum sector.I will appreciate if my request is been granted, thanks in advanced

  21. I am a Kenyan and interested in the scholarship…
    Is it possible for me to have another alternative a fulltime schooling through the scholarship .. in order to study medicine as I scored a B+

  22. i am perssuing my bachelor , my dream is to continue doing masters degree any where, i hope this will be my chance for the next academic year. May God bless you.

  23. my name is BULA TADESSE from Ethiopia. I have a first degree in law from hawasa university school of law.I really interested to get this opportunity to continue my masters if you offer me . please contact me by Mamikolove23@gmail.com.

  24. I want to thank for the information you provide me
    I am writing to inquire you whether or not I am able to have a free online scholarship in the university of south wales if I am eligible?
    I have a bachelor degree in sociology and want up grade my career to a graduate level in one of my first choice disciplines. with regards to my experience age and other related issues will be notified latter on as required

    Demere Mekonen

    from Ethiopia

  25. Thanks for the information, this is a great opportunity for us, we living with low incomes in developing countries, i will be very happy to get that offer which will lead me, please grant me that offer.

  26. I am Ghanaian i Ebenezer Odame Appiah is my name holding Diploma in Accounting, i want to pursue online scholarship degree program with University of South Wales.

  27. HI,my name is Chalachew Gedif from Ethiopia, I really need
    this full tuition scholarship to futher my education,my parent
    are down financially and there is nobody to help me.I will be
    grateful if my request is been grated.

  28. hello.i\’m from Cameroon.i\’m an undergraduate medical science student and very much interested in this bursary cos i wanna further my studies in Public health.i really believe this is my chance to proof my worth and learn to improve my skills.i will be very grateful to you if you grant me this immense opportuinity.Thanks…

  29. I am interested in course number three though it is not my area of study. Secondly, I do not have a masters certificate, but I have a diploma in computer science, a course I have recently done and awaiting result.

  30. Hello my name sina sous
    I\’m from Cambodia
    I\’m looking full scholarship to study abroad
    Pleas help me dear
    Thank you !

  31. My parents are financially down and I have a passion in studying….how can I get a scholarship? Please . thank you

  32. Thanks for the above detailed information and am glad I got the opportunity to read through it.
    What am inquiring about are Africans eligible for the scholarship or do they qualify to apply for the scholarship thanks

  33. education is a major..step..toward.
    a successful living..yes poverty..Is.
    a hundrance..too..it may giv us inspiration..moving forward..to have better life…

  34. thank you for your mail but am among those who earn less than 20 d0llars per year , and am interested to learn , what can i do? God bless you

  35. HI,my name is adeleke favour am from nigeria,i really need this full tuition scholarship to futher my education,my parent are down financially and there is nobody to help me.i will be grateful if my request is been grated.

  36. How can I apply the course online I want this schooler ship serious but nothing come up. How wil I go to those university u send me to go while I dnt knw weather am taken or not may pls contact me

  37. sir I really need scolraship for my study but I don\’t know how can I get it please help me thank you.

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