Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Scholarship Dedicated to South Africans

“Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision”, an organization inspired by Doug Banks, a man of importance for the Renewable Energy sector where he managed to inspire and encourage others to join him in his cause. The Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Trust has been formed by friends and colleagues of Dr. Doug Banks who, after his untimely death in July 2008, decided to create something that would become a legacy of a truly remarkable man.

Dr. Doug Banks was a passionate man about addressing Africa’s energy challenges based on the development of renewable Energy. With a deep understanding of energy and people, Dr. Doug was able to influence and shape national renewable energy policies. A number of young professionals owe their career choice to Doug’s enthusiastic mentorship.  

The aim of the Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision is to attract, identify and teach bright minds, capable and driven people who wish to expand their knowledge in the Renewable Energy sector and bring the changes needed in Africa’s future energy needs. The organization intends to partner with sponsors who share its desires to develop Renewable Energy intellectual capital in South Africa.

“Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision” is offering the Doug Banks Renewable Energy Vision Scholarship currently open for 2018. Only South African citizens or permanent residents can apply and who have obtained their Bachelor’s degree. Annually, a two-year Master’s scholarship is offered and is available for Master’s students in Renewable Energy Studies at a South African University, commencing in the following years. Students should be from a background of engineering, science, technology, built environment, or law. Every year or two, the company embarks on a search for bright young minds with the determination to make a difference and address the issue of Energy Access and Poverty in Africa.  

The closing date is September 29th 2017 when the company will work through the submissions and identify the students who align most with their goals. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview and assessed. The announcement will be made mid-November. For more pieces of info about the scholarships, students are advised to consult the official website: http://dougbanks.co.za/. They can download the flyer at this link.

Entrants can submit their scholarship application here https://form.myjotform.com/72272188793568 keeping in mind that 2 to 3 letters of reference are required. Also, entrants are advised to stay updated by consulting the Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/dougbanks/ Students who DO NOT COMPLY with the requested admission rules should not apply for the scholarship.


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