British Chevening Scholarships For International Students

Associated with quality education and illustrious lecturers, UK universities are consistently ranking highest in global university ranking. So, whenever your “business destiny” will take you, rest assure that your degree certificate from a reputable UK university will bring you closer to your dream job. Holding a degree from a UK university undoubtedly will be recognized by governments, employers and other universities as well.

You deserve to be lectured by world-renowned experts in all different fields and academics who are the writers of some of the most prestigious books in the world from which you are also studying. While your dreams of studying in UK are blossoming, the cost of living and studying there are important facts that might cut your wings. Do not worry, you can nourish your dreams and put UK on the list of top 5 countries to study in due to the British Chevening Scholarships dedicated to International students. Let’s see what British Chevening Scholarships can offer you.

An overview of British Chevening Scholarships

British Chevening Scholarships (BCS) are funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office being UK Government’s global scholarship program. BCS are awarded to outstanding graduate scholars who can prove their leadership potential and hold a Bachelor’s degree.

NOTE! The scholars can apply for a Master’s degree in any subject at any UK university. The generous scholarship will be awarded to 1500 scholars.

The target group

Eligible for BCS are the students from Chevening-eligible home countries. Access the official website here http://www.chevening.org/apply and find out which are the Chevening – eligibile countries. Other eligibility criterions are:

1. The applicants must have a two years’ work experience.

2. The applicants should have an undergraduate degree which will allow them to gain access to a post-graduate program at one of UK’s universities.

3. The applicants should have applied to three different eligible UK universities and received an offer from one of these by July 13, 2017.

4. The applicants must meet the English Language requirements by July 13, 2017. The list with the language requirements can be accessed here: http://www.chevening.org/apply/english-language-requirement.

5. The applicants must return to their home countries for a minimum of 2 years after the scholarship has ended.

The expenses covered by BCS

BCS cover the tuition fees, the travel costs to and from the UK, a monthly stipend, an arrival allowance, the cost of one visa application, a homeward departure allowance, and a travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK.

Application instructions

Even though currently the application process is closed, it will be reopened by August 2018. Those who are interested and comply with the above mentioned eligibility criterions can download, fill, and submit their Chevening online application through the online application system which is available on the page of their home countries.

It is extremely important that students will consult the individual page of their countries here: http://www.chevening.org/apply because the required documents, closing dates and other important details may differ from one country to another.

  1. I am seeking your assistance to help me with a bursary to further my studies. I am doing my last year in primary school education in grade 7 and i need to go to form 1 next year.

  2. I\’m Ethiopian student who is 1st degree holder & want to get scholarships offer. So dear UK scholarships I\’m kindly requesting u to give me your award for M.Sc of engineering or related fields

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