Schwarzman Scholars: Study in China for Free to Become a Global Leader

Young students from all around the world, who prove to have a high leadership potential and excellent academic performance can study in China, at Tsinghua University, for an one-year master degree program, through the Schwarzman Scholars scholarships.

Each year, the program selects up to 200 students from China, US and all other countries from all over the world. They will benefit from an excellent learning environment and experiences, from mentorship and internship to travel seminars and lectures of high academic and professional quality.

Shwarzman Scholars was created in 2016 and students accepted in the program will pursue a Master of Global Affairs focusing on Public Policy, International Studies or Economics and Business.

The eligibility criteria include having an undergraduate degree (students who have already obtained a postgraduate degree are welcome to apply if they meet the other requirements), age between 18 and 29 and an English proficiency certificate (TOEFL or IELTS). Academic excellent results are also an important requirement.

Applicants must complete an online form and upload academic records, letters of recommendation, a CV and an essay that will contain a personal statement, an account of their leadership abilities and experiences and the depiction of their interest in a contemporary issue. 45% of the successful candidates will be from US, 20% from China and 35% from other countries of the world. The program aims to encourage multiculturalism and academic, national and professional diversity, accepting students from all academic backgrounds and countries. This is why graduates from other fields than economics and business, public policy or international studies can apply for the scholarship if they argue convincingly how the Schwarzman Scholars can help them develop their leadership and academic potential.

The scholarships covers all students expenses: from tuition costs, accommodation, transport costs to and from Beijing, study materials, including laptops and smartphones to health insurance and a $3500 allowance.

Students from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao can apply for the scholarship until 31 May 2017, while students from all other countries have time to fill their applications until 28 September 2017. You can apply online for the scholarship by accessing this : https://schwarzmantsinghua.hobsonsradius.com/ssc/aform/N7A71mkl0x6G0x6702at.ssc?_ga=2.64555695.1267899468.1494361701-635101712.1494359330

  1. I have degree in diploma in mathematics and physics with education and I want to study in your school how you give me an opportunities or chance in that one.

  2. I\’m a student of Nusrat senoir secoundary school. Living in the Gambia I\’m interested. How can i apply

  3. im student from Tanzania,my question is how i will apply for schoarship in china for 2018,sorry help me

  4. My name is maryama i leave with moqadisho i want to learn with Public policy international i hope toget scholarship in china i need my help please

  5. I will be grateful if I am considered as a scholarship winner to study international policy in China. Thanks for consideration.

  6. I\’m interested to study at China…my name is mafokma rethabile and I\’m from vaal vanderbijl park I\’m 18 doing grade12 at tsolo I\’m doing maths and sciences…

  7. thank you for giving us this chance, how can i get the detail application form for the scholarship program?

    with regards,

  8. I need scholarships for futher education in order to pursue masters. I did LLB degree in St. Augustine University of Tanzania

  9. I am form Ethiopia, and i am graduated with social work profession. i want to get scholarship in your organization to get further knowledge, skill and profession in social work and community development.

  10. Dear Sir
    I need my help. We finished our bachelor\’s degree in mathematics
    I want to be my masters in management Oh my friend thank you

  11. Yea I greatly interested to learn her, I have BA degree in Accounting and Finance, I want to upgread in Master degree, If u\’ll give me a chance I\’ll be happy, I excpect a posetive response……Thank u…!

  12. Am so interested in studying in China but for a master\’s degree because am in my final year for a study for a Bsc in mass communication

  13. i\’m very interested in public policy , and really have a strong desire to study in china as i am learning Chinese i find that it will be easy for me to attend the school there

  14. Am Diana juana zeki from south sudan Thankz for the free scholarship that you given to student to study in china and am more interest to study ineed help and here is my number +211954427690

  15. I am very much interested in studying In china but am experiencing financial problems…will highly APPRECIATE ANY SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY

  16. Good day,
    I am interested in studying in CHINA but my problem I don\’t the money. I am an orphan so it is hard to pay the fees. I only have my mum who pays my school fees. I would like to get help of any assistant.

  17. Am Ali EBENEZER .18 years of age. Completed Aggrey memorial Shs.
    It has being my desire to study outside.
    So please help me out.
    Thank you.

  18. Am from Ethiopia and My Name is Kibrom Assefa know am 5th year Mining Engineering student after 8 Months I Wil graduate in Bachelor of degree in Mining Engineering , and i am fully Voluntary if I have got this opportunity .
    I thank you .

  19. I am named John Wolf D. LABRANCHE and I am from Haiti. I am utterly interested to be one of the beneficiaries in international studies. in case that there is opportunities for me to be profitable, please contact me on: +509 44 68 8107

  20. It will be very great to get a scholaship for china. I\’m realy motivated and interested to prépare my master\’s degree courses in public police.
    I\’m will be happy if i\’m granted this scholarship.
    Best regards
    Tidjane DIALLO

  21. I have a strong desire to study this course in China…I can be very glad to be one of the nominies..I am in my second year at the National University of Lesotho studying Geography.

  22. I\’m the head of energy statistics unit at Statistics Sierra Leone, as a head,I want to improve myself in renewable energy studies at masters level.

  23. Hi friends,am biniam adugna from ethiopia please help me to acheive a dream i have been waiting for since my childhood.

  24. hello am Steve from Ghana, I want to study in china. I want to further my education there to achieve more, I am a refugees my dad is from Ivory Coast and my mom is a Ghanaian I loss my dad in 2013 that same year I was written my senior high school exams no money to continue so please help me with a scholarship. I learn General art

  25. please i need scholarship in china i like to study in chine i don\’t have maney that is why i want scholarship please ecept me

  26. I really wanted to study in chine but I have no money to go and thier and study please sir I need your help

  27. it\’s my pleasure to apply for Public Policy, International Studies or Economics and Business scholarship in china it have been my dream to study in china, right now i am studying Chinese language at the state university of Liberia UL. I hope to be selected

  28. With saying thank .i would rather want to study a medical course,because i have a big sprit and dream to surve humanity from being attacked by various infection.
    Please, you can email me if there is free scholarship incase of medical course. I hope,i will hear good news from your web.


  29. please am a computer science student i need a financial assistance from you sir to up my debts and my school fees i would be very glad if my request is granted

  30. Please am so much interested but you sent it to me late. Please you resend it to me? I really need it. Am interested in economics and business study and any other available scholarships.

  31. Basing my reasoning on confidence i believe i have what it takes to be a visionary leader to take any initiative organisation to better hights..to be perfect i need to obtain my perfection throughh exposure by credible learning institution and the scholarship that you may offer me will be of great springboard.i am looking forward to hear from you. Thank you

  32. I need your help, I have BSc Degree in water supply and environmental engineering from my country Ethiopia at hawassa university. so i want MSc in my field if there lf not also in construction management. thank you for ur help sir.

  33. I am holding a degree in environmental science technology and management, and would wish to study a masters in environmental health or public health in china if you grant me the scholarship.
    Thank you

  34. Dear sir
    I would have been very grateful if you could give me opportunity to your university but I can not afford to pay.

  35. Help am currently in my 3rd year first semester in human resource management completing in august 2018
    Am interested in the opportunity to study the above course to expand my profession

  36. Am Mutai from Kenya kindly am in need of scholarship to study engineering course because i feel that i have full potential in engineering field of which if i be given an opportunity i will do great things to my nation an other nations an future generations.Thank you

  37. I need your help, I have BSc Degree in civil engineering from my country Ethiopia at Bahir dar university. so i want MSc in my field if there lf not also in construction management. thank you for ur help sir.

  38. I\’m ready at 100 percent for scholarship in china. I need all support to further my business, want to be an international student.

  39. I am a zambian please i need your scholarship am lacking the fees to pay for the university,please kindly accept me and i will be very thankful.

  40. My name is yassregdal- from ethiopia i have bsc degree in industrial engineering I have great interest in studying economics,therefore, i would be very much grateful if you grant me the scholarship. if want please contact me email-yassregdalmekuriyaw@gmail.com phone- 0908258209 thanks for your great concern I pray God grants me this one..

  41. No i don\’t want to study China i want to srequest .I hope you will respond for my request and offer me scholarships

  42. I have a lot of interest to study bussiness and economics although I completed high school before a one year for the situation of financial proplem I did not continued my education ; to continue my education I hope you will respond for my request and offer me scholarship.

  43. Please just to beg you that you can accept me in that scholarship so am student from high school I couldn\’t not afford to paid my school fees I would be happy if you will consider me am interested to the field

  44. Imwill be the happiest person to get a scholarship to study in China. I\’m male aged 18 and im Zimbabwean. I\’m a high school student doing Business Studies,, Economics,,, Statistics and Pure Math. If I get the opportunity I will greatly appreciate it.

  45. My dream is to study in China when I was a kid .
    Now I\’m 19 years of age and I don\’t want to miss such great chance.
    I\’m absolutely happy to study at Tsinghua university.
    contact me:0546455961
    Thank you.

  46. I have a diploma in education (primary) and am above the specified age bracket. I would take on a degree course in international studies or economics and business if given the opportunity. Thank you.

  47. I am a girl aged 22,I specialized in Early Child hood development it will be my pleasure to study my bachelor\’s degree there
    I am really interested

  48. Hi,am Daniely from Tanzania i would like to get a chance of full scholarship in and i hope to pursue a bachelor in computer engineering,i already complete my advance education at Ndanda boys high school were i was studying PGM,i will be greatfull if you grant me a scholarship to do my bachelor of computer engineering.Please contact me via 0717477945 or 0746356136 or via my email

  49. I am Moussa Diallo from Mali, I would need scholarship for Human resources management,I will be happy if you could help me this opportunity. God is one !

  50. Am Lysbert , looking for scholarship or apprenticeship in electrical engineering currently staying in South Africa. Please help me

  51. I a m Jofrey makoye from Tanzanian i would like to offered scholarship for computer engineering in China …. Please help me this chance ..

  52. I\’m Betty working in government institution,I wish to study my bachelor degree in Mass com in China, I need your help please thank you

  53. I\’m Betty working in government institution,I wish to study my bachelor degree in Mass com in China so I need your help please, thank you

  54. A.m.Zahra sheikh from Kenya I finished high school level last year now staying at home because of lack of fees to go and study I like to study public relations /procurement abroad God willing plz i need assistance from u if u can thanks .

  55. I am a Liberian. I work with the Ministry of public works. I realy need a scholarship to study in China. I have a Degree in Business Administration. I want to do my master in China.

  56. I am working in government institutions, but I am very interested to learn more please if you can give me this chance to study or learn more.

  57. I am fully interested with the scholarship offered. I\’m a holder of first degree that\’s Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Accounting with first class honour and a GPA of 3.62 on a scale of 4 from the University of Bamenda Cameroon. I\’ll be grateful if I\’m selected among the successful candidate. I\’m 24 years old….

  58. I am astudent in somalia for under graduete i have adream this dream is to study abroad specially china for technology if my dream come true i will be very happy and i want to thank this aportunnity for their giving achance to post my request and i want to study information technology. Please reply me for my request as soon as possible . Thanks 🔜🔜

  59. Hi there, I am very happy for being informed. My name is Mohammed Ahmed from Ethiopia, am interested to study Economics through this Precious Scholarship Chance. so please if this fits me don\’t let me to lose this Opportunity.

  60. I am a high school gratuate, and I want to enroll into a university but my parents are not financially potent enough to support my respective goal, I will be very grateful if I am chosen to be apart of your scholarship. I really need it please. ….

  61. I am a young lady aged 21 am a student at international univeesity of africa.i am on half scholarship doing degree in economics .plz i hav no one to help me in my gloceries and allowances i can really appriciate if u can giv me surport to finish my studies here at international university of africa any help u can offer i will be grad to hav it plz help me i only hav a mother who cant offord to be sending me money she is only sitting on her chair without waking and am her first child plz help me.

  62. I have been looking for scholarship to study aboard and I hope that this free scholarship will be given to me to help improve me country.

  63. With the diplomatic relationship between Liberia and China, I am pleased to declare my interest in this great opportunity.

  64. Hello am Juma from Tanzania am much interested and I would like to join and study university in China faculty of economic and business administration.

  65. I am Aisha from somalia I would like study university in china faculty of social science so please help me you know about somalia.

  66. Dear sir,
    i am from LAO PDR , now i worked at university of health sciences, faculty of medicine, i am monitoring of students
    at pathology department so now i want free scholarship in your country (Master or resident, pathology subject ) but i don\’t know how to apply and help me support me education so please tell me apply thank you.

  67. Iam rohullah from Afghanistan I would like study university in china faculty of computer science so please help me you know about Afghanistan

  68. first of all my name is abdirisak dahir I from somalia specially mogadishu I finished my secondary school. Now I\’m interesting to learn china if it\’s possible plz I learn my secondary very difficult place I mean somalia I hope to get what my heart♥ feeling new GOOD LUCK❤

  69. Firstly,I would like to introdce my name.My name is Zin Mar Aung.I am studying english and economic.I am so interested to learn in China.

  70. I am a high school graduate and willing to extend my educational status by mean of scholarship
    am kindly asking for help from you people.

    Best reguard

  71. fist i would like to pass may profound gratitude for your invitation
    my name is Abinet Tadesse… am from Ethiopia..i had completed my Bsc on HEALTH EDUCATION AND PROMOTION from a very known university name Jimma university so, if i had a chance to join your university am so interested to continue my masters program. thank you in advance

  72. Hi am a student from somalia and need a scholarship free university of my first degree to reach my goal in the fields of student civil Engineering

  73. first of i would like to say my deepest gratitude you and i graduated from adigrat university by college of engineering and technology and also i went to study master degree

  74. Fist of I would like to pass my gratitude you i graduated from political science and international relationship I want t study master degree?

  75. my name is Abdinasir Ibrahim Mohamud from somalia I have graduated public health batch and I want to learn epidemiology or health policy at China so if it is possible let me to go ahead.

  76. I have done my first degree in facult of social science specially program of public administration i\’m interested program of public policy study in china i come from somalia i hope response as soon as possible.

  77. Pleasant Morning to u, please i would like to study in china i hope that this opportunity will not pass be by. thank you very much

  78. Please I want to further my education in the noble country China.
    I want to offer medicine and become one of the best doctors in China.

  79. hi iam hassan really iam interested in this program i want know when this course will begin .
    I hope a quick response from you , iam waiting for your honourable response as soon as possible

  80. Hi friends thanks so much indeed iam in somalia and iam looking for scholarship from your university . I want to study by distance learning .

  81. I am Ghanaian who wants to study medicine in your country on schlorship basis pls help me because am highly interested in studying in your since there are more facilities to facilitate learning and making it easier and more interesting

  82. Hi am a student from Afghanistan and need a scholarship to reach my goal in the fields of studies. Doctor of Dentist i hope you help me.

  83. thank you for inviting me scholarship, i have first degree in applied chemistry(BSc), i am interested to study in china for Master\’s degree but i havn\’t scholarship fee , since am from poor country of ETHIOPIA in addition am disability on my rignt leg. so how i can get sponsor to followship with you?
    thank you dear!

  84. Hi , i would like to study Study Mechatronic engineer in China bicoz I heard that China is the best country in the world , wen it comes to building or inventing mechanical projects like robots or industrial robots
    #i really​ really really need this coz it could change my life forever

  85. Hi am a student from senegal and need a scholoship to reach my goal in the fields of studies .i study english in the departement of art and culture.*

  86. i am very interested this chance to study in china scholarships and iwent Telecomuunication please give me thank you

  87. Nothing good comes easy, i will be praying so hard accompanied with a good luck so i can be shortlisted for this golden opportunity, I studied Civil Engineering from a Nigerian University but i wish to further on with my M.Sc in Project Management..

  88. I Really wants to join in your insistution please help me to tell more about your insistution because I need to join with you.

  89. Am Yeboah Frank from Ghana and have Bachelor\’s degree in Accounting. Can I be enroll in any of the Chinese universities for masters in finance with Scholarship.

  90. I am interested in studying in you school.the world is now a global village and for us to make it the developed will help in the development of the under developed and create relationship for for easy flow of activities.

  91. my name is Adugnaw .I am from Ethiopia .I do have my first degree in my country. now b/c of my families low in I can\’t do my second degree.if you gave me this chance I am happy.

  92. Iam call ubah mohammed . From kenya my family cant afford i want to join your university please help me iam finishing high school 2018 and i dont have place to go and continue with my studies

  93. Hi my name is ALLI PATRICK. I am 34 year old Ugandan. I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management from Uganda Management Institute and a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Makerere University.
    Is there a chance for me to purse a masters degree in Finance on a scholarship in any University in China.
    Thank You
    Alli Patrick

  94. my name is rahma i\’m for a poor family.i live with my uncle and he wants me to get married after i finish high school. I am seeking for free scholarship to study abroad.I wish to join your university.

  95. hello, although i very interested this course, i though, i can not spend my times with this course.because we will have monthly examination next week.surely, i really this course and thank you so much for share that. can i try this course in next times?

  96. Hi dear friend My n\’ Gamar Souar can you help me to study in tour country china want to complet

    Thanks for this good informations

  97. ello every body
    I am Abdi wolde wokene
    I from ethiopia in oromia rigion
    And i am a university student .
    i belong to a poor family my mother and father could\’n bear my dues i want to study in china so please help me and give me scholarship to complete my study in china

  98. am so happy how you gyz helping for the students need to get good education and I am so exciting to get this chance and I don\\’t want to slip down the chanc

  99. first of all I would like to say thank you excuse me I would like to ask one question I am an agricultural economist graduate student I want to learn economics at master program would you remind to send the register form to me?

  100. Hello every body\\’s
    I am Abdalla Hassan Abdi
    I from somalia in Mogadishu
    And i am a university student .
    i belong to a poor family my mother and father couldn\\\\’t bear my dues i want to study in china so please help me and give me scholarship to complete my study in china

  101. I am so happy how you helping for the students need to get good education and I am so exciting to get this chance and I don\\’t want to slip down the chance.

  102. My name is Adane Admasu .l am learning textile engineering in bahir dar university .l want to learning mastrate degree ln textile manfacturing and machine maintainance in details.l will be graduate in 2018 . Thank you!!!!!!!

  103. Hello sir,
    yes if you can help me to study in chaina free as you say sir I can go and I may be happy for that thank you sir am waiting for your reply again.

  104. I am looking for this great opportunity to persue my education, and I pray this will be my greatest opportunity.
    Please how can I apply

  105. i would like to join this online programs. because i is very important to study abroad while you\’re at home.

  106. I wish to Accepted me
    if Alah
    say i am somali person
    ineed to stand post garatute
    in china …I hope to Accepte me

  107. My name Belinda Antwi. I am a graduate of senior high school in Ghana. I am seeking for free scholarship to study abroad.I wish to join your university.

  108. Do you have any health related programs that you can consider me on?
    Am really looking forward to studying in China!

  109. If given the opportunity I know it will be a very big step in my life as it is not easy presently to offer a master\’s degree in my country sierra Leone as the money involve is very huge.looking forward to this scholarship.

  110. Thanks …. But am an undergraduate and wish to have a bachelor\’s degree on business management.. Before masters. Will appreciate if am given the opportunity.. Thanks.

  111. hello Dear
    How can i get free scholarship in your country? for first dgree, please let me know, Best Regards

  112. I could be happy if I got the opportunity to study in China just allow me the concerned ppl and yet am single parent and have problems of fees to parsure my studies

  113. I would love to learn to other country so as I can be able to know many things and help my people in ideas

  114. I have a dream and do my best for ethiopia and africa aswell.and i am verry interested to learn in china.

  115. I am Lindiwe Mathebula and I would like to study in China for free.I would like to study Business.

  116. I have great interest in studying economics,therefore, i would be very much grateful if you grant me the scholarship. .thanks for your great concern.

  117. Hi. as i found this this part of universities in china that has facilities for the students .i want to continue my postgraduate education in respected china country in free form as you said.

    sincerely yours

    Noor Ahmad \

  118. I would love to be part of it because I actually don\’t have anyone to assist me with the fees l look forward to hear from you

  119. Need this chance because for me is very important to me and I want to study anway
    This chance\’s very very important and I will
    Study of Allah says …………

  120. How can I apply to your university? Please send me the link and I will apply to the university.

  121. I am a Kenyan lady still undertaking my undergraduate in Kenyatta university.i would love to increase
    my leadership skills when awarded the opportunity.

  122. This is a wonderful opportunity you are giving to students to study for free it is so rare for this kind of opportunity to come thanks and God bless you.

  123. Am glad to be part of this and I pray that I would have the chance too to enroll ..thanks very much for the effort of bringing out this scholarship ideas to help us

  124. Like to join for international policy. It is great if I got the chance.I am a graduate one in social psychology at Hawassa university, Ethiopia.

  125. waw its good chanse i wanna learn in china scholarship i fineshed first degre Information science in Haramaya University in Ethiopia..

  126. Am muwanika Abasi from Uganda . I completed my diploma in forestry . I do request for ascholarship In natural resource management or environmental science or agriculture in any position above available . I have tried to apply from ather sources but only nothing recieved as areply. I will be Happy if I receive from you apostive reply . Thanks for your service

  127. I wish to enroll for any relevant programme. I am a fast learner but I grew up in very poor family and still. I will be grateful to be considered for this programme. I look forward to here from you.

  128. iam hassan from ethiopia , i have BA degree in psychology and i am planning to study my MA for international migration

  129. I have masters degree in Master of public health in human nutrition. Do you have any other choice in PhD program. Please consider me.

  130. Thanks alot for the good chances you offering us for us to excel academically..

    Am Viola chelangat from Kenya, Africa i would like to apply for the scholarship SCHWARZMAN scholarship . currently am taking a degree in AGRIBUSINESS MANAGEMENT in a university in Kenya but i would like to study in China ….i hope you will consider me ..

  131. What a good offer and opportunity for people with educational ambition to study in China.l wish I could be one!

  132. This is very helpful. kindly help me with more information of how I can.kindly help me get educated so that I can become a world leader that will impact the world

  133. This is a great opportunity. I am a Ugandan lady, a teacher by profession, at the moment I am the Dean of Students of a newly establish Government University in Northern Uganda, situated on the Land that was formerly used as a camp for keeping people who were seeking refuge and running away from the then Lords Resistant War of Joseph Kony that ravage northern Uganda for over two decade\’s. The University is called Lira University. http://www.lirauniv. I want to enrols for a PhD. My masters degree is Counselling Psychology, I feel I have a role to shape the future generation of the world as a woman because life should be lived well. If selected ,I shall submit my concept note and hope to transform the Body,Mind and Soul.thanks , best regards to all

  134. im so happy that you have chosen me to study in china that is a great opportunity for me thank you

  135. I studied masters program from Ashland university the brach of Ethiopia my research title is factor that affects female teachers participation in leadership .please if the chance is open …

  136. I am really interested to study in chines for compeleting my becholar\’s degree but i want to know about the registeration way even though i did registering form on your page as you guided all the interested students .

  137. Wow! What an amazing opportunity. I\’ll be very greatful when selected for further study in China to become a global leader.

  138. I am so happy how you helping for the students need to get good education and I am so exciting to get this chance .

  139. I am so happy how you people assist me for the students need to get the good education and I am so exciting to get this chance

  140. It is good and I like it, so
    I would like to asks you how can is apply for scholarship of studying the bachelor\’s degree
    your faithful

  141. I want to learn in China because its elxcellent schhools of learning in the world. If given the cha

  142. Dear sir, am very much interested to take up studies at your university. Am about to complete my last semester for Bechalor in educational leadership and management by Octorber this year. Is it possible for me to apply to this scholarship to take up studies next year? Is there any competency test like IELT Test to be done?

  143. I want to register as Postgraduate student, this is good initiative for the growth of the whole world in order to reduce poverty

  144. I will be grateful for this big opportunity. Shall it favour me with a GCE advance level or special educational needs diploma. I have been teaching for 5years today.

  145. Ooohh am so glad and gratefull to please you for what really you are doing,our almight God will he with you.Am also after this chance how can i becom among the choosen ones please grant me this chance please

  146. i want to apply please, but i dnt know whthr u are offering my course o not, Hafeez lawan from nigeria

  147. Master programme. I am ready to commence and contribute to the world of scientific research to the greater enhancements of people livelihood.

  148. I am Mark mayul Riek the graduate from health science Institute. Juba at south Sudan in 2011abd Awarded with diploma in clinical medicine and public health .a d now I want. To study Economic bachelor degree
    In schwarzman scholarships Tsinghua univrrsity

  149. That\’s kind of you! You deserve to become world economic leader! But age limit is a barrier to those who want another Master\’s Degree or a PhD like me! Can I be eligible?
    God bless you!

  150. i am so pleased with the program you are launching but my question is , are there any bachelors honors degrees you offer at your institution under this scholarship?

  151. hello my name is yirga goraw from Ethiopia,i want to continue my master degree in public policy and related leader ship fields. i have BA degree from Hawassa university ,Ethiopia with CGPA 3.85 similarly ihave great potential to conduct research and community service. thank you stay blessed !

  152. Good morning sir,/madam I am very happy to have that chance and study at the University in china as international student i would like to Register today if possible thanks

  153. So nice but one thing can\’t you extend years of learners from across cause some finished their studies 6 years ago. There for it can be a good ideal and most of the African countries people ends up to advance diploma due to financial stability to proceed with education/carriers

  154. hey, am very glad for your offer please can i get this chance too?
    help if possible.
    francis from Rwanda

  155. I am great and very hornered to be part of this ,, may u please offer me a scholarship that side

  156. If it is really true then it will provide an opportunity to students of different background to attain and fulfill their potentials.

  157. Thank you for the update. I want you to get undergraduate scholarship for me. Please that\’s all I want. Once again thank you.

  158. I\’m so tankful to your programs of helping students to study abroad for free so that they can help to develop the country.

  159. Am pleased to inform you that these scholarships are beneficial and of credit especially to financially distressed people
    Am happy to receive these updates

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