University of Ghent’s Master’s Scholarship Program Offers €650/month

Educational grants are the key to success in a world where education has become an expensive commodity. You see most people take going to college for granted because they have been led to believe it is somehow part of their birth right. But students coming from broken or poor families know that the reality of things is much different. Today if you want to enroll with a traditional or online bachelor degree you need to pay a series of very high taxes – but not everybody has that kind of money.

Getting a higher education has become very expensive, especially if you are past the college going age. With the advent of online university programs thing have gotten a little better. The wider availability of online degrees had an effect of lowering some of these tuition fee, but for some struggling students it’s still not enough. That’s why educational grants are so important for financial challenged students who want to study with one of the offline or online degrees available – as they bring the necessary relief needed for them to focus on learning and studying and not on the financial aspect.

But what if you already graduated with an offline or online bachelor degree? Should you stop here? You don’t have to, you can go ahead and continue learning by enrolling with a Master’s offline or online university program. The good news is that lots of colleges and third party institutions offer educational grants for students interested in taking their education to the next level. For example, the University of Ghent in Belgium is awarding one such bursary to students in developing countries including Central Africa Republic, Chad, Comoros, Malawi, Senegal, Rwanda, Niger, Senegal or Sudan.

The bursary awards recipients an allowance of €650 per month, all-in insurance (health, civil liability, repatriation), but airline tickets and visa costs are not included. Students can apply to a wide range of program including European Maters of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics or Photonics or International Masters of Science in Agro-and Environmental Nematology or Biomedical Engineering. There is a whole list to choose from and we recommend you take a look at the official website and go through them all – before you make a decision.

More info here : https://www.ugent.be/en/research/funding/devcoop/topupgrants

Naturally in order to apply for funding at the University of Ghent, you need to have graduated with a traditional or online bachelor degree. The selection criteria revolves around the qualifications of the applicants and the significance of the master’s program applied to the student’s country of origin. And here’s another piece of good news – there is no strict age limit, although applicants under 40 are preferred.

So there you go. Put your online degrees to good work and start applying for a Master or PhD program. Don’t let the time you spend learning at the offline or online university go to waste. By moving to another country for a few years you are bound to learn more about life, while also pursuing a degree that will eventually help your career advance in the right direction.

  1. i am in Zimbabwe, i have a diploma in education: Chemistry and physics
    i want to further my studies. i need help

  2. hi
    i was graduted from university in 1996 ENGLISH LANGUAGE i have an experience of almost 13 YEAR as an english teacher in middle school.i hope to make a master related to my degree.i have not money to do it please give me a chance to do it

  3. please I am a student from west Africa,Ethiopia.I have a bachelor degree in Economics and i have 8 years work experience in two different governmental organization.I wish to continue my masters program in development Studies.Please help me out.

  4. Im a Tanzanian Living with disability , am hereby finding a sponsor for pursuing my masters dedgree at Mzumbe University or at Mhimbili university herein Tanzania. please help me

  5. hello good innovators and inventors ,kindly may i get to know whether you can also fund medical students undertaking diploma courses.am a Kenyan citizen by birth with problem of raising fee for this academic journey.thanks in advance

  6. how can i apply for the scholarship. i am a Liberian, just graduated from the Tubman University in Liberia with Bsc in early child developing and i want to do master in education administration.

  7. I majored in social work with political science from the University of Ghana. I would be extremely excited if i am funded to undertake my masters program in the social sciences in your institution.

  8. I am very interested on your scholarship but i am from Ethiopia and studied economics from Bahir Dar university. can i apply on development studies on your institution?

  9. Am Sgt Draparaku Isaac Ugandan , Ugandan Army i need scholarship from your university to study . International master of science in rural Development.
    Am a graduate of Development studies from GULU University Uganda .

  10. I wish to enroll for a masters degree in social sciences do you also offer scholarships am from Zimbabwe

  11. please I am a student from Cameroon.I have a bachelor degree in in Journalism and i have genera skills in communication.I wish to continue my masters program in development Studies.Please help me out.

  12. Hi, I am currently studying animal physiology in Eldoret university in Kenya but cannot continue due to lack of funds for scientific research.May I get some help?

  13. I want to attain a profession in education in Ghana in one of the colleges of education. I really need a support to achieve my dream in life. Please help me out.


    It would be a honour to have your scholarship until I get my masters . I hope my request would be highly considered.

  15. Dear Sir/Madam;

    I, Zabiullah Ihsas, am graduated for the English language department of Nangarhar University, Nangarhar, Afghanistan. I am keen to pursue my master degree in there. Could you please provide me with more info on how to get the scholarship in order to pursue my degree.

  16. Dear Ghent university, i can\’t mention what an honour it will be for me to be granted the opportunity to study with you, and left alone teach me…….. I will do my best and work hard…. i will be waiting for your reply

  17. I\’m Kim Jok from South Sudan.
    I would like to pursue my first Law degree in your university if my request reach your favourable consideration at your convenient.
    I have completed my secondary but couldn\’t continue with my higher education due to insufficient funding and current political turmoil in South Sudan.
    I will be looking forward to hearing from you and can easily be accessible through email below:
    Kim Jok Bol
    Juba South Sudan.

  18. I am Zambian interested pursing a master of business administration. Kindly help me find my way enrolled for this great offer.
    Thank you

  19. First of all I like to say thank you. I received confirmation message that I chosen for student Granted. Hence how I can start online Education earn monthly allowance or student Grant.

  20. I completed University for Development Studies in Ghana with BA in Integrated Development Studies. How do I get this opportunity to further my education at your institution.Please help me out as I wait your response.
    Thank you.

  21. I appreciate your support and PLEASE I am undergraduate students and I have no experience on applying scholarship so if you are volunteer you can help me or just like a guidance. thank you!
    your sincerely

  22. Dear sir
    I would like to apply for grant in your institution.I will be over the moon if i receive this offer.

    Yours sincerely

  23. Thanks for the information, I will love to be given scholarship in your reputable institution. Pls how do I apply. Thanks

  24. Thank you for your kindness
    Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship please respond my request through this email

  25. Thank you a lot because you thought big but I ask myself how I can apply for this scholarship.
    My citizenship is Rwandan and I am holder of Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management and water Technology . Please guide how I can get it.

  26. Thank you Ghent\’s University for this great opportunity and I really need this great chance to continue my post graduate studies in Power systems in Electrical Engineering field. I\’m currently studying the mention field at Papua New Guinea University of Technology doing my final (4th) year. Sir can you inform me how to apply for the grant.


  28. Dear University of Ghant kindly i need this schoolership opportunity
    please conteact me my email address and my telphone 2520907746001

    Thank you for give time to read i looking forwad feedback

    Burhaan Ahmed

  29. I am very much grateful for the scholorship but only to inform you that Sheila Adhiambo is in Secondary school this year. She joined form one this year and therefore requested for fee assistance to help her finish her secondary education.
    Thank you in advance.

  30. Dear Ghent university I am kindly request you to allow me for the scholarship opportunity. And I so happy for your concern me in advance.. God bless you. contact me through my email.

  31. My name is Prince Owusu 37years old, with bachelor of Science in health physical education recreation and sports education from the University of education Winneba, Ghana. I would be very grateful if you could help me secure a scholarship grant from your noble and prestigious institution Ghent\’s University to enable me to achieve my aim. Thank you.

  32. Dear ghents university i need your scholarship opportunity to study in your university, i will finish my first degree of mathematics in june 2017 ,what i prefer to study masters in financial mathematics.please reply me through my email,

  33. Michael NYANGOLO MUGISHO 00243 818842798; 00243 810876184
    E-mail: michelnyangs@gmail.com
    Re: Application for a Scholarship
    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I have the honor to apply to you for an application to obtain
    documentation on admission requirements at your university and a
    scholarship form for a university
    For your information, I am named Michaël NYANGOLO MUGISHO. I am of
    Congolese nationality (DRC) in Central Africa, I speak French and a
    little English. Born on 02.05.1989 in Kinshasa where I live, I am a
    Bachelor\’s degree in Literature and I have a Bachelor\’s Degree in
    Financial Management with distinction
    Given the current issues of climate change, the global food agenda and
    the sustainable development of countries in critical situations for
    rapid emergence in this globalizing world.
    Not being spared by the precariousness of the socio-economic situation
    of my country thus affecting the fabric of its educational system, I
    lead a life without financial support because having lost my father
    too young, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity To study
    in order to acquire the knowledge in economics as is the
    case of the several personalities who have passed among you the
    current president of LIBERIA Mrs Hellène JOHNSON who graduated from
    HARVARD and go back to Countries to contribute to its sustainable
    In the hope of reading to you shortly, please accept, Ladies and
    Gentlemen, the assurance of my distinguished consideration.

    Thank you.

    Michael NYANGOLO

  34. First of all, I would like to say thank you for your kind information.I have completed my graduation of Financial Administration Account and now I am interested in taking the course of Business Administration – MBA at University of Ghent for Master’s Scholarship Program , please inform me how to apply by email.
    Kindest regards,
    Mohammed haji

  35. I have HND in business administration and managing from Benuel state university in Nigeria. Proceeded to Nigeria college of accountancy, Jos in Nigeria for my professional accountancy program.

  36. Dear Ghent\’s University,
    My name is Ebtsam Mahmoud, I am from Egypt. I have a bachelor degree in veterinary medicine. I would like to apply for studying Master\’s degree in any branch concerning my degree. I would appreciate it if you would consider my message. Please contact me via my email address. Thank you
    Yours sincerely,

  37. I would like to have a banchellors degree in hotel management and institutional catering or leisure and hospitality but am now a diploma holder first Class in HOTEL management and institutional catering is there any opportunity FOR ME in your programmes
    Thank you very much for your grants and scholarships plus wishing us well

  38. Dear Sir / Madam
    I would like to get a funded scholarship from your university…. Please feel free to email me….

    Looking forward to hearing from your end….

  39. Ghent University,
    How can I obtain a scholarship from your noble institution to get my masters in Education?. Pls. let me know through my email

  40. I have finished my M A in Linguistics . Can I get a scholarship of 650 euros or more for my PhD studies?

  41. I really appreciate your service. Please I am coming from poor family and I need to get good education to help my family. I am really in need of your help.

  42. Dear ghent university am inneed of this oppportunity to complety my barchelor of medicine and surgery.currentry am in my fourth year with financial challege in meeting my tution fees.
    am male zambian by nationality.
    your consideration to my applicatin will be appreciated.
    awaiting hearing from you.

    yours sincerely
    mutumba mutemwa

  43. Dear Ghent university,I am very interesting to give your scholarships opportunity that gives me very pleasure to study master\’s .if you accept me p/s contact me my email or phone =+251915775078 in jigjiga Ethiopia

  44. It\’s my great dream to get scholarship to further enhance my skills, performances, attitudes and kknowledge. so please it is my ppleasure to join your this distinguished university. I\’m so grateful to you in case I get the chance to quench my thrust of learning further by eexperienced professors.

  45. Based on the decision of the IMRD Management Board, the IMRD Course Coordinator declares that I Mr. Kedir Muhammed, born on 17/12/1981 in Dinsho, national of Ethiopia meets the requirements to be academically admitted to the IMRD master course. i therefore conditionally admitted, and welcomed to enrol in the above-mentioned programme in the academic year 2017-2018 on condition that I complies with (amongst others) the following administrative procedure:
    providing proof of payment of the tuition fee €
    9,000/academic year for non-EU students. This offer is given to me for purpose of obtaining funding thus i am looking for fund for above mentioned admission.
    With regard.

  46. Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship opportunity, i have completed first degree concerning Environment Disaster Management please contact me by my email address.
    Thank you for your kindness and I look forward to receive your assistance

  47. Dear Ghent University I\’m greatful for this opportunity and its my wish to study master in Finance in your University. You can contact me through my email or (237) 675 153 369. Thanks, l look forward to hearing from you.

  48. Dear Ghent Univerisity. I completed my Degree in Food Science and Technology at Chinhoyi University Zimbabwe and I am interested to study my master degree in your institution. I need scholarship opportunity. Thank you for your kindness.

    yours sincerely
    Tapiwa Jillian Pfupajena

  49. I graduated in 2014 at Skyway University in Malawi. I would like to pursue Masters degree with your institution if chances prevail so that I can boost my career levels.

  50. Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship opportunity please contact me but i am a undergraduate student in Liberia.

    Thank you for your kindness and I look forward a favourable reply!

    your sincerely,

    Sunnyboy Sobe

  51. Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship opportunity please contact me by my email address.
    Thank you for your kindness and I look forward a favourable reply!
    your sincerely,

    Kashif Naeem

  52. Dear Ghent University ,I need , this opportunity to continue my education .I degree in management and Economics.

  53. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Sir , I will be happy to hear that my Request is Considered.

  54. Dear Ghent university I have BSc in Applied Chemistry, I need your free scholarship opportunity for international students in PUBLIC HEALTH departments (masters),Thank you for your kindness!
    I\’m waiting for your reply, please contact me by my email address or by +251920009960.

  55. I am brhanu., thanks for give us this chance i need to study master program by related field of geography and environmental study. Please contact me by the email.

  56. HI, I am solomon Aregay please kindly inform me using my email about the scholarships & the application process respectively.

  57. Thanks for the good news. I graduated with Bachelor of Arts in social sciences majoring in Criminology. Can I qualify for the opportunity?

  58. That\’s a great kindness of you sir because there are a large number of students those stop study due to its expenses.
    So carry it and increase the number of scholarships and make it possible for all willing students.

  59. I have admission for a Masters of Arts French in the University of the Gambia, but I would like to do in your institution. If your institution is offering a Masters Degree of Arts French, kindly send me an E-mail about the process to get the Scholarship. Thank you.

  60. Dear Sir please I need your help on how to go about acquiring this scholarship grant. Thanks
    Yours sincerely

  61. Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship opportunity please contact me by my email address.
    Thank you for your kindness and I look forward a favourable reply!

  62. At first I would like to thanks to you for your kind information.I have completed graduation and post graduation at Law. Now I want to take another post graduation degree from a foreign country with scholarship. My preferable subject is International humanitarian law.if there is any opportunity to complete my hope and expectation , please inform me by email .

  63. Glory be to God for this great opportunity grant to less privileged .And I will be very greatful if I can be one the favourable candidate .

  64. Hi, i feel happy by hearing good news . I am ready to learn and suceed my dream of study in this greatest and oldest university as well. Thank you very much .

  65. I am going to graduate from gondar university which is found in ethiopia by doctor of veterinary medicine in june 2017 and I am greatly interested to study my master degree in your instutution

  66. Dear Ghent university I need your scholarship opportunity please contact me by my email address.
    Thank you for your kindness and I look forward a favourable reply!
    your sincerely,

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