Get a $25,000 Annual Grant from the Clark University, US

Education is the key to getting what you want in life. Without a higher education diploma you can’t access a decently paid job and won’t ever truly feel good about yourself. Online degrees represent an alternative to the traditional education system which have become highly attractive to students everywhere. Why is that? Well for starters flexibility – you can study for an online bachelor degree whenever you want, basically when you have the time. Taking classes at the online university from the comfort of your own home also helps with the learning process. There’s no peer pressure or fear to fail in front of everyone else. Last but not least, being enrolled with one of the many online degrees available means you have access to student scholarships.

Traditionally only brick and mortar education institutions used to offer bursaries, but that has changed throughout the years. Now students of the online university can also apply for a myriad of student scholarships that are meant to lessen their financial burdens. If you don’t believe us, let us give you a few examples of grants that are open for students enrolled or who are thinking of enrolling with an offline but also online bachelor degree.

The Hague University of Applied Sciences annually offers up to 54 scholarships for prospective students of traditional or online bachelor degree programs (and also master’s). Applicants need to reside outside the borders of the European Union. Each scholarship is worth €5,000. To apply for the scholarship you will need to send in an essay.

For more info about scholarships click here : https://www.thehagueuniversity.com/study-choice/admissions-and-finances/financing-your-bachelor-study/scholarships

Moving along, we have to tell you the University of Adelaide is also offering student scholarships in a form of waiver of 25% of the annual tuition for each year of study. The University will consider students looking to enroll with one of the many offline or online degrees at the university who demonstrate an academic level which is the equivalent of a GPA of 6/7 (85%).

For more info about scholarships click here : http://international.adelaide.edu.au/choosing/scholarships/

The Clark University in Massachusetts, USA also wants to attract international students with a few scholarship offers of its own. Students willing to pursue offline or online university courses at Clark and have attended school overseas for at least four years, are invited to apply. The college is willing to award a grant between $5,000 and $25,000 per year. On top of that, students might also be eligible to receive a stipend worth up to $2,500 for a paid internship or research assistantship taken from academic credit during the summer following sophomore or junior year.

For more info about scholarships click here : http://www.clarku.edu/international-students-first-year-and-transfer

As you can see there are plenty of options when you’re looking to get your education funded. It doesn’t matter whether it that you are targeting the online or offline medium, scholarships for each category are widely available. All you need to do is devote some of your time to perform a little bit of search. Also, plan in advance. Be clear which degree you want to pursue, how much it costs and which scholarships might help you cover these costs. Only then you can start with the needed paperwork.

  1. Hello sir I am Bashiy Akol Thoubo I am from south sudan I have master degree in plant pathology (Agriculture ) and I would like to study phD degree , I have 30 year old so how I can admassion for international scholarship student and please give us information about admassion form and etc …Hope you will give me a scholarship.

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  3. I am Anditi Charity Liviren, I completed my secondary education last year scoring an A- with As in mathematics, physics, chemistry and I would like to study architecture and finances is hindering this. Hope you will grant me a scholarship. I am also a good student who showed leadership at school

  4. Hello sir i am Shahab ud din my last name Battar and i from Afghanistan I have certificate of 12 year and I have a very good position % 93 I am born year 1999 month. 12 day 05 so how I can admassion for international scholarship student and please give us information about admassion form and etc …..

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