This $15,000 Scholarship Allows You to Study in Bristol Worry-Free

Earning a college degree online or offline it’s a big deal. You see, in the modern world in order to advanced towards a better paid job you will need a higher education diploma. College degree online or offline programs are the best way to learn new skills, which is what you will need if you want to quit that boring job of yours and do something more interesting with your life.

And since there’s a myriad of offline or online degree options available for you to take advantage of, learning a new skill shouldn’t be too difficult. Provided you are willing to make a commitment.

In your quest to enroll with a traditional or online college degree you might stumble upon some hurdles, however. One of them and the most important one is the financial aspect. Do you have enough money to be paying for an offline or online degree? If you don’t – the good news is that you might be able to easily resolve this issue by virtue of a few scholarship applications sent to the right institutions. Here’s a bunch of examples.

The University of Bristol awards a host of scholarships for international students who are looking to enroll with a college degree online or offline or are willing to pursue a Master Degree at the university.

You can apply here : http://www.bristol.ac.uk/fees-funding/awards/international/

International students from developing countries are encouraged to apply. The grant will be awarded as a one off tuition fee reduction. The University of Bristol awards up to £12,000 (approx. $15,000), but there are also grants of £10,000 (approx. $13,000) and £8,000 (approx. $10,000). You have until June 9, 2017 to apply for this bursary.

For applicants who want to fine-tune their skills by pursuing a PhD or MA/PhD combination, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship should be of interest. The scholarships are worth $50,000 per year for three years.

You can apply here : http://www.vanier.gc.ca/en/home-accueil.html

Applicants need to demonstrated they have achieved a first-class average, as determined by their university of origin, in each of the last two years of full-time study with a traditional or online degree. Students are expected to send in their scholarship applications before November 2.

What if you are interested in strengthening your leadership skills? Then how about you check out the Hubert Humphrey Fellowships for International Students. This is a non-degree program, the fellowship awards valuable opportunities to professional development through various university-level courses.

You can apply here : https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/how-apply-humphrey-fellowship-program

Individuals who have graduated from an offline or online college degree program are encouraged to apply, if they want to broaden their view. Citizens located in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe or Middle East are invited to apply. The fellowship delivers payment of tuition and fees, pre-academic English language training, air travel and a living allowance.

Applicants will need to demonstrate a minimum of five years of full-time, professional experience and have a record of public service in the community. Remember that you already need to have offline or online college degree diploma before you apply for this fellowship. The Hubert Humphrey program is an interesting fellowship which provides plenty of opportunities to learn new skill and better yourself, so you shouldn’t skip over it.

  1. Thank you. Please is it possible to have scholarship for an online program in agricultural extension or agricultural economics?

  2. Am not an intl student but realy interested to be part of the programm. Am from undevelop Countrys Nigeria and education is our priority pls guide us on how to apply.


  4. I
    I am ready for the offers. I am an international student from a developing country (Papua New Guinea), I am applying for the $15000 scholarship awarded by the University of Bristol…

    I would like to do a PhD in History and Political Science by 2018 and 2019.

    Thank you

    With best regards.

    Stanley Epeni (Male)

  5. I am very interested in your organization to be part of international student . I have masters degree in social since and currently want to study third degree or other second degree as per the requirements . Please help me i am from poor country and have the interest but not financial capacity to study at this level. I am very eager to hear from you .

  6. I am interested to be part of the international studies scholarships. Please email me more necessary information required. Thank you.

  7. Good opportunity.but do i get the scholarship so that when i finish i should be able to help the needy using the skill



  10. I am interested to be part of the international studies scholarships. Please email me more necessary information required. Thank you.

  11. Thank you i am in one of the developing countries and i am very interested Gis and remote sensing filed …please help me in scholarship information..because money is our problem here…if i can make it through one way or the other i will effectively contribute to my beautiful nation especially for developing countries related to natural degradation, climate change, drought,and shortage of clean water so on.finally ow do i apply?

  12. it is good chance for students especially us who are from developing countries. I like to be one of students who will get this scholarship,i\’m from tanzania and i want to get master degree but the problem is money ,i;m orphan ,i like to take master degree in climate change if i get the chance. please i need help

  13. Is it true that l can be awarded this scholarship funding of $ 15 000. If so how do l apply. I am from Zimbabwe and have been provisional granted a place at Parul University in India to study Biotechnology. My challenge is funding for this programme as l am orphaned but would real want to pursue my education. I completed my \’A\’ Level November 2016 and seriously need to pursue my education. How can l me assisted though this funding.

  14. i am a level 3 in the higher institute of transport and logistics in the unversity of bamenda-cameroon wishing to obtain this scholarship . please how can i apply

  15. I am Mr Mache Tesfay from Ethiopia.THEREBY I AM DELIGHT TO WRITE THIS MESSAGE to you. just have BSc degree from recognized university of Ethiopia in department of Economics with very great distinction point above 3.80GPA.HERE BY in highly need your door open to support me to take postgraduate degree in businesses and economics filed.so i am pleased to request you your assistance.

    sincerely yours Mache.

    cellphone +251 914 387 512

  16. i owned a master degree in theology and development studies but yet to collect my certificate, am i eligible for this programe?

  17. Hi, that\’s a great and interesting supply for developing countries.
    I\’m Mohamed Mignane Sakho, from Senegal. And, I\’m a student in Licence three(L3) in the ENGLISH Department at Cheikh Anta Diop University. Indeed, I wish to take this opportunity so as to pursue my studies and come back to my native country to take part to its development.
    In so doing, I would like you please to help me to apply because I really need this.
    Best regards,

  18. Hello,am Deogratius a Ugandan based in kampala city,i would like to upgrade in public health ,but am challenged financially. Could there be a chance to given that opportunity ,am available.Thanks .

  19. I would like to apply for undergraduate scholarship, is there any chance for me to apply for it? I am still in year 1 in Bangkok.

  20. what are the procedures of application and eligibility for Masters in Educational Management and Planning

  21. i am robert from kenya and a diploma holder in pharmacy.please can i get a scolarship to persue a degree in pharmacy

  22. Dear scholarship provider ,thank you so much for this gold opportunity you gave to people. really need the scholarship it been 1 years since I finished my matric n life been awful no money no job no education please help me

    • Hello,

      We do not provide scholarships. Read the article and you will find there the providers and the links where you can apply.

  23. Am Yusupha Bojang a Gambian Journalist and I have interest to pursue journalism course both at college and university level

  24. I am from Ethiopia. I strongly intrested to pursue a master program. I am graduated by Civil Engineering at 2014 and then i was working with United Consulting Engineers plc (Ethiopia) in joint venture with Renardet ingineurs conseils plc (Italia) on Asphalt concrete project Which is worked by \

  25. Great opportunity to us mostly from developing countries, am Geoffrey Karara from Rwanda one of the developing nations, I hold a bachelor\’s degree in Applied statistics and i would like to take this opportunity to do further studies. Would you please help me to apply. With regards Geoffrey.

  26. That\’s a great offer, I love this ,and I always dream and wish to be sponsored to continue my education in Electrical engineering . How can I apply to be admitted to pursue my Masters in power engineering

  27. I have recently graduated with a Diploma in Human Resource Management. My ambition if possible would be to continue onto degree and master\’s degree. I come from a developing country. My first degree is Bachelors degree in Education. Been working for 19 year\’s

  28. thank you i am in one of the developing countries and i am very interested in engineering …please help me in scholarship information..because money is our problem here…if i can make it through one way or the other i will effectively contribute to my beautiful nation

  29. Am a Malawian but I have interest for attending my university.l luck money for that purpose, am really serious l have just finished my secondary school.

  30. AM a male physically fit born in Kenya and exposed international trade a diploma holder in faculty of customs agent (broker) clearing forwarding, worked in the capacity of manager over decade now. I\’m a family man and would like to online degree if considered for scholarship to help my family and have bright future. I would be gland if enroll for online courses 1) Foreign Trade & International affairs degree or 2) Degree on Law social Justice & family matter/Criminal Justice. I have seen a need for engauging honestly either in international trade where many people have lost huge amount of money to international fraudster. on the other hand many people / or poor have suffered a lot of injustice due to luck of know how or money to pay expensive lawyers. e.g cases of succession in our community are source of fight and family disintegration now days. politicians have taken advantage to control majority in the economy market and resources allocation.

  31. Good opportunity for students from developing countries to attain better education. Am from Papua New Guinea a third world island nation in the Pacific and would like to apply for the scholarship. How can i apply?

  32. Is medicine and surgery offered at Bristol? Please respond for me to make a decision. Plus what is the cost of the course at undergraduate level?

  33. am in kenya and i want to do a degree in project planning & management, how do i apply for the scholarship

  34. Am 50 years and single man with one child interested to study in Bristol and so how do I apply for a course and schollarship?

  35. dear sir/madam
    i am Yemsrach Etecha and I am from Ethiopia (capital city addis Ababa) .i have B.A degree in economocs from Arbaminch university which is one of university in Ethiopia .By now i do have my temporary degree certeficate on my hand and i need your help to get my permanent certeficate,to get my certeficate i have to pay $700-$1000 USD .i worked in goverment institution for about 9 & 1/2 years but unable to save this money because my life is subsistence type .if you are willing to cover my Educational cost(Amounted $700-$1000) i am glad to get the opportunity presented.for the momment i will send you my resume after your positive reply.

    your sincerly,
    Yemsrach Etecha
    Addis Abeba , Ethiopia
    Tel. +251912182176

  36. Is it true that I have been awarded $15 ooo for funding? If so, how do l apply .yes lm from a developing country Zimbabwe and I really need this scholarship

  37. I am Nepali and age 52 and have bachelors in technical education and Bachelor of Arts in Economics. I do not have IELTS and I did 3 A level from UK in 1991. Can i apply for this opportunity. Please advise me.

  38. this is very wonderful scholarship but the eligibility of having first class is difficult
    i am interested but i am i failed to meet the requirements.
    kind regards

  39. I am an undergraduate pupil from rural Sierra Leone but I don\’t have the requirements needed to write this application. Is there any way you can help me please?

  40. Will I apply if am still undergoing my undergraduate degree?? am in Kenya still undergoing my undergraduate degree pliz help

  41. Am not from a developed country, that\’s why I need a better education out here and help my people.will be very excited if am granted this scholarship and promise to do all of my best.


  42. Dont y have scholarship on engineering or environmental technology? i am a graduate of Master of Engineering (soil and water conservation Engineering) i need a sponsorship for my PhD in that same field. Pls how do i get there?

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