Types of Financial Aid

Whether you go to online universities or on campus, you possess options for aid to assist in paying for the price of education. Read below to learn more on how loans and grants are able to work for you as you pursue your online degree.


Grants are like student scholarships in that they’re “free money” offered by an institution or online universities to assist students in paying for school. But, there are a few differences. Grants usually are offered by non-profit organizations or governmental agencies. A student who attends an online degree program might receive her or his grant funds in three ways: by direct deposit or check, credited to the student’s account at her or his online degree program, or combination of the two. Every bit of government grant funds go to the online degree program, which will then pass it on to a student.

Most grants are awarded to the ones who attend online universities upon the stipulation that a recipient is going to pursue a strict course of study or receive an online degree within an in-demand industry. In a few instances, grant funds are exchanged for professional service that follow graduation of an online degree program. Additionally, be ready to put some legwork in for the grant, because applying for them may be an involved and long procedure. Some are going to require essays, other ones require letters of recommendation from community members or teachers, and the ones based on need, like Pell grants or other student scholarships, likely will have to see statements in regard to an applicant’s family income.


The ones needing extra college financial aid may apply for student loans; sums of money which students may borrow from the private financial institutions or government. Every lender has different guidelines for deciding to whom they ought to lend their funds and how much funds they ought to offer. If you are experiencing problems becoming approved for a loan, think about obtaining a cosigner. The cosigner is able to take joint responsibility for the loan, which may assist you in getting approved. There also are choices for parents taking loans out on behalf of the students, which is an additional useful choice for those who are having problems with loan approval.

Unlike grants and scholarships, loans comprise of borrowed funds, which ultimately must be repaid to a lender. That means that loans usually accumulate interest over a period of time, though the rate varies with every loan.

  1. i want to study with me effort made for this university please accept it to better increase my future. so my name is hassan awaleh abdillahi i was born in a continent to africa djibouti. . i am very interested in this scholarship

  2. i want to study with me effort made for this university please accept it to better increase my future. so my name is hassan awaleh abdillahi i was born in a continent to africa djibouti. i am very interested in this scholarship

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  6. I am doing a Bachelor of social work at UNISA. I am doing 4th level this year but my problem is that i have not paid for the registration because i don’t have money. Can you help me with bursary or a loan i need anything that can help me in this situation. Thank you in advance. My cell number is 078 018 8148

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  18. Greetings,
    My name is Mr. Sebitiea Makutla from Lesotho, Africa and I am requesting assistance on the funding available for Project Management students.

    I have been given a conditional offer by the University of Cape Town to study Advanced Diploma in Business Project Management that they are offering and it runs for one academic year.

    I am therefore humbly looking for funding possibilities that may be available, please.


    Sebitiea Makutla, Mr.

  19. Thank you for such a wonderful information on the difference between grant and loan. Do I have to gain admission before applying for any of the scholarships?

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