Five great ways of earning something extra while studying

So you are a student. And that has its upsides and drawbacks. Well, let us talk about the financial end of things. You may find yourself lacking money on occasion, courtesy of exorbitant prices. But the are, it seems, a handful of decent ways to notch up some proceedings while going along the uncertain roads of academia.

We have banged together a list of five excellent ways you may see fit to earn some cash in the comfort of your own home. Lucrative as they may be, they will require commitment and dedication. On the other hand, their flexibility, high-earning potential and accessibility makes them potential long-term gigs that you will enjoy.

  • Writing – Yes you heard us, writing! As a student get to do a lot so you have already honed the subtler points of churning out words. You could it in myriad forms – companies will pay you to pen creative product descriptions. Websites will fork out generous on you to make their websites shows in the uppermost results of google. Bitcoin investors will pay you $40/hour to have you write persuasive arguments in favour of the cryptocurrency.


  • UpWork is the virtual trade exchange of skills where anything can happen. Whatever your aptitude, there is always work for you at UpWork. Not only that, but it pays decently all the same and you should not avoid what appears to be a great opportunity. You can be a writer, designer, or a business person, there will be always something for you to fo at UpWork.


  • Schooling your peers can also be a viable option. Why else would you bother having such a high average score? Plunge right into one of the many tuition websites out there which link you to knowledge-hungry peers or more likely homework-seeking lazybones. Either way, you are in for a pretty penny.


  • Selling your old books may also bring you in some considerable amounts. You could further expand on your efforts by frequenting small-time bookstores which will flog their books even cheaper and then ship to areas where specific books are in good demand.


Data entry is one of the most popular jobs you can get these days. It usually requires good numeracy or/and language skills. And chances are that if you are reading this you are an international student.

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