Marketing has become a thing in the past few years. You may associate the term with spiffy designer logos and great renditions of artistic prowess, however, when it comes down to putting the word out, words have a lot to do. The Internet today has become your surest, and conversely flimsiest, employer.

Nevertheless, for those that are determined to succeed, there is always a way to earn money online, but if you want for it to be a credible and sustainable way to earn a living, then you will have to put some backbone into it. Writing has become a viable option for your everyday university student, fresh graduate or average individual with a good grasp of language.

As an author today, you can branch into multiple-niches that have to do with creating content based on a predetermined set of words, which will give your client more exposure on the World Wide Web. There are a handful of services today that are on the lookout for capable writers and reward them accordingly. Let us have a closer look:

  • InCome Diary was launched back in 2009 and it has been gaining traction ever since. It offers a lot of wriggle room for those who are a dab hand at penning short write-ups. Prices go up as much as $200 per a good piece and this easily puts it on par with similar service. However, InCome Diary has exceptionally high standards for quality writing.
  • Michelle Pippin is an enthusiast with nothing to lose and many a good story to collect. Pippin strives to ferret out and publish the best stories, which shed light on how easy, or difficult, it is to fire up a start-up or any sort of company today. The sole condition is to be original and to speak truthfully.
  • Mirasee was a rather popular service for any freelancer writer as it opened free-entries and paid, and still pays up to $200 for a 1,000-word submission. Today, the website has shifted its content marketing strategy and you can only write there if you are invited. So get the word out. Use Twitter and clippings.me.
  • Freemoms is another great service that offers smaller rates, but the topic is quite interesting. It basically wants to know about your life as a working mother.

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