Flogging second-hand course books

If you are a student then you must absolutely have fallen in a familiar trap – trying to scrap some money and make sure you have what you need to study and carry on with your studies. Well, this could be hard given the exorbitant prices of course books. So, second-hand will have to do. But why limit oneself to simply acquiring your own books? No, quite on the contrary, reselling books that are in high demand can turn a pretty penny. After all, Jeff Bezos did it with Amazon.

Interestingly enough Amazon is one your-shop stop if you want to sell books online. The rates they charge you may be rather stiff but there is no shame in that. If you follow through with this, the business of buying and re-selling goods could be channeled into a viable business product.

What you need to do is to compare pricing and list and sell to buyers who offer you the best rates. Consider services such as WeBuyBooks. This is not all. Depending on where you live, you acquire very cheap second-hand books from one-pound stores and then resell them online turning a hefty profit. AbeBooks is another popular service which you should consider by all estimates.

There is a variety when it comes to online marketplaces. Setting up a successful gig to run from home would require you to familiarize yourself with pricing well enough, as well as demand and what may be sufficiently and efficiently stoked to your local community or at least to places which are close to your main stock. For instance, in France and the United Kingdom you can find books as cheaply as EUR1, and you can ship and successfully flog those for as much as EUR5 in Bulgaria or even Poland.

All it takes is local connections and the starter’s capital you will get from selling your own books that have fallen in disuse.

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