Schooling the peers: Sell your education

Nobody who has not been a teaching could testify to the mortifying feeling one gets when they are faced with visible disinterested youngsters. However, they say, things get a little better in college. Be that as it may, your teachers are actually quite hard-working and the intriguing, and admittedly, deadly boring things they say sometimes are usually the result of thorough research.

But who has time to pay attention to what their teacher is saying if they need to find money to just be in the classroom. Easily done! Perhaps you have accumulated your own knowledge so far and you would like to pass on that knowledge. Nothing is free, though and there is no shame why you should not be scoring up some money along the way. Least of all you can cover your tuition fees.

Well, there have been quite a few services out there that have cottoned on that trend. As a result, you can either tutor people online or even create your own classes online and let eager pupils buy them up, generating you some supplementary income. Not too shabby at all, we think.

  • Udemy is a great solution if you have a few great ideas and you do not mind them ferment around. Basically, the website allows you to craft your own course and left it online. Every subscriber interested will have to pay a nominal fee of $30, which is not at all too bad! If you are studying to be a teacher, for example, you may quickly whip up a video of your teaching and then have a colleague with proper editing skills spruce it up in exchange of a nominal fee.
  • Superproof is a network of tutors who allegedly score up to GBP20 per hour. Not at all shabby if true. A brief internet research points that they are a genuine service, but actual pricing fluctuates.
  • Private tutors in the UK are also in high demand. This is not so much an online gig, but you can just as easily arrange some lessons over the wire if need be.

There is no need why you should not be schooling your peers. There is ample opportunity for everyone. Even though you are still in college, you can as well be schooling your peers.

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