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You probably heard of Anne Frank. A victim of the Holocaust, she left behind an intriguing journal which documented her and her family’s hiding during the World War Two to escape the Nazis. Together with seven others, she lay in hiding in a secret annex of her house in Amsterdam for two years, before being discovered and deported to concentration camps.

Anne wrote in her diary how she wanted to become a writer and journalist in the future, and that she had hopes of publishing her diary as a novel. Upon her father’s return from the concentration camps, friends convince him the diary has great expressive power and in 1947, the diary is published in an edition of 3,000. It has inspired many souls ever since.

If this is the first time you hear about young Anne Frank, we recommend you read “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” because it will come in handy.

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Speaking of literature and Anne Frank, here’s a scholarship program which combines both. It’s called the Spirit of Anne Frank is awarded by the Anne Frank Center USA.

In order to apply you need to be a high school senior based in the US, who is looking to attend a four-year college in the fall of the upcoming academic year. Applicants are requested to write an original 1,000 words essay revolving around a topic of interest.

What’s more, candidates must demonstrate an interest in addressing issues such as intolerance, prejudice and injustice in their communities. The scholarship committee is looking for someone who also exhibits leadership capabilities to award the grand prize of $5,000.

Before submitting your candidature, take into consideration that two letters of recommendations are also needed.

So far the Anne Frank Center USA has not posted the details for the 2018 scholarship program, but a look at the official webpage reveals that we should stay tuned, as more information will become available shortly.

So if you like to write and think you have a point of view to share regarding the topics of injustice and intolerance, make sure you bookmark the page below.


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