No Money For College? Study Abroad with these Generous Scholarships

Education is the driving force for labor market integration. The more skills you acquire the best chances you have of being able to find a better paid job. That’s why even later in life it’s important to continue your education. Luckily with the advent of online education it’s easier for almost anyone to take up online degree programs and learn a new skill.

The modern world makes available a wide range of choices to the individual. If you have a busy schedule, enroll with an online university, if you want to immerse yourself in a community go to traditional collage, if you don’t have enough funds to pay for school find and apply to college scholarships.

You have a problem? The Internet has a solution. It’s all about taking the time to do some research. We are also willing to help you and with this purpose in mind we’re going to share with you three bursary opportunities you might want to take into consideration.

For example, the EdX foundation aims to help students of online education learn something new every day. The platform delivers free online degree programs from premier Universities from across the world like Berkeley, Georgetown or Harvard.

This online university database is home to more than 800 courses from a variety of disciplines including chemistry, biology, food and nutrition and science.

But what if you want something more in-depth? Why not look towards UCL – London’s Global university?

The reason why we bring this institution to your attention, is because you can also try and apply for one of the Denys Holland college scholarships at the University College London. The bursary is worth £9,000 for three years, but you should know it is subject to satisfactory academic progress. In order to apply students, need to hold an offer of admission at UCL for a full time undergraduate offline or online education degree. Applicants also need to demonstrate financial hardship.

Belgium is also trying to attract students from all over the world. So if the idea of enrolling with an online university and studying from home doesn’t really appeal to your sense of adventure, go ahead and apply to the Government of Flanders Master Mind scholarships for International students.

You’ll need to be willing to pursue a Master degree. The Government is willing to award a scholarship of maximum €7,500 per academic year, but keep in mind that the duration of the mobility is 1 year.

Not everyone can apply, as students need to demonstrate a high standard of academic performance or potential.

If you have always wanted to travel far away from your home land, these college scholarships present you with the best opportunities you can encounter. But if you prefer to acquire knowledge from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of online degree programs you can have your pick from. Some of them are free, for some you will need to pay a fee. Regardless, you shouldn’t forget that online colleges also offer scholarship possibilities. And they don’t put an emphasis on academic excellence.

  1. The Genius educational background, knowledge and skills I have developed during my study and experience so comprehensive to be considerd. As professional, I am well equipped with the necessary qualities throughout my academic and around 7 Years’ experience including in NGO Environment.

  2. I am a healthcare management certificate holder but due to financial problems I couldn\’t make it to the final year therefore I would love to apply to pursue my studie. Thank you

  3. I want to study a Masters Degree. I have a bachelors in social work and social administration.
    Grant me a scholarship.

  4. Iam interested in doing health sciences, so how do i apply? I want either a degree or diploma in health sector. Thanks

  5. i have a diploma in special needs education en i want to apply for a degree to upgrade in any relevant course abroad offline. how can i apply?. Thanks

  6. Hi everyone, first of I would like to let you know that studying has got no limitations and it has also been said that studyinh is the gateway to the future success, so I would like to be offered a scholarship so that I carry on having my dreams alive of travelling and studying international relations and management abroad, I hope that you guys can make my dream comes true!

    My best wishes
    Cardoso, from Mozambique-Southern Africa.

  7. Thank you for what you have done a good idea, but we are required to address a request to me you have to see a bit more information or to ask for more information on where to make you look like I thnks all of Them

  8. The offer is great kindly, how can I be enrolled I want take degree in information science kindly advice accordingly. David from kenya

  9. sir/mam
    i am a 25 year old fijian male. and i am having a hard time now in looking for my tuition fees since it is so expensive. i would love to apply for a scholarship in information management system or computer science. please
    thank you

  10. I want to get admission in home cleaner , kitchen helper , dish washer, cloth ironing, cleanliness, and basic education courses at elemantry level because i am m.phil scholar and doing worl at their research project now a days. I am govt teacher in govt high school. I am from pakistan. I am very poor man but it is my wish that i get study in abroad to improve my teaching skills. I can not afford any expenditures because my financial condition is not better due to household surcumstances.

  11. Please Sir/Madam,

    I am really so intent, to continue with my academic career, by advancing my education, for the purpose of making a better future for myself and those dependent on me! Therefore, deadly searching for an Online Doctoral/and, or Master\’s Scholarship, in either Public Administration Management or Leadership and Management!

    I will appreciate your positive consideration, to this desire and aspiration! Let us make a better world and better future for generations to come, together!
    Thanking you in advance!

    Be blessed!

  12. I\’m currently a Human Resource student at one of the universities in my home country(Namibia), but its not going well because I\’m unable to pay the tuition fees. I would love to apply for a scholarship please, how do I get the application form and apply?

  13. I will love to have scholarship to study Physiotherapy to improve the life of people without the use of drugs asssiting them in different aspect of life to give them a better life

  14. I will love to have Scholarship to study Physiotherapy and I will be glad if I get it thanks

  15. The offer is beneficial and great as well i will like to apply for it as i need that the most,can you guys help

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