Eight Full Scholarships Available at Oxford

Which student would not want to benefit from belonging to Oxford, an internationally – renowned institution and to its interdisciplinary academic community? While attending Oxford might be a dream hard to be achieved due to financial limitations, the university encourages students to dream big supporting them. How?

Oxford awards 8 full Wolfson – Oxford scholarships who are residents in the EEA or Switzerland and who are submitting their applications for any full- or part-time DPhil courses in the Department of Biochemistry, the Department of International Development, the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics, the Mathematical Institute, the Department of Psychiatry – with a preference for a project with an experimental or therapeutic focus within adult mental health – and the Interdisciplinary Bioscience BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership. Eligibility applies to candidates who submit their applications for an MPhil in the Faculty of Oriental Studies – Islamic Art and Architecture – or for full-time or part-time DPhil courses in the Humanities Division – Hebrew and Jewish Studies.

The worth of the scholarship covers the course fees, college fees and a grant for living costs of at least £14,553. Students who decide to undertake part-time classes will receive a study support grant. The Wolfson-Oxford scholarships are jointly funded by Oxford, Dr. Frances Marriot and by departments and faculties. The awardees will study at Wolfson College. All students who eligible will be considered for the Wolfson-Oxford scholarships, regardless their choices mentioned on their graduate application form. In case there are multiple applicants eligible for the scholarships, preference will be given to those who have chosen Wolfson College as their preferred college on the graduate application form.

Students do not need to complete a separate application form for this scholarship. To be considered, they must submit their application for their graduate study by January’s deadline for the chosen course. The winners will be announced in April 2018. Students will have to choose among the courses offered at the above mentioned departments. Each course has its own established criteria based on which the selections will be made. Students must see the Standard scholarship selection terms for more information about the application and selection process.  

Students are advised to consult the official website https://www.ox.ac.uk/ for more info about the general admission criteria and other scholarships as well. We wish to everyone the best of luck and we hope that you will enjoy the whole experience.

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