Your Dream, Your Language, Your Scholarship

Annually, thousands of brilliant students do not have the opportunity to complete their education and inevitably they drop out of the formal education system. Even if there are some scholarships available some of them remain underutilized. Why? The lack of awareness and application support are two main factors that impede students from furthering their studies. Furthermore, info about the majority of scholarship programs is available only in English isolating a large ambit of students who may not be proficient in this language.

To encounter all these issues, Vodafone India Foundation built Learning with Vodafone platform with the purpose to help more students reach their potential and fulfil their dreams. Students or future students can find info about hundreds of scholarships offered by various organizations such as government, private companies, institutions and individuals. The scholarships can be found here http://www.learningwithvodafone.in/en.

Learning with Vodafone is a multi-linguistic scholarship platform where knowledge about key scholarships for school and college students in 7 Indian regional languages is shared. The 7 Indian regional languages are Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati and Kannada. Scholarships are divided into need based scholarships and merit based scholarships. If students are interested to explore the wide array of need based scholarships, they can access the following link https://www.learningwithvodafone.in/en/scholarships/need-based-scholarships and select, based on their personal criteria, the scholarships suitable for them. Same with the merit based scholarships. They can be accessed here http://www.learningwithvodafone.in/en/scholarships/merit-scholarships.

The scholarship application process is extremely friendly; however the platform assists the students throughout the admission process. Firstly, they need to register. They will have to select their preferred language. Secondly, they need to complete their profile and gain access to matched scholarships. Thirdly, they need to visit recommended scholarships and apply according to the guidelines. In case they need help, they can send their requests at info@learningwithvodafone.in.

The scholarship database includes a wide array of scholarships suitable for any category. Disabled students can also participate and compete for the scholarships addressed solely to them. Students are free to access the website anytime. Vodafone encourages them to consult it until they manage to secure a scholarship.

Through the platform, scholarships have an increased visibility and students can reach them faster. Vodafone supports the improvement of educational success delivering the perfect tool, the platform. User friendly, the Vodafone platform represents one big step taken by outstanding students towards a brilliant and secure future.


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