Transform Together Scholarships Available for UK and International Students at Sheffield Hallam University

If you have always dreamt about studying at a modern university with a long and proud history, outside your home country, Sheffield Hallam University is the answer to your questions. The history of Sheffield Hallam University dates back to 19th century when two schools were opened that later became the foundations for Sheffield Polytechnic. Currently a university where education and research are its best assets, where teaching and research stuff were chosen among the best, Sheffield Hallam is opening its gates to both UK and non-UK students.

The University is offering several scholarships among which are the Transform Together scholarships exclusively for both international and European students starting a full-time taught course in 2017 – 2018. The Transform Together Scholarships are dedicated to exceptional students who can demonstrate outstanding academic achievement. The applicants should take in consideration that the scholarship comes with a status which is of the ambassador for Sheffield Hallam University during and after their studies. The applicants need to describe how they will stand out from the crowd embracing their newly-won status.

The university is currently accepting scholarship applications for courses starting in January 2018. The deadline for the scholarship application is November 1st 2017.

How students can apply?

It is extremely important that students follow these steps

First of all, the entrants should apply for a course at the university. The students should consult the following list https://www.shu.ac.uk/study-here/find-a-course in order to find a suitable course for themselves.

Second, they should check if they correspond to the eligibility criteria which are as it follows:

The applicants have to be European or international fee paying students. Postgraduate students are who have achieved a minimum 2.1 or equivalent in their honors degrees can apply. The students must meet the English and academic entry requirements for their chosen course. Each course has its own requirements displayed on the same page.

Undergrads students are also invited to apply but only if they have achieved or exceeded the English and academic entry requirements for the course. If there are awarded an undergraduate scholarship, they are ought to successfully complete each year of study so that they will receive the fee waiver. Both graduates and postgraduates have accepted an offer to study a full time taught undergraduate or postgraduate course at Sheffield Hallam University. They must be also self-funding their studies. The students should be able to pay any additional fees if the courses require.

Third, if they accepted an offer to study, they should apply for a scholarship accessing this link http://bit.ly/2tm1hEi by November 1st 2017.

Forth, the students have to send their academic transcripts to transform@portal.shu.ac.uk  by November 1st 2017. The students will be announced if they have been successful within one month of the deadline.

The amount of the scholarship represents a half fee waiver for postgraduate courses and for each year of an undergraduate degree. The students who are successful, after enrollment, will be invited to a scholarship ceremony to celebrate their achievement. The students who are not successful are eligible to receive an automatic discount of at least £1,000. More info about this discount can be found here https://www.shu.ac.uk/international/fees-scholarships-and-discounts/scholarships-discounts-and-bursaries/automatic-discounts-and-bursaries

  1. hie, im a holder of s master\’s degree in Educational psychology and I want to doctoral studies in the same field. I really need a scholarship. I am a Zimbabwean.

  2. I have found what i have been looking for, therefore, i will do all that i can to study and grab this golden opportunity from Sheffield Hallam University . Thanks

  3. Hi my name is mpho I\’m from South Africa I\’m a final year student at unisa studying diploma in Agriculture management, I want to study btech next year and yes I need scholarship

  4. I did my certificate form kenya last year 2017 due to be out of school many time I suppose to join railway institute but my single mother enable to school,kindly I would like to have full scholarship to do pre_university(electrical engineering)I\’humbly request ing a chance I will make it

  5. Thank you for very much for the offer but will there be any chance I could have a full schorlaship to study medicine thank you

  6. Pete,

    kindly thanks for the effort, all are good offers but I am interested in full paid scholarship for PHD students.

  7. Hello, am yamikani maganga from south africa. Currently studying with baptist theological serminary doing honours degree in theology. Am battling with paying the school fees. I would like to know if this scholarship can offer any help to my problem.

  8. I am Ramtrice s. summon, a
    Liberian by birth and naturalization.
    I am interesting in studying at the Sheffield Hallam university. I am environmental researcher who want to get his first bachelor degree at this university. I will be very appreciative to sit at your renounce post for an interview thanks.

  9. Am a student doing registered comprehensive nursing at a diploma level, I wish to upgrade to a bacheror degree but at 100% scholarship at any condition, what should I do to own it up?

  10. Hi. Greatly interested in this scholarship. Am from a humble family and I wish to pursue my academic dreams. I\’ll be appreciative given a full scholarship. Thank you

  11. i am Yasin Mohamed from Somalia i have primary and secondary certificate from Kenya and diploma in secretarial i studied all these under the support of UNHCER and i have being repatriated back into my home country (Somalia) i would like proceed may education into high level but i cant due to financial issues so how may you help me please

    Yasin Mohamed Osman

  12. Hi. I am very gland to meet with you and study but very unfortunate;I do not have money to sponsor my education. Pray for me.Thank you.

  13. Please i would love to know whether there is a full scholarship that will cater for you one all through and the requirement to be meet.

  14. I am shaibu mohammed,I am Nigerian.I will be glad if you grand me a full scholarship in your institution to study Bsc nursing as full time student.This is my contact +2348021333439

  15. I have Master of MBA on Aug 2016 graduate school of management and leadership collaboration with Ashland university USA I need scholarship or visa for DBA regular program.

  16. Am a graduate on higher national diploma in computer science I don\’t known if I can continue on Post graduate diploma to get BSc on computer science

  17. Thanks for the offer, please is there a full paid scholarship or Grant for we those who can not afford to pay but want to be educated….+25529257229

  18. Looking for a full scholarship for my vulnerable brother\’s 19 Year old son , who completed form 6 or A\’level with 17 Points in sciences Mathematics A, Further Maths C, Biology A and Chemistry B. His desire is to do Medicine as an International Student . Currently he got accepted by the local University to study Bachelor of Pharmacy Honors Degree starting August 2017 , due to financial constraints it will be very difficult to , considering the higher demands of the course. Considering a career is a passion and dies with time we appeal for any information on how he can secure a bursary or full scholarship that will enable him to achieve his goal.

  19. I would wish to get a sponsorship to persue my bachelors degree in midwifery while at Aga Khan University Uganda

  20. I really need for your help and support for my study. Its urgent for my life now. Please, Thanks all.

  21. Wow it\’s a great deal I am a student of federal university lokoja Nigeria sturdy ECONOMICS and statistics I will be glad if Sheffield halam university can offer this scholarship.

  22. Dear sir/Madam,I humbly wish to apply for Admission from health care assistants to degree nurse in your institution.Am 29years and completed certificate in health care assistants in 2012 in Ghana at Cape Coast .Thank you in anticipation.Yours faithfully,Fiifi Minta Nyarku.

  23. I am Lina Nazaryar I am from Afghanistan and i don\’t have any supporter.I would like to participate at this scholarship because i have very interested to my lessons and i like to continue my Educations. I hope you that you help me and request my wishes.

  24. Wow this will be a huge breakthrough for me to pay my tuition fee In a software engineering school.I\’ve always had this dream of writing codes for computer programs and other cool apps.I will be very grateful to you if you grant me this immense opportunity.

  25. I need the only full funded scholarship to proceed my postgraduate education in civil engineering , hydraulic structures or water treatment fields since I am from developing country and from very poor family\’s.

  26. I will be studying Bachelor of Education Information Communication Technology- B
    Ed ICT 2018. so am seeking for financial assistance to pay the tuition, which amount to R12,000 a year. Training duration is 3 years in South Africa- Eastern Cape- Grahamstown- Rhodes Varsity

  27. Please i would be glad if you grant me a full scholarship to study nursing in your university as a full time student. I have been home no support and is really making me sad,hope to hear good news from you.+233540658775

  28. Thanks for the offer, please is there a full paid scholarship or Grant for we those who can not afford to pay but want to be educated

  29. Hi,Sir/Madam
    I am Ali Hassan Muse, I am Somalia.I live in Somalia, Mogadishu I am Doctor of Veterinary who have the first degree Bachelor, I have seen the post of SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY of the scholarship,I need to complete the second degree master for Veterinary or Agriculture, I am very appreciate if you offer a chance o attend the scholarship students.

    thank you and Best Regards

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