Tips on How to be a Successful Distance Learning Student

As a distance learning student, you might often find hard to put in balance your occupational, social, and academic lives. The motivation of being an online student differs from that of being an offline student. Henry Ford said once: “Quality means doing it right when no one is watching”. Nothing further from truth! Can you play your role as a student in an online university even if there is no authority to guide you? If your answer does not come as easily as you would have taught, we have some tips for you that will “trigger” the distance learning student within you.

First of all, it is extremely important that you are motivated to learn. Being comfortable at home, inevitably you encounter all kind of distractions. Without your instructor and colleagues to judge your work it might be hard to stay focused on your activity. As we mentioned before, being a student of an online university is different from being an offline student. What is it that you should do to keep your head above? You can set short-term goals with small breaks to keep yourself working steadily. While setting short-term goals is important, do not miss the big picture also. It will be extremely helpful for you to set a long-term goal and achieve it through short-term goals.

Second, take the class seriously. Even though the classes are structured to be flexible, at the end it’s up to you how you will impact your future (not different from a traditional course). Hence, it is best to know which your expectations for the class. Your expectations can be met once you read the course syllabus (usually it is communicated) and dialogue with the instructor before proceeding any further.

Third, decide which kind of learning suits you. Our articles “Ready to be an online student. Part one” and “Ready to be an online student. Part two” might shed a light on your concern. Before jumping to conclusion, it is extremely important to know yourself and your learning style. If you like more being around your colleagues and not only virtually in touch, if you prefer hands-on learning then you should reconsider being an online student.

Forth, it is important to have the appropriate technology. As an online student, you will need to have a strong internet connection and an efficient and personal computer. Otherwise, you will not have the possibility to work organized and efficient.

Share with us and other students your tips on how to be a successful distance learning student and we make sure that our Facebook community will learn them too.

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