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Kaplan University, one of the leading universities in online education, is operating around the globe, teaching students how to meet employers’ demands and needs. Kaplan was founded in 1937 and ever since is offering online and mixed programs in fields as social and behavioral sciences, criminal justice, business, legal studies, education, technology, nursing and many more. Pursuing Kaplan’s programs, students can earn associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

Kaplan is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals offering a wide range of scholarships which could help students undertake online classes at Kaplan. One of the most sought after scholarship at Kaplan is called Every Credit Counts Scholarship dedicated to new students who are enrolling in Kaplan’s undergrads programs.

The Every Credit Counts Scholarship is valued at $500 per-term tuition reduction – $250 per term reduction for those who are undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, holding a maximum value which is $8.500 for those who are undertaking a bachelor’s degree or $4,500 for those who are holding an associate’s degree.

Eligibility criterions for the Every Credit Counts Scholarship

Eligible for this scholarship are the first-time enrollees in an undergrad program at Kaplan. The applicants who are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate’s degrees will be not considered eligible. Also, students have to meet Kaplan’s admission requirements. They can consult the following link http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/admissions/general-admissions-requirements.aspx to see if they meet the mentioned requirements.

In order to be eligible, students must submit the scholarship application prior to or at the time of enrollment. Starting in the first term, students will take a minimum of 2 courses per term and maintain a GPA of 3. For more details about this specific request, students can consult the following link: http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/paying-school/every-credit-counts-scholarship.aspx

Students are not allowed to withdraw from school or delay the starting classes otherwise they will not be considered eligible for the scholarship. Also, students who are completing a program and are immediately re-enrolling to commence another undergrad program are also considered for the Every Credit Counts Scholarship. The Every Credit Counts Scholarship does not have to be repaid and it will be applied directly to the tuition. The scholarship can provide the aid students need helping them save a maximum of $6,000 on a bachelor’s degree.

Even though the process of securing a scholarship is fast and transparent, it does not mean that every applicant is eligible to receive it. However, before submitting their scholarship applications, students are required to fully read the application requirements for Kaplan and submit their paperwork on time. The university will notify the winners before the classes will begin. Even though Kaplan is offering a scholarship per student, other candidates have the chance to be funded also. One Kaplan scholarship can be combined with an outside scholarship and/ or financial aid. Students can consult the following link to search for outside scholarships: http://www.kaplanuniversity.edu/paying-school/tuition-scholarships.aspx.

  1. Am a Ugandan with diploma in accounting and finance, can I identify a course of bachelor of science in accounting and finance and get a scholarship. Your support is my pride

  2. Hi, I am Ali from Papua New Guinea and currently I am a online student and wish to apply for this scholarship but cant find the link to the application. Can you please advise how to find the link?.

    Kind Regards
    Ali Kapipi
    Papua New Guinea

  3. Good morning!
    i am Elizabeth, i need a scholarship to study Economics management as an undergraduate

  4. please i will like to ask if i can pursue masters in Graphic Design and beside the necessary procedure to attain it.

  5. I will be very appreciative, if I can get a sponsorship to study at the Kaplan university as it relates to the medical to be specific surgeon.
    I\’m a resent high school graduate, I\’m from Liberia.

  6. this sounds great how to aquire schoolarship forms so that i can apply .i need schoolarship for dental therapist or dental assisting .i would like to use this chance am from zimbabwe i have my Ordinary level and Advanced level certificates .due to low financal muscle of our family i cant continue with ma univesity .yo help will be highly apperiated

  7. I am Nakirya Caroline. I need a schoralshi. I want to study a bacherol degree in Human nutrition and dietetics. Am really waiting for your positive reply. Thank you.

  8. I am a poor student. My father his a poor man. He cannot bear to my pocket money. I want to scholarship and visa for

  9. looking for a scholarship to study a bachelor degree in france, for sociology i got my admission letter but having problems finding scholarships

  10. I had my bsc administration accounting option and had admission to pursue msc finance and accounting and about13000euro for the course if I can sponsored to offer the course at Rotterdam university at netherlands.

  11. I\’m looking for a scholarship,I\’m doing my bachelor degree in chemical engineering in Cameroon and having difficulties in paying my school fees.I will be so grateful if you help me out.

  12. I am more than happy to receive this message and prayed that my dream and aspiration can come to reality. My interest is to read and study criminal justice and concentrate in homeland security, but at the master\’s level because i\’m already a bachelor degree holder in criminal justice. May God bless you for the great offer and opportunity to be a part of this wonderful new generation to benefit from your distance learning.

  13. I am glad for the response, however for me i already hold a Bachelors Degree so i need sponsorship for higher qualifications.

  14. I am interested in enrolling in Bachelors degree at Kaplan University but i can not afford the tuition.

  15. Am very glad to have such great news but I would like to introduce myself to you am by name Wuor puot wech from S Sudan I finished my last secondary class on March this year and thank you indeed for more information you will find on this phone number ±256787824511.

  16. I am khalid.21 years old boy.i want to study this university.i want scholarships to study this university.i want to be the honour of the university.

  17. my name is tadiwos tilahun from Ethiopia i am undergraduate student to develop my knowledge and experience in the your university

  18. hello,hope you are doing well,am glad for the response and concern,the answer about the tution I need is less than $8500 to complete the degree am under taking,i need $4500 to fully get done with my degree,thank you

  19. I am looking for a scholarship, am doing bachelors in nursing and midwifery ,in Malawi but have got difficulties in school fees payment

  20. Hi
    I am very happy to hear the good news of the scholarship, it is enough to study my first license in Aviation industry ppl,
    Thanks and God bless
    Rgds Robert
    Nairobi, kenya

  21. I would like to Study Bachelor of Science in Communication, Thank you Mr. David for sending me such important information !

  22. Thank you for your consideration, I have already got my
    Bachelor degree, I am searching for the Master, Please assistf me

  23. I have no finances, how may you help me? I have a grade 12certificate, psychosocial counselling certificate.

  24. I\’m a struggling child in Africa where education is limited and my parents don\’t have jobs please help me please

  25. Yes that enough for me for the firstly term if there is changes I would also like to contact you .thank you for each and everything that you doing because of me

  26. My name is Isabelle Miyanda, am a Zambian citizen, iam a girl age of 19.I completed my high school in 2015 but I haven\’t yet done any studies due to financial problems, my aunt used to pay for my high school , now she\’s unable to pay for my studies… I applied at university within our country for Bachelor of business administration they accepted me. But I haven\’t yet started because am unable to pay the fees.. To get this opportunity will be helpful to me and my siblings. Your help will be highly appreciated thank you.

  27. I am from Nepal. I need scholarship for the study of BACHLOR IN MEDICINE AND BACHLOR OF SURGERY in Nepal. I appreciate for your further reply.

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