Develop your skills in educational administration, planning and policy – the H. Humphrey Fellowship (USA)

International professionals from various fields of development now have the opportunity to apply for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program in the United States of America.
Implemented in 1978 by the then Vice President and mainly funded by the U.S. Congress, the program was designed for those with a potential for leadership and commitment to public service.Although it is considered a non-degree program, the Fellowship is a great platform for knowledge exchange between foreigners and American peers, English skills improvement through intensive language courses, and field-related studying.

Through conferences, networking meetings, seminars and workshops, students expand their perspectives on their work and on global issues. The program also consists of a seminar in which students discuss the issues of their region, learn more about the US society and culture, and attending the Washington Global Leadership Forum.

One of the program fields is that of Educational Administration, Planning and Policy , designed for individuals who are involved in education in terms of learning techniques, policy making, program design and adult learning, and so forth. Teachers can also be included in this group, as long as some of their responsibilities fit in the areas above and are not exclusively focused on academics.

Those accepted will be assigned to diverse groups best fitting their interests and professional fields, at one of the program’s fourteen partner universities throughout the United States. The list includes Cornell University, Emory University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and others of this calibre, all chosen for their excellence in specific fields.
Note that, although candidates will study in their own fields, the choice of university will be strictly made by the Fellowship.

Number of fellowships and coverage

  • 200 fellowships are awarded every year
  • The following costs will be covered for the entire duration of the Fellowship (approximately ten months) : tuition at the assigned host university, English language training if required, living costs, accident and sickness coverage, air travel, a one-time computer subsidy, a book allowance, a professional development allowance for activities such as field trips, visits, and conferences.


The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is open to professionals from all over the globe which are rigorously analyzed during the application process, both at a national and international level.

More details about these screenings can be found below so make sure you check it carefully:

At a professional level, applicants must have a minimum of five years experience (full-time) and a record of public service in their native community. It is recommended that the students would have a limited or no prior experience in the United States. In addition, all candidates should have English language abilities and an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s). If needed, additional language courses will be provided during the duration of the program.


  • 1st of October 2017 for the program Apr-September 2018

Countries and regions for applications: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/participating-countries-region

Educational administration program field : https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/program-fields

Host universities: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/host-universities

  1. it might be good if experiance not required for other countries, becouse it is tough for us to get 5 years experiance.

  2. All a great opportunity for those that do the painstaking research, the good of all, i only hope to join in the struggle with what i have already archived.

  3. Am really intrested in international business orMBA /IT..but i come from a very poor third world country and cant afford to pay for anything at the moment..iam kindly requesting for a bursary for my studies

  4. i\’m really interested in health studies(Bpharm) so i need a fanancial aid in the form of a bursary for my studies

  5. I really want to study finance&accouting if u wish That I\’ll become agood accountant as my dream shifting Me to aboard country
    Thank u

  6. I\’m glad to see this publication. I am an NCE holder, I read Biology and Chemistry and also have advanced certificate in Child Evangelism. I have been teaching for the past 10years. Recently, i am an instructor and Area supervisor with Children Evangelism Ministry Inc; in Abuja, Nigeria. It is an interdenominational organization. Non-sectarian Christain Missionary Organisation, fully committed to the total development and welfare of the child. With the help of my team, we have been able to train and develop a lot of children teachers, parents, pastors, proprietors and proprietress etc.
    The aim is to correct the negeligence of the child in our homes, churches, and Society at large.
    CEM vision is that children be reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ by trained Christians. Proverbs 22:6 says; Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.
    I will love to enroll in the Humphrey Fellowship Program, under Public Health, in Substance Abuse Education. Social Works and Conselling. I want to develop my skills in training and leadership. And also share my experience in the field. Thank you.

  7. I\’m glad to see this publication. I am an NCE holder, I read Biology and Chemistry and also have advanced certificate in Child Evangelism. I have been teaching for the past 10years. Recently, i am an instructor and Area supervisor with Children Evangelism Ministry Inc; in Abuja, Nigeria. It is an interdenominational organization. Non-sectarian Christain Missionary Organisation, fully committed to the total development and welfare of the child. With the help of my team, we have been able to train and develop a lot of children teachers, parents, pastors, proprietors and proprietress etc.
    The aim is to correct the negeligence of the child in our homes, churches, and Society at large.
    CEM vision is that children be reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ by trained Christians. Proverbs 22:6 says; Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.
    I will love to enroll in the Humphrey Fellowship Program, under Public Health, in Substance Abuse Education. Social Works and Conselling. I want to develop my skills in training and leadership. And also share my experience in the field. Thank you.

  8. hello i am so happy for the grands but i cant afford the ticket to go to abroad.so please can you roll me to one of kenyan colladges becouse am at kenya.and guide me on how am i going to learn.

  9. Thanks a lot, I\’m really interested for the scholarship and I will appreciate it if I will be admitted into your institution. Thanks……!!!

  10. thanks for theses messages.so ,I\’ve bachelor degree in biochemistry,i\’ve finished my studies in 2016,i\’ll be gratefull if i \’ll do my master degree in your institution.but i don\’t have money because my parents haven\’t money

  11. Yes I accept the offer.

    I am Angella David from Uganda, a certificate holder in medical laboratory techniques. With a 5 years working skills. I humbly request the H.humphrey felloship to kindly support me interms of finance to pursue my diploma in medical laboratory techniques as its a forth attempt now requesting for the support

    Looking forward for positive response and the application form sent.


  12. Yes. I am Angella David from Uganda, a certificate holder in medical laboratory techniques. I would like to request the H.Humphrey fellowship (USA) for your humble financial to support me pursue my diploma in medical laboratory. Looking forward for the application form.


  13. i am in grade 10 my majors are mathematics ,chemistry and biology it is also helpful so i need that skills that is going to be added to what i knew. thank you

  14. Thanks for this opportunity,for me i want to join with you in plant pathology.
    I\’m Bsc in crop production from national university of Rwanda.I want to continue my studies through this opportunity so i need the application form.Thank you

  15. Hi sir/madame
    I just graduated from secondary school in cameroon and i like to grap the chance to follow my studies via this skill job garantee thank

  16. Hi I hold diploma in agro forestry in uganda that I got amidst heavy war in north eastern uganda which was run by the lords resistance army rebels .now I have nothing completely to run through my studies if given this chance I would like to study forestry in this opportunity

  17. Thanks for the information.I really want to study theology if I would get financial support.I have Diploma in theology and I want to increase my study in Theology and Community Development but iam an able by myself.May God open a door for me through your good fellowship!!!

  18. I am very much interested to your fellowships, I am holder of a diploma in electrical engineering and I want to add skills and knowledge in my course of study.

  19. I really want to pursue a degree in Medicine and I don\’t have adequate funds.I\’d love to study abroad most especially….I scored an A- in my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
    Please help.

  20. I have been trying to get done with my academic issues, I have a certificate in financial accounting and currently am studying a diploma in agriculture in general. I need a financial support to start a bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics.

  21. I have a passion to do medicine since I was a child, I\’d love to be granted a scholarship and I won´t let you down.

  22. I need the program because our communities and the country as a whole need to see improvement in the percentage of students who are lucky to pass year in year out is very small in all subjects especially in math ,English and the sciences. I really need this program for April- September 2018.

  23. since from early age having desire, looking myself up i wanna study law. i passed grade 12 with bachelor exemption but due to financial status i am currently studying no where. with due humble and heart felt i would like you to fund me so that i can further up my studies

    looking forward to hear from you.

    thank you.

  24. i am Aynias Seid from Ethiopia. i am looking for a scholarship from your website and if i get a chance i would like to study human genetics at Phd level

  25. Muti Bright stars primary school is a rural school catering for educational needs of the disadvantaged folk.It started operating in 2010 as private school.currently it has a population of around 300 learners and employing 12 teachers ,2cooks and 1accountant.As a rural school we are proud of outstanding academic achievements of pupils in national examinations.However,we are experiencing multiple challenges like failure of some of our best candidates to continue secondary education.what is disheartening is that some of these youngsters are forced into early marriages and others in child labour.while at school we lack safe water and some learners attend afternoon classes without lunch.we encourage sports activities but still lack sufficient facilities.Majority of our learners walk long distances barefooted to and fro.The list of challenges is endless to mention but a few.Muti bright stars primary school\’s main source of income is parents termly contributions which is paid in bits and some completely fail to honour their contribution.The is also granting free education to orphan kids.Therefore its against this background that the management of the school is seeking donors/grants to fulfill its academic programs.on behalf of the school I appreciate in advance all who will feel touched to render a hand in uplifting the welfare of muti brightstars primary school .The school management is willing to send photographs of its structures and it\’s operatioal activities.once again thank you for getting concerned in rendering a hand to mutibright stars whose school Moto is \

  26. This is a wonderful initiative and will be very grateful to be part of such a philanthropic gesture by US. I can\’t waiting to apply for the benefit of the nation.

  27. Hello. Thank you very much for sch notifications. I would like to study masters in public health and relations, Please need you help.

  28. Hello. My name is Bulelwa I live in Johannesburg, I need money for school as next year I will be at tertiary institution and my both parents are not working. I am interested in political sciences.

  29. many thanks for that interesting program for humanity.i would like to offer me a formula to fill in.Thank you!

  30. I really interesting in this program, but I don\’t have hand now.how can I get it now am in Africa I want to sturdy computer I have more experience in it . please send the form.

  31. Hello…am Mary i want to pursue my degree in aviation management..am really in need of your help in paying of school fees…Thank you

  32. i truly want to further my education in the United States, but i have financial challenge. please i need help!

  33. Hello, i am interested in the scholarship for Master in Business Administration. Please i want to ask if your scholarship is fully funded for African students? Thank you.

  34. I have been seven years in teaching in primary school and done Bachelor in Education. Now i need to under go master in education administrative and planing programme. So please help me with fellowship offer in free of cost. I am from Bhutan

  35. Integral Scholarship Application
    I, seco secodjalo, resident of Bissau, Guinea Bissau, I hereby declare that at the moment I am in unfavorable financial conditions to bear the expenses of the course
    I hereby request you to examine the possibility of granting a full scholarship so that I may attend the referred course mentioned above, free of any monthly fee or installment in front of this university.
    Without further ado I\’m on the lookout for your response, thank you.

    Bissau, 08/08/2017
    Dry djalo
    Email: djaloseco2@gmail.com

  36. Solicitud de Bolsa Integral
    Yo, djalo, residente de Bissau, país Guinea Bissau, vengo a declarar que en el momento me encuentro en condiciones financieras desfavorables para cubrir los gastos del: curso
    Le vengo a Vuestra Señoría, solicitar que examine la posibilidad de la concesión de una beca integral para que yo venga a cursar el referido curso señalado por mí arriba, exento de cualquier tasa o parcela mensual frente a esta universidad.
    Sin más asunto estoy en la espectativa de tu respuesta gracias

    Bissau, 08/08/2017
    Correo electrónico: djaloseco2@gmail.com

  37. I really don\’t get what is happening here. Though its interesting I still don\’t understand how I got invovled. Can someone please clearify.

  38. Please am not yet done with my bachelor degree, I will be done next year may, so please can prompt me on any offer next year. Thank you

  39. Hello my name is Mercy I really want to go back to school but I don\’t have money please I need your help thanks

  40. Hello,I would like to study Information Technology(IT),how am I going to do about it.Please Email me for any necessary information.

  41. I am yohannes alelign.I live in Ethiopia in Africa.I wants to study at international university but my parents are poor,they can\’t pay anything.

  42. my name is Burhani Mahmoud Amiri living in Tanzania I will be happy once if I will get a chance to study abroad… indeed my family not able to study more therefore just help me

  43. Thanks for give me this chance. Please help me I can\’t attend or continue to degree in this situation because of not good salary I help my mom I pay for school transport and copy so many reason .so please please help me know !!!!!!God bless you and families!!!!!!!

  44. Please I need assistant to continue with my education in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

  45. am very happy to be part of university i will use this opportunity in order to develop my skills and my carrier
    thank you so much be blessed

  46. Thanks for this information. How do I register? Go for the form at the embassy or apply through any of the institutions?
    Anthony Dey K.

  47. My name is Sabe Phelakho and I am in Grade 12.I need help financially so that I can further my studies because Only my mom supports me and the worst part is that she is currently unemployed.

  48. Iam Siphiwe mathibela i live in Limpopo province i passed my metric on 2016 i am desparately need your scholarship

  49. Dear i am birhanu tamirat from Ethiopia which is found in eastern Africa under developed country. Just i hold my First degree in veterinary science (DVM). i have great financial problem which faced me challenge. I need further study MSc in veterinary public health, microbiology, veterinary epidemiology and other related course. Please help me i need full scholarship. I was applied last time. Please tell me dear

  50. Hi !I always dreamed of studying in the USA.How to apply for that scholarship.I want to continue my studies there

  51. I confirm the request and I wish to know how can I reach over there is there any document I have to fill?

  52. I\’m a Ugandan whose interested in computer science studies on a full scholarship and I\’m so pleased that I have got a chance to get in tourch with is Organization .
    Hope I will positively be considered.
    Thank you alot

  53. My name is Abdu Ebrahim. I\’m from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in accounting and finance from Wollo university but now I\’m hoping to accomplish my MSc by using the opportunity you provided. thank you!


  55. Hi my name is gloria .from Pretoria curently studying for the second semester and I would highly appreciate sponsor for funding

  56. thank you i come from uganda an African state would love to embark on this course if am to be considered. i have a first class diploma in early childhood education and development from Ndejje University in Uganda. thank you.

  57. .Thank you for the message i received. I would like to study Human resssource Management. Could you please send me the application form so that i can register?

  58. hay My name is Akegge am i have been searching for means and or sponsor to complete my education program, lost my mother 10 years ago and my Dad is on retirement for 11 years now and his allowance cant sponsor me also i have applied to many program but ……… i pray this meets my needs to round up my education and make an impact in my chosen career (Healthcare)

  59. Hello, I am 31years old, I have masters in nursing, Critical care and trauma track , I would like to do PHD. I am interested in road traffic accident, Non communicable diseases, pregnant woman and children.

    Best regards

  60. Thanks for the offer it\’s a great opportunity to pursue The Educational Administration course. I live in Zambia.

  61. Thanks a lot for the information,because l have lose hope in going back to school since my dad died and mt mom never got a work so please l will be glad if u can send me the application form.

  62. I would really be glad if I\’m granted such an opportunity, because it\’s a dream I\’ve been yearning for but due to my financial instability and i\’m not that opportune to such programs in enhancing and ensuring my desires for education………

  63. Thanks for the opportunity but I would like to obtain Master of philosophy in English Language since I am studying BED in English Language. Thank you

  64. YES
    Indeed you really have wonderful programs. want to find out more if you do offer AGRICULTURE PROGRAMS at masters level. Already have the first degree in BA and ENTER.
    l desire to pursue a post graduate degree in Agriculture.

    Sichali S.

  65. I will be happy if i can be given a scholarship. I am Zambian citizen living in makululu, kabwe. my names are chalwe nyangu my parents are running a business of k2000 income and they can\’t afford to take me to college. I have good results and wanting to study computer science because computers has been my passion since childhood. thanks may God bless you all.

  66. Since 2011 after my graduation, I have always wanted to go school. Due to the lack of financial support, I am always on the strive for Scholarship. I am a Scholar, studying Electrical Engineering at the University of LIberia.

    Due to the Government\’s Inability to provide profound and quality Education for Students in Liberia, it is a plesure making this post for possible Educational Assistance well meaningful in and outside Liberia.

  67. Wow! It is great chance for me! I have Bachelor Degree and wish to study MA program. Please send me an application form as soon as possible.

  68. a wanna do bachelor\’s of science in applied Information Technology .
    So am kindly requesting for a scholarship in Uganda

  69. Thanks for the opportunity, I really want to be part of this program. I want to learn and help my country Liberia. I hope am part

  70. Thank you, i need an lecture scholarship for teaching English, mathematic and engineering science or (electrical engineering ) in tertiary. I have grade 12 and N4 certificate in electrical engineering heavy current .

  71. I need to continue with mystudies.I\’m an undergraduate in economics and management,now I want to upgrade in a master degree in administration,but I don\’t have money.I realy need your help pleas.thank you.

  72. Oh this is a great opportunity to study. I am really interested please send me application form. Can I also get a fully funded scholarship to pursue my postgraduate course.

  73. Am a student in the the University of Education Ghana, but cannot afford the fees. I need help to enable me pay my fees. Thanks

  74. Hi morning, My name is monaheng maqelepo, live in ladybrand free state and I passed my matric in 2015 so I don\’t have money to study supervisory management courses so please I need help of money to study. My parents passed away in 2008 I was in primary grade 6 when my parents died. I need help of scholarship to study.

  75. Hi morning, My name is monaheng maqelepo, live in ladybrand free state and I passed my matric in 2015 so I don\’t have money to study supervisory management courses so please I need help of money to study. My parents passed away in 2008 I was in primary grade 6 when my parents died.

  76. This is a great opportunity given more especially to up lift the less privilege in the world indeed is good idea thanks for that this is a welcome development.

  77. tks for this informations, i interested ,please send me the applications from, i licentiousness in Agronomy…

  78. I\’m very interested with this scholarship and I want to study Business Administration in any university that provide full scholarship

  79. yes, I need a full scholarship, I am in Somalia, I the oldest one of eleven children and I the only one who completed the degree program in my tribe I want to develop my life, family, and my peoples future.

  80. Am Elijah from Kenya, am I need of this scholarship. Any assistance accorded to me is of great help

  81. my is suphiani i live in Tanzania.I like to study bachelor of science in oil and gas engineering also i need scholarship

  82. Thanks a lot for the information, am really interested.Please send me the application form so that i can full it in thanks
    Benjamin B. Togbah

  83. hello my name is margo jammeh I really need to go back to school cause I am from a very poor background so i need help to have a good education

  84. My name is Varfee Dulleh.I live in monrovia with my father.i like this program and i would like to register

  85. Thank you very much H.Humphrey Fellowship for the notification .
    I would like to be amongst the fellows , but I am not an undergraduate student . Can I still apply.

  86. Hello ! I have Bachelor in nutrition and food science(Agriculture), would you mind help me? I need the application.

  87. Thanks for the information am really inspired and I would really appreciate it I\’m given a full schorlaship to study businesses administration.

  88. Hello,
    Its quite interesting but i wish to know what is the main aim of this fellowship and what are the different courses offerred by these universities listed.
    I also wish to know whether these universities offer scholarships.

  89. Hi,
    Am interested in this fellowship but i really wish to know the main aim of this fellowship. And i also wish to know what courses it offers.

  90. I still have more intrest especially at field of Urban and regional planning . So please give me guide also support .

  91. Iam very interested with fellowship,would you please consider me for the full bursary.I want to study shiping and logistics if you are offering

  92. Its a good program i would like to pursue but couldn\’t understand what i will be covering in terms of fees and others, and i would like to know what will the collage/university covers for me.

    Thank s

  93. You are a full of information, I would like to describe my idea!!! 1st of all I appreciate to you incase of I have get many information and knowledge from your university !!!!!!!

  94. I thanks for participated me in this great opportunities to pursue my Bachelor of education in special Education at University of Zambia. therefore, l am in glad to heard from you that you have accepted me to earn the scholarship.

  95. hi. i am Benson G Beah. i am a liberian and a high school graduate. how can i apply for this scholarship.
    i really want to study but no money available now.
    please help me apply.

  96. I would like to further my studies in order to accomplish my dreams in life,hence this will help me be an independent person nd will bring good reputation in the society I live in.

  97. thanks very much for this info
    i have big dreams in my life to achieve for the sake of my country somalia and for my mother, who works hard day and night so i can achieve my goals
    i would like to take this opportunity
    thanks very much
    yours sencierly

  98. I want to study by online because of I don\’t have money to study university I graduated in my school 2014 so that please give me scholarship

  99. Greetings in Jesus Name i would like to know H.HUMPHREY FELLOWSHIP can help me to continue my studies cos i have completed my bachelor degree in accounting so i need to know if they can allow me to continue even though it will be a training if yes plz send me the form to fill.may God bless

  100. Thanks for the information.
    I would really like to study with you.Please send me the application form at my email.I would really appreciate it if you get back at me.

  101. Please I have gotten admission in Kwame Nkrumah university of science and technology and it is in Ghana so am pleading that whether I can get a scholarship from you so that I can study there because of financial problems

  102. My name is Fezile Nozipho Mantengu am doing bachelor of education at University of South Africa (UNISA) I don\’t have both parents n I don\’t have enough money to pay my studies I need yr help please.thanks

  103. I am from Ethiopia. I am a teacher and I want that grant. Please give me the access!

    Thank you for the information!

  104. Thank you very much for giving the formation. I am really interested in thia opportunity. How I can apply scholarship for PhD (Education ) Degree.
    Thanks a lot;

  105. I\’m a Pastor working with one of the Evangelistic ministries in Kenya(CRFC) with more than 3,000 church members spread in 22 congregations allover the nation.can I be illegible for this program since I deal with leadership issues.I have higher Dip.in theologytheology.

  106. As far as this program is concerned;I like it very much but how can i trust in it? talk to me through youur embassy in my country Guinea,surely I will get no dout to be with you.
    yours leno Faya Moussa

  107. Thank you so much for the information that got my hopes raised for a better future to be of much better importance to my country. i would really appreciate if the form is sent to me as well . thank you

  108. hey there, i would love to come and learn in your institution so that if u find free scholarship for me.. thank you!

  109. Hi from Ethiopia I have family in American and have dream to study n America if i get cheaper study course so please I need full information concerning me

  110. Hi my name is Areziriss Mendes am from The Gambia I graduated in the year 2016,as a science student but due to lack of support I couldn\’t further my education,and I really need your help in order to further my education I always wanted to study medicine please I really need your help……. My contacts are +2203443710 or +2209117935 thanks.

  111. Thanks a lot for the information, am really interested.I want to study a fully funded Masters in mass communication.

  112. Hello my is Atef Elbendary I`m live at Cairo, Egypt, I need help I need to back to school my problem I don’t have money to pay at college my field of study is in plasma physics and nanotechnology, I really need this scholarship to continue my education in college in a different country. Please send me the application forms. Thanks for your kind help

  113. Iam accountat level 4or deploma geratuation and 3years expreanse from omo micro finace campany but am very interaseted Accounting degree program study please help me

  114. I was graduated from addis ababa university,ethiopia, with B.A degree in psychology,I would be happy be happy to study if you give me scholar ship in post graduate study.Thanks in advance

  115. My aim is traveling to the USA to achieve my dream of being a famous painter because my country doesn\’t care about this kind of art, so my hope is to get this opportunity.

  116. Am nelson mwongela in kenya ,willing to advance to professional engineer in automotive engineering which stopped due to finance

  117. My desire is to be part of the team that contributes to change in a positive and sustainable manner and I view this programme as an avenue for development of such a cadre. I have been working as a volunteer staff in a community based organisation advocating for improved well-being of children with particular focus on education. The organisation does 60% policy engagement and 40% service delivery. I only have Diploma in Rural and Urban Management but must attain the highest level of education. I am constrained financially.
    I therefore regard Humphrey Fellowship as an opportunity to further my aspirations.
    Thank you.

  118. I really need this scholarship to continue my education in college in a different country. Please send me the application forms

  119. Thank u very much for the information. I am grateful but I want to study medicine and be a trained nurse, please I want to know if it is allowed in this platform? If yes plz send me the aplication form thank u.

  120. i have Bachelor Degree in Social Development but i don\’t have schools fees for Master. my dream is to keep on my studies in order to help my country Burundi as many youth are not creative. i wish Masters Degree in International Development.


  121. Tnks alot for d information , am so interested but I want to study medicine, is it allowed in dis platform? If yes please send me the Application form tank u.

  122. My name is Musa jobe ,I have recently completed my senior secondary school education career in the area of science in 2013 .in that very academic year opened completion I joined the Gambia college school of education as mathematics and science specialist. I am truly interested in overseas study to increase my level of experience. I will highly be obliged if given this opportunity .thank you for your usual cooperation

  123. Hey my man is Dennis Nyalungu from Mpumalanga province at Acornhoek city. I\’m currently studying at University of Mpumalanga, I have no funds to pay for my tuition fees. I\’m asking for funding in any form, so that I can continue with my studies.


  124. Hi am Silpa Apiyo Opudo from Kenya. I apply for Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program in the United States of America. I am a nutritionist by profession.I have a bachelor degree in Nutrition with second class honours upper division from great lakes university of Kisumu (Kenya). I have 5years work experience. I have worked with Kenya Medical Research Institute and Centre for Disease Control (KEMRI/CDC) as a nutritionist officer under HIV/AIDS and TB section where u managed malnutrition ( both undernutrition and overnutrition) among children in the ward and in the community. I have also worked with Integrated Child AIDS Program (ICAP) as a nutritionist officer under HIV/AIDS section where I managed malnutrition (both undernutrition and overnutrition) among children, adolescents and adults in the community and at Nyangoma sub county hospital in Kisumu county (Kenya). I speak fluent English. I have been speaking in English since primary school and secondary school and university. Most subjects in primary, secondary and university are taught in English and English is also taught as a subject and exams are set to asses our English knowledge. English is an official language spoken at our work place.I have leadership skills. I was a class representative (leader) in secondary school as well as in university. I have never been in the United States of America. I would like to attend the Hubert Humphrey Fellow Program in the United States of America. Am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely. Silpa Apiyo Opudo

  125. This the right way to help those students who does\’nt finish thier courses or can\’t continue its because of lack of money to avail the tuition.

  126. Hello I am Gloria Mpuhwe Shima I would like that you help me with a funded scholarship in the field of dentistry or food sciences ! I am looking forward hearing from you!

  127. hi my name is Victor nxumalo from kzn, Newcastle. I am looking for a trade sponsor ship, i did semi skilled and I was hoping to do a full trade in mechanical fitting and I have n4 In mechanical fitting. if anyone is willing to help you can contact me on 0712084378/ svnxumalo43@gmail.com

  128. I\’m Emmanuel Di Herbert and I\’m studying civil engineering at William V.S. Tubman University in Liberia. I\’m kindly asking you to please assist me in the process so that I can complete my learning successfully and at the end transform my country and the world at large.

  129. Thanks for paying attention
    I accept this grant but I hope to be for the next academic year in this period and until the beginning of next year 2018 I have arranged some special things until I be free to study

  130. I am a tertiary student and have taught for five years in a private institute and I am currently offering educational psychology in science and mathematics. I would love to pursue this program if given the opportunity thank you

  131. Hope it is true am in of upgrading but in animal health and production but I don\’t have tuition. Thanks for the great opportunity

  132. Thanks for your information, i will like to study bachelor of special need education if you can offer the sponsorship, currently am doing it from my country but i really need a scholarship.

  133. iam somali studant who live in somalia and have not oppartunity to get university because my both father and mother they are not able to pay the money that is why i want the full scholarship
    and i so a studant who like to continue his education and knowledge

    please i want to to accept my application
    and contact me as soon as possible my email
    phone: 2520634163846

  134. I would be grateful if your organization could kindly help me to Persuing my studies through your support..thank you

  135. I would be happy if I could grab these opportunities, since I cannot effort to continue my studies due to financial problem, therefore I would be appreciate if you could give me these opportunities to continue my studies. Thank you

  136. I\’m very much interested in continuing my studies, but my family didn\’t effort me to continue my studies, therefore I would be appreciate if you could kindly approve me to continue my studies through your supports. Thank you.

  137. am a widow i need help to suppost my 2kids i earn 120dolllrs per month and its hard for to handle tuition

  138. he\’ll my name is Thabiso mere and I\’m leaving in north West. I need money to go and study next year I\’m doing grade 12 right now

  139. Hello my names tuyishime florence from Rwanda central Africa ,of course I want to continue my studies , but I don\’t have any money ,because my parents who can care me already died , even to get 1$ for me it\’s hard . I really wish I will get this opportunity . Thanks

  140. iam Vincent mulenga from zambia and i have not done any course since i completed school in 2013 due to luck of finance and i would love if you can help me in anyways.

  141. I appreciate to be granted with this program, and I am ready to attend as long as you guide me so as to develop my carrier.

  142. I don\’t have any idea about educational administration. I just completed senior high school this year. I offered general Science. I am dreaming to obtain a degree in medicine to become a dentist. My little knowledge about dentist is to take care of human who are suffering from tooth decay.
    I hoping to get your support to further my education at the university in your country

  143. I want to come for studies. I\’m à catholic priest with 15years of expérience in gradins different People for develpement.

  144. Im interested …lost ma single parent so im goin thru financial instability with siblings to take care of ..currently i have a diploma in nursing but not employed …

    Hope my worry will receive favourable consideration and response

  145. I am ALADE have graduated from department of mathematics and statistics in Nigeria and I also went to Rlg university in Ghana but durning that time my still learning handwork (carpenter work) and came to Nigeria to come and collect federal certificate in carpenter work but upon that nothing come out,please if you can help me continue my live I we great to you.

  146. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to upgrade ourselves most especially the underprivileged from the less developed countries of Africa.
    personally am most obliged and Will be thankful for being given the Education Scholarship which will help to improve the lives of the vulnerable Youths in my home country Uganda.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  147. I appreciate the offer and I will like apply for the scholarship but I want to know whether they will sponsor me in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

  148. i hope this page is very important for all people more the poor countris people are want this oppportunity , i think after this opoortunity the gain of this chance it is very improvig the knowladge and thinking for us and for county& peoples then after the change of thinking in our world so i want to this opportunity for all thanks

  149. I will be very happy when giving this opportunity to enroll in this educational found and promised to put in all efforts to became successful and raise the name of the institution high

  150. Hi,
    How do i get the application form? are you sending it or through your embassy in our country?
    please confirm soon.
    Thanks & God bless.

  151. I am very honoured with the oppotunity but i like to do Financial accounting Diploma as I have passed my MAtric long time ago but I could further my studies becoz of financial constrain .

  152. Dear management,
    Please i would like you to get for me that scholarship,grants/bursaries for my studies in USA.I would like to begin this year in October 2017 under your guidance or even earlier depending on your programs. i would like to do public policy Analysis and public administration, or Higher education administration.
    Hoping to hear from you and i will be able to reach you soon.
    Yours in Christ,
    Caesar Alengo

  153. Please let me be considered in the list of the applicants for the year 2018 in the bachelor of educational planning and policy courses.

  154. hello !am realy happy to be one of member.because we are important,i need to be educate.thanks
    have best time

  155. Its really a supportive program . thanks to the directors for such an innovation.
    And I know with this programe , am 100% sure to extend my academics thus making me a good future leader after equiping me with yo knoweledge.
    Am looking forward to having see you helping me achieve my dreams

  156. Hi,
    Where is the registration form, are to go your embassy office in our country? pls. confirm soon.

  157. Am so pleased to get this long a awaited opportunity to reach out to my fellow believers.
    Am more than ready to join you.

  158. I would like to study PhD in curriculum studies ,so please link me to any university that offers that program and scholarships as well, so that I will be able to go through. Thank you

  159. Having this scholarship will be a very great opportunity for me to have a higher education in life .Thanks for and waiting to get the final admission from your office.

  160. I\’m doing this with all my trust and belief that it will work. I need a program in medicine for the first intake in the year 2019.

  161. I\’m Obed and it\’s great to be sponsored when you have dreams but no support to help you materialize it.

  162. I have interest in this program. Please give me the form to fill. God bless you for a kind offer like this.

  163. I do need this offer as I passed my matric last year with bachelor,i need to further my studies at Mangosuthu University of Technology.

  164. I am very enjoyed with this program and I need to learn Msc in **DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS** but I haven\’t money

  165. My name is john mwegga.im a Radiographer working in Tanzania.I want to advance my career.i want to take Bsc in Radiography,can I be assisted please.

  166. Dear: sir/madam
    My name\’s Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I from somalia in mogadisho
    I want this course in full scholarship
    Please request me sir/madam.

  167. I am so much interested in this scholarship. I have a distinction degree in journalism and a diploma in Administration. It is my sincere wish to pursue a masters degree since am so passionate with career development as a young woman

  168. Hi am Enoch from Ghana seeking to develop my self to help eradicate poverty in my region and my country as well

  169. I am really interested in this scholarship. I am a cameroonian
    Pls I really need financial assistance to study in the university

  170. Hi it is Mohammad Zaki from Afghanistan I have been looking for a full scholarship for two years if any one can hellp me to find a scholarship it would be my pleasure.
    Thank you

  171. Hi, I am youth and I have been engaged in community empowerment campaign since 2005. I hope this platform will help to enhance the wider network as well as capacity building. So, highly interested to participate……how to apply?????