International Merit Scholarships at Dominican University of California

Located in San Rafael, California, the Dominican University of California is a non-profit university founded in 1890 by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael. The university is currently offering scholarships to International undergraduate students admitted for the fall 2017 and spring 2018 academic year. The university is distributing the scholarships as it follows based on the GPA Requirement:

1. Trustee Scholarship where an amount of $12.000 per year is offered to a student who possesses a minimum of 3.50 GPA.

2. Presidential Scholarship where an amount of $10.000 per year is offered to a student who possesses a GPA between 3.00 and 3.49.

3. Deans Scholarship where an amount of $8.000 per year is offered to a student who possesses a GPA between 2.50 and 2.99.

Annual scholarship amounts are distributed in half between fall and spring semesters. During summer, scholarships are not awarded. It is not necessary a separate application; admitted full-time freshman and transfer students on Visa with foreign transcripts are considered automatically for the above mentioned renewable scholarships.

Additional to their cumulative GPA, students ought to meet the Federal SAP eligibility. In case students are enrolled full-time, they must earn at least 12 of their units attempted at the conclusion of the term. In case students are not enrolled full-time, they must earn at least 75% of their units attempted at the conclusion of the term. It is extremely important that students for whom English is not their native language to provide proof of competence submitting their SAT or ACT scores. For the full list containing the International admission requirements, students are advised to consult the following link http://www.dominican.edu/admissions/undergrad/process.

The application process for enrolling as a student at the Dominican University of California

The application form can be completed here https://admissions.dominican.edu/apply/ . Additionally, students must provide a 500 word essay on the following topics: family, cultural, or personal tradition that is meaningful to them. In the essay, students are required to respond the following question: if they could spend a day with a living, deceased or imaginary person who would it be?

Students applying for the Nursing and Health Science (Pre-OT) program ought to mention why would they like to major in nursing or occupational therapy and what contributions they see themselves making to the profession. They must include any past work (paid or volunteer) experience in health care, education or social services.

Entrants must also provide a recommendation letter from their school administrator or counselor. Students who have been out of school for more than 2 years may submit a letter of recommendation from a professional colleague.

Application deadline is November 1st 2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE! A $250 tuition deposit is required after the students are admitted in order to confirm their attendance.

  1. I am a graduate from the university of education, winneba. I studied french as my major and i would like to know if i can gain scholarship to into the faculty of languages.

  2. Samuel Macdallys is my name i have Bachelor of Theology, Master Intercultural Education, and Graduate Professional Diploma.I am full time missionary in the Redeemed Christian Christian Church of God in Nigeria. I have two children. I serve in Zambia for nine years. Three years South Africa.. I got married to South Africa by Zambian birth. I am interested in your scholarship to full fill my dream. I am planning to do Doctor of Education PHD. I have applied with Atlantic International university. I have two children and they are students at High School, about to graduate their \’O level school.

    Samuel Macdallys

  3. hi there,
    am from country BHUTAN-country know for gross national happiness. just want to inquire about how to apply and what about the ielts.
    thank you….

  4. I look forward for an assistant so that I can purse my academic. Any scholarships, bursary will be of great help to me. I am a valuenarable student whom completed high school last year and qualified. But due to my orphan status and poor background seems my dreams will be shattered.
    Thanks. joselogoi95@gmail.com

  5. I am maru mequanint from Ethiopia.I have BA degree in management.I currently work in commercial bank of Ethiopia.so I am very interested to get the chance in your scholarship prgram specially in MBA,bank accounting programs.thank u help me to get this golden opportunity

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