San Qin International Student Scholarship of Shaanxi Province ranging from $2000 to $3700

Shaanxi Normal University is offering the San Qin International Student scholarship to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. students who are non-Chinese citizens. The university was founded in 1944 and is a top-tier teacher’s university being a ward of the Ministry of Education and under the key construction of the 211 Project. Currently, the university is proud to present its comprehensive composition of 21 schools and departments, 2 basic courses teaching departments, 159 master’s degree specializations, 65 bachelor’s degree specializations, 69 Ph.D. degree specializations and 18 post-doctoral mobile research stations. For a complete perspective about the university, students are advised to consult the official website http://admission.snnu.edu.cn

Shaanxi Normal University is offering competitive advantages in areas such as Literature and Chinese Language, History and Cultural Studies, International Trade, Business Administration, Bio-engineering, Psychology. As we have previously mentioned, the scholarships are available to pursue undergraduate, Master’s and Ph.D. programs and the amount offered is as follows:

1. A Ph.D. student will receive 25000 yuan per year, an equivalent of $3757.

2. A Master’s student will receive 20000 yuan per year, an equivalent of $3055.

3. A Bachelor’ student will receive 15000 yuan per year, an equivalent of $2254.

Scholarships are available for the following category and can be taken in China:

First of all, entrants should be non-Chinese citizens and hold a valid passport issued by a foreign country. Highly important! Only entrants who have already finished one academic year study in the Shaanxi University are considered eligible for one of the scholarships. Their performance in school must be favorable without any record of violating school regulations. Entrants must also provide Chinese HSK certificate.

How students must apply for the international scholarship? They need to fill the application form of the San Qin International Student Scholarship which can be found here http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/EN/News/news_list6.asp?cla=57 Entrants must provide copies of passport and current visa as well as their latest diploma or academic certificate acquired. Entrants must provide the Academic Transcripts in the current university. It is also important to upload two original recommendation letters that were written by two professors or associate professors. This admission requirement is available only for Master’s and Ph.D. students.

The scholarship is offered annually before September 25th. Students are advised to check the posted notice to locate when exactly in September the admission process is held. For more info about the scholarships, students are required to consult the official website of the university http://admission.snnu.edu.cn/EN/News/news_list6.asp?cla=57

  1. Iam Andualem from ethiopia I want to study electrical and computer engineering in your university but I havn\’t financial capacity I need fully funded scholarship in addition to this I have level one document on Chinese language and literature

  2. I have master degree in rural development and I have interest to continue my PhD in development studies/international development or related feild but I don\’t have financial capacity to do that so I need fully funded shollarshio please help me by accepting me thank you in advance

  3. Am Isaac Am Interested in doing MCS Accounting and Finance , and am interested in getting full scholarship to do the programme.L wont a school from UK and USA to do this programme.

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