Bursaries For Students Who Want to Study Architecture

Are you passionate about architecture and you dream of becoming an architect? Then you must enroll with a college that provides this specialization. Now the question is whether you have the necessary money for college or not.

If you don’t, don’t get discouraged, just don’t! Architecture offline or online degrees might not come cheap, but luckily with the help of scholarships specifically targeted at architecture students, you too can get your dream to come true. To get you started in your search for grants, we’ll share with you some architecture-oriented bursary programs you should check out right now.

The Yale School of Architecture awards financial help for both US and non-US citizen who wish to study architecture with the college and who have demonstrated a financial need.

After admission students who have been awarded a scholarship need to undergo a verification process which entails students send in documentation such declaration of income.


Next stop we have the John and Ruth Maciag Scholarship which offers high school seniors interested in studying architecture up to $1,000 annually.

However, the criteria for applying to this particular scholarship is a bit strict. For starters, you need to be a resident of Vermont to be able to apply. Secondly you need to be a US citizen. Students also need to pursue one of these fields in their education – architecture, engineering, computer graphics, animation, fine arts, interior design, studio art or related.

Applicants are also required to demonstrate financial need and education/work ethic if they hope to win this scholarship. Note that each year up to 12 applicants compete to receive this award.


Another bursary for art or architecture students living in Vermont is the Alfted T. Granger Student Art Fund scholarship. The institution offers four $2,500 grants for undergrads and two $5,000 scholarships for graduate students each year.

Like with the prior scholarship, students need to be interested in pursuing a degree related to art including architecture, interior design, studio art, architectural engineering, mechanical drawing or lighting design.

In order to be considered to receive the money prize, applicants also have to demonstrate a strong academic record. Selection is also based on essay, portfolio, financial need and recommendation letters. As you can see this scholarship requires you to put together a hefty application, so as soon as you start the better, especially considering that you have to put together a portfolio of your work.



Architecture is not a degree many students pick, because it takes longer than usual to complete and requires a lot of dedication. But for those passionate enough about the field, scholarship providers are coming to their aid by offering grants and bursaries meant to help them pay the school tuition.

If so far you have been discouraged by the high costs of an architecture degree, don’t be anymore. It’s time to think more positively about your future! Above we gave you just three examples of architecture scholarships, but there are many others available. Devote some time to doing research and you’ll be able to locate them fast.

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