Santander Scholarships -A Breath of Fresh Air for Ghanaian Students and Many More Nationalities

Winning a scholarship is, indeed, a breath of fresh air because it allows students to focus solely on their studying plan rather than creating different plans for searching financial alternatives which are time consuming. It is the example of Santander Scholarships supported by the global network called Santander Universities, where up to 6 scholarships worth £5,000 are offered to 6 outstanding students whose home countries are the following: https://www.dur.ac.uk/postgraduate/finance/scholarships/santander/. As it can be seen, one of the criteria based on which the scholarships are awarded is the geographical one.

A short introduction to Santander Universities Division

Chairman of Santander, Emilio Botin in 1996 decided that the bank should meet the requirements of the communities in which it operates. Lead by the conviction that the university is a vital cornerstone of any community and an efficient mechanism that supports people and businesses to prosper, Santander Universities began its activity in Spain. The division began to grow and rapidly expanded into more than 20 countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and the UK. So far, Santander Universities has donated more than €1.5 billion in the shape of mobility grants, scholarships, support for entrepreneurship, non-academic awards, and special projects.

Santander Scholarships tenable at Durham University  

Durham University is one of the universities that is benefitting of the generous gift from Santander Universities. The university is based in Durham, 264 miles from London. Durham is a residential collegiate university with long traditions and modern values. For more info about the university, students can access its official website here https://www.dur.ac.uk/about/.

The scholarships are available only for Taught Master’s Degree programs. The mode of study is full-time and the year of entry is 2018/2019. The admission process started in November 22nd 2017 and the application deadline is March 16th 2018. In order to apply, students must submit an online postgraduate academic application https://www.dur.ac.uk/postgraduate/study/apply/#2 directly to the university. When completing this application, students are required to indicate their intention to apply for a Santander Scholarship in the funding section of the academic application. It is necessary that students should complete a separate application form for the scholarship which can be found here: https://www.dur.ac.uk/postgraduate/finance/scholarships/university/santander/applicationform/. Upon submitting their application form, students will receive an email of confirmation within 24 hours. If not, they must contact the university via email at scholarships.advice@durham.ac.uk.

Good luck to everyone!

  1. I\’m from developing country Namibia and under marganalisd group in the country please help me wth schoolarship or bursary I accept at Cambridge seminars college and my class resume on 25th June I\’m going to study electronic and telecommunications foundation for degree pls help me

  2. I need schoolarship assistance I have been accepted to do foundation for degree in electronic and telecommunications at Cambridge seminars college class will resume on 25th June and I don\’t have money even for registration please I\’m interesting to do study help me schoolarship please

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