Future of Change Scholarships for Indian Students in Australia

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a world-class university being ranked 46th in the world and the number one choice among top employers in Australia. UNSW is worldwide recognized for the state-of-art facilities, innovative teaching, and world-leading research. The university has currently launched the innovation centre called ”Michael Crocuh Innovation Centre” which is the new home where students are encouraged to develop new ideas, meet visionaries and conatct corporate partners. The students are supported to transform ideas into commercial ventures.

UNSW attracts over 52.000 students including a number of 13.123 international students who have a diverse cultural background. UNSW’s academic degrees are offered across nine Faculties as it follows: the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Built Environment; UNSW Business School; UNSW Art & Design; Engineering; Law; Medicine; Science and UNSW Canberra.

This year, the university is selecting 10 lucky students, awarding each student the UNSW Future of Change India Scholarship 2017 worth of $10.000. Also, one lucky student will receive a 100% tuition fee waiver for the minimum duration of program. This UNSW scholarship program is dedicated exclusively to Indian students both undergraduate or postgraduate.

What are the eligibility criterion based on which UNSW will select its future students?

First of all, the applicants must be citizens of India and must be residing in India, prior to starting at UNSW. Also, the applicants must have submitted an application for scholarship. They must have applied and received an offer of admission from UNSW for the prescribed undergraduate and postgraduate course. You need first to search for a suitable area of study for yourself. You can start here: https://www.scholarships.unsw.edu.au/scholarships/search?for=FIRST_YEAR&residency=INTL&faculty=D&study=100000&other=HIGH_ACADEMIC_ACHIEVER&show=all Once you start looking for a scholarship, pay attention to the results displayed and the name of the scholarship. Click on the name of the scholarship and you will be directed towards the program where you will have to introduce your personal details.

The Future of Change Scholarships is offered to those who are selecting the following Faculties as the faculties where they wish to enroll: Business, Art & Design, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Built Environment, Arts & Social Sciences, Sciene, and UNSW Canberra.

Which are the undergraduate requirements for admission?

All India Senior School Certificate (AISSC) a minimum of 1 point over the academic entry requirement or the Indian School Certificate (ISC) a minimum of 2 points over the academic entry requirement or International Baccalaureate (IB), at least 2 point over academic program or the GCE A Levels.

Which are the postgraduate requirements for admission?

The postrgraduate students have to prove that they have completed a recognised bachelor degree in India with a minimum grade equivalent to a UNSW GPA of 70. Also, postrgraduate students need to sumbit a digital video of how a scholarship at UNSW will help them achieve their aspirations.

IMPORTANT!!!!! The online deadline is May 30, 2017.

Apply below for the UNSW Future of Change India Scholarship 2017:


  1. I am not an Indian but from Papua New Guinea and really interested in your scholarship programs. Should there be any consideration please make known..

    Thank you.

  2. Its Goood But U Dident Accept Eny One We Need To Learn For My Self AN My Country But U Dident Gives Me Cancess PLzz Accept Our requsts….

  3. Im from Cameroon, a perfectly bilingual student. Obtaining a scholarship will be more than super as i am financially unable. Thanks

  4. Kindly assist in securing a scholarship in the field of Education under business Studies or alternatively in any Business related course

  5. My name is Rosemary mutana and I am doing electrical and electronics engineering in Cyprus European university of lefke.I am kindly asking you to help me with an accommodation scholarship….thank yu

  6. I have a Dip, and a BA degree from Papua New Guinea Universities and i want to do MA in Education so can you consider me into the program

    pls reply via the grante email address

    (interested applicant- PNG).

  7. my name is Kenean Mohammed i am a competant student and I am learning in ledeta manufacturing college in automotive department and i wont scolarship please contact me +251923756934

  8. Am from Malawi.And am looking for a scholarship.I have just completed my secondary school studies and I want a scholarship which I want to study business management…Please help me……Thankyou

  9. My name is Ali Salah Hersi from Somalia, i am graduated bachelor of medical laboratory i would like to get master programme, thanks.

  10. i need a scholarship to study abroad (South Africa), i am a missionary and intend to study Theology at Cap Town Baptist Seminary i sincerely need financial support

  11. Hi my name is shambel getahun,i was graduated with the CGPA of 3.75 in sociology from one of the accredited university in ethiopia and I have always been a brilliant student in all my academic life so far and now ready to globally compete and win any scholarship opportunities available as it is my childhood dream and aspiration to study master scholarship aboard and I would always be grateful to everyone on this planet for any help I may receive to realise my deep rooted dream and getting the best out of my life and then help other people to get all they want out of their lives too!

  12. Hello, am consolatha lekule search for sponsorship in masters in social protection due to lack of financial support,, hopefully i wil get a good answer. thanks

  13. Please, am a Ghanaian and i need this scholarship to help me complete my undergraduate problem which i don\’t have any finance source to help achieve. Thank you.

  14. I am nahom from Ethiopia education is life of world and change of human bing life so I need education give me this best chance

  15. Hi i am among the 10 Lucy students. I am jasim uddin. I from Bangladesh. I really want this scholarship.because I want to be complete undergraduate in science. I need so much scholarship.

  16. Hi i am among the 10 Lucy students. I am Rifat hasan. I from Bangladesh. I really want this scholarship.because I want to be complete undergraduate in science.so i need a scholarship.

  17. Hi I am kimutai Dominic a degree student taking BScIT and currently enrolled in Cisco as a alternative course and wish to have that chance to give my best

  18. Hi, I am Richard Kapama, Tanzanian youth. I have been admitted for masters of science in agricultural and applied economics at sokoine university of agriculture in tanzania( academic year 2017/2018). But due to my financially disadvantage I can not manage to study the said masters program and I am looking for your help to offer me a sponsorship. I look foward to hearing from you. Thanks

  19. Hi,I\’m Ngo Ndouga from Cameroon i am a student of the University of Yaoundé1 un thé department of Africain Language ans Linguistics i am apply linguistics in level4 i will be happy to have a full scholarship to study neurolinguistics in jour country because in our country we don\’t have enough money to buy matériels for studying neurolinguistics.

  20. My name is Victor Brian Oshipai Bett from Kenya I am humbled to request this once in a lifetime opportunity to change lives. I cleared highschool in the Yr 2015 applied to the university of Equals International in Adelaide and got the offer letter but due to insufficient funds my parents couldn\’t provide a bank statement I was so happy when I got your email knowing that my life is going to change. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  21. I am a Liberian, and wish to apply for this scholarship. Can this opportunity be disclose to students pursuing degree in medicine? I Christello E. Mulbah has the ambition in becoming a doctor n wish I could be consider. Thanks

  22. I am Leya binti Corneille from D.R.Congo in the department of Business, Peace, Leadership and Government at Africa University. I really need this scholarship help me to get thought this. So i can achieve my dream becoming truth and change my life.

  23. Hi
    I am from Cameroon and my speciality is Accountancy . Is my second year in the University and i will be happy if i,m counted amongst the lucky ones.

  24. Hello, please I am from Liberia and will be grateful to have a full scholarship to study medicine 💊 in your country. My country is very much in need of Doctors.

  25. hi i am among the 10 Lucy students. I am jasim uddin. I from Bangladesh. I really want this scholarship.because I want to be complete undergraduate in built envrionment science. so I need full scholarship.

  26. i wish to register my sincere request for the scholarship for my son, i am a peasant farmer in southern part of Kenya and i wish to request a chance for my son who is facing a dead future in education without your intervention. kindly come on my help

  27. We are a family from iraq we hope to get full scholarships to complete our study we are two persons with two children we would like to get high cerficateS from European universities or from any unversity in UK we would like to get two programs in medical analysis and Engineering
    Thank you
    Mohanad Altaae medical analysis
    Maryam Aldebi Engineering

  28. I will be very excited if I am select for this award this would go a long way to improve on my self, family, community, country and the world at large

  29. I\’m oscar mingah from Ghana in University of Ghana please I\’m from a poor ground which i can\’t even pay my fees please add me to your scholarship so that. I can make you ,my family and community proud with my initiatives so please add me to this scholarship . i you will. Consider me.thanks hoping to hear from you soon

  30. I Nancy Mushi I kindly ask for this scholarship due to the hard life that my family going through .so as I can study my first degree of medicine in you country

  31. Hi I\’m most Mohamed Adan Mohamed
    Plz i request u to extend this scholarship to somalia too i would greatfully if offered this thanks

  32. Please, currently I m doing my post graduate diploma in education in Kenya, at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, but my sisters are really struggling to pay, I m in need of your help please! If you can help so that I finish up with my study. I really nerd your attention please! I don\’t want to drop out my study. Thanks.

  33. I may like to be part of this scholarship please.make way for me let me don\’t miss this opportunity. Am a poor sierra leonean not able to afford money.

  34. am lucy zimba from Malawi doing ICT am now doing advanced certificate but l need a scholarship to study abroad to major in networks. therefore, l need a scholarship to fulfull my dream of becoming a network administrator. thank you .

  35. I am from one of 10 luky student and am from Ethiopia graduated in Electrical and computer engineering ,thus I am interesting to join in this scholarship

  36. Am among the 10 lucky students.. am very pleased to know but am undergraduate student of IT… and you also mention this scholarship for particular country and am from pakistan…
    Does this sccholarship is in my favour or not???
    please guide me…

  37. Hi am Abdullahi Ibrahim Abubakar from Nigeria studying quantity survey in the university of technology Minna. And now stopped just because of financial Situation, please I would love to be assist by you sir.. Thank you very much.

  38. Dear sir.
    My name is Dechen Dema from Bhutan. I studied till high school in the arts stream.I could not continue my studies further as my father passed away leaving us in a big financial problems. I would like to pursue medical studies especially nursing and would also like to request sir for help with the scholarship.

  39. Hi i am from afghanistan i really want this scholar to study BBA and finance but i don have the finance please help me for have good future

  40. I wouldn\’t like to miss this opportunity but Iam afraid of my age that isn\’t fit for this program. Thanks for giving chance.

  41. I am magoola Ivan from uganda I really want to find this opportunity to do my masters through offering me financial support

  42. Hi, I\’m sepoe korvah I studying computer science at the Lofa County Community College Republic of Liberia
    I\’m in ineed of this scholarship

  43. I\’m a citizen of Cameroon residing in Cameroon and going through the details it states that it\’s for Indians and I\’ve received this I don\’t understand but please I wish I\’m given the opportunity to study marketing in your school on a full time scholarship because i have financial difficulties. you won\’t regret considering me thanks.

  44. My name sous sina
    I\’m student in university and now I\’m looking full scholarship for study abroad so can u help me !

  45. am among the 10 lucky students,,,,am a kenyan undertaking bachelor of education(arts)history CRE.does this mean that the scholarship does not favour me

  46. Well the scholarship is very good but it is for only for a particular nation. Please Consider other Nationals!!!

  47. am from ethiopia, ethiopia is a developing country and i already get my bachelor degree in environmental enguneering and i will be happy if i will get the opportunity. Thank u

  48. I\\\\’m Abubeker am 31 years old. from Ethiopia I want to learn Art and Social Science because i have a book in poem by my local anguge called tigrinya. the book is not printed and it has arround 300 page. plz help me a full sponsor because I haven\\\\’t good in financial.
    I Have Bs.c Degree in Electirical And computer Enginnering .
    I have Cirtificate in Arebic language form Africa University Sudan

  49. I\\’m Abubeker from Ethiopia I want to learn Art and Social Science because i have a book in poem by my local anguge called tigrinya. the book is not printed and it has arround 300 page. plz help me a full sponsor because I haven\\’t good in financial

  50. Coming from a fishing community in GHANA i understood the value of education and with my constant determination and perseverance am currently persuing a degree in business administration and would like to further my education with MBA, but financing this would be a challenge hence would be grateful if i could be considered for the UNSW scholarship so i can also impact my community. Please know that this scholarship would have a significant impact in my life when considered . THANK YOU.

  51. Hello,I\’m Anwar. I\’m from Afghanistan. Now I\’m student in university. But I want schoolarship. Plz help me.

  52. Wozekiazo Gatei
    17 June 2017

    I greet you peope with esteem complimants in the Lord we save.

    I am very much delighted at this time to be afforded your scholarship opportunity to Forster my education.

    With my country Liberia, the President said our educational system is a miss. On this note, l have orchestrated to change this miss to best. This can not be done in the absence of your scholarship opportunity.

    When selected, please email me wozegatei93@gmail.com

    Truly yours,
    Wozekiazo Gatei

  53. My name is Ruth, from Kenya I really need undergraduate scholarship in business management, I want to make a change in my country. This dream will only come true through education.I will really appreciate if someone supports me financially. My email address (Ruthjoyoyoo@gmail.com) Thnx

  54. Am a Cameroonian I wish to do Master\’s in animal science but I don\’t have the finance to do so I plead for ur help thanks 00237679636240

  55. Greetings, I am a citizen of Liberia in Africa. I received this in my email. I will be grateful if I shall be granted a scholarship from this Scholarship Program.
    I look forward hearing from you.

  56. I am a government officer serving one of the rural areas here in my home country.
    My highest educational qualification is Diploma in Public Administion.
    I am interested to do Professional Studies in Public Administration or Management at a Bachelor\’s level. I have also secured a space for above programs already here in my country.
    Please I need scholarship to either take these programs abroad or locally in my own country.
    Thank you.

  57. Hi, i want to learn abroad but i don\’t have the means how can i be helped ? I\’m Varlee fofana from Guinea Conakry.

  58. Iam Kelly Patovaki from Solomon Islands (Pacific) to be admitted for undergraduate for a undergraduate in pure mathematics in University of South Pacific upon waiting for admission. I am looking for funding opportunities for admitted to doing studies and to fund my tuition fees, etc to meet my aim and objective. Solomon Islands lack the capacity in field of mathematics in schools and colleges. It is a great need to pursue further so that our country can benefit from through building up capacity of the children.
    To build a country, we need to build the children and mathematics is one of the core, major areas that can creatively exponentially support Solomon Islands.

  59. Greet to apply for a scholarship. I really need your advice on what to do then.

    If this is the chance to study abroad for doing pure mathematics in undergraduate study then it will be a dream to fulfil

    Am Tuhaise Frank born on 17/03/1993 , in former Kibaale district Midwestern Uganda that was divided into three new districts such as Kagadi, Kakumiro and Kibaale , currently am in Kagadi district, my education has been because of perseverance, commitment and mercy from God and my well-wishers who have directed me and supported me at all stages.
    Status of my parents; my father died in 1999 and mother in 2003, we were left six siblings and am the second born, this was a disaster because we were still young and most of the property that was available was taken by the so called uncles whom they left to make us grow “ bakuza” , These individuals left us , denied us all the rights not until all the property was over and they disappeared , up to now ,I have never received any item/ gift from my uncles neither salt. Joining the university was a great achievement because my elder brother stopped in senior two and am here to act as an example because I came from zero.
    I completed primary seven in 2005 under the care of the school head teacher because he expected me to get a first grade but I scored 13 points after I joined Rena academy hoima, I was told to sell firewood so as to raise money for school fees but it could not manage. I was advised by my former teacher to repeat primary seven in 2007 so as I join universal secondary education in 2008 , I accepted and scored 9 points, I joined Mabaale secondary school in 2008 for senior one and life was hard because I had no parent, I could attend two days a week and the rest I would be in my garden, one time my math teacher took me to the deputy head teacher so that they can suspend me because of being ever absent after scoring 70/70 in his exam , the deputy knew my status and told him to leave me. The teacher put a punishment that every time am absent three sticks. Time for senior four came and I had no one to support me, The teacher told me that if I have a mattress I should come to the dormitory and study for free unfortunately I didn’t have it and I had no one to request to buy for me , I just shared a mattress with a friend ,fortunately I passed with a first grade of 29 aggregates in 2011, 2012 I became stuck because I had no one to advise me on what to do, most people could advise me to join the technical school and others primary teachers college but I had no money, I went to teach at Talent junior school in wangeyo kibaale district were we had agreed to be paid 120,000/= only Ugandan shillings per month but I was paid 50,000/= per month , I worked there for three month and up to now my balance has never been paid, 2012 I joined advanced lever at Mandela ss hoima for senior five and six and scored 17 points doing mathematics , economics and geography plus general paper and computer, in 2015 I joined MAKERERE UNIVERSITY pursuing a bachelor degree of science in quantitative economics and lastly my ambitious and passion is to complete master’s degree and give back to my community for their contribution towards my education and the only constraint is poverty and being parentless.
    1.2 My orphan experience:
    Now am 14 years with neither of my parents and I have lived a miserable life of eating like a young of a duck, since 2003 my mom kicked he bucket the means of eating has only been for survival but not growth, The way orphans are suffering are different but I agree that there are those ones who suffer more, sometimes I could take a jackfruit as my supper, I could go o school when I have not eaten and take popcorns as my lunch, come back home there is no food, I had to set up my small gardens which were generating income to me and also feed my young siblings, I had no one to tell, sometimes I could cry and say how I wish that my parents were alive after having slept hungry during nigh times, I could win in class and be announced as the best student but no one to pick my report card, my family am the first to complete senior four but all this was , before my mom died , she had told me frank you must study and I grew up knowing that that only way I can live is through studying, When I remember all these I do not prefer to see anyone being an orphan because I know what it means and I cannot say that am the only one who has passed through all those challenges , there are more orphans suffering with no help.

    An orphan is a person who has lost either or both of the parents; It is a state whereby your biological parents have seized to exist on this planet. It is a life whereby a child is deprived of the basic needs, where the needs are got through a hard struggle or not even got.
    My life since 2003 when my mother died is not an easy thing to explain and sometimes I feel like not to tell it to the people who know me because it was miserable and there are more people who are experiencing more struggles than me whom I do know.
    We were left six siblings and by that time we had had some wrangles with our guardians over land grabbling, This enmity continued to exist even after the death of our parents , the uncles were claiming the land where we were staying that I belonged to them before our father’s death, 2003 I was in primary five , I started up my small gardens at home but these could not manage to sustain me , the mode of feeding totally changed , getting basic needs became a challenge because there was no one to request from, sometimes I could sleep hungry and in the middle of the night wake up to climb the jackfruit but I could not stay in the stomach for a long time, 2005 I joined primary seven the head teacher told me to join the dormitory but at home we had only one good mattress remember our parents had died when we were sleeping on the mattress for kids, we shared a mattress and completed primary seven and obtained 13 points , TROUBLE CAME, I fled to my old grandmother in Hoima district where I joined Rena secondary school, fees became a problem in 2006, I was told to collect firewood and sell in town, I did this for a month but I failed to get full school fees , In august 2006 , I left hoima and went back home in Kibaale.
    There was only one mattress that we were sharing , the house was inhabitable, feeding was on only one meal per day, a meal of only cassava, potatoes without source, This happen for over a period of years and sometimes I do experience it in holidays, my former English teacher advised me to re sit primary seven in 2007 because universal secondary education was starting in 2008, I accepted the advice and I was told to only come to the dormitory, I did not go with anything because I had nothing to go with and no one to ask or request. They provided to me all the services for free up to the end of primary seven and immediately after the last paper I found when they had taken all the books and examination papers because I was ever the best student in class, I did not feel the side effect because they were the ones who used to buy for me books and examination papers,
    Fortunately when exams were released from Uganda National Examination Board I was the only one with a first grade of 9(nine) aggregates.
    At this point I had no one to tell or ask , I joined mabaale secondary school where I could be chanced regularly for not having paid the money which the board had put on each student, I only knew of one thing before the death of my mother , he had told me that I should study and that was my mission all the time , I could study three days in a week where they could not chance for school fees and the rest of the days I would be in my garden, I could read notice from other students because I had no scholastics materials.
    Senior three I did a mathematics exam and I scored 70/70, the teacher was surprised and came to class searching for me, unfortunately I was not there , for him he thought may there is a student who had come from another school ,the following day I went to school , he came again searching for me, he asked me why I could always I could always be absent, I told him that I was looking after my tomato gardens, then he took me to the deputy head teacher to suspend me, reaching in his office he knew all my background and he could at times advise me if I cannot manage to persist I should stop wasting time in education, the deputy told him to leave me because I was a parent of myself, my siblings also were depending on me. After the teacher told me that every time I will be absent he will Cain me, here I was also almost leaving school because I could not manage to study every day and at the same time look after my young ones.
    Senior four I was supposed to be in the dormitory but I had no funds , this mathematics teacher told me to come to the dormitory free of charge , surprising I had no mattress, it may appear strange to you but I had never caught 60,000/= Ugandan shilling at the same time but the year 2011 , the money I could get would be divided into many basic needs, I joined and the school sponsored me each and everything , food, accommodation and examination , I completed senior four with a first grade of 29 points, I thought that these teachers would refuse to give me my documents but they knew what I was and they did not charge me anything, The Lord God was on my side all the time .
    I was a pioneer to start mabaale ss senior five but we did not succeed because of limited qualified teachers to teacher advanced level, I became stuck and dropped out of school in 2012, I was taken by my former primary head teacher to teach at his school, where I taught for two terms, we had agreed to be paid 120,000/= Ugandan shillings but I was almost paid 50,000/= Ugandan shillings only per month , the rest of my balance up to now has never been paid.
    In 2013 I joined Mandela s s hoima where I did mathematics , economics, geography , general paper and computer studies, I scored 17 points and joined Makerere university in 2015.
    Am moving forward to completing my bachelor of science in quantitative economics and given chance from you or any other person I would prefer atleat to rest after completing master’s degree that’s when I will be able to sound and advocate for the rights of the neglected groups of people , the orphans and vulnerable children..
    What did I learn from all these.
    Every challenge I could meet was a blessing because it could lead me to another level though I could feel bad but God knew me before that they will lead to my success. From my village the dropout rate is over 70% of people who complete primary seven and my worry is that we are these people going to go because land is no longer in plenty, it is so alarming and the rate at which early marriages is taking place is very high, This calls for intervention from the government and stake holders on how to address this issue, There is not going to be sustainable development except retardation, soil has lost its fertility and am wondering where will these people go.
    The government has failed to curb down unemployment and besides that there is technical know who in acquiring the jobs, If we are to address the above problems his calls for all stake holders, non-governmental organizations to join resources towards solving the above problems so that our country can develop and these include:
    There is need to set up vocational schools to equip students/ dropouts with skills so as to play an important role to the country, these may include welding, mechanics, tailoring and many others.
    Need to provide financial assistance to the poor people inform of capital, fertilizers, strengthening the marketing system , improving working of cooperatives, providing short term loans to farmers at low interest rates since loans have also been disastrous to the poor people.
    Proper medical service delivery since a health mind is health body, medicines should be put in hospitals , health centers and subsidized prices. Health practitioner should be hired to carry out their roles in those areas.
    Nongovernmental organization should come up and advocate for the life and well-being of the people in the country more especially the poor, orphans, widowers, widows, This is concern because I have come up from a neglected group where by people do not want to know about the orphans, exploitation is on a high rate, individualism people are minding about their families but not minding about the others.
    Lastly we need sustainable development whereby the use of resources today should not affect their use in future, There should be reduced cutting of trees, forests, rehabilitation of wetlands/ swamps because they are water catchment areas.
    Conclusion if you acknowledge my ideas lets join our struggle to fight for the rights of the poor, orphan and other disadvantaged groups.
    My struggle is about eliminating the poverty gap/ income inequality that is on a high rate because according to my prediction , by 2020, 80% of the youth will be earning income through unhealthy means because they are not educated, land has lost fertility, increased land fragmentation.

    As it is being said experience is the best teacher, Orphans are facing the following challenges:
     Malnutrition, Most orphans re being feed on poor meals for example taking only carbohydrates as I used to, this is dangerous to the children’s health, this is a reason why most orphans not from orphanage homes have weak bodies. At first I thought that growing big was a disease but I found out that their bodies are healthy, when i was young people could not mind about how I feed I could eat to survive not be healthy.
     Health care, It is better for most children being adopted to be tested to see whether they are healthy, in most cases children who are adopted have different illness that deter their growth like hookworms , intestinal worms, bilharzia, HIV, sickle cell, Tuberculosis, Skin rushes, if it is not done you will see kids not growing until you take them for checkups it is when you will realize their health,
     It is very bad to make a kid remember what had happened in the past like those kids who were adopted from toilets, rubbish pit, those that had been raped by their relatives , these distorts the minds of the kids , as your trying to give orphans comfort , love them , in life no one wants to be an orphan but in just find yourself there.
     Mentor the kids , give them a strong foundation that despite the challenges they are facing , they will succeed in their lives, me I have lacked a mentor right away from the beginning , someone to put you on the right pass, to advise.
     With education if you’re the person in charge of these kids, visit them at school so that they can also know that they are being loved, sometimes during visitation times we could feel being neglected as students’ parents are packing cars, bringing food and drinks as for us we are assured of begging from those whose parents have come.
     Children who are sponsored by organization’s but coming from home have been neglected as in terms of monitoring how they eat, sleep, their health and this puts them in danger, most cases children who die while being sponsored come from home because at home no care is given to the kid, guardians just look at them for example when they recommend a drug should be taken with fatty food or fruits/ drinks, these ones are not bought but rather taking un boiled water.
     Punishments given to the kids, corporal punishments like lifting heavy loads, heavy chaining, staying under sunshine , denial to eat food, these are dangerous handle them as your kids , they can make them run way from the homes ,treat them like they are your biological children , be friend them
     Train the children on respecting God ,they should know that God is the alpha and omega and he has good plans for them, JERIMIAH 29;11 . Involve them in church serving God. A foundation that is not build on God does not last for a longtime, give them guidance and counseling.

     Poverty ,we can reduce this through improving the living standard of the people by starting up small scale project, industries, health centres equipped with drugs, medical facilities, making the population to become productive by equipping it with relevant skills like carpentry, journalism, welding, metal works and fabrication , these provide employment opportunity to the people.

     Maintaining a stable political atmosphere without internal and external conflicts, this will make the population to have a settled life and hence concentrate on the economic activities hence bosting the Economy.

     Lastly children should follow all the rules and regulations that are governing homes and know their status and the role they are expected to play.

     Am moving forward to completing my bachelor of science in quantitative economics and given chance from you or any other person I would prefer at least to rest after completing master’s degree that’s when I will be able to sound and advocate for the rights of the neglected groups of people , the orphans and vulnerable children…

    My readers am looking for funds to carry out a survey to discover the relationship between Poverty and environmental destruction in areas of Kibaale, Kagadi, Kakumiro districts in Mid-Western Uganda.
    Am interested in discovering how has poverty led to destruction of ruzaïre forest reserve, Kibaale forest, River nkuse and Muzizi. .as we struggle for the sustainable development for all groups of people.
    Bachelor of Science in quantitative economics.
    No table of contents entries found.

    Your recommendation is very important to me and can make me move a step with my studies and we advocate for the same cause of improving the standards of orphans in the whole world. All the information above is true and no lie has been included.
    Am waiting to hear from you.
    Regards from TUHAISE FRANK
    COUNTRY UGANDA FRANK +256-777600109 franktuhaise2016@gmail.com

  61. i am Liberian who graduated from the William Booth High School at the age of 17 with a West Africa Examination Council Certificate (WAEC Certificate) in Liberia in the year 2016, and is seeking for a scholarship to study Networking and Telecommunication. If any of you want to help me with this scholarship i would like for you to please text me with your private email address on this email: enochtandain16@gmail.com

  62. I\’m ISHAYA YELMI I studied computer science @ H.N.D level I\’m a Nigerian but I\’m of the Interest to studied project management, I will appreciate an offer of scholarship in order to pursue my carrier

  63. I am a Ghanaian seeking full sponsorship to study BSc Renewable Natural Resources to help tackle the environmental problems in the society.Hope for a positive outcome and I am Damasi Owusu Maxwell.

  64. I would like to master my bachelors degree in economics but am passing through financial constraints.. kindly help me achieve my accardemic goal.
    Thanks in advance

  65. Helo my name is kananelo Sethuntsa from Lesotho I really want this scholarship.I would like to study agricultural engineering at the mentioned university

  66. firstry thank u for this interested opportunity i\’m rwandan and i\’m high school graduated irearly need this opportunity for studying there in good place and high level of good education i\’m waiting for your good result thank u

  67. I highly thank and acknowledge the good job the institution is doing of offering scholarship to the vulnarable students who would wish to pursue their dreams but have difficulties in term of finances,as an orphan my thirst of acquiring knowledge has been so high and have tried through thick and thin archieve it,i even went a step forward to work for people in their farms to raise my fees.i humbly request if my request of being given the opportunity and support to study in one of the best university in the world can be considered,thanks in advance.

  68. I am Daniel Waiswa from Jinja, Uganda admitted student to Bangor University for a masters program in public health and health promotion starting September 2017. I am looking for funding opportunities for admitted international masters students, to fund my studies in the U.K for me to realize my intended objectives.
    Looking forward to hearing from any funder willing to support me. Thanks and God bless you.

  69. I am politely commenting on this huge opportunity you have offered me…I would like to apply for the the opportunity because I am now stuck with financial problems… I heartily need this amazing opportunity… I have no one to help me further my studies…I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you… Thank you so much

  70. Hi my name is angel from Botswana I am studying certificate in banking and finance now I really need this sponsorship to do my degree..

  71. Hi my name is angel from Botswana.I am studying certificate in banking and finance now I really need this sponsorship to do my degree

  72. I am Alfred Kollie from west Africa
    Liberia interested in the scholarship but how can i get the opportunity????

  73. am interested in this opportunity, I am from the east Africa which is Ethiopia. My immediate career objective is to widen my Highway Engineering experience but I have been suffering for financial aid.

  74. I am Chris from Kenya I passed my KCSE and called to join university to pursue an engineering course but due to lack of finance I have never had a smooth education how I wish to be considered

  75. Iam interested in this opportunity,am from Uganda but i need scholarship in procurement and logistics am really in need of support for undergraduate.

  76. I am studying now at Philippines master of divinity l finished first year I want study three more years so I want scholarships please help me

  77. Please i request for a bursary fro your university my children need fees and we can`t afford to rise the fees for all the three. How can i be helped . Am a Ugandan and teacher by proffession.

  78. I have been really looking for this opportunity since i lost my father five years ago, so if u can really help me earn this opportunity i will be appreciative and thankful to you. Am living in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

  79. i am not an indian,can i also be granted the scholarship by chance because i dearly want to school in india but finncially m broke.

  80. my name is Paul, I am from Nigeria, I feel grateful for giving me this great opportunity .i feel honor for granting me this opportunity. thank you very much.

  81. Please please am an orphan and i have good results but i don\’t have anyone to pay for me to persu a bachelor\’s degree in engineering if i can get just full scholarship i\’ll be indeted to you with my all life…

  82. Hello, I\’m Henry T. Kettor from Liberia, I want to change future in Computer Science / Information Technology(IT) program, but I don\’t have financial support I really need this opportunity.

  83. I am also keen and looking for scholarship to study abroad. I am a 28 year old from South Africa looking for an opportunity to broaden my business skills and give global competitiveness.

  84. Thanks so much for your opportunities but I really like to study on research issues on the umbrella of the education but now am second year,,, and I expecting to graduate next year on June,,, as a professional teacher for the first degree,, (geography and kiswahili),,, and also I like to work on behalf of the people who have needs like orphans,,,and those who have life hardship,,,,, please if any one have direct with those sponsors who decided to help the people like that,, am ready to work any where around the world for the people who have criteria like that,,, thanks!!!!!

  85. I\’m Phabian Ananiasi from East Africa particular in Tanzania I request for that opportunity of scholarship in the professional of education currently I\’m proceeding with first degree in Bachelor of education with art

  86. Good Day Madam,

    I greet you with respect and humble voice for placement to finish my career

    The Purpose of drafting this email is because am aware that unemployment rate is too high.

    I am 26 years old lady with a role and purpose to implementing skills and knowledge in line with the business requirements.

    I have ability of Solving problems,lateral thinking, good communication and attention to details.

    On Business Skills development and understanding, I have passion for taking the businesses to the next level..good team working,communication and verbal writing to the client and other employees.

    Nature of my studies i did electrical engineering nated courses N4,N5 and N6 with two outstanding subjects for N6 which are Power Machines and Mathematics

    Background of working experience.

    – Cashier at Hungry Lion Restaurant.
    – Intern Volunteer at Maluti A Phofung Infrastructure.
    – Assistant Technician at Rural Maintenance.
    – Electrical Intern at Thebe District Hospital.
    – Assistant Technician at Thenga Holdings.

    My Email address: nolikhulai@gmail.com

    My Cellphone number is 0762328433/0734552443

    I hope you find this in good order, and been taken into consideration.

    Please respond to this so that i can know where i stand to make change in my career journey

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards.

  87. I feel Glad while I am reading this scholarship opportunity posted from the university. I need a great financial assistance from you because as such I am not strong . so kindly I request you is to get admission chance. I am firm Ethiopia.

  88. Support our agriculture, please.See Floribert Kiebo on Linkedin-Facebook-Google+.or floribertkiebo on Instagram….or @KieboMwan.

  89. I really want this scholarship but I am a Ugandan but I feel to study in your university Business course now I need your advice thanks!

  90. I am Danah Lamanilao from the Philippines. I just want to inquire if there\’s any scholarship program and I\’m very willing to apply. I want to study in Australia because my auntie lives there and I\’m very much willing to pursue if there is any. Thank you.

  91. I would like to say thank you for this opportunity given to me. I want to study public health,clinical medicine or biology.I have bachlor degree in biology. I am from Ethiopia, how can I get full information.
    I received email that \

  92. I\’m Emmanuel Tarpeh, I am a Liberian, I live in the capital city Monrovia. I am a high school graduate . I really need this opportunity to study abroad for quality Education. Please, I really need this help

  93. I am interested in this opportunity, I am from the West Coast of Africa which is Liberia. My immediate career objective is to widen my Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experience but I have been suffering for financial aid.

  94. ekane alung fielden

    This communique leaves me confused because Iwish Iam given opportunity to study in
    this university but com from Cameroon. What next.

  95. iam somalia i live in somalia i want to give full scholarship because i can not afford to pay the fee
    please if you can i find to learn docatar degree program

  96. I\’m seeking scholarship to further my career, i want to be professional in Administration and management, if necessary computer technology also.


  98. Greetings sir i wish to apply for scholarship in your university am a Cameronian but i have but a west african certificate non as waec, my age 33years but i want to study please help me sir

  99. Please i request for a bursary fro your university my children need fees and we can`t afford to rise the fees for all the three. How can i be helped . Am a Ugandan and teacher by proffession.

  100. I am a Uganda who is seeking financial support i would be grateful if you Avail s for me any opportunity of scholarships 2017/2018 in Bsc Degree in medical surgery/clinical Medicine thanks

  101. Greetings ,thanks for this opportunity given to me to follow my dreams to study administrative business informatics,I will be happy if my requests is granted bc I had no one will could do this for me,o

  102. it is good ,therefore I want to study the bachelor\’s degree but I don\’t have fees if it is possible, let this opportunity reaches on me , thanks

    your faithful.

  103. Hello ,I\’m Princess Darling Bono. I\’m 23 years old. I\’m in Liberia, I\’m studying business right now.I really need this scholarship.

  104. I\’m selemani from Tanzania I want to change future in poultry science plz help me a full sponsor because I haven\’t good in financial

  105. I really find this opportunity I am from Ethiopia I went to this chance but I haven\’t financial support please please if you can I find to learn PHD program .

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