How much it will cost you to study in the US as an international student?

The US is the most sought-after destination by international students; you know it too since you are planning to join your friends who are already there for one year or more. However, as sought-after it is, as expensive are the studying and living costs in the US. Even if the costs may be daunting, it is worth searching all the fees and some of the funding options before you proceed further.

In 2016, The US has emerged as one of the top choice for parents when selecting their children’s universities abroad. However, the fees and living costs add up around $60.000 per year making impossible for all the students, for whom the US is the country of choice, to come and study there. If the estimation scared you, do not dismiss the US as an opportunity of study but search closely the following alternatives that might bring you closer to your dream.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you may find lower tuition fees within the public sector. Public universities in the US share two types of tuition rates: those destined to state residents and to everyone else. For example, University at Buffalo, New York is home for more than 5000 international students from 115 countries. The university is situated on the border of Canada and includes a number of cultural programs for international students, a student scholar service which helps international members to adjust to life in Buffalo, and an English Language Institute aimed to help international students prepare for study. Here is the official website of the university http://www.buffalo.edu/.

As an international student, you will encounter a lot of benefits while browsing throughout the numerous universities which have been opening their gates for international students for quite some time. However, you can not apply for any of time before calculating all the costs you may be put through while studying in the US.

The tuition and living costs differ depending on the universities/ colleges and cities you wish to study for a period of time. While the tuition is usually between $5,000 and $50,000 per year and the food and living costs may vary between $8,000 and $12,000 dollars per year. Additionally, you will need money for transportation, study materials, and of course, personal expenses.

Even so, there are numerous funding and scholarship programs that will offer you the help you need to embrace your dream. Fulbright Foreign Students program is one of them. You can check more info about it here https://www.educationalscholarships.net/2017/04/03/fulbright-program-8000-grants-for-students-graduates-and-scholars-from-155-countries/. Fulbright allows graduate students and young professionals and artists study abroad and conduct a research.

Huber H. Humphrey Fellowship is also available to international students. It provides 10 month of non-degree academic stud. You can find more about it here https://www.educationalscholarships.net/2017/06/07/hubert-humphrey-fellowships-in-the-usa/.

As an international student, the US is offering you a lot of study opportunities if you know where to find and how to seize them.


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