University of Massachusetts – Lowell

When thinking about going to college, you need to take into consideration all of the possibilities that are available in order to be able to make the best decision for yourself. This is why you need to look better into the opportunity of applying to an online university as it offers many advantages when compared to following on-campus courses. In the first place, online degrees have the same level of accreditation as the regular ones, therefore you will have the same chances in the eyes of employers. In the second place, an online university will be offering you a whole lot more liberty in terms of when, where and how you want to go over the courses. You can change all of the above mentioned factors in order for them to suit you best. If you are an undergraduate looking for an online bachelor degree, or a graduate seeking a master’s degree, you can find them both in the offers available through the means of online colleges.

When it comes to the tuition fee that you have to take into consideration, an online university usually requires a lower one than the regular. Even so, you can look into college scholarships that could help you pay for your studies. College scholarships are regularly offered by the university to which you apply, by the government or by other institutions which are involved in education. A great example of the last, which is available for international students regardless of the country they wish to study in, is the Global Study Awards. It offers college scholarships in the amount of £10,000 per individual to its winners.

An example of a university which has developed programs that offer online degrees is the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. It first opened its doors in 1898 and it currently hosts up to 18,000 students enrolled, offering more than 50 degree and certificate programs in the distance learning branch. Students who are interested in receiving an online bachelor degree in liberal arts can choose from nine pathways: economics, English, art history, history, political science, legal studies, philosophy, gender studies or psychology. There is also an online bachelor degree available in information technology, as well as other new additions which include criminal justice and business administration. Besides having the possibility of receiving an online bachelor degree, undergraduates also have the option of choosing from 11 certificates.

The available programs at UMass-Lowell also include 11 master’s degree tracks. If the students are interested in securities studies, there are five specialization options: critical infrastructure protection, homeland defense, cybersecurity, industrial and economic security and international security. There is also the possibility of choosing from different specializations in accounting, IT and finance. Other opportunities for graduates to receive online degrees include engineering management and criminal justice. Besides all of these, 13 online certificates are available which include four new programs in new venture creation, systems models and management, network security and victim studies.

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