The Annual Wadsworth African Fellowships Worth $17,500 for Anthropology PH.D students

Are you a young African scholar with a keen passion for anthropology who wishes to further his studies and pursue a Ph.D. degree in anthropology? If you are answering with both your mouth and your heart, then you should continue reading about the offer made through the annual Wadsworth African Fellowships. The African Fellowship is aimed to provide support for young African students like yourself for whom the academic opportunities are a challenge that should be embraced.

The Fellowship is intended to aid African students who wish to pursue high-quality Ph.D. courses at a South African university which can offer international-level training in anthropology, including archeology and biological anthropology. If you select any of the following universities – The University of Cape Town or the University of Witwatersrand – as your place of study, the chances to receive the African grant are increasing.

The annual Wadsworth African Fellowships is worth $17,500 and cover the living expenses, travel, student fees, tuition, research expenses, books and many other benefits while you are studying at the chosen university. You can also renew the Fellowship for up to two additional years after you have completed successfully the previous year of study.

Are you eligible to receive the annual Fellowship African Grant?

Yes, if you are, as we mentioned before, an African student who completed his/her master’s degree and wishes to pursue a Ph.D. program in anthropology, archeology and biological anthropology. You also have to be a member of an underrepresented group in academic anthropology/archaeology.

It is mandatory that you have begun training for the doctoral degree at a South African university and demonstrate why you do not have the current necessary means to further your studies. You are not eligible in case you have advanced beyond the first year of your doctoral studies.

IMPORTANT NOTE! You must have a supervisor or a Host Sponsor, member of the South African University where you plan to pursue your training. Why? The sponsor will assume responsibility for overseeing your training. The sponsor will supply a letter of reference for you. It is highly important that you consult the entire eligibility criteria list here http://www.wennergren.org/programs/wadsworth-african-fellowships/eligibility before proceeding any further.

Do not submit your application in case you do not comply with the Fellowship requirements. (consult the link from above)

Application procedures

It is highly important to read all the application procedures here http://www.wennergren.org/programs/wadsworth-african-fellowships/application-procedures. Submitting your application for the annual African Fellowship grant requires gathering all the necessary documents such as: copies of official transcripts, language competency papers, CV, and many more. For a detailed list, consult the link from above.

The closing date

You are required to submit your application by December 15. The final results will be announced by January 15. Application materials are available 3 months before the application deadline.

In case you wish to know more about the Annual Wadsworth African Fellowships, you can address your questions at internationalprograms@wennergren.org.

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