$5000 scholarship per semester for students with disabilities at Temple University

Your future plans are to finish your online bachelor degree from an elite business school but being impaired is a major road block on your path. You do not have to worry since Temple University has come up with a solution. Temple University is a public institution which has been offering online bachelor degree programs since 2012-2013. All the classes are recorded and archived so that you can access lecture material whenever you need to. One important aspect when applying for an online program at Temple is that the deadline is rolling.

What does it mean rolling admission? Temple invites you to submit your application within a time frame, as you will see in the scholarship application forms. Even though it does not have a set deadline, it is highly important the time when you apply. Why? Because the sooner you will apply for an online bachelor degree program, the sooner you will receive an answer. Unlike many schools which notify you in one to two months after you apply, Temple will let you know only two weeks after.

Temple University is offering international accreditation and the supportive experience of the classis education. You will not feel that you are undertaking online classes but you will enjoy the experience of learning in an online environment based on the pillars of the offline environment. Temple is also offering web conferencing tools which allow a personalized collaboration between peers, students, advisors, and career services. Its online bachelor degree programs are dedicated to adult learners who wish to enjoy a flexible mean which will allow them to finish their degree from a reputable business school.

Temple University is offering a series of disability-related scholarships available for each semester for students who are already matriculated and have disabilities and need a financial boost. These need-based scholarships will support them and pay for transportation, internship costs, disability-related support services, tuition, and housing expenses.

Some of the scholarships currently available are:

1. Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities available for Temple students with a disability. The maximum award is $1000 per semester. Students with a Temple GPA of 2.5 or higher are considered eligible. Also, they must have attended Temple at least one semester and be enrolled in a program leading to a degree. Full details about the scholarship, the closing date, and the scholarship application form can be found at http://disabilityresources.temple.edu/scholarships.

2. Joshua A. Winheld/Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship is dedicated to students with a physical disability which impact mobility. The award will be used for tuition and related expenses, internships, assistive technology and other expenses. Full details about the scholarship, the closing date, and the scholarship application form can be found at http://disabilityresources.temple.edu/scholarships.

3. Erling and Julia Indahl Scholarship is dedicated to students with a visual disability. The award will be used for tuition and related expenses, internships, assistive technology and other expenses. Full details about the scholarship, the closing date, and the scholarship application form can be found at http://disabilityresources.temple.edu/scholarships.

  1. I am very poor and now I am out of high school but no money to go to university. So I will really be happy to get this offer.

  2. Israel Hezron Mbilinyi, from Tanzania.
    I am completed high level of education in physics, chemistry and biology.
    I am orphans since 2007 and im 21 year\’s old.
    I am applying for this scholarship in doctor of medicine so as to fulfill my vision.
    I was failed to afford tution fee at university.
    I am hearing further from your response

  3. l want to further my studies with temple university but unfortunate my parents were late and l dont have any helping hand because am the only child of my parent. please help me l dont have enough capital with me to further my university education.

  4. My name is Obsa Amenitie from Ethiopia country. Sir.i am poor I don\’t have money that is take care of my education responsibilities. Thanks sir

  5. My name is Obsa Amenitie from Ethiopia country sir I am poor I don\’t have a money that is take care of my education responsibilities thanks sir

  6. Hi I need a help I don\’t have money and I\’m not a disability person.I grade 11,40yrs male who run NGO Masedi foundation. In deed I need to study.pls help me.staying south Africa

  7. hai sir,i am disable andbelong from pakistan,i am m.phil in physics,plz sir how i will get my phd scholarship at your kind controle

  8. my name is yakub dahir abubakar from kano state nigeria sir i am poor i dont have the money that i take care of my my education responsibilities and accomodation thank you sir

  9. My name is Ferdinand Nitunga I am Burundian. I am living in poverty stricken country. My country Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world and many youth do not achieve their goals and get their professional experience. I have a great desire to study abroad to explore my talents. I\’m a dedicated runner who does not get any food energy but I like it so much what prevents me to make a progress. I finished my secondary school two years ago but I have not got my field to study my career .I am very interested in Oversea languages,sport and music.
    I am also a musician but I have not been able to record any song but I have taught some of them in my English language club. I\’m often applying free financial scholarships but I haven\’t got it yet. Am I among Who can get your support?

  10. Mercy Has a hearing problem will you b able to help. Is she able to get a scholarship that enable her to stay at school and learning. Boarding school.

  11. Hello thanks for th support you offer to people like us, i am an orphan and please i request for your help

  12. I am Chrispine nombwana azambian teacher for special children aged 37 can\’t find schoolarship to finish up my degree in special education.I have a balance of $ 5000.If I find this amount I can appreciated because I will finish my degree and I can promise that upon completing I can send a scan of my results to you to see my performance.please help me I have a heart for special.
    I will be glad to hear from you.
    Thank you.

  13. I am very grateful for you accepting my application at your department, I which to achieve my goal scholarship department Thanks.

  14. How do one be beneficiary of this scholarship program for the post of monitoring and Evaluation officer in Liberia also an employee of environmental protection Agency of Liberia currently

  15. Hi am masika in need to complete my PhD at Walden university lost
    My dear one looking for assistance

  16. How do one be the beneficiary of this scholarship program in Liberia and as employee of Liberia environmental protection Agency, schooling to be an monitoring and Evaluation officer of the Agency .How can i be

  17. Am Simon Fulayi Nzimbi an orphan my parents died during war , I was a refugee in Zambia as a refugee there an got educated there by the UNHCR /UN they used to pay for me school fees and other school requaments as at now in been my home land I have found difficult to do my bachelor or further studies due to luck of scholarship thus why am applying for it at this university .

  18. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Further more, if your honour could kindly provide the scholarship for the poor family category, it will be much more beneficent in acquiring education same like those who are rich enough. For an instance, I obtained four years degree that too with much pressure and stress as I always concern on my college fees in every semester. If I get a temporary job in the break of every semester, it really helps me to pay the fees otherwise there are no other sources I can fetch the income.
    More over, my single mum with eight siblings can\’t afford to help in such situations and some times I consider my self as one of the under the privileged guy, however, I did not lose my hope in doing my studies in obtaining the degree.
    So, If your honour could provide the scholarship to those who are poor and can\’t afford for the studies, it will be much more beneficent
    Sorry for the comment.

    Thank you, sir

  19. Dear Sir/Madam,
    It is indeed Privileged and honoured to know the scholarship for the disability which is one way of respecting humanity. I really appreciate the kindness in helping such category.
    Thank you sir

  20. Hi. i am a kenyan by nationaliy. I stopped studying due to accident which spoiled my right foot in the ankle. can I be help to accomplish my MPH at BUGEMA university in Uganda

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