Best Scholarships for College for Students of Online Degrees

You have been looking at colleges for a while now and finally you have decided the best thing for you would be to enroll with an online degree at the many online universities available. But there’s a problem. You worry that your online college is not going to offer you any financial aid to help you pay for your studies. But that’s not true at all.

Online universities like traditional schools offer scholarships for college. And in case they run out of funds, students looking to enroll for a college degree online also have the option of seeking help with third-party institutions. Here are a few such foundations which are looking to aid online students pay for their online degree.

Geteducated.com Distance Learning Scholarship

The grant is awarded to students enrolled at one of the many online universities out there to help them get a more affordable education. The scholarship is awarded twice a year and is offered based on merit as well as financial need. The money can be used at any accredited college degree online provider.

In order to apply students need to send in a 500-word essay and demonstrate a minimum GPA of 3.0. The program awards up to $1,000 in funding to be used towards your online education. Just be careful to enroll in an accredited online college.

Christian Distance Learning Scholarship

Want more scholarships for college? The Scholars for Development grant is open to Christian students looking to enroll in Christian-focused online programs. It aims to improve the world, by delivering financial help to individuals who would thrive in a higher education environment, but can’t access it due to funding issues.

Students needs to be enrolled in a college degree online that focuses on Christian dogma. All applicants need to do is fill out for on the Christian Distance Learning website and they will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a $1,000 bursary.

No essays or high grades needed to access this funding.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

If you are a member of the Greek Phi Theta Kappa you can easily get your hands on a $1,000 scholarship. If you are planning to enroll with an online degree, you should know this grant requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 and can be renewed for 3 years straight. It’s awarded based on merit and financial need, but a higher preference is given to students with a strong academic record.

Texas Tech Distance Learning

Texas Tech is one of the many online universities that is open to helping students in financial need. Their scholarships for college are awarded based both on merit or need and they are available for nearly all online programs.

Applicants need to be US citizen, maintain an average grade and demonstrate features consistent with the university’s goals and values.

As you can see there are plenty of student scholarships out there designed for students who learn from home. So now that you know that, you shouldn’t be second-guessing your decision to apply for an online degree anymore.

  1. Hello Dear,

    How are you?I hope you are fine . Actually I want to get scholarship for my college education. kindly grand me scholarship.

  2. please am a Sierra Leonean living in west African am finish with hight school trying to enroll into university but I will like to continue my studies out of Africa,i wont to do I.T

  3. I am called bashekye william.I am a ugandan by nationality.I would like to complete my ACCA course but I do not have school fees.I lost both my parents who would pay for my fees but now I don\’t have anybody to help me.please I beg u you to help me to atleast completeam my course.

  4. may you support me to pursue my farming business. am in Tanzania I have already graduated bachelor degree in gender and development last year.

  5. I am student who live in Somalia. Iam from poor family my father doesn\’t have any job even my mother. I was finished secondary school last academic year2016_2017 up to now I am not in university because I am not able to pay the university fee but I have hop to get once a university even if it is scholarship. So as I was informed me that there was positions of scholarship l would like to help me kindly to get free university in abroad. Please help me kindly to achieve my goal .please answer my request kindly within 24 hour

  6. My name is Sunday loveth ,am very greatful for dis opportunity ,I pray god bless as u help other in need ,pls I need money to pay my fess thank u

  7. Hello my name is praise i got an offer for a foundation at kaplan and I need a scholarship for my foundation

  8. Hello l\’m brian lam in grade 12 and would like to study medicine next year but do not know how to start as lam being raised by a single parent who is earning less than R 3 000 so l tought if you can help please contact me on my email kchataz@gmail.com and l will show you all my grades are have achieved at school

  9. my name is albashir in africa i have been looking for scholarships till 2013. I sent lots of applications till now i get none. scholarships providers doesn\’t want to give us educations freely. becouse i sent more than thirty eight applications to lotsof scholarship providers now i am in a desperate condition. plz help me find any scholarship in under graduate position.

  10. Hello I wish to apply for the scholarship at your university I am somali student in Somalia , I interest to get for the scholarship thanks for your scholarship

  11. i am interested in scholarships in your university in sport science (basket ,football,handball and health and fitness exercise in masters degree

  12. my name is ali daa\’uus i wanna scholarship 2017 high school i live africa espeicail somaliland so i wanna to help me okay

  13. my name is azad i live in Tanzania.so i request for scholarship willing to do all my best to u with all my talent i hope you may accept my request your thankfulness

  14. Please help with Sponsorship to complete my Degree in Business Management on line with one reputable Christian run universities

  15. I hail from a poor background, i obtained a higher certificate and i matriculated last year, i need help with financial please help me to be granted a scholarship i promise that, i will work harder i want to study psychology

  16. I +am from Philippines taking up bachelor of secondary education major in mathematics, can you help me find some scholarship because I am a working student. thanks.

  17. Dear,
    Please I clicked on welden university but they couldn\’t help because they are private institutions but what I want is a school that can offer me scholarship. I am a nurse by profession. But I want to upgrade my career. So help me

  18. Hello I am Martin Penaleo from Papua New Guinea and I am interested to take a course in Property Management course online but I am struggling to find sponsorship to meet my course fee.

  19. I\’M a Liberian living in Liberia West Africa. Am interested in your scholarship wanting to study courses in local government.
    Hne D Appleton

  20. Hi…am Anene Philis from Kenya am currently studying bachelor\’s of science in agriculture at the university. I come from Kenya but I had to defer due to financial problems…please help me persue my dream

  21. I am edmon from kenya please give me that chance to pursue degree in dental surgery and I am sure I will unleash my potential

  22. Hy im aluwani sadiki and im interested in your scholarship and im willing to get it so that i can study Bachelor of law at any university or college of your choice.

  23. Dear sir madam am getahun from ethiopia 24 years old i finish bsc degree sir madam pleas would you give me this golden chance God bless you

  24. Hello,my name is Elizabeth Manedika and i’m living in Fiji. I am very interested to apply for the Kingstone University in London but how could i feel out the university scholarship form that would enable me to enroll in this school so that i could just do it online?

  25. My name is Sulayman trawally,from the Gambia west Africa.am definitely interested in your programme,an am enquiring how can I be awarded a scholarship to soon start my course

  26. Please what are my to do for me to get the scholarship, into any of this schools am ready to show my best of education. help me please in terms of financial aspects i really want to further my education but my parents are late and i don’t have any means of furthering but i promise them that i won’t stop on the way with my education but as things stands now i have nowhere no body to run to for help only this this great scholar’s please help me to fulfill my dream thank you….Fabian from Nigeria.phone number 08135168028.

  27. hello am crespo’o ndiabamoh from africa, Cameroon and will like to know if its possible for me to get one of your scholarships for a masters in public health program from 2018

  28. Hello am abdirahman from kenya i finished my highschool last year and i want a scholership in canada and united states kindly help me out becouse am the eldest son and i want to help my family who really cannot afford to pay for my university thank you so much and am looking for your feedback


  30. Thanks for updates am requesting for the scholarship at the university you may offer me ,am city currently in Kenya ,thanks in advance

  31. Iam Somali ,i live in Mogadishu please can you help me to get free scholarship of master degree?i need grants even if you can afford,thanks

  32. I really want this scholarship because, since i graduated from high school in 2008, i just dont have any money to go college.

  33. Currently am a student in Moi University and I have financial problem. I will be grateful to secure scholarship from you to continue pursuing a course that will lead to achieving degree in Biochemistry right here in Kenya.Is it possible?

  34. I am very much interested in the christian distance learning scholarship. Give me the website so that i can fill the form for me to be enrolled and get the scholarship i want.

  35. hello, i am in dubai now but a cameroonian. i want an online scholarship in procurement, logistics and shipping and transport management. how do i get enrolled in this schorlarship program and which acredited university offers this program. thanks

  36. Hello, my name is Mackenson MERILUS. I am Haitian. I want you please to help to have a scholarship. To be more educated to help more students in my community because I have been helping them long time ago as I could.

  37. I’m Emaculate Nenchang Asafor.l am a Cameroonian and l leave in Cameroon.l am a holder of a Higher Diploma in Port and Shipping Management with a GPA of 3.89 from The Regional Maritime University (RMU) Accra, Ghana.I wish to further my education but lack finances.Pls what steps do l take to benifit from your scholaship inoerder to permit me to realise my dreams? Thanks

  38. I live in Malawi, am very much interested on the information regarding scholarship online education, would you please help on what steps to take on ..actually I wanted to study Bachelors in Accounting or any related field..

  39. hello organization i jamil from Pakistan iam graduate from hazara university mansehra abbatabad in the field of genetics now i wanna m.s in biotechnology or genetics by post graduate scholarship so please sir/madam reply thanks.

  40. Thanx for the information.I really need help on my academics.please I would love you send me universities or colleges that meet the scholarships highlighted.please help am very much in need of it.from Zambia

  41. I, Jumanne s. sendege a m here for scholarship for Master degree in Agriculture Development for third world countries with special look at disadvantageous group (women) please if any give scholarship as my study will spear head the courses and possible solutions to serve the group with thanks. given information on how to get scholarship is also of help to me.

  42. MY name is masereka adidas from uganda iwould like to study adegree in medicin and surgery but ineed ascholarship if any?

  43. I want to complete my thesis in business management that’s why I am looking for scholarship, if there is any opportunity then please let me know.

  44. I hail from poor family which cannot afford to pay my school fees.I am afraid of dropping out of college due to lack of fees. I kindly request for your assistantance for me to continue with my studies. any assistance accorded is highly appreciated. thanks in advance

  45. Due to financial challenges, i am looking for an online master degree sponsorship.
    I will be greatful for your assistance.

  46. Dear Sir

    Thank you for the information regarding the scholarships you are offering. I would like to apply for the Scholarship to study Bachelor in English Studies online. I am Pastor of the Baptist Church in the city of Tete-Mozambique. There is great need that I should English up to the above mentioned degree, because for good communication in the English speaking country where I do travel for church seminaries and preach. I would like to let you know that my country Mozambique is Portuguese speaking country.
    Please send me more information about scholarship.

    God bless you

    Pr. Marcos Phiri

  47. Am looking forward to go to utalii college but i wont be able to pay the fees. I was qualified to go to university but the course i want to do is best offered at utalii college. I was pleading with You to help me see if the government will still help me pay my fees

  48. hi my name is Valentine Nkonde From Nelspruit (Mpumalanga) I finished my grade 12 2015 ..obtained a diploma ,2016 I was doing my national certificate in Ancillary healthcare but I’m still awaiting for the certificate ..I would like to proceed with my career but I need financial help ..can u help ..

  49. I am looking for a degree in theology. and I see that I fall in Christian Distance learning Scholarship. How do I apply?
    Secondly how do I know that this particular college is accredited?

  50. For almost two years now, I have being searching for where to access scholarship and financial aid to enable me undertake an online studies in HRM;
    could this be an answered prayer!


  52. hello my name is BIRUK ABERA applying for a scholarship college scholarship so my thought was how can i feel out a scholarship harvard coollege and make a deal i live in Ethiopia and i was thinking about getting in touch and showing you my grade so i could get a schoolar ship.

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