$70.000 Allocated for the SOM Prize and Travel Fellowship

From universities to nursing schools, skyscrapers to homes and all kind of buildings surrounding us, architects are known for shaping the cities they live in. Architecture majors are chosen not only due to the lucrative path they open but for the excitement of watching how a simple project crafted on paper turns into a real life building.

Studying to be an architect indeed, takes time and money and architecture majors are constantly meeting the ever rising costs of college tuition. For many students, the expenses are translated into sizable college loans. But thankful, architecture scholarships are available which can provide the help for high driven and brilliant students. For them winning such a scholarship is the ticket to a bright professional future. If they plan to become an architect, then they should take a close look at the SOM Prize and Travel Fellowship.

“SOM Prize and Travel Fellowship” is aimed to identify and nurture talents by offering them the possibility to win generous research awards and travelling grants. The program is dedicated to architecture, design, and urban design students. The award is offered by SOM Foundation which is a $50.000 research and travel grant which will enable outstanding students to do in – depth research, will encourage them to collaborate with other designers and help them pursue independent study.

The SOM Prize and Travel Fellowship are two annual prizes which are administered in a single competition.

1. The first award, SOM Prize is a $50.000 research and travel fellowship which enables students to create an amazing learning experience by meeting professionals in the fields.

2. The second award, SOM Travel Fellowship valued at $20.000, which enables applicants to experience the opportunity to expand their education beyond the classroom through travel.

Applicants will be considered for either award.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants who have received or plan to receive an undergrad or grad degree from a U.S school who undertake a degree program in Design, Architecture or Urban Design. It is not necessary that students should hold a U.S Citizenship. The applicants for 2017 must receive their degree between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Only 2 winners will be selected.

Application process

Each applicant should make one submission which consists of a Portfolio, Research Proposal, and a Travel itinerary. Download competition, guidelines and forms here: http://www.somfoundation.som.com/award/som-prize-design

Students will submit the requested documents (which can be found in the link from above) no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, July 17. The portfolios submitted later than the established hour will not be taken into consideration. The applicants are advised to package their portfolio and send it via a delivery service that can be tracked at the address below:

Nancy Abshire AIA RIBA

Executive Director

SOM Foundation 224 S. Michigan Ave.

Suite 1000 Chicago, IL 60604

Encl: Submission/SOM Prize

  1. I\’m grateful for this kind of offer but am not in that field,I am studying History a
    nd international studies currently in Nigeria and I think with this I can\’t put in.

  2. Thank u for choosing me. But how do grab this opportunity and turn into reality. I would really be glad if l am to be offerd such an opportunity to study architect

  3. I think it\’s a pretty good thing to do considering most brilliant students lack proper or rather enough funding and if I\’m lucky enough to be granted that wonderful chance I won\’t waste even a single bit of it

  4. Thank u for this great opportunity and giving me a chance to further with studies but how can I grasp t

  5. A\’ll really appretiate if i get this opportunity. for it will enable me turn. table s and change my family thank you

  6. Am grateful for rendering me this magnanimous information I have never known of before… and am very optimistic and focused that am going to get valuable support from you.

  7. I am very happy you granted me opportunity it\’s a privilege for me all thanks to my father God almighty

  8. iam interested in your program though I don\’t have any degree in architecture, so how do I go about in applying?
    am from Zambia

  9. it will be a great honour to be granted such an opportunity to further my education and contribute to the community.

  10. thank you to wish me a good things.
    ok what do you advise me do?

    can you explain about it because it is the first chance ,i get it .

    remain blessed

  11. am a male Ugandan who also feels like attaining my education in higher institutions of learning but finance is the problem to me, I completed my senior six in 2015 and I did Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics then Computer.
    Any support to me is highly welcome

  12. this is nabongho sulaiti from Uganda I would like to be among the lucky students to grab this chance and I meet my dreams because i always dream of studying and get my professional in my course hope to be among thanks

  13. please it very good idea to support young who want to be literary at different area around the world it brings exposure.

  14. My name is Tesfaye Mengesha Gebre from Ethiopia.I am searching for PhD scholarship in your university.

  15. Am gland to have been give an opportunity to access your scholarship kindly guide me on wat to do next

  16. I\’m positive to embark on any trial being entrusted to me as I will be appreciative of a Godly chance

  17. I need scholarship in order to acquire knowledge, skill and intellectual power, so that I will go around the world to teach people that are eagerly to know, acquire knowledge and to be expose…

  18. I really want to educate myself further but don\’t have anything as in funds at all.
    Thanks a lot for your consideration but cannot afford even a ticket..+233(0270686292)

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