$1,500 SPGS Director’s Scholarship

The School of Politics and Global Studies offers an overall of four Director’s Scholarships to prospective candidates who want to take an undergraduate major in the field of Political Sciences.

In order to qualify, candidates will have to make a strong case whereby examiners would be able to gauge the prospective applicant’s personal qualities and how well those coincide with the needs of the Arizona State University and the community. The school puts the onus on students to meet a number of criteria, which are more stringent than what most online colleges and online college courses demand.

Exigencies such as the following are put in place for perspective candidates:

  • Applicants must have earned an absolutely minimum of 45 credit hours at the Arizona State University and maintained a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0;
  • Transfer students may pass with only 15 credit hours completed;
  • High school dual enrollment credits;
  • Graduating seniors need not apply as they will not be considered

The amount granted to up to four candidates is $1,500. While submitting their application forms, students must know that a 500-word personal statement ought to be submitted. In it, the prospective candidates will outline how they envisage themselves throughout and after their studies, what significant impact they see themselves making in the world. It would be highly recommended to acquire a recommendation from SPGS faculty member. A curriculum vitae need only be applied.

When pursuing a degree in Political Science, there exist a number of online colleges and online college courses as an alternative, but the Arizona State University is still a hallmark for excellence in the area and students would be remiss not to follow up with that offer.

Prospective applicants should be aware of the study options with regards to enrollment. Students may sign up for full-time, 3/4 time, ½ time or less, allowing for great flexibility. The degree is available to Sophomore, Junior and Senior year students.

Only applicants pursuing a major in Political Science may apply. As per the university’s request, candidates must also have completed 45 credit hours. Preference treatment will be given to candidates who demonstrate financial need for the scholarship. It is noteworthy that the Arizona State University often handpicks the most qualified but also neediest candidates.

Additional list of documents include:

  • A personal statement up to 500 words;
  • An electronic application through the university’s website here.
  • A letter of recommendation by the SPGS

For additional information and questions regarding the application process contact Lisa Hutchins at lisa.hutchins@asu.edu. Applications must be sent by 31 January 2018.


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