Study Business at the University of Maastricht with a Full Scholarship

Online degree programs offer students today the opportunity to study anything without stepping a foot out of the house. Online colleges are more present than even in today’s educational landscape and by enrolling with a degree offered by the online universities you’ll be able to study anything your heart desires, from art to business administration and IT. Accredited online universities are capable of delivering online degree programs on par with the ones offered by traditional educational establishments. But before you start looking at online colleges, you need to ask yourself a financial question – do you have the funds to support your education?

Don’t be discouraged if the answer is no. The good news is that many universities and third party institutions are willing to provide perspective students with scholarships for college and grants that usually cover at least tuition costs. Scholarships for college are the sure way to get your education funded, so if you haven’t looked into the topic yet, we suggest you do. Actually we have a very good example for you to start with.

If your dream has always been to study business, then you’ll be happy to heard of this program. The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) is awarding a bursary for non-EU students who are willing to enroll with a bachelor offline or online degree with SBE. The bursary offered by the SBE is one of the most complete scholarships for college that are available out there.

Now, if you have already started researching online colleges, we suggest you take a minute and look at SBE’s offer. The bursary the school is awarding includes a one-off allowance of approximately $958, health care and liability insurance of $553, visa costs of $337, one-off contribution to travel costs of $1,064 and covering of tuition fees (up to approx. $8,000).

Perspective students of traditional or online universities can receive the grant for the entire duration of the bachelor’s program – for a maximum of three years. The bursary is awarded once a year.

In order to apply, students need to satisfy several conditions including having been admitted to one of the SBE’s bachelor degree programs including International Bustiness, Economics and Business Economics. Applicants can’t be older than 35 and have to come from a country outside the EA/EEA region, preferably a developing country. Students also need to demonstrate good marks, at least a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 70%. Last but not least, applicant have to be eligible for both a Dutch visa and a Dutch residence permit. This is very important, so make sure you check with the appropriate institutions in your country.

This year the deadline for the application is April 15, so you still have a few days left to send it your application via email. However, if you feel like time is too short, you can bookmark this scholarship and revisit it next year. You shouldn’t rush an application process and before submitting anything you need to double check to make sure you’re sending all that has been requested.


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