Furthering your Music Career through Stanford University’s Knight-Hennessy’s Program

All of us who want to pursue education know that this will help us boost our career and give us a better income opportunity. Finding the best school for the degree we’d like to explore is one of the most critical items to do. Knowing that funding is available is sometimes of higher priority.

University of Stanford is one of the most renowned universities in the United States (US). Open since 1891, it is home to 7032 undergraduate and 9304 graduate students. It also supports over 6000 externally sponsored projects and allocates an estimated $1.6 billion total budget for research. It continues to open its doors to more, including international students.

The university offers a comprehensive array of degrees, programs and courses and one of those is Masteral Degree in Music. The tuition fee is estimated at about $46,320 USD with very demanding requirements for admission. It is however, projected, that graduates of this school have a very high salary within 10 years from graduation.

The university has a range of funding sources but the best is one that offers the full payment of the tuition fee. The Knight-Hennessy Program for International Students covers the full payment of the tuition fee and provides funding for related academic expenses, financial support and even stipend.

Be one of the 100 students who can qualify, submit your application by September 27, 2017 and be ready for the Academic year 2017-2018.

The application steps is very simple, you will just need to be accepted in the university before you can apply for the scholarship. You also have to be a recent graduate (earned bachelor’s degree within the last 4 years). Since this program is not limited to Music courses, it is important that your application stands out so that you can be considered.

International students need to have VIsa and Certificate of Eligibility requirements ready. Stanford issues the F-1 Student Visa and the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility and are needed for new applicants. Stanford also issues the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa together with DS-2019. These documents are needed as you enter the United States. When applicable, passing the English language proficiency requirement is also requested.

Other requirements for the application are:

  • Verified sufficient financial resources for at least one academic year.
  • Academic transcripts
  • $125 admission/application fee
  • Recommendation letter
  • Passing the Educational Testing Service (ETS) is also requested.

Many students would like to avail of the Knights-Hennessey Program for International students. Competition is tight and it’s going to be a big battle of brains, wit and talent. Study in the US at Stanford University!




  1. I\’m a police officer in Swaziland and would like to pursue my education and study about Domestic violence or forensic …can be glad if can get a scholarship for next year 2019

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am interesting and wish to be a beneficiary
    for this scholarship.Is there any consideration
    for person like me who earned my undergraduate
    Degree since 2011?

    Lamie L.Taweh

  3. Am ubor uzodinma John from Nigeria… Studied logistics graduated with second class upper division in bachelor of technology.

  4. My names Abdilahi, I live in Hargeisa orphanage center. I have diploma for drafting (Making designs). Also, I do not have any money to go university and I like to continue my education. In the future I want to be the president of my nation, so I need scholarship if you can please help the future president of Somalia. Thank you


  5. Please help me,I want scholarship to further my study abroad,I am studying my plumbing in the Republic of Namibia and am a Namibian, I have level 2 and we are using south Africa caricurum…help me pls my father pass away and my mother is not working.

  6. I would like to be the nect woman to win a scholarship in order to save many women suffering from domestic violence and girls who are forced to drop schools in otder to engage into esrlier martisge.

  7. My name is Alie Gibson Dumbuya. I have Bachelor degree with honours in sociology. I will like to gain admission in this wonderful university. But can we apply.

  8. Hi am from Cameroon studying Banking and finance in HND i look forward to study in your institution and i don\’t know if i can get financial help from your institutions, i look forward to blend it with Human Resource Management

  9. I am happy give this chance .please give me this chance and I want to take Msc degree in electrical engineering and related .

  10. Have done clinical medicine and aurgry…I will be very grateful when I will get the opportunity to join.

  11. As last person who wrotte some message i would like to know that i can do master in public health or nutrition? i am interisting in this field

  12. My name is AKUM SPENCER BESONG from Cameroon, I am a Bachelors degree holder in Accountancy ,but I have financial difficulties to continue by educational journey. I am an orphan who was brought by an uncle who is also financial low now.children like us survive from sponsors and charity givers.I will be very greatful if granted this Scholarship .

  13. I am islamudin belong fata pakistan .I want study in ur campus but I am pore can not bear the universty fees and trviling dues

  14. Thank you very much for this wonderful Program must especially for international students. I have interest in the program but I have a question for you guys. My question here is this :The program is about music while if I don\’t have interest in 🎶 music,because as for me, I want to become a Medical Doctor, I love that fiel.So what can I do to be part of the this program? Thank you very much for the time to view these few words from me.

  15. Hi ! My name is Daniel Achaw from Ghana.
    I love your school, hoping to be there in the 2017/2018 academic year
    I have first degree in Nutrition and Food Science

  16. I would like to study Music in my MSC. I have A bachelor\’s degree in creative Arts. I\’m a Nigerian and would really Ned your Help with the Scholarship so that I can fulfil my Dream is Being A complete Artist. Thanks a million..

  17. i am an undergrature in Ghana who has just written WASSCE. would like to get scholarship to study medicine. i am having no hope, please help.

  18. I really want an MSc scholarship program in agricultural related fields, am a Nigeria with a first degree in Botany

  19. I am tilahun from ethiopia. I am geaduated in computer engeenering and I am interested to learn my master and how can i get schoolarship.

  20. I am very glad to hear such a golden opportunities of having tuition free educational scholarship in US.but I am not capable to cover some costs needed there. I had a first degree in Accounting from Ethiopia that I greatly needs to upgrade to Masters program if any With your great help and i am waiting for u good news.
    Thank u!
    Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

  21. I so wish I could get scholarship and I will be happy.. Because my parents depending on peace jobs. Thank you


  23. I need a fully funded scholarship to help me pursue an undergraduate degree in Stanford University. I am a Ghanaian and I live in Ghana,Accra.Thanks.

  24. hello
    I am Mustafa from Afghanistan and I have bachelor in Civil Engineering and I would be glad to do my second bachelor in computer science in international university standfort .
    kindly help me to reach to this goled dreem in this university.
    send me the answer

  25. Please thank you for the access. I want to study at your reputable institution but I need to be helped in some pertinent aspects. I mean, to sponsor me financial wise among other needs.

  26. Frankly speaking, I will be happy if you pay for me as sponsorship then i will enjoy my scholarship at U.S.A

  27. First of all, I would like to thanks your organization. I have MSc in Agrometeorology and Natural Risk Management. Now, I want to continue my PhD by relative course, if you give me the chance, i am happy.

  28. Thanks for Scholarship gives Student on the world, I need apportunity education I am Somali, l live in Mogadishu capital Somalia.
    I have first degree in medical laboratory science.

  29. can I get a scholarship in education arts,,,,am currently in Kenya pursuing B.A 3RD YEAR.is it possible to transfer there?

  30. It will be a great pleasure for me if i get this scholarship. I am very much interetsted as it will help me further my education and make broaden my ideas to contribute to the growth of the society

  31. i will be honoured to upgrade nursing in your instituion,i wish to have an educaion sholarship.thankyou in advance

  32. i would like to further to bachelor in nursing and then further with masers,am willing to study there ,i have already done kenya registered community health nursing,it is my humble request that you may help me achieve my dreams,please alsohelp me with your telephone numbers,yours florence macharia

  33. I would be glad to do my P.hD research work in one of the leading Universities in the world.I have an M.Sc in International Relations..
    Thanks and kind regards.

  34. my name is JAFAR from Ethiopia now I learning my first .B A degree by geography and environmental studies department and I want to learn in Stanford university by use this golden chance but I have no ability to pay fee please can I get sponsor??

  35. Do you link scholarships to local university?I am a Kenyan and i have a chance researved in one of the universities just that funding is a big challenge i have.

  36. I need a scholarship program to enable me get My bachelor degree . at least in another country America, Australia, Europe, Asia or other part of Africa. I am a Liberian living in Liberia West Africa.

  37. My parents are not working we support my father grant we living with my 4 sister\’s and 3 brothers all of them were not have ID even my mom please help me to get this scholarship

  38. Dear Sir,
    I have done B.Tech (civil) from an reputed university of Kurukshetra India and want to know whether I am eligible to avail The Knight-Hennessy Programme for International students as I am interested to have M.Tech structures a post gradation course and if it is there then please let me know the proceedure an oblige.

    With Regard\’s
    Jaspreet Singh
    J&K State,India

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