How to get your US student VISA?

Even though getting your US vista student make take some time do not let yourself discouraged. In many countries, the number of student visas handled by the United States has increased highly in the last year, which means that many students were able to meet the requirements of getting it. The next step you need to take, before an American academic institution accepted you for admission to full-time study, that institution will send you a document. The document is called an I-20 form and it is the application for an F-1 visa. If you are an exchange visitor, the US government or the organization that is sponsoring you will send you a DS-2019 form. This is the application for a J-1 VISA.

Now, let’s see which are the steps you need to take in order to get your visa.

1. As we have mentioned above, the US academic institution will send you a form saying that you have been accepted at an institution which is authorized by the US Citizenship and Naturalization Service (USCIS). The document is called an I-20 form and it is the application for an F-1 visa whereas an exchange visitor will receive a DS-2019 for a J-1 visa. Read it carefully and then sign it. Make sure that the pieces of information from your application match perfectly those from your passport.

2. Make an appointment for the visa interview and pay the fees you are required to pay. Keep in mind that Student Visas can be issued up to 120 days before the date from their I-20 form and the exchange visitors can be issued any time before the date on their DS-2019 form. However, you need to make an appointment as early as you can for your visa. If you are an international student and your program of study will begin soon, you will receive priority. Be sure that you have mentioned this specific fact on the application form.

Each US Embassy has a website which provides the instructions on how to make an appointment for your interview and also other details about the visa application process. Locate the website for the embassy in your country here: http://www.usembassy.gov/. Inform yourself on how to make an appointment for a visa interview.

If you need an adviser, contact the nearest US department of State-affiliated Education. They are listed at https://educationusa.state.gov/find-advising-center.

You will have to pay a US$200 fee, meant to support the cost of the computer system which is used to record your stay in US. It is called SEVIS. The fee can be paid here https://fmjfee.com/index.html with a credit card that is internationally valid at least 3 days before the scheduled visa interview. Make sure that you print a copy of the receipt. You will have to bring the copy with you at the interview.

There is an additional US$160 for the visa application fee in your country at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate or at a bank that the Embassy designates. Check the website of the US Embassy in your country to see where you have to pay this fee.

3. Complete online the non-immigration visa application form, which is DS-160. Find here the instructions for completing it: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/. Make sure that you will have a copy of it and bring it to the Embassy when you are scheduled for the visa interview.

4. Prepare yourself for the VISA interview. Even though you are not a native English speaker or you are unable to answer the questions in English, do not worry. You can ask for an interpreter. English is not a must for a student visa.

The visa officer needs to know why studying in the US is a better call than studying in your own country. Be prepared to present your academic and professional objectives. For more valuable insights, access this link https://studyusa.com/en/a/33/how-to-get-your-u-s-student-visa and find how you can prepare yourself for the visa interview.

We wish you the best of luck!

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