Online Bachelor Degree in Engineering Management

Have you ever considered progressing and advancing in your career from the comfort of your own home or you never thought that would be possible? Well, think again, because you can get an online bachelor degree that you can complete in your own time from anywhere in the world and broaden your knowledge in any subject that sparkles your interest. Online degrees posses the same accreditation as receiving a degree from following on campus courses and there is no difference in the information you receive or in the learning process that you experience. You will also get to connect with faculty and peers through the means of the virtual platforms that are offered by the online university.

If you are thinking that you do not have the possibility to pay for such a programme, think again because the tuition fees an online university involves are lower than the regular ones. Even so, you have the possibility to access grants for education that will be funding your studies if you prove you are keen to learn and develop as a professional, as well as a human being. Some scholarships that offer grants for education and that take into consideration international students are the Global Study Awards which offers up to ₤10.000 per individual to fund their studies as well as the materials they might need in the learning process. Another possibility of accessing grants for education are the Commonwealth Scholarships and the Chevening Scholarships that also take into consideration international students.

If you are interested in upgrading your previous knowledge in engineering management, the University of Lincoln has developed for managers in the engineering sector a work-based, distance learning programme that is looking to break down the barriers between learning at university and learning at work. Since experience is the best teacher, this online bachelor degree
for managers in the engineering sector looking to break down the barriers between learning at work and learning at university. The modules that this online university will tackle are Reflection and Reflective Practice, Applied Problem Solving in the Engineering Workplace and Change Management.

Some of the benefits you will receive by following this online bachelor degree are academic recognition, the opportunity to immediately apply what you learn, improved performance and the ability to rapidly respond to change. As online degrees work, the courses will be delivered at a pace and place that best suits you with the possibility to develop your individual learning while focusing on relevant workplace skills. Online degrees also give you direct access to expertise that will give you feedback on your work based projects in order to extend the scope of your activities. So when you are given all the tools you need in order to progress, why not take the bull by the horns and kickstart your career?


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