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Online education has gone a long way. Yesterday’s pariah, online universities are now respected institutions that more and more students turn to. The thing is, online colleges have evolved to offer pretty much the same options as traditional educational institutions. Today’s you see a wide range of choice in online degree programs, as well as the opportunity to receive funding via student scholarships.

If you too have been thinking of enrolling with an online degree, but aren’t quite sure what to choose, we have put together a list of top online universities that might satisfy your learning cravings. Keep reading below.

Colorado Technical University

Albeit starting out as a traditional college, the Colorado Technical University now offers 13 full bachelor online degree programs. The vast majority revolve around fields like information technology, security studies, business & management and healthcare.

What’s special about at the Colorado Technical University is that courses are thought via an itellipath technology which assesses what students don’t know by applying a series of questionnaires, in order to specifically tailor course materials.

Students will have to pay up to $4,875 to cover per-semester tuition, but luckily there are plenty of student scholarships options to help them cover these costs.

Brandman University

Brandman University is one of the most well-known online universities out there offering opportunities to working adults looking to further their education. The school is home to 33 bachelor degree online programs fully thought online. Areas of study include school of arts & science, business & professional studies, education and nursing & health.

Compared to the Colorado Technical University, the Bradman University is a bit more expensive. The estimated per-semester tuition rate is $7,500. As we mentioned above, there’s nothing stopping you from applying to as many student scholarships as you can, to help ensure you can fund your education, without worrying you’ll be in debt upon graduation.

Regis University

The Regis University, formerly known as Regis College – is a private Roman Catholic, Jesuit university in the US, which offers a wide range of online degree programs. The school is home to 24 bachelor degrees which are thought at three of the departments of the university: the college of computer and information sciences, personal studies and the college of health professions.

Like at most online universities out there, students in need are encouraged to apply for financial aid. The first step in this direction is submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

You will need a grant, because the Regis University is not among the top 10 most affordable universities out there. The estimated per-semester tuition at the school is $6,900 for an online degree program.

However do bear in mind that these tuition taxes are usually lower than those you’ll be bumping into if you chose to apply with a traditional university. Still if you don’t find yourself in a good financial situation, you should start researching grants and scholarships to make sure you find a way to get the money for school you need to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

  1. Life is full of opportunities and limitations. That I understand, coming from the basement and was able to get a certificate which qualifies for a bachelors degree. This opportunity might be a great blessing. All I ever wanted was grab and smash every opportunity that comes my way.

  2. Thanks alot for the information given…i would like to have aviation scholarships if they are available…..i want to fly

  3. Hello I completed my high school in 2016 but due to the war which broke out in my country South Sudan has made me un enable to continue with studies due to lack of fees. Can you please help me achieve my dreams.

  4. I was doing electrical engineering due to financial problems I have to drop out show can this scholarship help me.From Uganda

  5. Hie am Nyasha Mukucha from Zimbabwe,i have a national certificate in electrical power engineering,how can I apply for a scholarship to enable further my education.

  6. Have been admitted for Bsc curse in palliative this year August (2017/2018) but unable to pay for the fees and other requirements.
    will you please assist me get the scholarship this year 2018/2019

  7. I was admitted for Bsc 2017 / 2018 but i\’m not able to pay for the fees and other requirements i did not start the curse.
    I would like to join this year.
    How shall i get the scholarship, please help me

  8. I am Keitumetse Thabong from northern cape. I did my last year at school thus year.I would like to be part of the military.

  9. I am very sorry for responding lately am running my master degree recently on science education i don\’t know what i can do now orientate me and how can i run the programme.

  10. Am kaggwa Reuben a UGANDAN am requesting for financial support to enable me peruse a masters degree of tourism and Hotel management in ERASMUS UNIVERSITY of Netherlands . and am very focused to achieve this should i get a a hand to lift me up for a score

  11. Am Owusu Noah from Ghana and really want to do Agricultural science so if you can please help me a scholarship thanx hope to hear from you soon

  12. My Name s Grace, wish to further my education but financially handicap, I need a grant to further my education Tanks

  13. I want to learn onfront of with leture rather online .if give this oportunity.beacuse there is no accese & money .Thanks very much .

  14. I need to further my education, masters in Health Information Management in U.S.A, but financial problem, please help me with free scholarship
    thank you

  15. I have full interest to study abroad but i have financial problem
    please help me free scholar ship
    thank you

  16. Hiii, I am from Rwanda, I like to study ,I had done bachlors degree in Accounting ,I need scholarship for master in fancial,I don\’t have any money,please can you help me for free school fees an living allowance, transport, thanks

  17. I have gone through all the universities which offer online degrees; but very unfortunately have to money to cover all the costs for the said offered online degrees.

    Can anyone please come to my rescue; maybe with scholarship which covers all the cost. For it is written in the bible that the hand which stretches to give is due to be rewarded more.

    It is really painful for me serving as a detective for 21years but still not gaining promotion at my present work or even being stress free of financial problems and debts.

    If ever there be a volunteer who comes to my rescue, I start immediately and promise not to disappoint until I finish the degree.

    All what will follow is to pass my great achievements to better hights by passing my successes to the needy.

    Please help

  18. THANKS for this opportunity that have been to the poor people around the word to benefit form this way to archive their possible golds .

  19. THANKS for this opportunity that have been to the poor people around the word to benefit form this way to archive their possible golds .

  20. Hi I am a poor abandoned orphan. Do poor abandoned orphans have hope for scholarship. If yes then encourage me. How can poor abandoned orphan stay in love

  21. My name is George Kambalame from Malawi. I am currently a Stores Controller at the construction industry. I need a scholarship to further my studies in basic education.I will be really grateful if granted a scholarship and this will bring hope to my family.

  22. I am Tint Tint Wai who live in Myanmar.I am looking for M.Sc studying. Please help me to attend one university with schoolarship in aboard.Thank U very much.

  23. How can one apply because am interested please and i am looking forward to studying abroad to become a pastor as i have the calling on me . Is there any school like that ?

  24. One thing I know is knowledge is power, my name is James Emeka Jeremiah from Nigeria.I love education and in my own aspect of field I don\’t want to be limited. I faithfully need a scholarship to explore my goal and vision for education.

  25. Hi, i am Oliver S. kerkula,from Liberia,West Africa,I wish to apply for your scholarship to help enable me do my master program in Education at your University.

  26. An nulu nalukenge from uganda,pursued a bachelor\’s degree in procurement and supply chain managt,I need a scholarship for my masters MBA, MCM etc

  27. Hi, am from Cameroon and I just completed higher school and I sincerely need a scholarship from your university to further my education, thanks

  28. I am Valentine Aboagye.
    I am a High school graduate and I need a scholarship from your university so that I can continue my studies.

  29. I am a graduate of bachelor degree in project planning management and community development 2011 from the University of Dodoma Tanzania, I am looking for scholarship for my Master\’s studies. Please kindly sponsor me. I will bring a positive results.

  30. Hi I\’m a South African citizen and I would like to further my studies but I am financially poor Please help me with a scholarship and I\’ll bring good results

  31. Hello my name is Gatwech lual.
    I like to submit My application into you university for the post of digree in regis university.
    I am south Sudanese by nationality.


  33. I am tourism profession BA in university from ETHIOPIA and i am requesting for scholarship to enroll in the Education course at the University.

    Thank you
    Best Regards

  34. Hi

    Thank you for this opportunity
    My name is Sher Dil.
    I\\’m (BSc) Computer engineering Student

    I\\’m requesting for a grant to further my education for a degree level

    I\\’ll be thankfull for this attainment of grant of grant scholarship in completion of my online degree program.

    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely

  35. I am Zandile Maziya from Swazilsnd and i am requesting for scholarship to enroll in the Education course at the Brandman University

  36. I am gbètondji Oracle Géovanie. I need a scholarship Master (finance, public administration, MBA). Am in Benin and I have already the bachelor degree (financial administration ).

  37. I am jessy from Uganda… i need a scholarship in computer engineering… we lack alot of practical at my institute.
    we have no machines to print processors after designing.

  38. My name is Annet I\\’m from Uganda, I am a mom of six biological children and two orphans who is struggling to feed them and pay school fees i am requesting for funds I am trying to earn little but it is very small for eight children I would like to ask for financial assistance so that I can fulfill my children\’s dreams of being success future.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  39. My name is Dr.Belay Bekele i have first degree in veterinary science i serve for ten years but no chance of upgrading , please help me for MSC in veterinary public health thank u!!

  40. I thank you for taking me I was confused about my fees for next year I\’m doing grade 12 I\’m doing science

  41. I have mother only but I balance the life and school all are needed but life is for the God but school is for own task

  42. My name is Loide Iyambo I\’m from Namibia, my mom has been struggling to feed her children she\’s a single mother I have not started college because I don\’t have any funds I tried to earn as little as I can to help my mom and siblings I recently got a job but it still is not helping I would like to ask for financial assistance so that I can fulfill my mother\’s wish of seeing success in her child and complete my studies.
    Best Regards

  43. Good day Sirs
    Just like many other Africans who will like to sturdy or continior their studies to be part of the active population in their enveroment or area i also will like tto benefit any scholaship program in any way be it online or day school in any university around the globe i will go in for business management program

  44. Hi I\’m currently studying electrical engineering at tvet college,now I\’m doing N2 but I\’m struggling with the fees and I would like to further my studies to higher qualifications…please help me with the funds.thank u

  45. My name is bourama, I have a masters degree in teaching english as foreign language. I would like to go deeper and have a masters degree in science of education. I m from a desparate family and I need financial helps to make my dream come true. Thanks

  46. My name is Rodah from Zimbabwe. I am currently a primary school teacher. I need a scholarship to further my studies in basic education.I will be really grateful if granted a scholarship and this will bring hope to my family.

  47. Kindly assist me ingranting me a scholarship I nternatipnal.l want to further my education by doing degree in communications current I have obtained a National Diploma inHuman Resources Management. Your assistance will be highly appropriate.
    Kind regards

  48. Hi I am Ahmad Abed Mir thanks from your new scholar ships I know who to speak and write English and I love to study computer science at college I gruduated from school and I have 16 years old from Afghanistan My econimical situation is not good help me I will be gratefull of you

  49. Iam Chengetodzashe Magaya in Swaziland. I will be very glad to get financial help from you to do my first degree under agriculture. I have a diploma in agriculture from Zim and have none to assist me financially in my studies.

  50. Hi

    Thank you for this opportunity
    My name is Michael Tope Olanipekun.
    I\’m an HND Holder in Economics and Management.
    An Officer in the Nigerian Peace Corps.

    I\’m requesting for a grant to further my education for a degree level at Ragis University.

    I\’ll be thankfull for this attainment of grant of grant scholarship in completion of my online degree program.

    Thank You

    Yours Sincerely
    Micheal Tope Olanipekun

  51. Hello, Good day l am from Ghana. l am a teacher of Dodorkope basic School. l need scholarships to assist me to further my education. please l would be very grateful if your scholarships secretariat can assist me to further my degree in basic education. Daniss.

  52. Iam Amri A Yahaya from Tanzania, I completed form six 2015, I would like to achieve enroll degree of nursing in brandman university. Please I ask a scholarship and grant.this will bring hope to mya family

  53. Have.Am Esther mwaura from Kenya n I wld like to achieve n enroll in nursing in brandman university That is in degree in nursing .kindly help me n I know this will b a change also to my family.thankyu so much.

  54. Hello, my name is Stephano, undergraduate student from Tanzania.
    I wish to study military issues abroad.

    I would be grateful if I get some directives

  55. Hello I\’m alamin.from Bangladesh. complete B.Sc.and I am a tall &cute boy. can I apply canada for MSc or any job? please tell me right.
    recently I have a course (FIRST AID TRAINING) from Bangladesh red creasent society.
    and my computer skill are also very good.

  56. My name is maluba kalenga from zambia and i completed my high school in 2015 i have not been in college because of financial problems and i will be very grateful if granted a scholarship to study abroad

  57. I am prince D. Kromah from Liberia. I have completed my high school study and I am financially depress to further my study at the university level. I am asking anyone who God will taught their heart to help me farther my education. Thanks

  58. my name Ayanle ahmed i am from somalia , i have completed the high school before one year and i didnt joined any university yet becouse i am affordable the fee , there fore i am requesting yuou to give me bachelor of political science in canada or oustralia

    i wish warm rebly

  59. My full name is obsa chamir gudina from ethiopia i have bsc degree of computer sceince with gpa of 3.65 out of 4 in grading scale.i need to study further in computer sceince then pls tell me how i can apply for free funded scholarship and if u funded free scholarship contact me through obsaman0179@gmail.com or phone (+251919513419) with best regard!!

  60. I want continue my BA degree by information Technology so this a big chance of this Scholarship i would like to appreciate for this chance you create for us i am Mesret Taye from Rift vally university Ethiopian Department of accounting so

  61. Hello my name is Shelton Karr from Liberia, a high school graduate of the United Methodist high school in Nimba County Liberia, upon my graduation from high school, I have had the mind to achieve my first degree out of Liberia but there has been lots of financial constraints. I will be greatful if this opportunity is given me. Thanks Shelton Karr.

  62. I am Shelton Karr from Liberia, I\’m highly interested in getting scholarship support from you to enable me further my education. Thanks.

  63. I am getaye tilaye ,i have gratuated in journalism and communication in BA degree.i want a free scholarship to learn another field in business related.i say free because i have lack of finance or i am from poor country and family.
    every thing you do is helpfull for us.
    with great regards.

  64. I\’m uthman mudasir from Nigeria I have interest in this scholarship I would be happy if you can help me for that.
    my parents don\’t have power to send me to school I\’m just hustle,
    I would would be very glad if you can help me for my studies.please

  65. How to get loan educational for me. I had already complete 10+2 ( ISC ) from Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. I want to study bachelor level. How I can get the opportunity. Please mail me in my email and do cc to my father too. His email scdcgopal@gmail.com

  66. How to get loan educational for my Daughter , in Nepal . I have not any idea about it.
    now my Daughter is interest to study Bachelor level in Health Science or Geology in Nepal

  67. Hello iam Noman from pakistan i wish to this scholarship now iam undergraduate iam really interested for this scholarship please rply me…thanks

  68. am mukiza ladislas from Rwanda.Thanks for the information but my problem is that, I do not have money to pay the tuition fee so I humbly ask if I can get free scholarship. I need scholarship for engineering automotive. I finished to study secondary school in rwanda

  69. Am odong mark from Uganda,am also in need of your help for a bursary to further my studies with post graduate diploma in project planning and management,I already have degree of management science,so I need your help because am financially unable to pay the tuition.thax

  70. Thanks for the information but my problem is that,I do not have money to pay the tuition fee so I humbly ask if I can get free scholarship.

  71. Am Matilda Otiso,a Kenyan I wish to join Regis university or any other university in US for degree in nursing. But am financially unstable. I Will appreciate any help accorded to me,to be able to finish my studies. Thanks God bless

  72. How to get loan educational for my son , in Japan . If I am as parent an Indonesian have difficulty finance.
    now my son study science and engineering at Tokyo institute.

    Your help , very appreciated.

  73. I don\’t want really to do with school can you please send me a website where I can apply for a grant to start up my business.

  74. Hi. Am Kelvin keytue, I really want a full time scholarship in public health but I don\’t have money, therefore I need your help.

  75. my name is Desalegn Firo.i live in ethiopia.i intersted studying MA in developmental Economics,interested in scholarship,help me,thank you.

  76. I would have loved to apply,i am a very intelligent person, I wish I could gain access to study abroad and boost it more.i want to study law,I want to be relevant to everyone i come in contact with

  77. my name is Francis still in Gbewa college education Ghana, but need financial support to complete the diploma course. Thank you.

  78. I come from poorest family but I need to study masters under full tuition fees and acommodation and meals under your scholarship authority.

  79. I am Anene blessing from Nigeria studied business administration and management (HND) want to further my education. Please help me.

  80. Dear:sir/madam
    Hello my name Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I finished to highe seconder school
    I went to stude in USA
    plz helpe me

  81. Am ojotre silvesto from Uganda interested in studying a science undergraduate course in the US but doesn\’t have the resources, interested in scholarships , thanks

  82. Thats great. I wish I could study Msc. in Project Management but dont have resources so I dont now how can I get a full free scholarship for the program

  83. Hi Sir I beg to seek for an scholarship in your noble administration. Am unable to further my education because of the lack of money. If I\’m offer this scholarship I will be very appreciative for your generosity.

  84. Hi sir please help me to complete my study payment of tuition at Atlantic International University in which I am completely stranded.

  85. I love to study at Brandman university,i have a degree in Banking and finance,i want to further studies and i wish i could get helped am looking forward to here from you soon

  86. I love to study at brandman university , I have completed degree in Science Education in Mathematics and Economics but finance has buried my dreams for further studies and I wish I could get helped. Am from Uganda

  87. I would like to study in colorado technical university. I would like to receive more information about that university.

  88. My name is Maureen Karimi from Kenya.Iam a second year student pursuing bachelor of commerce.I would like to study master in business management in the US when I complete my degree in 2019.interested in scholarship.

  89. Please I will like to apply for the scholarship in brandman university. I wish to study management course.I will be grateful if its granted to me.

  90. hi i likes your guide for all human beings ,special who can\’t learn due to time and financial
    i prefer to business & management on line courses.

  91. hello am Gorden koang mawiech , am south sudanese by nationality , I want to study my bacholar degree in accounting and financial in your university , please contact me through this phone +254706621677.

  92. Hi my name is yabsera from Ethiopia, i want to study medical doctor in your universities. You can contact me with my phone number +251943181491 or my Email thank you.

  93. I am sewunwt Manage from Ethiopia,I graduated from governmental Recognized University in Electrical Engineering, if I got a chance I will be study Master program in your popular University, if it is so, you can contact me through my number +251947399401

  94. Am currently studying my diploma in human resource management and would like to study further after i graduate in the United States in 2019

  95. Am a female adult Ugandan, I hold a bachelor\’s degree in Adult and community Education awarded from Makerere University. I have completed a masters degree in Governance and Ethics from Gulu University. I would like to pursue a masters degree degree in women law from USA.

  96. I really want to further my studies in USA as an undergraduate student,,how will I get a scholarship grant for my studies.please help

  97. hello I\’m kabantu I wanna know if the scholarship is still available or not if yes I would like to apply a scholarship

  98. hello, thank you for this informations and for your help with your scholarship I can apply in Regis university or Colorado technical university
    in computer science and information technology

    thank you so much

  99. please I love to study Accounting at Korea and I will be glad my request is favourable consider. Thanks

  100. am a kenyan by birth and have finished my certificare coarse. I will highly appreciate your choice for a degree..thanks in advance

  101. Hello
    Am zillah from Uganda with diploma in nursing and midwifery from mulago school of nursing and midwifery, your help for me to advance is highly appreciated, am stuck financially being the first born all family is on my head.

  102. I am a somalian with great dreams . I finished frome secondery school in year 2016. I am yet to futher my education into the university.. I am desperately in need of an undergraduate scholarship to further my education ( university) in canada . I am financialy weak could you help me please

  103. Helloo,Thank you for this great opportunity, I have research for school grant and I have found one .I believe my grant have process will work through ..thank you.

  104. I want to learn my first degree around health how can I apply for this? please help me to fulfill my dream I want to learn in Turkey mostly help me

  105. Hi, I just want to thank you for this great offer to study online. I have been studying different program like starting a primary school by giving the best education to children who have disabilities and those who are HIV positive and also assisting them by giving them hope to life, which is a thing that I have wanted to do whole heartedly and also doing counselling to the Parents to believe in themselves and also to love what is in they life and I am willing to go further with my studies and doing my best in future.

  106. Dear all, I wanna be realy happy if I could study here, because I Dream all my life to study in a other Country

  107. Thank you for giving me this information. I have devoted my life in teaching students and learning various courses such as BEd, M.phil,MEd,Dipoma in english, Diploma in Science education, etc because I always want to know and apply the best way that how I can motivate and give support for my pupils\’ efffective learning for 28 years. I would like to be considered for a full funded scholarship that give me enable to study my PhD even I kniw that I have only little chance because of my age 50.
    Thanks a lot.

  108. My name is kasongo kabwela
    I\’m looking for heavy machinery training scholarship which will enable me Attending the training in South Africa
    Please help me

  109. I need an online degree in IT field by getting a scholarship from any institution. I will prove myself worthy of it by learning correctly and achieving success.


  111. I am Alex T.D from Kabale/ Uganda,physically hand-cupped, i need scholarship for masters in African universities

  112. Hie am Clarence Nzima,I wish to proceed with my education at university level,I wish to have a scholarship, how do l apply??

  113. High my iam is improving my education and working together with all people in the world, l\’m ready to study and l\’m ready to intercview

  114. I\’m Gugu mchununu from South Africa and I\’m interested to further my degree in Education at Brandman University.Thank you

  115. Hi I am desmond garbutt from belize a country in central america…..and I would love to stand up and defend the people of the country and will be more than happy to be apart of you guys…..

  116. I am a candidate in highschool in kenya and i will be honoured to defend people to protect them i will desire to be part of your programe

  117. I will be very honoured to stand and defend people to keep the law .i am a kenyan a in the final year of my highschool.I will be honured to be apart of your programe

  118. hi please I have a special child who\’s challenged with (autism) and I\’m currently in Nigeria with no good special schools,if there a way I can get a scholarship for him to study abroad,he is 11 years old growing up and I don\’t know how to improve his life

  119. Iam accountant level 4or deploma graduation and 3years expreanse chief accountant at omo micro finance but iam very interaseted degree program so please help me free scholarship

  120. I am Somali but live in dadaab refugee Kenya I am interesting the scholarship and I am financially zero so indeed assistance to continue my study

  121. J\’ai désespérément besoin d\’aide financière pour me permettre d\’étudier pour un diplôme, mais je n\’ai pas le chemin à suivre. Je suis un jeune homme avec des ambitions.

  122. am a Zambian and I want a scholarship so that I can further my studies in automotive engineering ,your quick response will be highly appreciated

  123. I need financial help to enable my study (master in logistics and supply chain management). I am a beninois but i completed my bachelor degree in Ghana. i want to know whether i am eligible to this offer. Thanks

  124. I\’m Ntege Kyomuhendo Saudi,Ugandan and interested in joining Colorado technical university and do the online degree in security studies since am an officer in my countrys\’ army .I would wish to attend an aeronatical course because am getting done with my cabin crew course soon.However,if the security study is possible ,ican still do it,awaiting to hear from you thanks.

  125. I\’m a Liberian. Living also in Liberia. Currently, I am an eleventh grade student who shall hopefully be a high school graduate a about this time next year by God\’s grace. I need a financial assistance to enable me enroll at a university in the U.S after high school to do agriculture.

  126. Hello everyone.i\’m from Cameroon.i\’m a second year computer science student and i\’m interested in this bursary to study for the technology degree program(computer enginering tech).I know this is where i belong with your assistance financially and i will study hard and unleash my full potentials to maitain the GPA required as an international student.i\’m ready for any pre-assessment to proof i\’m the right choice.Thanks..

  127. My comment thank you for giving me this chance secondly I feel bad seeing my dream of education going a way I\’m humbly request a chance for a full scholarship because I did my fourth last year in Kenya (2016)18years now come form poor a single mother .Two years I wasn\’t in school due to school fee problems I\’m a performer In academic especially in primary teachers can give testimonies I used to perform well I joined a good school in form one but from there my change d most of time out school so went last min to do exams which I did performed well I only ask I chance for scholars hip with God I will no let u down

  128. Hope you will be fine. I\’m Abubakar From Pakistan. Currently living and working in Saudi Arabia. I have done bachelor and 3 years Associate civil engineering diploma. Now I want to start my further study and need scholarship . Kindly send me all procedure and your requirements.

  129. Hi David,
    I have tried tp respond to your emails in vain until i lose most of the scholarships. I request that we have online discussion if possible. Do you have such services? Thanks.
    Deborah M. Magoma

  130. My dream is becoming a US military soldier
    Am male please. those who mistake me for a lady, am a Ugandan

  131. Hallo there, thanks for all the good work. I am from somalia and I like sciences and in particular, it computerz I am looking for scholarship please. Anyone with passion to support someone like me please am available in Uganda. my email is

  132. I\’m a south african Citizen, desperately need financial help to further my Studies but don\’t have a way forward. I\’m a young women and very ambitious.I\’m very determined when it comes to school work and i always achive good results. If i don\’t get financial help i\’m doomed as my parents are unemployed and can\’t offord to pay my school fees.

  133. I am working at Finote Felam Hospital, Ethiopia in Dermatologic Department. I have BSc in Nursing and MSc in Tropical Dermatology. I have four years experience in BSc Nursing and two years and eight month in Dermatology. Now I want to learn My PhD in Dermatology but in my country there is no PhD program in Dermatology so I need your help how can I achieve my dream.

  134. Hi, am lijalem from ethiopia and am desperately in need of ascholarship to continue with my masters degree

  135. I salute you Sir,
    I would like to take an online course in medical microbiology.I look forward to hear from you.Thank you

  136. I desire to have assistance in my tuition to enable me study for a masters degree in humanitarian crisis management., and human rights

  137. Hi I really want to further my studies.
    But I can\’t afford to pay fees so i desperately need a scholarship..

  138. I would like to further my studies and take up courses in the healthcare field. Funds are a challenge. Getting a university scholarship would be a drew come true for my future.

  139. Always dreamed of studying abroad.I would be much grateful if I get this chance and continue my studies.I have big dreams to become a better person in future days

  140. I am a professional woman from a developing country and I would like to be considered for a full funded scholarship to enable me study for a Ph.D. I am in People Management profession. I would like to request well wishers to assist me secure funding for my course.

  141. kindly I am eager to study but have financial constraints to get with my education to pursue undergraduate course.

  142. Please l am orina Duke,, from Kenya, am I need your support so that you can make my future bright, please I would like you to support me in my degree course because my parents are unable to support me.

  143. i prefer to get free study in master degree progran of animal healthy departments so i hope to accept my request

  144. am from uganda and a medical doctor i want to up grade in surgery how can i get this opportunity so that i can help our poor country uganda

  145. i am from ethiopia i want to get scholarship for bachelors degree. but i am financially weak. could you help me?

  146. It is so overwhelwing that there are such blessings like this. I am from philippines and I badly want to finish my studies but my parents can\’t afford it. i hope that i will be chosen as your scholar. God bless 🙂

  147. Hi, am Raphael Emery Hanyor a student of the Bluecrest University College in Liberia. I really need a scholarship to continue my education.

  148. Hi,You are doing a honorable job by offering scholarships to the needy persons. I happen to belong to the same category, i therefore wish to pursue an online masters degree in media public relations but finance is my biggest predicament.Could i at least get some scholarship to enable me realize my dream ?

  149. I am desperately in need if financial support to pursue my bachelors degree because I tried the other levels up to diploma and I request your kindness to allow me continue under a scholarship scheme.
    Kind regards

  150. Thank ypu for your post. I am holding a Diploma in Physical Planning. I want to upgrade but l have financial difficultly. I need a scholarship for full time PR online degree in real estate, housing, urban planning or praregal studies, anthropology and law or common law. My full names are Addia Peter Comfort from Kotido, Karamoja, Uganda, East Africa.My e-mail is addiapc72@gmail.com. My telephone lines are +256774143137/+256750726037.

  151. Hello I thanks I\’m lucky by name and all my life have dreamed of pursuing a course in military science but due to poor financial background I can\’t afford l hope for some one out there to look unto me for I beg for any support out there I\’m a Ugandan by nationality and my email address is (angutluckynamon73@gmail.com ) thanks

  152. I desperately need financial help to enable me study for a degree but don\\’t have the way to go about it. I am a youngman with ambitions but with no means of achieving them as my parents are too poor to help me torwards paying for my education. Unless I get clear-cut information on how I can secure financial assistance, I am doomed.

  153. Hiiii this is mehari tekle,as per the request you send i would be glad to join,but may i have your help please in the tuition aspect,meaning is it free

  154. I have been unsuccessfully looking for a scholarship to registre for a Master un Business administration. Be it online or in any School.

  155. I\’m in need of an undergraduate Scholarship to further my tertiary(university) education in canada.

  156. I am a Nigerian with great dreams. I finished from secondary school in year 2012. I am yet to further my education into the university.
    I am desperately in need of an undergraduate Scholarship to further my education (university) in canada..

    Please assist me.

  157. Thanks for free online degree but am interest to joined direct to university for MA Mass Communication in any quality university in the world. Please connect me with full scholarship

  158. How can apply any scholarship abroad? Im hanah from Philippines. I cannot afford to study a course degree, that\’s why im looking for any scholarship. Especially scholarship of Environmental Science or environmental management. Because i do have a heart about the environment, and i am very much concerned about the situation of our mother-earth, and because of that i want to support any goal of environmental movement to prevent adversed effect to the environment. ☺

  159. Hi, I\’m Eric from Ghana. I wish to pursue a degree course in education in Ghana but I\’m financially handicapped. I need a schorlarship to pursue the course to fulfill my destiny. Anyone to help should contact me through this email; ericadjetey.o@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  160. I would like to go study Operators such as Bulldozers and Underground Dump Trucks at Fair Fee Driving School and Mining Operating Skills in South Africa. May You please Help me Financially?

  161. am maria flavian mwezi from tanzania am looking for someone to sponsor my study I want to study in india at any university course of cardiovascular technology pleas may some help me contact me through +255657041937

  162. This is with pleasure to feel enrolled in online learning. However the funds for covering the learning cost still a problem
    for me. I am now holding a bachelor degree in Business Management, Accounting option; and would like to do
    my masters\’ degree if funds \’problem is managed.
    please send me that FAFSA form in order to access the scholarship and continue my learning within REGIS UNIVERSITY.

    Best regards.

  163. I am interested to join in military university BC I have plan to save my people as police . I am undergraduate student in Ethiopia at wachemo university in Ethiopia so know university student but my dream to study military course .

  164. i greatly appreciate the offers and the opportunity that i have to get this schorlarships but am convinced that i will fine one that best suits me. thanks alot.

  165. I applied at Makerere university in Uganda. Bachelor of science in palliative care.So am looking for scholarship to help me on paying tuition fee and accommodation.Am looking forward for your help or link me with those people who offer scholarship.Thank you.

  166. hi..kindly help me to be part of the program to study in Australia.. am a Kenyan and in need of furthering my undergraduate course..please help me

  167. Kindly I need your assistance to do a Bachelor\’s Degree in Education online. May I know the details from Brandman University.

    Magaya Fredrick

  168. I really wanted to study in Australia ever since i was in high school.I would really appreciate it if i can get a scholarship so that i can study well and help my family.

  169. I am Shamim Reza from Bangladesh.I completed Diploma in EE & BSc in EEE
    I study in Australia MSc & PhD program.But I can\’t help financially support my familly.I study UNSW university in Australia.Please give me 100% scholarship UNSW university, faculty of EEE PhD scholar member.

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  171. hello I am Bereket Abebe from Ethiopia, I am learning medicine at Addis Ababa university but I always wanted to learn abroad so if when u guys help Me out .
    please, thanks

  172. Hello good day. I would like to apply a scholarship to Brandman University. How can i apply? I desperately need it and I don\’t know how to apply. I\’m a Filipino student. Hoping for your response on my email.

  173. Hi i am accepted at unisa so i am not financially stable and i am hungry for my studies, kindly help me with funding please

  174. Hi,
    Kindly assist in finding a scholarship
    for an online masters in project monitoring and evaluation

  175. Second class degree holder in business administration and I wish to study procurement,logistics and supply chain management for my masters program please any Australia or Dubai scholarship
    Thank u.

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    Thanks in advance

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    Aiah Isaac Lebbie

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  181. \\’m from a least developed country in the indonesia called Papua propince. I financially need some assistance to do my degree program. Thankyou.

  182. Request to take a master degree in Canada on fully scholarship
    Area of my specialisation is finance and banking

  183. I\’m from one of the pacific islands country called Solomon islands and a bloodline member of Sir Jacob vouza a true soldier and hero in WWII serve under US Army, I\’m interested to be a soldeir as well but Ive nothing..

  184. My name is Chikondi Nsandu, i am from Africa,Malawi. I would like to study an engineering course in Australia or ireland. I have a City abd Guilds certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering . I would like to complete my diploma and bachelors degree.

  185. Well, I extremely appreciate such sensitive information, but ideally I love to obtain sponsorship from any of your university.however i come from a poor background which can\’t afford to raise mi for degree level, therefore I kindly request for your financial support towards my education at degree level,I need to pursue bachelors in business management .thax

  186. I really want to take up this chance in order to excel my careers in education, help me get selected.
    Joshua Mutema

  187. I kindly need financial support to continue with my health service management course at the university, i will really appreciate if i get a chance

  188. I need a scholarship to pursue an online degree in business and management at Colorado Technical university.

  189. Hi my name is mulu assefa from Ethiopia. I have interst to study to study in Australia in any university in degree program & I have diploma in natural science but I need to continue in degree program I hope you will give me the chance.
    Phone , 251946896844

  190. Hi I like to study at America but am very desperately that am an orphan have my vision but I don\’t know how I can achieve them. So am looking forward for an assistance may God be with you. Thanks be blessed

  191. I would like to study in Australia, to take a Bachelor degree of Shipping and Logistics

  192. first of all I wish peace for ur organization, next iam melkamu Alemu from Ethiopia and iam msc candidate in accounting, so to finish this program I need financially supports from ur organization, so how I can get it?

  193. first of all I wish peace for ur organization, next iam melkamu Alemu from Ethiopia, and I have BA degree in accounting and MSC candidate in accounting, so to finish this program I need financially supports from ur organization, so how I can get?

  194. my name is Menzisi Dube From Zimbabwe. I need a scholarship for a Masters Degree but have no money

  195. Issam Yassien from sudan I would like to master in English language but I have no money could you please help me +2490911193163

  196. thnk you i need this programs i want to increase my knowledge so please respect me our my request to realize our dreams thnks

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  198. My name is Revocatus Kasigwa, am a Tanzanian. I completed my first didgree in banking 9 years ago but I have never employed for long time which actually is the big problem facing graduates from developing countries. My dream is to work my local community by helping them archieving and reaching their full potential in their lives. But before I start my working fully with my community, I need a help from you to find me a sponsor who can support me to study a masters digree in project management so that I get a full knowlege on how to manage pojects. Am able to study any where and any time once I get fund.

  199. My name is Revocatus Kasigwa, am a Tanzanian. I completed my first didgree in banking 9 years ago but I have never employed for long time which actually is the big problem facing graduates from developing countries. My dream is to work my local community by helping them archieving and reaching their full potential in their lives. But before I start my aim to my aim to communit I need a help from you to find me a sponsor who can support me to study a masters digree in project management so that I get a full knowlege. Am able to study any where and any time once I get fund.

  200. Hi, I\’m very in need of help to be able make carry o n my education . I will be very glad if this opportunity will be useful. Thank you..

  201. i like it may please help me i need financial assistance like scholarships so that i would fulfill my ambitions i grew up in a poor family i completed my a level in 2016

  202. hai sir/madam , my names are chizuwa tariad zambian by nationality,im a man aged 24 years im looking for a scholarship from anywhere in the world to study economics please i really need to study this course. i can be very gratefull if my requested is considered. thank you

  203. hi to all the ones who are interested to give support in children\’s who are looking far for there education,Im tanzanian just finish my O level study\’s and my parents have no income at the time,got science division 1 poit 13 and have no money for A level it will be kind of you to give one of the 2 scholarship in my country or money pay direct to school so that i can fulfill my dreams .together we can.thanks

  204. I want to study Actuarial Science in Uk but I don\’t have sponsorship. I would love to receive a scholarship.

  205. My name is kasozi Vincent a Ugandan by birth,am doing Bachelor of ethics and human rights,am in first year,but tuition fees is a problem to me,if God help me and I get a sponsor, it will be my best thing which have ever happen in my life because am most likely not to complete my studies due to lack of tuition, please i need HELP.This is Vincent kasozi from makerere university Kampala

  206. So, how can I get a financial aid especially under Brandman university on education (arts) degree program?

  207. I desperately need financial assistance to persue my further study in health care at Colorado technical university.

  208. Hi, I\’m Debbie.

    My dream is to establish a Finishing School. It\’ll be the first ever in the Southern Caribbean. I am looking for funding for the purchasing of wares, cutlery, a digital camera, tripod, tablecloths, smart tv and a vehicle.
    I am looking for a grant of approximately US$40,000.00.

    I would invite speakers from all parts of the world to talk to my students/candidates on Etiquette, Event Planning, Art of entertaining, etc.
    Really serious.

  209. i really need to further my study but my parents can\’t make it to pay for my course fees so they decided to have me back at home.please i need help.

    • Hello,

      We do not offer scholarships. We only provide info about them. On educationalscholarships.net we PROMOTE relevant content about scholarships worldwide. You can take a look as you will also see that in our articles are links towards scholarships given by reputable Universities and application forms for scholarships.


  211. I am intersted to learn a language course in Nepal.so is there any sponsorship program on that.forward to hear from you.

  212. My name is fitsum getachew…i am from ethiopia…i am a biomedical scientist…and i would like to upgrade in my field of study…how can i apply for this scholarship i mean what\’s expected from me?….if there is some thing new…attach on my email adress…#fitsumgetachew6@gmail.com

  213. I\’m very happy to join this University really if your give to chance learn on this only I\’m interested i said to thank you for your respect

  214. I am Keston Phiri am not financially stable to study further am desperately in need of schoolarship pliz help me

  215. I\’m health professional(diploma midwifery & BSc in public health). I\’m interest to study MSc in health, but financially I\’m not okay!

  216. I am financially handicap, however I always dream of studying abroad. I am keen in doing Bachelor in clinical Psychology. Do you offer this program there, and how can I go about been given that opportunity to accomplish my dream?. Originally from Solomon Islands, south pacific.

  217. my name is sseguya Faisal, a Ugandan by birth. I have a degree in public administration and I would like to upgrade but am not financially steady so if there is any opportunity am ready

  218. I am Nasubo Florence from Uganda.
    I would really love to study again but have no funds. All I have now is a diploma in hotel management, yet I apparently want to study nursing. How can I get helped to achieve my dream?

  219. Hallo there, thanks for all the good work. I am from Uganda and I like sciences and in particular, Engineering. I am looking for scholarship please. Anyone with passion to support someone like me please am available in Uganda. my email is murraymof@gmail.com
    Thanks may God bless you.

  220. I\’m from a least developed country in the Pacific called Papua New Guinea. I financially need some assistance to do my degree program. Thankyou.

  221. I’m Genzebe Yosef. am from Ethiopia and
    am very interested in this scholarship of
    undergraduate in imaging radiography of off line.

  222. I desperately need financial help to enable me study for a degree but don\’t have the way to go about it. I am a youngman with ambitions but with no means of achieving them as my parents are too poor to help me torwards paying for my education. Unless I get clear-cut information on how I can secure financial assistance, I am doomed.

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