High Achiever Foundation Prize for Africa in United Kingdom

Choosing the best university that has a great contribution to shaping your academic future it is not an easy thing. And your decision seems even more burdened with such a wide portfolio of universities that are offering programs for international students. Let us help you by presenting the University of Nottingham whose international emphasis brings together a diversified blend of backgrounds and perspectives along with a unique educational experience.

University of Nottingham is ranked in the top 75 global universities being internationally recognised as assisting, teaching, and producing graduates who share a global perspective. Briefly, Nottingham is offering an amazing student experience. It is in the world’s top 10 universities for pharmacy and in top 50 for the following programs: nursing, geography, law, agriculture, veterinary science, education, and many other subject areas.

The University of Nottingham has an extensive portfolio of scholarships for both European and international students aimed to reward academic excellence. In 2017 the University is offering 5 scholarships of £2,000 each towards tuition fees to students from Africa, who are passionate about and what to study further Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Who can apply?

The students who are national of or permanently domiciliated in Africa. Also, they have to be classified as overseas students for fee purposes. Studying in UK is a big dream, however, achieving the status of an international student in UK is an intensive process which requires time and keeping yourself updated.

Also, for an international student to be eligbil, he has to hold already an offer to start on the Engineering and Physical Sciences Foundation Certificate at Nottingham in September 2017. Which means that first, the international student has to apply for this particular certificate. Click here to read more about the international qualifications and apply: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ugstudy/courses/faculty-of-engineering/engineering-and-physical-sciences-foundation-certificate.aspx

When is the deadline?

The international student has to go firm on this particular offer by 26 May 2017. The clock is ticking so do not miss this offer in case you want to study Engineering and Physical Sciences. The candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application in late June. We wish you the best of luck until then! Please keep in mind that the high achiever prize is for the first year only.

You can also consult here the scholarship applications 2017 brochure: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/studywithus/international-applicants/scholarships-fees-and-finance/scholarships/scholarshipdetails/scholarshipapplicationpage.aspx You will gain a more valuable insight and your chances to secure this scholarship will increase.

An important aspect

Applicants from outside the EU need to apply for eligibility to work in the UK through one of the allowed immigration routes. That is why we highly encourage you to contact an immigration adviser here: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/studywithus/international-applicants/visa-help/adviser.aspx The team can be reached by telephone at +44 (0)115 84 66125, by emailing immigration-support@nottingham.ac.uk or if you are in the UK, in-person.

We wish you the best of luck!

  1. I am from east africa,Ethiopia. I strongly intrested to pursue a master program. I am graduated by Economics and then I was working with Ethiopian revenue and custom authority.please help me this chance

  2. am nyamungu from kenya persuing nursing and midwifery how can i find achange to continue with my studies in
    Nottingham University as it offers the best .I would like to do so in order to perfect on status of nursing in our country
    under your precious scholarship, i would be happy if granted an oppotunity


  4. What if i am still undergoing my secondary education in Kenya(I am currently in form three)…can i get a scholarship that will allow me to be enrolled to an great university in Britain or Australia in 2019.I want to pursue engineering as my main career.My other talents are singing,i can model and also act.

    Thank you

  5. Thank you for offering this opportunities to leans . I am under graduated in education accounting/IT.I am proud to study in UK please give me this chance.

  6. Am from East Africa Ethiopia, am going on to gratuate after one month in Animal science field
    And I have interest to continue Masters program .
    I hope you know our Country status very well we need skilled man power and I want to fulfill
    The gap and serve my community.
    When you give the chance believe it you are helping many individual and farmers!
    God bless you.
    Teferi Birhanu

  7. I\’m excited to receive this message about scholarship and I\’ll be delighted if you HELP me. I\’m a hardworking, determined student. Thank you

  8. I am an international student and i want to complete my study in nursing, what do i need to know if I\’m not eligible for the scholarship position.

  9. How about the tuition fees ,will you help me in terms of sponsored my fees including my financial support to do my studies there?

  10. My Name is Mathewps Makebo
    I am from Ethiopia
    frist of all I would like to thank for the offering of this chance. like me for those who has a miserabl life.
    I obtaind my frist degree by sociology one of recoginazed Univeresty in Ethiopia in 2014
    But I could not change my life and my family. they are very poor and un pland family. I have 6 sisters & 5 birothes. I am the elder off all there life is in my hand after God. So my choice is withuot sleeping to manage my time for hard work & to study hard if I have given chance .thank you

  11. Hi,this would be the greatest achievement of my life as an African lady. Please do accord me this chance of a life time.May God Almighty lead.

  12. first of all thank you for thinking of this issue for african students. i am under graduate student in one of ethiopian university by health field{ public health} in 2017{now} i need this chance if i get. GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hello, I am so great full and humbled for your advertisements of this great opportunities you offer to we African Students thank you very much. How can I apply to this university and for this scholarship please help. Mobile +260975420616

  14. I am from Ethiopia. I strongly intrested to pursue a master program. I am graduated by Civil Engineering at 2014 and then i was working with United Consulting Engineers plc (Ethiopia) in joint venture with Renardet ingineurs conseils plc (Italia) on Asphalt concrete project Which is worked by \

  15. Please help me, I would to get a bacholar\’s degree in business administration please help me and support that I complete my studies

  16. What happen if you did not do engineering or physical science during your undergraduate studies? For instance, I studied law during my undergraduate studies and want to study constitutional law at postgraduate level.

  17. Name is noor abdale I life in somalia today stil Iam student , I was born in 1988 , I life is very happy ,thanks

  18. i have completed my S.H.S and there is money to further my education.That is why I need your help to be able to make it in future

  19. Hi my name is abdi fitaah mohamed im from somalia ineed to universty study in uk i have coplate haigh school

    Am Tuhaise Frank born on 17/03/1993 , in former Kibaale district Midwestern Uganda that was divided into three new districts such as Kagadi, Kakumiro and Kibaale , currently am in Kagadi district, my education has been because of perseverance, commitment and mercy from God and my well-wishers who have directed me and supported me at all stages.
    Status of my parents; my father died in 1999 and mother in 2003, we were left six siblings and am the second born, this was a disaster because we were still young and most of the property that was available was taken by the so called uncles whom they left to make us grow “ bakuza” , These individuals left us , denied us all the rights not until all the property was over and they disappeared , up to now ,I have never received any item/ gift from my uncles neither salt. Joining the university was a great achievement because my elder brother stopped in senior two and am here to act as an example because I came from zero.
    I completed primary seven in 2005 under the care of the school head teacher because he expected me to get a first grade but I scored 13 points after I joined Rena academy hoima, I was told to sell firewood so as to raise money for school fees but it could not manage. I was advised by my former teacher to repeat primary seven in 2007 so as I join universal secondary education in 2008 , I accepted and scored 9 points, I joined Mabaale secondary school in 2008 for senior one and life was hard because I had no parent, I could attend two days a week and the rest I would be in my garden, one time my math teacher took me to the deputy head teacher so that they can suspend me because of being ever absent after scoring 70/70 in his exam , the deputy knew my status and told him to leave me. The teacher put a punishment that every time am absent three sticks. Time for senior four came and I had no one to support me, The teacher told me that if I have a mattress I should come to the dormitory and study for free unfortunately I didn’t have it and I had no one to request to buy for me , I just shared a mattress with a friend ,fortunately I passed with a first grade of 29 aggregates in 2011, 2012 I became stuck because I had no one to advise me on what to do, most people could advise me to join the technical school and others primary teachers college but I had no money, I went to teach at Talent junior school in wangeyo kibaale district were we had agreed to be paid 120,000/= only Ugandan shillings per month but I was paid 50,000/= per month , I worked there for three month and up to now my balance has never been paid, 2012 I joined advanced lever at Mandela ss hoima for senior five and six and scored 17 points doing mathematics , economics and geography plus general paper and computer, in 2015 I joined MAKERERE UNIVERSITY pursuing a bachelor degree of science in quantitative economics and lastly my ambitious and passion is to complete master’s degree and give back to my community for their contribution towards my education and the only constraint is poverty and being parentless.
    Declaration .
    All the information above is true and no lie has been included.
    NAME: TUHAISE FRANK +256-777600109 franktuhaise2016@gmail.com Makerere university

  21. I am very happy hear from you. I live at Ghana, where do they process my document before I leave to UK.

  22. I hope you are select me for tsise opportunity .if it is possible I wante first degree program.thank you

  23. my phone number is 00+251945853680/+251917649378
    please please if their is a chance I am from Ethiopia
    I find to learn PHD program

  24. my phone number is 00+251945853680/+251917649378
    please please if their is a chance I am from Ethiopia

  25. Hello this is what I have been dreaming for please chose me I am from a poor family my mother is a single parent with no support please I would like get that chance in my life in God\’s name Amen.

  26. What if i have an offer with university of zimbabwe to study Masters in Psychiatry and need to be sponsored? Help please am struggling to get the money. I need $5000. its enough for 18 months of full time study. Will be done. No hassle about visas.

    Thank you

    Joseph M Ndlovu

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