40 Adelaide Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students

Ranked in the best 1% universities of the world, the University of Adelaide is open to a large number of international students and offers more than 400 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, from Arts and Science to Engineering, Computer Sciences and Mathematical Sciences to Agriculture and Medical Sciences.

Adelaide is one of the most affordable cities in Australia, so the costs of living can be more easily covered by international students. And undergraduate students who receive an offer for a full time study course can apply for the Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarship (AIUS). The scholarship is available for students from any country except Australia and New Zealand and it consists in a waiver of 25% of the tuition fee for each year of study, up to four years. The scholarship does not offer financial support for living expenses, health insurance, study materials and books or other expenses students may have.

Only students who start their course can apply for the scholarship, those who have already started the academic year are not eligible for the scholarship. Another condition for receiving the scholarship is the international student status Those students who will change their residency status during their studies will not be able to renew their scholarship.

The scholarship is offered to students from all specialties, except Medicine/Surgery, Dental Surgery (BDS), Health and Science (Veterinary Bioscience). The selection criteria include academic performance and certain countries of citizenship. Applicants taken into consideration for the scholarship are those who have an academic performance equivalent of a GPA of 6/7 (85%). After receiving the scholarship, students must maintain a certain level of academic performance in order to continue to benefit from it in the next years.

Deadline for application in 2017, for students starting in second semester is 23 June and candidates can apply online anytime until this deadline. Only successful applicants will be contacted and announced. You can find out more about this scholarship https://international.adelaide.edu.au/choosing/scholarships/aius/ and you can apply for the scholarship by completing this online https://international.adelaide.edu.au/choosing/scholarships/application/aius/.

  1. I want to study of your country
    Please give me a one chance
    And I am a disable students
    How many sites of special students

  2. Hi Moana from Fiji. Currently in need of a scholarship. Would really much want to get a scholarship for year 2019 wishing to study law and become a lawyer one day. Life isn\’t easy these days and I\’d really would like to sweat my way now for a better future

  3. Hello
    Im Vuyo Hem from South Africa I would like to know the application dates for 2019.I\’m interested in Engineering studies (Electrical Engineering)
    Any information please contact:
    073 629 8017

  4. Hello, am Emmy Mugabe with first degree from Rwanda and am interested to have this opportunity, please help for me to add values

  5. Am from Uganda and currently seeking for a financial assistance in studying an software engineering
    Any help contact me on 0788254068
    Your help will be welcomed

  6. It would really be an honor to be one of the international students to come study civil engineering at your university of Adelaide and also have that scholarship

  7. I am from cameroon kumba to be precise I am interested in studying agricultural sciences. I have graduated from high school since 2015 but lack fund to continue studies please help me. You can contact me on whatsapp +237680664080 and on Facebook at itoe perez

  8. Hello, I am interested in studying business management and logistics
    I am looking for funding for my education
    This year is my last year in high school
    Please get back to me
    Thank you

  9. Hi, Sir i\’m in interested in institution, but I\’m not financially balance for your scholarship
    so please sir is there any way to made my way in,

  10. I didn\’t understand well. Kindly advise if someone an ophaned, girl child, disabled and has just finished Advanced Level 2017 excellent es in Zimbabwe and wants to study there. Could she get a full sponsorship or if otherwise, kindly advise on procedures she should take.
    Enquiring for relative.

  11. Hello, am Kirion Thomas from Kenya, a 4th year student pursuing a Bachelor of science degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Management. i would like to be factored in FULLY FUNDING(Australian Scholarship and Accommodation) in Bsc/MSC.degree in Adelaide University.
    Thank you. Looking forward for your kind feedbacks.

  12. Hi, my name is Khun Mg Soe. I\’m in Myanmar. I\’m a university student. I haven\’t got graduated yet. But I have no money to continue to attend my school.So, I want to get a scholarship in Australia.

  13. Hi my name is Asanda. I was kindly asking for an opportunity to study in any aviation in Australia as I want to pursue a career as an airline pilot

  14. Hello.
    Am Cobell Brian Muturi from Kenya,was kindly asking for an opportunity to sturdy in Australia..
    I am currently in second year persuing my undergraduate degree in economics…but av had to halt for a while now due to financial constraints.I would very much appreciate it if i got the scholarship.Thankyou and God bless.

  15. Am foni Mary from Uganda ,kindly requesting to continue with my studies abroad , am doing bachelors perusing in journalism. thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I\’m Ntombikhona Mngomezulu .I\’m currently in grade 12 .I want to be a Medical Doctor. I would really appreciate it if you grant me with this scholarship.

  17. I am kipkemoi Geoffry,undergraduate student bachelor of education in history i would like to study Masters degree in public administration in Australia

  18. My name is Jane Rose I would like to have a fully funded Scholarship in PhD am a business student looking forward to hearing from you

  19. I want to be anesthesiologist and I am undergraduate I will be thankful if given an opportunity can u pls give me detailed information about the expenses of living and other things in Australia?

  20. Hello!! I\’m Fanuel Kidane from Eritrea but currently i am living in sudan as a refugee. And I\’m History graduate. Now I am eagerly looking for Australian scholarship. Thanks for accepting my request.

  21. hello! My name is Soro Yalamoussa i\’m from Côte d\’Ivoire. I would like to have an aid in order to continue my studies in Australia. I\’m in the first year of English Departement here in my country. Thank you and see you! May God bless you!

  22. I am Natasha Zulu from Zimbabwe in my Senior year …..i would love to apply for Adelaide University and study law or journalism.Please help me

  23. I\’m Abdurahman from Ethiopia I have first degree in public health I have abig interest to study medicine in London university if iget fully funded please tell me how can I get this big opportunity. Thank\’s.


  25. Dear Sir/Madam
    Am Desalegn Firo from west Africa,Ethiopia, I have BA degree in Economics and Candidate of MA program in leadership and good governance program, and i want to continue masters in Australia. So if you are willing do u find me full scholarship in Australia?
    Thank you! Hope we meet soon.
    Email Address : desastu@gmail.com

  26. I\’m Collet from Zimbabwe and I\’d love to study electrical engineering in Australia, what do I need to do in order to get a scholarship

  27. Dear Sir/Madam
    Am Hirut from Ethiopia, I have first degree in Mechanical Engineering, and i want to continue masters in Australia. So if you are willing do u find me full scholarship in Australia?

  28. Hi my name is jean paul nyirijuri i am a Rwandan i would like to study in Australia because is one of my dream country.so please help me to get full scholarship in veterinary medecine.

  29. hi my name is siraj mehdi . I just finished my LLM and I want to apply or peruse other Ma in your university for a scholarship in the year 2018 September or 2019. So tell me what i need to do to get that scholarship. Contact me by my address or
    Phone number.
    Thank you! Hope we meet soon.

  30. I am Ethiopian female 16 years old, live in Addis Ababa.I am a good student.I took 10th grade national exam on 8 subjects and got 7A&1B. I just need to join one of top western universities in USA,CANADA &AUSTRALIA, etc.And ,I request top universities to contact me through email & phone. eliasmohammed53@yahoo.com ,251 0911429437.

  31. Iam Siyanda xozwa from South Africa Cape town and I am interest in your scholarship for full course Iam a hard worker at school, focused at my worker at school I am willing to do anything to get what I need and your scholarship is the best unlimited as it is diverse and offers this opportunity for all I would love to be part of it

  32. Hie.My name is Tariro and i stay in Zimbabwe and would like to study in Australia for this is my dream country so please help me to get a scholarship to pursue my pharmarcy or vertinary studies and animal care.

  33. Im emily from batangas I really want to get scholarship im high school graduates only cannot study college because of financial problems im 31 now but im still dreaming I never stop to dream to I can study its my dreams to study college in your country im very happy because since im young its my dreams ti study in Australia hope I can get the fulltime scholarship im a single mother and I want to prove I can do it.thank you and god blessed

  34. Hi my name is bamlak shiferaw and I just finished 12 th grade and I want to apply for a scholarship for the year 2018 September or 2019. So tell me what i need to do to get that scholarship. Contact me by my address or
    Phone number.
    Thank you! Hope we meet soon.

  35. I really need the scholarship . Please do attached me every requirements with the scholarship form attached through my email please.
    Thank you.
    Regards Zina Kulimbao

  36. Am josephat azande I have a degree in business management specialization of finance and banking and I humbly request for a scholarship to enable do my master in research economics in your prestigious institution .
    I come from Avery humble background and all my achievement has come out of well wishers.
    I look forward for a positive response
    Thanking in advance


  38. I would like to study mechanical engineering in your university I promise to be a fine student with remarkable results if I am granted the scholarship

  39. i am Ethiopian and my under graduate degree was in agricultural engineering and mechanization .then i would like to learn postgraduate in hydraulics engineering

  40. thank you if you have any scholarship please email me i need your help even if you can help me as you can by giving me the way of bigness do not let me down and leave me with out give me even if your idea now i want to build my website help me it may be your idea or not but see it please there is no event thing person with out its own greatness eve if he can write his life histry by theway
    i am from ethiopian do not leave me specaly ethiopian because you now these and every thing

  41. I would like to study architecture at an affordable high school for year 11 and 12 in2020 and2021and then a college from 2022 on wards.
    I am 14 years old and I am in Mt. St. Mary\’s College Namagunga two

  42. I would like to read medicine in any medical university. But would like to pursue the program with scholarship. I am disabled (one leg amputated) though but medicine is all I would like to pursue. So please help me with all scholarship free universities..

  43. Hello I am Stanley Epeni and I\’m a Papua New Guinean and want a scholarship. I want to further my education to get my PhD. Degree in History, I do not have tuition fees so I look forward to a scholarship. I am willing to submit my first and second degree documents upon your response to my request.


  44. I was requesting for application next year (2018) and 2019.
    Thank you.

    With best regards.

    Stanley Epeni (male)

  45. I would like to appy for scholarship in this institution in a course concerning piloting or flight courses .thank you

  46. Thanks for the scholarship program that you carrying on from time to time.
    I pray that God will strengthen you people to be able to help us continue our education journey.
    I ready want to be part of this scholarship program but I think I late. I hope to hear from your about the next program so I can be part of it.

  47. Good day kindly assist me with the scholarship please email me the forms or necessary papers to process the application your help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

  48. Hi, My name is Isaac L. Flomo am from Liberia I am in search of scholarship please help me in the process

  49. My name is offetta .w.kpahn from liberia,I am intersted in your scholarship to study bioloy in your undergraduate program.Please it,s my prayer to study in such a nice nation but I am not financialy equip. Against this backdrop I pray you please help my dream come through. You can please contact me on these numbers or Email:+231777364805/+231888415768/kpahnoffetta@gmail.com

  50. please consider me, I am admitted in undergraduate program to study accounting with Monash university but I dont have money to cover all school expanses. please help me get this bursary,
    you can contact me here: +27 73 779 5158

  51. Hello,
    My names are Ndayishimiye Cynthia,I\’m undergraduated but I\’ll graduate next year.I\’d like to ask if this scholarship may help me in any proccess.
    thank you.

  52. Hello since I went out of high school I wasn\’t able to attended university for your humanity would you please help me to continue studying because there is no other way I could use just only to leave my wishes here we look forward to your quick response

  53. please what is the proc�dure to have this opportunit� of bourse my name is nkwetchoum Fabrice i am from cameroon .

  54. My daughter is doing an undergraduate degree in Economics and International Business in China is it possible to transfer her to continue her studies in Australia on a scholarship. She is in her second year

  55. my name is Alebel Andarge I live in Ethiopia 27 years old. I wants to study in your country but i have no money because my country is pour so i request you that please help me and gave me a chance to show my talent because i can do more hork

  56. Thank you for the information. I really want to pursue my phd in the field of Fisheries Science but i dont know the procedure and the requirements. Please help me.Thank you.

  57. i am also finding the scholarship
    i dont have father to earn money so plz give me a scholarship to me i will be
    waiting for this

  58. Hi,I am Iren Akter.I completed my graduation now I want to do post graduation in Australia over full sscholarship.please iinform me if it\’s possible .
    thank you.

  59. please if there is any full fund scholarship in any part of Europe or Amercial or any part of the world, please let me know by texting me on my email. especially in the area of mechanical engineering.

  60. I am please to say to the committee of this program that I am a successful candidate. My
    I have been praying to have such a opportunity to follow my future which is education. Please give me this chance . thanks you

  61. iam astudent in kenya advancing in agriculture i wish to request for schollarship how can i be assisted please

  62. Thank you for the information

    I would love to apply for a Hospitality & Tourism scholarship, I am currently a Hospitality student doing my 3rd year in college. So far I have attained my Level2 & level3 certificate

    I would highly appreciate your response

    I\’ll be waitin on your respone…thank you

  63. How can I apply. En how much is the rage for tuition each year. And does it require registration fee.

  64. Hi I am Nasar khan from Pakistan thankful for your effort. i graduated from university of malakand.now searching for postgraduate scholarship please help me……

  65. I would love to be part of the people who will get the scholarship because I want to further my education

  66. hi I am Jacob s.Roberts ,I really need an opportunity like this but I don\’t have the financial strength. can you help me? I am a Liberian.

  67. Iam Mohamed Farah I have accomplished high school last year now iam medical student in UOH and I would be very great full if you select me as one of your applicant.

  68. I ama Mahamadou Doumbia . I am graduated in English from one of the Big University of Bamako (Mali) I am always looking for this kind of opportunity ,so I would be very happy if I could get more information because Iwant to get a degree in Business Administration or in Procurement

  69. Hello!!! I’m Afonso Adonis from Angola, I’m a high school graduate student since, I got out of high school I haven\’t yet opportuned to attending so can this scholarship help me?

  70. my name is jerome agbekpornu from ghana.i am a high shool graduate..i really need an opportunity like this.but please do you offer pharmacy

  71. Hello I am Kobi victor from Cameroon and I am an undergraduate student. Ever since I graduated from high school I haven\’t had the means to further my education i pray I get to be chosen. Thanks

  72. hi, lam Agiza Monicah and l have graduated from high school with a C plain from Kenya, l will like to receive a scholarship can you help?

  73. I would like to meet this opportunity to study in Australia… Hope to feed more information on how to apply and requirements

  74. My name is Fernando Sebastiao Chame, I have completed master development management at catholic University and master in Public Health Group B specific in area of management and planing in health system, monitoring and evaluation in health system, in 2012, so now i wuld like to sponsor me my phd in epidemiology from AIU, please can help me i can send invoice that i have to pay and this situation is not motivating me to continue, i lost a job in catholic university as coordinator of master course of public health, so is big requirement to be coordinator of master you must at least to have phd in specific area of learnin.

  75. I am a high school graduate, and like to study aeronautical engineering. please can you help me, i really need your help.
    how can i apply please.
    thank you in anticipation
    God Bless .

  76. hi! im from philippines…im really interested in your scholarship..im hoping that i\’ll be given a chance to avail this opportunity. anyway, may i know the requirements on how to apply for this matter? Im the only child but sad to say that my mother couldn\’t afford to send me off in the school. I finished my bachelor\’s degree Bachelor of Arts and along with this I worked as student assistant in the school to finance my tuition fees and now i want to continue study again. Im a working student eversince in high school up to college. Please help me to achieve my goal in life…i want to help my mother and give her a better life. Thank you so much…

  77. I don\’t know if I can apply for a postgraduate scholarship. Do I have to be already included in the program? I graduated from University of Arts ISA (Cuba) one year ago. Please, answer me.

  78. I am Ghanaian who wants to study out side Ghana but I am having financial problems.I guess this is a great Opportunity for me to continue my educational process.

  79. Hellow I\’m Fred GUMMWEMWATA from Papua New Guinea a University Of Goroka student. I was not able to continue my studies at that University due to financial problem with my family. I am the only son in the family and my parents are subsistence farmers. Their earning withing a year is less than K500.00. Could this scolarship help me further my studies at your campus please? Your kind response is very much appreciated.

    Thank you and God bless you

  80. I will really apretiate it if I find myself among the chosen students for I love to study in Australia .hoping to hear from you soon

  81. Hello my name is Hiwot. I want to know how to apply I really need this opportunity please help me I\’m waiting ur request. I\’m from Ethiopia. Thank you.

  82. I would really like to apply for this scholarship and I will appreciate a lot to hear from you soon

  83. Iam so happy how you gyz helping for the students need to get good education and Iam so exciting to get this chance and I don\’t want to slip down the chance

  84. Hi , My name is Naila Hameed.I\’m first year (DPT) Doctor of physio therapy and rehabilitation sciences from Pakistan.., Undergraduate Student.Can I apply for this scholarship?????

  85. Hello my name is SOULEIKA Osman and I am studying in Turkey so I have seen those scholarships you published and I liked to apply but I don\’t know it is impossible because we don\’t have the links to apply with it and I have seen that the most of the students who write their comments that no one gets how to apply it so if this are true. I would like that you help us. Thanks

  86. the first of thankes for geving me this oportunity.then my name is Beshir Hebo
    i am from Ethiopia
    i have BA degree in geology
    if i get a chance i will study MA there
    thanks for your suport
    if you have newu enformation contacte me by this adress : 0910200191 or 0911475735

  87. Am alredy studying with the university of Free State,bt am struggling to pay my fee can you please help me.i really need schoolarship.

  88. Good morning or good afternoon
    My name\’s Darling. I need this scholarship. To learn something I don\’t have nobody to help me my family dead. Please help God bless us

  89. Am Noah Nkhata Japhet, a Zambian and I would love to study in Australia in the faculty of humanities development studies bachalors degree scholarship on full time basis.
    Your favourable response will be highly appreciated.

  90. I began to learn my degree in university . I was very
    interested to learn For the sake of upgrade my knowledge on my professional skill
    Now a day I am student in the university and I am servant
    working in the governmental
    hospital earning ETB 2500 /~$140. I studding or attend my course during weekend time.
    university is 95 km far away from my work place.I traveling buy
    bus. I
    spends for transport ETB 300 /~$ 20/ every weekends. Also
    paying ETB
    3000 /~$ 160 every 4 months. My monthly income is 2500/
    Ethiopian birr
    it is around 140 dollars. So it so challenge to paying the
    also I helping my parents and my sisters. I have not my own
    house I
    paying for house rent ETB 500 every month. So I need financial
    Because my monthly income and my monthly spending is not
    equall my
    monthly spending is high. So mony times I attempt to
    discontinued my
    education the reason for financial problem. I trying to all my
    but it is very difficult. So I hope you will have understand my
    financial problem. Thanks more to understanding my problems
    and your
    willing to response my question. I waiting your response

  91. thanks a lot for the information, what re the requirement for the scholarship, l will love to apply, am Suleiman Ibrahim from Nigeria… waiting for ur response..

  92. Hello, my name is Eskinder Abdella,I live in Ethiopia. know I completed BSC in Accounting and Finance department, if you are interested to Masters. scholar, I want to study in your country. I hope your positive response. with a great glories Give me one chance

  93. Hi….thanks alot for the information.I earnestly wish to study bachelor in pharmacy in an Australian University.please if you don\’t mind,guide me in the application process.I am an high school graduate from Kenya.Thanks in advance

  94. I am so interesting to join this scholarship . because I dream this kind of opportunities .For the future I would like to study MA in social science fields .So I hope that I will be get .

  95. Much thanx for information but I would like to know how can I apply such kind of sponsorship because I\’m so interest on oncapus study of undergraduate( bachelor degree in doctor of medicine)

  96. dear sir /mam iwould like to get a scholarship in post graduates in dentistry for orthodontics or prostodontics
    if possible so can you sand me the requirement to get the scholarship

  97. Am called Tumuheirwe Abel am 21 years of age i just completed my high school, am in need of the scholarship thank you so much


  99. Can you please help me get an agent that will help me. I am from Fiji and really looking forward to be able to get a chance to receive a scholarship.
    I would like to be directed to somebody whi can help me

  100. My names are patrick Phiri. I have a diploma in veterinary science,and a certificate in animal health,kindly help me with a full scholarship at degree level in veterinary medicine. Thank you.

  101. I would love to study in Australia and get a full scholarship as in full tuition, visa and other expenses like accomodation. Thanks i will be grateful for your positive response.



  103. My name is Njinoh Madina and i am very much interested in this scholarship opportunity,i am a cameroonian by nationality and i would really appreciate it if my wis is granted,please contact me using the following numbers if i am successful,(+237 673586587)thanks.

  104. Wow! Interesting, I want international relations at Masters level.I have completed my first degree in Peace and Governance

  105. my name is abdisalan adan I have completed bacholar for nursing four years. now Ineed master degree scholarship if you can becouse Idont able to cover my master degree please hepl me to complete my goals

  106. HOW are you all ,Iam so interested in you kind of scholarship , I had a dream to study in Australia for master degree but after reading an instructions I feel disappointed, please , I am very pleasured to became one of the degree in Addi\’s ababa university.

  107. Hello, my name is Amare,I live in Ethiopia. know I completed master of sciences in Agronomy department, if you are interested to Ph.D. scholar, I want to study in your country. I hope your positive response .

    with a great glories

  108. Bula I`m grateful for this opportunity and I would like to know how to apply for this scholarship. Also I am a pure science student which I have completed year 13 back in 2014. I`m a Bachelor of Science students ( Marine Science ) in the year 2015 at the University Of The South Pacific. This year (2017) I have attended a different University which is the Fiji National University upholding Trade Diploma in Applied Fisheries.I`m grateful for this opportunity and I would like to know how to apply for the scholarship. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

  109. Pls I need a full scholarship. One that covers everything in connection with my studies. Want to study an undergraduate programme: specifically Media Studies

  110. I am Zimbabwean young women who is looking for your help.l want to have a degree in Hospitality but due to money problems l am stuck and no one is willing to help me out and there are no job opportunities, so please l beg you to help me and get the busary so l can finish my studies

  111. I am Zimbabwean young women who is looking for your help.l have a certificate in Hotel Catering Management and l would like to complete my course to a degree but due to money problems l am stuck and no one is willing to help me out and there are no job opportunities, so please l beg you to help me and get the busary so l can finish my studies

  112. My names are HABTAMUGAMACHU a Ethiopian citizen aged 29. I\\’m looking for someone
    who can sponsor me up to University level.i
    look forward for your quick response. I am graduated from mada walabu university with physics, in 2011 GC. when I get this chance

  113. will you help me I really want to apply for a scholarship to study there in Australia,i have finnished my A level

  114. Hi, my name is zuwaira N. Haruna from Nigeria, will luv to studie in ur country but don\’t ve the opportunity to, but with ur help I can b able to achieve my dream. I want to studie Accounting ur help means a lot thanks you.

  115. thank you for your effort to find good chance for me but Iwas graduted and iam search to schoolar ship for master ihope to find free scholarship to me

  116. Hello, am Sarah Nanziri aged 33 would like to be part of your student, l love to study nursing or peadetrician love lokining after babies and old people.

    Please consider me part of the lucky winner of that scholarship

  117. I am undergraduate student by mechanical engineering at wachemo university in Ethiopia I am interested to join because I plain develop my knowledge and experience in your university depends on your experience with instruments on my subject. Please contact me

  118. I would love to study in Mornach SA and get a full scholarship as in full tuition, visa and other expenses like accomodation. Thanks i will be grateful for your positive response. i would like to take degreein business administration. Thank you

  119. I would love to study in Australia and get a full scholarship as in full tuition, visa and other expenses like accomodation. Thanks i will be grateful for your positive response. i would like to take degreein business administration. Thank you

  120. Am a Congolese Refugee in Uganda interested in studying and would like to be given the opportunity to build my capacity and be helpful to thousands of fellows suffering like me. This will give me hope for tomorrow. Academically I assure you of good performance cause I completed a degree in Community development from my country with good results, but about Money,….. Guess what a refugee could say. Kindly, in your capacity, help me access education…

  121. Am Kennedy I hold a diploma in disaster management.I wish to go ahead but am financial poor where I want proceed high please help me.

  122. Iam a Ugandan by nationality and i got siuck with my education since i lost my parents in Idi Amins regime. I would be glad if offered a scholarship.
    Yours sincerely

  123. Hell!i\’m Khek or Vilaysack i\’m very glad to see your scholarships post.i want to get a scholarship from somewhere if i\’ve a chance i\’m going to do the best for you. Thank!

  124. thanks i read it what are the qualification to study agriculture science? this is clifford from Zambia

  125. My name is Mzimbasi from lusaka zambia aged 17.I am eagerly searching for assistance to further my education as I have no one to help me at the moment.I hope and pray I will taken into consideration.
    Thank you

  126. I could like to study business administration in Australia. I will be glad if you\’ll consider my request.

  127. i graduated from high school and i want to apply for this scholarship,pls help by helping in my admission procedures

  128. Ah I like to study there but I don\’t know how to apply I\’m still in university fining my course I\’m from South Africa

  129. Hello my name is Joel Morris Kutosi from Uganda. i just completed my high school and would love to study for my university at you\’re campus. am i able to get a full scholarship as in full tuition, visa and other expenses like accomodation. thanks i will be grateful for your positive response. i would like to take up bachelor\’s degree in business administration. God bless you

  130. I am from City and Regional Planning department and wants to study in your country but i have no money because my father cant afford my expenditures or fees so i request you that please help me and gave me a chance to show my talent because i can do more and more in your country but not in my country because no one is supporter here

  131. I really like to study science agricultute in australia cause i know from some information that australia has more new technology in research than other countries around the world. So i hope to be in that number of new student that will be studying in australia very soon.

  132. Please, thank you for the information, I appreciate that. I tried applying online, but they requested an offer letter, please can you tell me how to get it? God Bless You.

  133. I also want to learn as Grant and others. I wish much that the dental surgeon. 🙂 I live in Mongolian. You tell me where I run an application. Thank you

  134. please i am looking for a scholarship in master in theology .Help me in this process.
    remain bless.

  135. Hello I would like to know how I could apply for this scholarship.. will be waiting for your response..

  136. My names are MWILA Frank a zambian citizen aged 34. I\’m looking for someone who can sponsor me up to University level.i look forward for your quick response.
    MWILA Frank

  137. According your advertisement aai am going to apply for SCHOLARSHIP and hope hat you will recommend me waitng for your reply

  138. Hello I\’m mohammed Saidu massaley from Liberia I\’m a high school graduate student since I got out of high school I haven\’t yet opportuned to attending so can this scholarship help me?

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