Denys Holland Undergraduate Scholarship at University College London: £9000 per year

University College London offers degrees in a large variety of study area, from Medicine, Law, History and Social Sciences to Economics, Computer Science to Management, Mathematics, Psychology or Philosophy. If you want to study in London, UCL might be the right place for you. And international students can receive financial help to pay for their studies. One of the form the financial help comes in is the Denys Holland Scholarship.

Denys Holland Scholarship is awarded by the University College London in memory of Professor Denys Holland, professor of Law and Dean of students. The scholarship is awarded to international students, from any country, who are in a difficult financial situation and who can prove that they would not otherwise be able to fund their studies at the university.

The eligibility criteria include, beside financial hardship: having received an offer for a full time undergraduate program at the University College London, age below 25 preferably and broad interests and motivation to become actively involved in the university life, by participating at extracurricular activities and in the Student Union projects. Candidates must describe their non-academic interests also and offer information about their financial situation.

The sum offered to successful applicants is £9000 and is renewable, meaning that the student can receive it for each academic year, if his or her academic performance is considered satisfactory. The scholarship can be used to cover the tuition fee, and the sum that remains can be used by the student to support other expenses.

The students who receive this scholarship can benefit from other scholarships, bursaries or grants, if the total annual funding does not surmount the tuition fee and living expenses as calculated by the university.

Application deadline is 7 July 2017 and the results will be announced in mid-September 2017.

If you are interested in other scholarships and bursaries available at UCL for undergraduate students, you can find more information on their website.

  1. I am currently studying Bsc Agribusiness in the University For Development Studies; Tamale, Ghana ( West Africa ).
    I wish if you could assist me undertake post graduate course in your school after my current course of study .
    I count on your cooperation.
    Thank you
    ( +233241507820 )

  2. From Fiji really need a scholarship to study law. Would love to be a lawyer one day. Life hasn\’t been easy. Currently working at a call Centre at the moment trying to save up. Would really much want to study law and be a lawyer one day.

  3. I want to study bachelor degree. I am very interested to study in foreign. Can you please help me with the process..

  4. Hello, I am interested in studying business management and logistics
    I am looking for funding for my education
    This year is my last year in high school
    Please get back to me
    Thank you

  5. I am Nant Aye Yu Swe from Myanmar. I am 46. I got Degree in Distance University of Yangon. I have to learned financial Environments withing Grants.Now,I am working Non Government Organization.Before,I have 15 years Business environment experience.I have strong Communication skill with my team. I am interested Master degree form Landon.How can i apply for your Scholarship. Please guide for Scholarship process and i would like to know How can i prepare myself. Thank you for your information! I am happy to wait from your guidelines. Thank you so much indeed.

  6. I believe that I am very competent, well trained and equipped with high level of nursing related skill. also I have sociable character, decent personality and good team working skills and can adapt to any new circumstance.I can provide details of references and other you need.

  7. Seems am late for the application buh look forward to apply next year…hope I will secure a place for myself come next year…
    Thank you for the information

  8. It is my interest to study further as I have completed associat degrees in marketing I would also highly appreciate if I can get scholarship, so my future can be better

  9. am Shukuru from Tanzania my hope to study bachelor degree in applied theology in our university but my problem fees.

  10. I am Elizabeth from Malawi. I am aged 18. Currently studying biological sciences at chancellor college of Malawi.. My parents can not manage to fund my tuition fee hence my brother on law took over from them. My dream course that I intend to do with every being in me is law and I promise never to disappoint you but work even beyond your expectation.. I plea for your consideration because I have all hope that you are the hand I really seek. My contacts are 0884589990/0993862738

  11. I am Muteesaasira Mark from Uganda I completed high school and I am pursuing a degree in law or accounts and economics.I would appreciate it if I am given a scholarship

  12. My name is Nicelyne Nicholaus. Am from Tanzania,currently just graduate from high school… Heading to pursue BA in economics at Catholic university in Kenya… I would appreciate if i will be granted this scholarship in order to achieve my studies and help my society… Thank you alot for you concern!!

  13. I am intersted learning in masters of medical surgical nursing..I am graguated from Ethiopia ,Arbaminch universty in BSc nursing CGPA 3.51

  14. Interested in geting this school in London or Paris because i want 2 achieve my study and I also need bursary and I want psychology or law

  15. I want to learn master program economics or accoutring free scholarship I can\’t extend my further education in case of lack of enough money.but I have degree in Economics.

    Thank you !

  16. Thank you for considering me. I would appreciate if you give me a grand, am currently in collage taking a course in diploma in procurement and supply chain management. My country is kenya and am in a collage called kiambu institute of science and technology. Thank you.

  17. I Really need the offer, this is my treasure and i promise to work hard so that i bring a good outcome to our department.I hope my concern would be head.

  18. I have a passion for education, please grant me with this so that I can use further education to change the lives of people.

  19. I kindly appreciate your scholarship and i need for it but am kindly interested with degree in Hydro geology and water well drilling or water resources engineering i will enjoy for your surport

  20. I really appreciate this grant you have offered to me, this means that my dreams to pursue my tertiary will be fulfiled. I am hereby waiting for your feedback about the way forward.


    Yamikani Makuluni

  21. Yes I would love to be considered currently studying philosophy in University of Ibadan Nigeria would like to further my studies in Law to help the ladies and women.

  22. Good day ,thank you for this wonderful opportunity granted me.I am so greatful and look forward to the next step with your offer.God bless you all.

  23. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. i would like to study at your university. I am a Tanzanian undergraduate boy who is interested in medicine

  24. My name is Aziz s. Gondoun from LIBERIA, I hold a high diploma. I want to study Agriculture Engeering to be a help to the world especially Africa. please consider me with this good dream I have, because there is no way for me to forward my education.

  25. Its my gratitude if you consider me into your scholarship. I am a Malawian boy.I am a student of Chancellor College first year as of now which i even cant pay tuition according to my financial backgroung.
    Your considerations will be highly appreciated.

  26. to a psycholHi,
    thanks for the offer of schorlarship, really need it but problem now Im 43 yrs. service and social work in solomon islands, want to study psychology as most of my life and time in duties, help victims of voilence , councelling and training them for cotnitive thinking.
    please can you find another scholarship for mature students/elders beyounf 40 years,

    really need you help for scholarship to study psychology or social work(degree),

    Can I attend to another closer university to me if you offer me another scholarship next year to come in 2019.

    thanks very much,

    clotilda claudia Harry

  27. iam so glad that you have consiedred me for this offer. But I am 33 years old. Can I still be legible to this? Thank you so much.

  28. hi my name is Nisha and i wanna get my next study in textail .i would like to follow my study abroad but my parents are poor and they have not any money to pay my study that\\’s why i would like to apply o this. So, i\\’m interested in this scholarships and i would like to apply.. Could you help me please?And what to do to receive this opportunity? Thank you so much.

  29. Hie, I am Ngasa B. Ng\’humbu from Tanzania. I am asking for financial assistance for full time Master of Science in Mathematics at the university of Dodoma in tanzania. This program takes 24 months/ 2yaers. The cost is roughly Tsh. 21,980,000/=. This amount covers tuition fee, meals and accommodation, research, registration and other costs. I real need this assistance for the purpose so as to fulfill my dream and assist Tanzanian societies in solving different problems regarding mathematics especially in schools and colleges.
    I will appreciate if this request is considered.

    Please contact me through
    Mobile:- +255784343738/ +255655343738
    e-mail:- bngasa@yahoo.com

  30. Hi,my name is Elinà RAMANANTSOA and i\’m a student in second class on Applied Languages in Tourism at Antsiranana\’s University. I would like to follow my study abroad but my parents are poor and they have not any money to pay my study that\’s why i would like to apply o this. So, i\’m interested in this scholarships and i would like to apply.. Could you help me please?And what to do to receive this opportunity? Thank you so much.

  31. I am Donald deus am so glad to communicate with you because I want full sponsored scolarship in order to proceed with my degree studies ,now am complicing a diploma of clinical medicine ,on my background am from poor family we have born many children and am a Tanzanian please help me kwan to attain my dream

  32. Am Erastus kirima muthee, a diploma in clinical medicine and surgery student doing my internship i will be so glad if given this chance to study medicine. I hail from a humble background, i have done several funding ceremonies to cater for my diploma levels, please give me a chance for a fully sponsored scholarship.Thanks alot in advance

  33. Firstly I would like to thank you for presenting such a once in a life time and life changing opportunity. I am Martha from Africa in a country called Zambia, I was raised by a single mother who didn\’t work so finding food was a challenge but my mother did all she could and made sure I had something to eat every single day. I feel blessed for my humble beginnings because I have endured a lot which has made focused,determined and hungry for success,even when things seem impossible I have never and will never give up because I am a fighter . In Zambia these a lot of poverty we have some communities that don\’t have access to clean drinking water,no electricity,no hospitals (sick people dying from their houses), everyday we at least receive one case of a person dying from hunger and high levels of literacy, people don\’t value education due to lack of motivation and in other communities no educational facilities .Even though we don\’t much helping out someone who has completely nothing bring joy to my heart,I became volunteer for a non governmental organization we collect different things from people then every last Saturday of a month donate to a different community. My dream is to one day build a center for both the youths and older people,for the youth its to give them a second chance at life and motivate then to go back to school so they can chase their dreams and the older people its to give them a place where they will have equipment to express their talents and share ideas. Whatever they create can be sold to help then earn money, many old people have different talents but lack motivation and material. I enjoy helping however and whenever I can so I want to study social work and become a social work so that I can continue found what I love but on a bigger platform .

  34. Am Elias from Tanzania and am completed the advanced level education this year 2017 my combination was PCB and am interested to study MBBS in London college university through a full funded scholarship although am late to apply for this please help me

  35. I am very much happy about this offer but am late and my age is 43,completed MEd in Sociology of Eduction and looking for a Ph.D in Sociology of Education scholarshipscholarship/Education,Culture,Institutions & Society.

    I have three very unique and amazing social areas that I would like to comprehensively research and and would like partner whoever or which ever institution of higher learning.

    These are my personal concepts and already drawn only needs to be tried.

    If I can be assisted financially, that will greatly unlock my dream.



  36. Hello!I am Charity Mutoni,from Rwanda.I grow up from poor family.but I managed to finish high school which was very difficult.i am very interested in this scholarship i hope if i get the chance to win it,i will be able to fulfil my dream..thank you

  37. Dear sir
    I am grateful to be among the students to be given grant.
    thanks for choosing me and I promise you that i will do my best in my education to get good result and make you happy.
    thanks for your understanding.

  38. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I\’m very interested in studying abroad. I\’m very curious about the world bryond my own country. I have interests and ambition; I am comfortable with newness and change. I want to learn and grow. I am someone who wants to discover who I am and who I can become. Once I get this occasion my dream will come true and I Will make happen my dream of singing in English and my voice be heard all over the world. How will I get all requirements documents support ,high visa ,passport and travel transport to come to study? When exactly?

  39. I really wish to be sponsored, after coming out of a country polluted by corruption I wish to experience the life in developed countries and for that I don\’t have more money to do.

  40. I want to apply for the scholarship but the deadline already occurred. May i know if there is still a scholarship that i can inquire in?

    I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you for your kind consideration. You can contact me at +639086435811.

  41. I have no words to say Thank you to the University because of by giving this learning opportunities they are try to make my futuer bright .

  42. I appreciate the fact that education is power and light to peoples it also help to solved world problems.i promise to put my possible best if this opportunity will given to me,thank so much.

  43. thank you so much, am highly honored to be in such great position. yes indeed i definitely like to be part of this programmed. how will i be receiving information from your respective and humble office

  44. this is so kind and honor the respect of DENYS HOLLAND i want to study social work and community development can i still get this scholarship am in Tanzania

  45. Hi
    My name is Ibrahim Jalloh I\’m from Sierra Leone, I have a diploma in mining technology. I really appreciate you for such a opportunity, how can I get access to this application?

  46. Thank you for this letter. I am 33 years old. I completed LL.B (Hon\’s) and LL.M fully English medium. Because of age limit, i fail to apply for this scholarship. If possible , please give me another opportunity, like Bar at Law or LL.M or PhD.

  47. Thank you so much. Am highly honored to be in such a great position… it is a big YES for me God richly bless your fund and pay you all with great blessing

  48. Education is power. I wish Sincerely thank you for the programme because it offers opportunities to all across the world.
    I believe opportunity comes once and should be used well. Please let us all embrace the programme because through it we will realise a positive change in terms of technology in the world.

  49. Thanks for giving me this golden opportunity it was my dream to learn in UK from along time ago but it was difficult for me to pay a university fee, its a great honor for me if you help me by this and i\’m from Ethiopia

  50. Hellow.
    I real need this scholarship. I had tried to finish the application form but invein plz assist me I am stack.

  51. Hello.. God bless you for such a golden offer your giving out.. Thou for me have seen it late when the application duration is over.. Can still get to apply for this?.. If not I will patiently wait for the next intake.. I am a Kenyan and I would like to go study Medicine because that\’s has always been my dream.. And I know it will come true one of this Good days.. Thank you

  52. I have graduated in high school in electronic and it is difficult to me to pay my university studying so if get that offer it will be a pleasure and a start of my vision

  53. Am studying information technology (IT) i will be happy if I can get this scholarship.. A strangling with my payment. Am in south Africa 🇿🇦

  54. Hello.
    Please how do I get this offer?
    I keep getting messages,you have been granted this offer but I seriously don\’t see anything at all.

  55. I am from Ethiopian for the moment I studying in south african by will of God I will be making medicine but I need financial supports

  56. I\’m a holder of the Higher National Deplomer in Accounting Accounting i wish to be granted this scolaship in other to do my Bacherlor degree. Thanks

  57. Can you please send me a scholarship application form and that college application form I want to study medicine please help me I want to help my community in future because of your offer

  58. please i greet you in the name of the lord my name is ning anna i will love to apply for a scholarship in medical laboratory am already in my year two in the saint monica univesity in cameroon thanks i will be waiting God bless you

  59. I am really in need of the scholarship please iam willing to do whatever it takes to get it .I hope that I am selected and be the candidate you are looking for.


  60. Am greatly interested in the scholarship. Currently am pursuing a bachelors degree in Kenya. I\’ll be so appreciative if considered. Thank you

  61. I am a Swazi undergraduate and obtained my SGCSE on 21016.I can really appreciate it if given the opportunity to study abroad,in London!That would mean transforming my dream into a reality despite my financial crisis.
    If Denys Holland Undergraduate Scholarships can make it happen,then I rest my trust to her.
    With Kind Regards
    M.P. Dlamini

  62. I am zerihun Ayalew Gebre. I live in Ethiopia, recently I am instructor in psychology I have master of art in industrial /organizational psychology,know my abvous is to learn Ph.D in psychology please give me one more chance scholarship program

  63. I want your favor if i can be offered the scholarship for medical studies esp in the field of medicine or dentistry or else pharmacy.

  64. I am Rwandan I have the Bachelor degree in medical laboratory sciences. i want to proceed masters using the opportunities that u provide us.


  65. Hi is like the deadline of this scholarship has but am still receiving information about the scholarship what can I do to apply for the undergraduate scholarship

  66. I addition to above, I would like to know if you sponsor students enrolled to another university. I am a malawian aged 37. On 25 July, 2017 I received a conditional offer to study at Oxford Brookes University UK for International Foundation Diploma( Pathway Course to pursue undergraduate degree starting on 18th September, 2017.
    Cost for fees is 12, 210.00 Pounds and there is a need to make a deposit payment of 1000.00 Pounds to be fully enrolled. I Need a sponsor to help me progress my studies since I do not have the money at the moment.

    I am therefore seeking for assistance urgently so that I should not miss this chance.
    Your favorable response will be highly appreciated.

  67. I am Siphiwe mathibela i live at Limpopo i raised by a single parent and She can not afford to pay for my studies. My family is very poor, i need your help so that i can change all of that. I am desparately need your help so that i can go to university and study

    Ican be very happy if you can help me. Thank you

  68. I am interested to study management. I would appreciate if you can grant me the scholarship.
    Thank you in advance.

  69. It has always been my dream to outside my country and furthermore to study in the United Kingdom. I would really be honored if I got a chance so that I can help my family back in Kenya leave a good life

  70. I am really interested. And I hope the the scholarship favors me. I which that could be my opportunity to improve educationally.

  71. Dear scholarship partners, I want to thanks for your giving chance for scholarship program internationally. If get this chance I am ready to learn masters program in social science and humanities.


  72. Hello am GIdeon and am really excited about the offer of being awarded a scholarship into your most prestigious college.
    here is my personal info if you would like to contact me later

    will be waiting on you

  73. please i would like to do philosophy in your university. avail me with all the details and the scholarship/bursaries to all cover all costs including travel , study and accommodation.
    Yours in Christ,
    Caesar Alengo

  74. Please sir &/ madams. Would be grateful having that for 2018/2019 academic year. More to that, I\’ll like to study accounting.

  75. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am a boy aged 20 from zimbabwe.I finished my A level in November 2016 and managed to come out with 9 points (A in computing and a B in mathematics). I will be glad if am given the opportunity to study computer science or telecommunicaton abroad .thanks
    . Your help and response will be highly appreciated. God bless

  76. i am jacqueline cherop and i could like to get the above metioned schorlarship am a kenyan citizen by birth
    and i will appreciate given the chance

  77. Am Raphael from kenya , I lack financial support to pursue a degree in civi engineering . Am first born in a family of six and my parents are unable due to poverty and high dependence ratio.

  78. Dear your blog was so helpful and i was amazed by you. Hopefully you do a lot of good things 😂😂😂 im college students and i red your blog there is a blow in my mind that wow what if im studying in london? 🤓🤓🤓

    More power

  79. I am verry intrested in a course that you\’ve offered,so if it\’s possible you can email me the application form for 2017

  80. I have been wishing for this day(S) to come. where I have been link to this scholarship program.I still believed that one day I will still get connect to a scholarship program. I am a Liberian, by Nationality. Thomas Kanegea Brown Jr, Is my name.

  81. am interested in your kind offer you etting out.I want to offer medicine with your scholarship so help me please.Thank you so much

  82. Iam Namukobe Edith aged 20…..I completed my High school……I did sciences-Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and passed with good grades…….But due to financial problems i cannot continue up to the University…..Yet my biggest dream was becoming a doctor and treat people because lately in our country Uganda….More people die due to inadequate doctors….Yet everyone deserves a chance to live…..
    You helping me will add alot to the well being of these people who are suffering……I know i have written this abit late…Beyond the deadline…..But there is a saying that says better late than never…….I really have faith that my request will be granted in Jesus\’ name

  83. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thank you very much for this information regarding the scholarship.
    I just want to move on my career with another level. My career objectives is want to be a successful woman and independent woman.
    Also I want to support to my parents of my whole life! So, I really need the scholarship for my dreams to come true .
    I think this is one of the platform for me by improving to my careers and goals. So, I really need the scholarship for my goals. Please tell me more about it and procedures.

    Thank you !

  84. My name is Prince Ofosu, I want to be awarded the scholarship above to study PhD Mathematics. please I need help.

  85. It would mean a lot having an opportunity to experience London educational level and I will be able to put the University on the map and leave a legacy for other students and I would love to study sport management so I can improve sport level and competitions around the world. I can only achieve that through financial help

  86. I am Alvin Muruli from Kenya. I love this initiative of awarding students scholarship. Do you offer student\’s scholarships for Masters in Botany and Zoology?

  87. My name is ondoma emmanuel, an orphan living in arua, uganda. Lost my parents wen I was in primary 2 and have four siblings. I completed my A level in 2014 and been paid by my uncle who has no job now.. Am still home struggling and hoping 1 day I get to go for a diploma and help my siblings. I wil be greatful wen considers for this bursary. Thanks

  88. thank you my wish is to pursue with my studies at tertiary level but l have got financial problem . um looking forward to get scholarship for my undergraduate studies.

  89. hi my name is mustaphe hassan haroun iam udergrajuta degree ineed master of statistic iam the only one who rreach my family scolarsip i hope it willbe considered my requesty and asoon as possible my excepted



  91. I want to offer law, ,,I\’m an undergraduate student and I want to take part of this scholarship program. I hope my humble request be accepted.

  92. Dear Sir
    Iam a male 34 years old agriculture extension officer working with oil palm industry corporation in Papua New Guinea. I have graduated with a certificate in tropical agriculture. Iam very interested in your scholarship and requesting if l can be selected to further my qualifications and carrier.

  93. Thank you for this offer.
    I am very much interested in this scholarship and wish it comes as a success for me.as I said before I love studying with you. So am pretty much under your recommendations. I love it and hope you help me have it please .thank you

  94. I liked your blog and I would like to get a scholarship.I wanna study economics and other business courses. am good at business and mathematics and I would really appreciate if look at my case.
    i look forward for your reply
    Thank you.

  95. Am Samson Hone from Papua New Guinea,it my great honor to have seen that opportunity for the scholarship.I was really struggling my self in this life of my education journey and i always have the problem with finance.Therefore i know this scholarship you offering will help me the most.Now am bow at you feet and seek for you assistance in you.I ask you please could you send a application form to me.
    Thanks very much am looking forward.

  96. Hi,Im still foundation in USP(University of the pacific) I would like to apply to a scholership this year and I live in Tongatapu.

  97. 2/8/2017
    Iam a female Ugandan , 22years.
    I finished s.4 and went for a certificate in nursing, so I would appreciate if am considered for the scholarship to persuepursue my diploma in clinical medicine.. My parents passed away 15. Years back.. I would be greatful to be considered for this program.
    Thank you regards.
    Kansiime Caroline.

  98. I think this is going to be a great opportunity for students who really desire to further their studies without any financial means. I really wish to be a selected candidate for the scholarship.

  99. hello sir .i wish to apply i have two kids with my husband who is in higher blood pressure and sugar.i am p.g in commerce and wish to apply so that i may assist myself for best future.No one is to care .please help me to get this opportunity.

  100. I Would like to continue my undergraduate electrical engineering abroad, so I would highly appreciate it if I can awarded the above scholarship.

  101. I am very interested in this scholarship but I got this message after the dead line. Can I still apply?

  102. thank you for good description on how to get are sponsorship of studies of international students I have been studies at A.I.U for America bout no fund for payment for more than one year please help me for fund 7000usd

  103. Dear sir/madam,
    I write to look for help from you in order to study in abroad. I am currently attending the University of the Gambia, in West Africa. i already did my first cemester but due to financial problem I couldn\’t continue on my education. I will take the chance of attending any University that I am granted the scholarship to attend. many thanks in advance.

    You can contact me on 2203920973 or afrjadama@gmail.com

  104. I am Anekwe Sarah and I am a Nigerian,i would appreciate,if been given scholarship to study peace studies and conflict resolution.

  105. hello, i am Benson G Beah.
    i am very interested in this, i am a Liberian, how can i apply for this scholarship.

  106. It would be a great opportunity for me to get this scholarship for I will be able to reach out to people who are in need .for I want to serve my country and do good by getting a degree in nursing

  107. Dear sir/madam
    I am pastor Tadesse Erassa Shibibo from South Africa. My citizenship is Ethiopia. I have master\’s degree in leadership. I enjoyed in my past leadership style. If I get this scholarship in the same line, really will work through me much. Thank you.

  108. l will really appreciate if you add me on DAT scholarship.I want to study abroad now I don\’t have anyone to pay for me.

  109. I am 29 years old last on july. I finished my secondary education. I want to go back my study. I\’m here in the Philippines. My contact number +639161391589
    My Facebook account. Manu.ltolentino@yahoo.com
    About my skill
    I can cook. I can dance an sing.
    Personality good looking. 5/2 height. This my back up detail lasty post

  110. Good day. Thank you to your offer to us.
    I want to go back my study but cant pursue because a financial problems.
    My family is poor.
    My mother die when I was 9 months
    And my father pass a way last may this year. But I always praying to God one day have a door open to us. Thank you. I am. Not a bright person and smart. But I have a big determination to learn and also to achieve my dreams

  111. Iam a malawian studying with the institute of chartered accountants(diploma in accounting),working as a logistics auditor,but iam not earning enough for my tuition.aid me with scholarship.thanks in advance.

  112. It is really a good opportunity for students like me to join in such kind of university. Unfortunately, I am not eligible to the critrea stated for the scholarship due to age limit.

  113. Thanks though. I\’m interested in a research based masters full scholarship program in Geographic information systems in university college London

  114. Dear sir/Madaam
    I am Tanzanian Lady aged 37 years old, holder bachelor degree of Business Administration, i would like to apply scholarship for Post Graduate of Public Administration or Human Resource Management, i will be happy to get a scholarship in Canada. thanks.

  115. Is it possible for this bursary programme to support me whilst I am here in South Africa, not having me to travel all the way to a different country?
    If it is possible Iwould really lolove the support that I will receive from the team

  116. Thank you for the information.The offers being given are not in my area of study.Am interested in taking a Phd in education. ( English language education.) Could you kindly advice me on how I
    can get a grant to pay for tuition at my local university.

  117. i hope i get this scholarship so as to secure my future and develope my country based on my experience in these studies

  118. Dear Sir/madam

    I am a successful individual who will like to further his studies in CIMA, I will appreciate it if I can get the bursary to further my studies



  120. Hello,
    I am Mustafa from Egypt
    I have new discoveries, products and inventions and I want to cooperate with you
    Apply a new product
    This is the first new product for my inventions
    I have a lot, but will not be revealed now
    Please accept my order and send me a visa from your embassy in Egypt
    While preserving my rights as an inventor
    I am willing to do whatever is new every year you have

  121. Dear Sir
    I have told you Bachelor in Chemical Engineering . I am seeking the Master degree Scholar ships that touch with my Studies . you know better than me this Scholar ships for Undergraduate .

  122. Hello! My name is Mohamed Kennedy Conteh from Sierra Leone. Please Sir/Madam,i will really appreciate if this Scholarship favour me. Thanks +23288446289

  123. I am first student from my family whose is interested to go abroad for education and I want to study Opthalmology can give any scholarship???

  124. thank you sir/ma for the offer ,i am jeremiah , am a nigerian and i want to study geology and mining.i need financial assitance .I believe only if get to study this course in your country .I will be able to bring a difference in the mining industry ,if i am tested and trained after four years and there is no contribution from me huge i should be boarded back to my country.i also need a full detail of how to get access to the scholarship program.

  125. Hello, by names they call me Peter Okeno- a young enthusiastic man with passion in education especially when it comes to mathematics.I am from Kenya. I dream of someday being an actuary. Honestly, i see myself dreaming till my extinction because there\’s no way i can finance my studies; being that I depend solely on the efforts of my single mother. Your awarding me this scholarship will be of great help not only to me but also to those who look up to me to brighten their future. I am in dire need of this scholarship. It is my prayer that i be considered. Thank you in advance.

  126. hello,I am Billy Kipruto,18, from Kenya .I completed my secondary learning in 2016 and passed equally well.With a grade of B+,I am interested in pursuing aviation in your institution if you offer.I have a natural liking for it and has always worked hard for it.I acknowledge that the deadline has already passed but certained that you will check on me.I am looking forward to receive a positive response from you.Regards.

  127. Good day sir/ma. I want schoolarship to study business management ,if it\’s still on i would like to be one of the lucky selected candidate. Thanks


  129. Am an undergraduate and want to further my education to the tertiary and willing to be sponsored.So please with help me.

  130. Pls am already in a university and am findin it difficult to pay my schol fees and also rent…..so i really nred this schorlaship.
    Thank u

  131. I am a Higher National Diploma holder in Electrical/Electronic Engineering do I qualify for the undergraduate program as Computer Science student? But I also realized that the deadline is already past. So how do can I Begin the process please. Thank you

  132. I have completed my graduation…so I want to complete my postgraduation in abroad.That\’s why i need this scholarship.Please if you can,give me this scholarship

  133. would like to study mass media or journalism but do not have money.i have good command of english and i won two prizes on public speaking .so please help

  134. please i want to study mass media or journalism.i have a good command of english and won won many prizes on public speaking please help

  135. Hii i am Micha Imbu,
    its my pleasure to be with u fro this grate scholarship program…
    but to make my way there, i m lacking financials supports to bring my self down there at your university…

  136. Hello I am Lina Nazaryar i am from Afghanistan kunduz province I want to take bachelor degree at major of business administration so I finished 2 year of Institute from management and accounting at major of business and I don\’t have financial supporter. i cant continue my education without any supporter so I want from you help me until that I achieve to my wishes. Thanks best regard Lina Nazaryar

  137. MD Mominul Islam
    diploma engineer mechanical
    result not published
    ssc 5.00
    I want to reading bsc mechanical China

  138. My name is AdulSamiu I am a man of 25years of age, I am Ghanaian, I completed Ghana Institute of languages in May 2016.i am a holder of Arabic Diploma, unfortunately I have no helper to help me. to further my education because I an orphan my mother died when I was 8years father died and I was 15years. So someone to support me +233249503984

  139. Hello Sir/madam
    Iam a student who finished my learning in A-levele since 2016 but I can\’t continuous to undergraduate due to inefficient of school fee so when I get this opportunities I will complete my dream to be a doctor to help my family and society as well as my nation

  140. Am Ole Tanin Andrew student at Gretsa University in Kenya doing Diploma of Science in Computer Science,being the first and the only litrate of late father out of more than twenty sons and daughters,my desire is to truely mean my litracy and reach the goal..financially am totally unstable to do my degree, right now i could have graduated my diploma level but i have not due to financial problems.
    I desire you consider me meet my goal, even to the community am comming from the maasai,the ground level that iam from right away no degree holder we\’re the first and surely i belief in myself
    thank you

  141. Dear Sir√Ma\’am
    I want to try out for this scholarship because I want to experience new things and adventures concerning education.
    I want to pursue a field where I\’ll be able to help people and myself as well.

  142. I want thie scholarship but the problem is that i don\’t know how to finish the form up to the end. I would appreciate if you can provide me with the steps that i haven\’t signed. I\’m really desperate for this scholarship

  143. I am very much impress by the way and manner in which the scholarship is awarded to eligible students.But I would like to make a suggestion and that is matured students who wants to further their education and cannot afford to do so should also be encourage and allow them to to benefit from such opportunity like this.However,I am interested in the scholarship but the age bracket 25 years am above that.I therefore wish to appeal to the authorities to give consideration to those above the age bracket.Am by name called Kebba.O.Jobe and am a Gambian citizen.I am looking for this opportunity and would be very grateful if am awarded this chance.

  144. i am a camerounian aged 25,i completed with a bachelor degree in finance and accounting since 2015 from the university of Dschang-Cameroun and since then i have not been able to continue with master degree program because of financial hardship.i will be very elated if this scholaship favours me

  145. I am a holder of Bachelor degree of Business Administration, and would wish to pursue my masters on the same.

  146. I am so honored to be contacted for this opportunity. I prefer to undertake the full time face to face studies rather than online studies. Do you offer such facility?
    I would appreciate to have some information about the full time studies.


  147. Scholarships are deserved to people who have respect in them, he maybe the best in studies but failier in respect and communition, this never gives a huge future, In my opinion is deserve to be on offer the choosen students.

    Waiting for the

  148. Dear sir
    I have tried all means to sign in but I just cannot get the process completed.
    Can you help please.
    Thank you

  149. I am Langford Tinotenda Mudarikwa from Zimbabwe. I come from a single parent family and I am doing my A level doing sciences and l wish to pursue with my studies when l get my results in December this year. My mother is struggling to fund my education and she is looking after her sister\’s children because their parents passed away. So if l get your assistance l would want to do computer engineering. After my degree l would want to help other needy children like me.
    Hope you would consider my request.
    Yours faithfully

    Langford Tinotenda Mudarikwa

  150. For Denys Holland Undergraduate Scholarship
    would you let me have a free scholarship online?

    Many free scholarship offering universities are looking students who can attend their education on the traditional way ,while I am interested to attend my education online for many personal reasons. So please would you let me have free scholarship online on the disciplines I interested most?

    Demere Mekonen
    From Ethiopia

  151. Am Adeyemi Azeez by name I which study engineering but no body to support.
    I will appreciate if I can benefit from the scholarship Denys Holland Undergraduate scholarship ,thanks.

  152. i am happy,which to get free access because of the fact that i am from poorest family in Ethiopia, to learn Geographic information system (GIS) since i studied hydraulic engineering in BSC degree.

  153. I\’m in my second year of medical school, ist possible to get a scholarship in this case? Well that is what I need.

  154. Hi I\’m Nonhle from Durban i would like to ask if the scholarship does offer those who wants to do teaching or engineering.

  155. I am a graduate of civic and ethical study form Dilla university ,Ethiopia. Now i want to study philosophy in your university in order to promote ethical and moral community who is global ,friendship, open minded and civic minded person in every aspect of life.Thus,what i need is qualified environment of study to be come well equipped in knowledge ,attitude and skill for imparting significant influence in philosophical world.What can be stumble for my desire of learning in your university is only strong financial problem .Please if you are committed to compassion me ,address me again and again.GOD IS GOOD !

  156. Am a 56 year old men, who is in my second semester doing MBA (Corporate Finance) with Don Bosco University (India). It is distance education. Am unable to complete due to financial constraints. Am an Accountant by profession and think the program will further sharpen my skill even as am at the sunset of my career, more so for my life.The amount is $2000.

  157. Good morning
    Please ,can I still apply for it because I really need it .
    I can see the application dead line was 7 July but just wanted to know if there is any other way.THANK YOU

  158. i am glad to meet you.i completed my high school 2007 and due to lack of finances i failed to continue with my studies.can i please get someone to cater for my univetsity fees in kenya then later come and advernce i your institution?i will be glad for your assistance.

  159. hie,i would like to be helped to get scholarship on my law course…
    am from Botswana and am a student her studying Law,am struggling with getting some scholarship to proceed with my studies…i have a single parent who is a breadwinner for all the family and she\’s struggling to provide for all..
    please help me!
    thank you

  160. Hallo.
    I would like to study Environmental science.Do you offer such courses. Am Steven a Zambian from Southern Africa

    Thank you

  161. Thank you for this offer.
    I am very much interested in this scholarship and wish it comes as a success for me.as I said before I love studying with you. So am pretty much under your recommendations. I love it and hope you help me have it please .thank you

  162. Am a Kenyan, i have a diploma in community health and development and am looking for a scholarship to study a degree in social science in order to be able to help the entire society. I will really appreciate to get a chance to study in your institution.



  164. Am from kenya and asking for schoolarship to go on with my education and also i would like to study medicin if i would be among the chosen ones

  165. Thank you very much for thus information.I am pretty much interested in it.but I hope the deadline does not come to be a problem though.but other than that i am for it.thank you

  166. Hello ma/sir. I want to study Medical Laboratory science. . I do wish to be given an opportunity to do so. I will love to study but due to financial degradation I haven\’t. ….

  167. Dear, Sir
    I am Phyu Hnin Phawe and gratuated with Nursing Science. I would like to study in Psychology.
    Would you prefer to consider for this scholarship.

  168. Douala,Tuesday 1 A
    ugust 2017,
    Dear Sir /Madame,
    I am very honoured of write yu this letter. Am called TCHAKOUTIO NJATANG GERALD am 20 years old an I come from Cameroun. Sir since I was 10 years I dreamed to become A Doctor in Medicine. But when I had my Advanced level my dream became difficult .sir here in country education rien to the field of Medicine is very very complicated, only privilage one of the society can gets acces to it. Since of coming from Small Family I could not have that possibilities. please Sir I loved Medicine I relly wants to do it am very good in Biology, Chemistry, Physics an Maths. I will relly like to have this scholarship Sir because it will help me attain my dream an treats many peoples around the Wold, especially in Countrys of War an of poorvaty like most African Countries are facing.
    Thank you Sir for reading my massage.

  169. I am Kevin kabisa interested to study in this university,please assist by granding me a scholarship thank you

  170. Dear Sir

    I\’m looking for some body who willing to help me I am dwelling here in Kakuma Refugee Camp without support.Sir help me.

  171. Hello! I am by names Yvette IRADUKUNDA, born from two parents, my Daddy passed away when I was 2 years old. I attended and finished by Bachelor\’s but I have no hope to continue. I am a girl from Rwanda, a little country in Africa. I have studied Translation and interpreting in the University of Rwanda and I\’ve been sponsored by the Government. I wish I may be offered the scholarship above.
    Thank you!

  172. I will like to further my education to the degree level if considered with the scollarship thank you

  173. I Jackson from Tanzania I want to study abroad may help me one to economic development and commercial practice

  174. My name is Khin Myo Swe from Myanmar.I want to pursue in master degree in agriculture.I have difficult to pursue due to finance.I will really appreciate if this scholorship favour me.

  175. I wish to study degree at your university please help me, I need the scholarship it wil help me to fulfil my dreams

  176. Hi, am goodluck from Tanzania i would to join in your university in bachelor of medicine but I don\’t have money to afford the cost how will help me

  177. Thankyou!!! I had taken My degree in law from alpha univrsity college. i was judge and public procecutor from addis ababa.but my great intrust is education.that is why i am going to serch scholar ship of education daily.
    So, really if you lend me ahand regardes to my LLM scholar ship at your free campous i am very happy. And i consider you as that of my father.
    The great my interust is education more than any things. Pls,pls i am weytining for you. As me, ther is no chance more than the free education of Europe .

  178. Respectable sir/dear madam! I am specialist biotechnology from Ethiopia. I have completed bachelors’ in biotechnology with honour of 3.64 cGP then achieved fellowship in biotechnologist which is a top degree in Ethiopia. now it is my extreme wish to have admission in masters by research in molecular biology which is the most ignorant field and latest knowledge is required for better development in developing country like Ethiopia .kindly help me in getting admission. As i am unable to find admission form and scholarship application protocol for admission in this esteemed university. Waiting for a way to apply and help from your side. Thanks in advance…..

  179. Dear:sir/madam
    My name\’s Abdullahi Hassan Abdi
    I from somali in Mogadishu
    I am 23 years old
    I am finished my secondary level 2016/2017
    Dear:sir/madam I like swimming and playing football I am not player but that\’s my hippies
    So every think in the world is right no wrong that\’s how I to believe
    Today I want to ask you a scholarship
    Well, I am looking for somebody who can assist me to continue my education today, I hope you will give me the chance.
    Dear:sir/madam for good result sir/ madam.
    Contact me :

    Yours faithfully,

  180. Hi,
    Thanks for this information.
    I am looking for the scholarship that is suitable for me.
    I gratuated from Institute of Medicine in Myanmar since 2012 and held M.B.,B.S degree .
    Now ,I am a school doctor at International School Yangon (ISY) in Myanmar .
    I am interested to study Obsteterics and Gynaecology subject and to get Master degree .
    I have difficulties to study due to financial problem and other weak points .(So, I am working there to save money up to next year (July /2018).
    I would be appreciated if you favour the scholarship that is convenient for me and the required facts that can prepare to get it.
    I am looking forwards to your reply .
    Have a good day .
    Aye Myat Myat Mon

  181. Information on most scholarships you are sending me mostly relates to those well past their due dates.

    I am not sure why.

  182. My Names are Epie Diena Nsakani I am 18 years old from Cameroon born of a family of 6 my parents are struggling with the expenses of paying our fees I had to drop out of school so my younger sister could further her education to a certain I am an engineering student and I also have passion and love for I.T currently I leave with my anty to seek for financial aid from her but it is not going so well for I have no means of furthering my University studies because there is non to help me pleas I beg you in the Name of God you are my last hope of going to the University if I have the opportunity I won\’t let you down thanks

  183. I am a bachelor\’s degree holder in education requesting to be granted a scholarship in order to pursue a masters degree in education.

  184. Thank you for your wonderfu service I m search for the right scholarship for my unofficially adopted Indonesias son who had a tough start is life but has responded to help in an outstanding way I am collecting inform ation and he will apply in mid 2017 Thank you again

  185. Hello. Thank you for the offer. Am a Ugandan, I need a scholarship where by I don\’t have to leave my country. Please help me, should I apply for this one???

  186. I would greatly apprciate given the scholarship to study my dream bachelors degree in law. Response highly appreciated.

  187. iam jeandamour from rwanda i really proud for being the one of your student if you can accept my wish i Will be happy for its .

  188. Hello, I want to get Scholarship and study online in Bachelor in Business Administration. Please help me to pursue my dreams in life. Thank you.

  189. my name is sorie sankoh from sierra Leone west African am and offhand I finish my high school all by my
    self but no way to fodder my study because of finical problem so am looking for help

  190. I think that what I want just like any other of the people in the world seeking this same purpose is a chance to get it and study and be able to change lives of others like me,like us,so should this really come to pass positively then I\’ll definitely do the Same to another person else,put a smile on their faces as well.

  191. Rwanda

    Dear Ser

    Am called Jerome ISHIMWE from Rwanda and am 18 years old . I sow your composition but same how am like you. I have parent but by with education I was fail cause luck of fees. Still I have low knowledge cause of that. By now I am finding someone who can be able to be with me and make me carefully.

    By the time I believe am waiting and faith is to me.

  192. hi.i am Daddy Nsenga Mpinga from the Republic Democratic of Congo.i am requesting for a scholarship to pursue my studies in UK.my goal is to become a medical Doctor but my situation is not allowing me.i ran away as i was almost killed in my country because of the war.that is why i am now living in south africa as a refugee.but still i found xenophobia(south africans killing foreigners).please help me

  193. hello.my name is ngombo panzu lizette and i am from D.R.Congo.i am a medical Doctor.i am requesting for a scholarship to pursue my studies(PHD) in UK.i live in South Africa as an asylum seeker(refugee).

  194. I currently study Mechanical Engineering. Is there any way I can also get to enjoy this scholarship one way or the other.
    Thank you.

  195. I have been longing to get opportunity like this.This is what i have been looking for all this years basing on my bad financial back ground. Please am in my thirties and i want to study Cinematography and Media studies.Please do i qualify for this life time opportunity?

  196. Asking for help to enable me access the university for a degree level,did my diploma in information study .will be much appreciative for The Consideration

  197. It\’s a pleasure for me to be part of this Scholarship program
    Studying hard is the ultimate key to make it exclusively secondary…

  198. I am very happy because with this scholarship program, my educational dreams will come through

  199. yes , i wish to apply please consider me in full scholarship,now am a student at Forestry training institute , therefore am interested to study in abroad for further education,am from Tanzania , i will appreciate if i will be among of the students who will be selected to apply fro this wonderful scholarship . also may i use opportunity to ask if you can look for a job in forestry i promise to work hard and integrity to any company that will employ me please help me on matters . email address ; mgosiphilemon@yahoo.com
    Kind regards,
    Philemon Machaba Mgosi

  200. Dear sir/madam,

    I am a Malawian and a holder of Diploma In Law General Principles and am very much interested to study bacherlors degree in Law with Denys Univesirty and i appreciate if you can support me with your scholarship. Thank you.

  201. i will be grateful if i get the scholarship because i would like to study Human Resource Management & Tourism Management
    cenxx 🙂