Get Your Online Degree Fully Funded at the University of Edinburgh

If your lifelong dream has been to go to university, but for one reason or another you were prevented from fulfilling it, you should consider enrolling with an online degree. Online universities today are bringing educational programs to your home via the computer screen, something which was deemed unimaginable ten or twenty years ago.

Online degree programs represent the safe choice for whoever wishes to continue his/her education, but has been forestalled by other responsibilities. Lack of necessary finances is also an important reason why a lot of people fail to check the “attended a university” box off their bucket list. Luckily most online universities out there offer generous student scholarship that can cover tuition fees, study materials and more.

Keep in mind that not only online colleges are open to the idea of student scholarships. There are plenty of third party institutions which make it their goal to support students in need.

For example, the Charles University in Czech Republic is looking to award a set of student scholarships to students interested in pursuing one of the many offline or online degrees with the university.


The grant awards students a waiver of school fees for their first semester of study, plus a one-off payment of around €2.050 to be spent in order to cover living costs. Students located in developing countries or territories going through political and economic turmoil are invited to apply.

For students who want to continue their higher-education, L’Oreal – an iconic beauty product company hailing from France – is offering a fellowship for women scientist in the field of Life Sciences (like biology, biochemistry, neurosciences) as well as Physical Sciences (physics, mathematics and so on) who are residents of a Sub-Saharan country including Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso and more.

Applicants need to be pursuing studies leading to a PhD degree and be able to demonstrate they have worked in a Research Laboratory or Institution in their country or being enrolled in a doctoral program at a University in Sub-Saharan Africa. €5,000 will be awarded to 12 PhD student who can impress the board committee with their application.

Students of online universities rejoice; the University of Edinburgh is also offering 4 scholarships for people willing to enroll in one of the school’s distance learning Master’s programs. Each grant covers full tuition fees and will be awarded for a maximum of 3 years.


Applicants needs to be nationals of a developing country in Africa or Asia including Cambodia, Burundi, Haiti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria or Rwanda. The scholarship is awarded mostly based on academic merit. Candidates must demonstrate (or hope to obtain) a UK first class of 2 or 2:1 Honors degree at undergraduate lever or the international equivalent.


This bursary is the perfect solution for those of you who prefer the environment offered by online universities and are looking to get their online degrees fully funded. This is a great chance. But note that you won’t be able to access the online application form unless you have already applied for admission for an online Master program with the University of Edinburgh.

  1. I Am Will To Futher My University But Am From A Poor Home. Pls Guys Help Me To Have The Scholarship So I Can Continue My University. Thank You

  2. Iam a Malawian desperately looking for higher education, please give me more information on how i can access this scholarship

  3. I\’m interested in this offer I\’m Ayanda Ngeleka I\’m here in South Africa if you can give me that opportunity to study with your scholarships I promise I won\’t let you down

  4. I am interested in this offer, I am a Nigerian with BSc.(Ed) in Guidance & Counselling/Social Studies. I look forward to continue my Masters Degree with you.

  5. Am willing to further my studies with s prestigious university like your.Am ugandan currently with a BBA_finance
    Glad if there\’s an institution willing to help me .

    Godfrey Matsiko

  6. My name is Dawitl, from Ethiopia, at this time i am banker. I need bursaries like this, to pursue By banking induster and other related field from Edinburgh University, I love, has deep interest for Edinburgh. And now also am in difficult situation to cover all fee.. so i need your support.. Hopefully I can get!! Thank you.

  7. am asking for the chance please help me out because am from a family disabled but i would like to study banking and finance help

  8. Sure. As poor man looking scholarship in environment with people who speak English all time, is my pleasure. How can do and who can help me?

  9. I am from Kenya and I have completed my secondary education and manage to score Bplus so i am looking for a scholarship to study medicine so please help me to achive my dream. Thanks

  10. Nameste,I am a from Nepal and being a girl of neplease society and fulfill our dream is very difficult.So,I humbly request you to drag your attention towards me.I want to get higher education and want to lead my hands towards social work of the whole world.But I cannot affort finance for study.so please help me from this situaton.I know You people can do a lot if You want.I can;t find any option to get out from this phase so I am egarly waiting for your response.Thanku

  11. Hi my name is Kevin I would like to pursue my studies further to do medicine but due to some problems of lack of money I can\’t please I kindly request for a Help

  12. Hi am Paul G. from Kenya ,taking Science in Disaster Management and Peace Reconciliation at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST).I would like financial support so as to accomplish the course.

  13. Dear sir/madam,
    I want to continue study but I belonged to a poor family I want to get scholarship please inform me how to get the scholarship I got 85% marks in intermediate.

  14. Looking for scholarship to study my first degree of community development, my study will start in October 2017

  15. Too good to be true. What is proof this scholarship in Edinburgh University in the UK is not a scam?
    Philip Azah
    Bamenda, Cameroon

  16. My name is kesiki marie claire bihnyuy I am a level two student studying agriculture. But due to financial problems I won\’t be able to continue my education because of no money to oay for my studies.I am from Cameroon.I really need your help


  18. Hi Abdul Nafi. Iam willing to study but I can\\’t afford to further my studies please assist me how to get scholarship. Please provide more information. Iam interested to study but from needy family whereby won\\’t afford to pay me my studies. Thank you

  19. I want to get scholarship for Msc , because I have a big dream that I will complete my study from abroad Msc in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering or relevant field

    thanks you

  20. What about students from south sudan ?

    I want to get scholarship for higher study ….because I have a big dream that I will complete my study from abroad

    thanks you

  21. I am abebe I want to have a scholarship to finsh my education but I don\’t know how I can aford it please help me
    with a great regard

  22. i am really in love and much more interested in your university but please i am in need of your assisstance in geting a scholarship in your university nad i am willing to study with you and i will be more thankfull if i meets to join you at Edinburgh university. thanks be blessed and have a happy Easter holiday.

  23. To whom it may concern,

    With regards to your Scholarship. Please kindly send me all the necessary details to apply.

    Many Thanks.

  24. have always wanted to study at Edinburgh, therefore I would like you to assist me with all the necessary information on how to go about the scholarship. because paying on my own I can\’t manager. please!

  25. I could\’ve said more, but all I could say is I want to succeed in life. Without an qualification I will not be able to do so. I won\’t lie but I\’ve got finance problems I truly need help.

  26. Hi I am Prince Mugugu. Iam willing to study but I can’t afford to further my studies please assist me how to get scholarship. Please provide more information. Iam interested to study but from needy family whereby won’t afford to pay for my studies. Thank you

  27. I want to get scholarship for higher study ….because I have a big dream that I will cmplete my study from abroad ..

  28. Please I am a Nigerian, with certificate in general nursing, mental health nursing, nursing education and a bachelor degree in nursing science.
    I wish to secure admission in University of Edinburgh to undergo a master\’s program in clinical psychology or community and mental health.
    I also wish to be a beneficiary of your educational grant.

    Thank you.

  29. Please,I am a Nigerian registered genal, mental health, nurse educator with a bachelor nursing science willing to pursue a Master\’s degree in Medical and Health Science and or clinal and mental health psychology in university of Edinburgh.
    How do I apply gain admission and subsequent grant?

  30. Dear sir;
    I want to know more about your on line courses and likely the enrollment procedure.

    Thanks very much
    Dukuly Musa

  31. To whom it may concern
    I am ethiopian i want to study aboard but i can\’t afford the tutition fee i am senior at high school i want a bachelor degree i thanks for the aperciation

  32. I really want to pursue a master degree in your college/university,but am from needy family/economically disadvantaged.assist me on how to get fully funded scholarships.my country of residency is Tanzania.

  33. Iam Amos misiato,I wanted to further my studies but due to family background am not able. please assist me in getting scholarship. thank you, God bless you.

  34. I really like to get enrolled at your college. I am someone who would like to pursue higher education but I am failing because of financial resources

  35. Hi am Francis from Ghana, I wish to further my studies but lack of financial aid has set me back home so please help me to get the scholarship so that I can further my education

  36. Am muhumure Julius Ugandan by nationality I graduated with a bachelor\’s degree in social work and social administration I need your help to study my masters degree in public administration at welden university of UK where I have been given 10% of 24000us dollars to complete my two year course I appreciate who ever is willing to help me my studies starts may this year 2017

  37. Thanks be to the lord. This is the opportunity that i have been yawning for. Please send me all the details of application so that i apply immediately. I have tried to pursue a degree at my personal level but i have been unable due to inadequate funds and even time now that i am a family man whom they depend on.I will be very grateful.

    Thank you.

  38. I really need that scholarship for my upgrade in my masters degree. If only I can be considered, i wolill be very grateful.

  39. I graduated with primary teaching certificate in 2015… help me to secure a fully funded online degree in mathematical science or computer engineering OR Economics or any other related program at edinburgh.
    Ben majawa
    Email: benheiz1@gmail.com

  40. this is me ashenafi aemiro from Ethiopia, who is highly interested to upgrade me in economics. i am a degree graduate of economics department from one of the public university in the country. i am from the family of poor and being farmers in the remote parts of the country and as a result i couldn\’t afford the payment required for masters degree given in our country as well as in other countries.
    therefore giving this chance for means helping me to upgrade my knowledge and skill in economics and to bring some change in the life of my families. apart from this i the chance may help me to contribute a lot for my country as a whole.
    thank u in advance
    ashenafi Aemiro
    addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  41. I am Harriet from malawi….would like to further my studies given the opportunity to do so..i have a great passion for nutrition courses online….please help me on how to apply for the scholarship.thanks

  42. Hie,my name is Benedict Siya Melula I live in South Africa I\’m looking for someone who can help me with funds so that I can further my studies, due to that my Mom is not working,and I passed my matric with the best results ,I want to do chemical engineering ,I will greatly appreciate, thanks

  43. Thanks for the information.Please l want to know more about nursing related courses online and how to apply to it

  44. I\’m Thowfeek from Sri Lanka, I finish my degree in Bachelor of Arts. I really interesting to study on your university. So give me a online Scholarship & other financial support.

    Thank you very much.

  45. Good morning. My name is Samuel Togoe. Please send me full details on how to to apply for a study fund. It has always been my wish to further my studies but could not due to lack of funds.

  46. Am kellies Mugala, I really want to extend my studies please help me to get full scholarship because I don\’t have any one sponsor me

  47. I am exciting to know that I am able to acquire a masters without funds, as I really wanted to pursue a masters but as a result of the children my budget is limited. kindly assist me with the process and the areas to be offered.

    Thank You

  48. I am a resident of Lesotho in Southern Africa , I am highly interested in online program. I wish to find out whether I can also benefit from the on line study funded by the university of Edinburgh.

  49. Hi
    please i want to study but no funds, I will be glad to have your assistance on your scholarship to be able to study.

  50. My name is Yoanina S. Nyameino. I want to do an MA in Business Administration but I can\’t afford. I prefer online classes if given a chance. I will a ppreciate any assistance accorded to me.
    Thank you n advance

  51. Hi, my name is Felix K. Aleser from Ghana, West Africa.
    I am so much interested in studies, but have no financial support anywhere and this has truncated my education.
    I will be very honoured if you can assist me with the various levels and assistances available for people like myself who have no qualification documents except my maturity.
    I really need your help.
    Thank you.

  52. Am very much willing to upgrade my studies but i dont have that capacity to do so.please consider me on your scholarship.

  53. That\’s nice and am grateful for this opportunity, but my interest is film making if I can get a scholarship for that I will appreciate .thanks for the mail.

  54. I am an ordained and serving Anglican Priest from Malawi. I am a holder of a Bachelor of Arts ( Theology) Degree, with Credit. I obtained the Degree from The University of Malawi. Could I be eligible for an Online Masters Degree in Theology or its equivalent? Looking for a Scholarship.

  55. Iam jumah having a diploma in electrical engineering but I need a scholarship to further my education ..please I need assistance

  56. My name is Gosa Debebe from Ethiopia i have BSc degree in civil engineering so that i am higly interesting to learn MSc degree in your institution please i am from poor family i have adream to changne the life of my family and poor people and also my country after graduation , please contact me at +251921744121 or email me at eyobd102@gmail.com

  57. I would like pursue Masters in either Project Management or MBA and if you really mean what you advertise that you can fund it 100% on line the ask me for my certificates or send me application form

  58. l am interested to further my schooling but have been failing due to lack of finance,please kindly assist me with the scholarship. i have got degree in law right now , l am looking for bursary online education

  59. My name is Leake Gebreselama From Ethiopia,recently,I have got my MBA from sikkim Manipal University India, Just I want to continue my PHD with the same field can I get fully funded scholarship in Edinburgh University,as I currently can not afford costs.

  60. I have been studying with Atlantic International University and have finished my masters degree in Industrial Engineering but get my paper because I owe the school $4,300 balance. Since November 2016 my degree have been withheld due to lack of funds, please I need someone to redeem me from this trap I really need my degree now.

    Kingsley Hapambali

  61. Can you please furnish me with further details about the scholarship? I am interested. Thanks for all your effort to help.

  62. I am zandile phamela mncube looking for a bursary that will help me pay for my studies at impilo royal college of health I have passed my matric Last year and I obtained higher certificate I have found the school the problem is now the feed to register

    I would be glad if i can get help

    Yours sincerely
    Zandile phamela mncube

  63. Hello ,I am Fuad Abaoli, I am interested in scholarship but can\’t afford the fee,please help to my dream comes true with scholarship so that I can attain my dream courses more especially in business/economics courses.

  64. Thanks. it is a grand opportunity.am collins from uganda currently persuing my bachelors degree in ethics and human rights second year. would be humbled if assisted to enhance my studies

  65. I have already posted a number of comments on this site!
    Presently, I have been awarded an Online MBA Scholarship, at the University of UNICAF, a 20 months program! However, so far the registration for the First Module has already kicked off! Yet, up to this point, I have not yet got required amount of money, which I am supposed to pay to the University, to ensure that I will be able to follow the program to end!

    As a whole, I am supposed to pay up to US$. 2,820, being part of the 20% of the Scholarship that I am expected to contribute.

    With the above in mind, I would like to request the University of Edinburgh, to offer me the above mentioned Bursary, for me to be able to pursue this Online MBA program, with view of pursuing a Doctoral Studies at the University of Edinburgh, in Public Administration and Management!

    Please, if you could offer me this opportunity, I will really be grateful! My goal in this endeavor, is simply, to acquire enough knowledge in Business Administration and Management, for me to be able, to go back to my country and contribute positively to the war ravaged-Young Nation, South Sudan! Many young South Sudanese are desperate for education, but they have no means and opportunities available to them, like other young people around the globe!

    We now have a generation in South Sudan, which will remained illiterate and uneducated! While the perpetrators of war and violence in the country are sending their own children to Australia, USA, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, and so on! Thus, they do so, so that when their children come back to the country, they will carry on the instituted program of their parents, i.e, corruption, abuses against fundamental human rights, crimes against humanity, tribalistic dictatorship and all kinds of evils, taking place in the country now!

    Therefore, if I could be offered this opportunity, to pursue, first my Online MBA Scholarship with the University of UNICAF, and then after completing that in 20 months time, I will the apply for a fully funded Doctoral program with the University of Edinburgh, for me to get enough knowledge and skills and take them back to South Sudan! After all, I already have other Degrees, but mainly in Philosophy and Theology, but which do not carry any impact and weight on our current and global society today!
    I am so hopeful that, the University of Edinburgh will consider my request more positively!
    I wish you all the best!

    Francis Lado

  66. To whom it may concern

    Am interested to further my schooling but have been failing due to lack of finance,please kindly assist me with the scholarship so that I can attain my dream courses more especially medical courses

  67. I AM woerkneh,from Ethiopia,now i am studying economics in AddisAbabaUniverstiy(second year).I realy intrasting so much with your University.and i also vary Happy that i have got your conform email related oline scolarship for me.and i hpoe to study this and other related course.thanks

  68. My name is Abel, from Ethiopia, at this time i am studying MSc vet. Microbiology in Addis Ababa University ( first year). I need bursaries like this, to pursue By veterinary and other related field from Edinburgh University, I love, has deep interest for Edinburgh. And now also am in difficult situation to cover all fee.. so indeed support. I have taken IELET with 6 point. Hopefully I can get!! Thank you.

  69. we are highly Want to thanks about Yours Appreciation. and we wish Expect Highly Positive Reply.and regards your Scholar ships…..I Hope Good information.

  70. I really interesting so much with your university. and i also very happy that i have got your conform email related online scholarship for me. i will try to communicate and fulfill your application form base on your dateline.


  71. I ask for PhD program at anesthesia and intensive care. I am already get master degree at same speciality .On line or even others ..Fully funded .

  72. Hi im michelle Klaaste(Oswald) im willing to go study but i cant affort a scholarship can you please assist me and tell me how to get through cause i realy want to go study

  73. i am want study but i can,t afford to furher my studies please assist me how toget scholarship.iam intersted to study but i haven.t pay

  74. To whom it may concern,

    With regards to your Scholarship. Please kindly send me all the necessary details to apply.

    Many Thanks.
    Monique Tryon

  75. Hi iam Cindy simelane. Iam willing to study but I can\’t afford to further my studies please assist me how to get scholarship. Please provide more information. Iam interested to study but from needy family whereby won\’t afford to pay me my studies. Thank you

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