Pursuing an Online Master’s Degree in Public Health Benefiting from an Online Scholarship

Amazing academic opportunities are waiting everywhere waiting for you to seize them but most of the time you do not have a solid financial plan that reveals how much of an academic trip you can afford. But guess what? Even though education requires a lot of financial effort – allowance, travel costs, tuition fees and so one – you are in the position to select the best college education online offered. If you want to learn at high-quality standards without much, choosing the best online university among online universities is the best action.

College education online offered is a fashion among this generation. It is the easiest and most convenient way to earn your desired online degree just by undertaking up the courses from the comfort of your home. College degrees as well as Master’s degrees have already been offered by online universities. Their attempt was to provide a more accessible education anywhere in the world so that everyone would have a chance to a better future.

The demand for health workers has been increasing gradually. The world needs professionals to work thoroughly in the name of science and health. As society continues to progress, the public health field improves. In the past few years, the demand for public health professionals has grown.

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health will enhance your skills and advance your knowledge helping you provide the best assistance in your community or across the world. One of the online universities that offer a Master’s degree in Public Health is the University of Manchester.

University of Manchester responds to the call of the great need of public health professionals. The university wishes to prepare professionals through this master’s degree. Also, this university upholds to offer such education without spending a lot of money saving time and effort in taking these courses. University of Manchester offers online scholarship to Rwandan, Tanzanian and Ugandan students. This scholarship covers all tuition fees, course materials and examinations. This online learning will give you that great chance to study and work simultaneously. For more details about the program, you can consult the official website here http://www.manchester.ac.uk/study/masters/funding/international/equity-merit-scholarships/online-masters-public-health/

If you wish to participate, you need to have a good command of both oral and written English since the program is taught in English. You must have at least two years of post graduation working experience and must hold a bachelor’s degree in the related course. You must be a resident of Rwanda, Uganda or Tanzania. It is highly important that you have a modern personal computer with a stable Internet connection.

The applications are now open http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/EandM2018/

  1. I am have Diploma in education and diploma in Business management. Can I be admitted to read public health care program. If yes how will apply.

  2. I see this as a good opportunity, what about those of as with diploma and certificates and would like to apply for Bsc. in Public Health programs, and I am a Ghanaian as well?

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